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					Technology Apprentice Program Process & Procedures
Following are the steps in the process flow of the program: 1. The Company / Partner will execute a contract with eBizITPA for a defined period not to exceed 6 months that specifies the maximum number of Apprentice positions for which it may qualify with a maximum dollar amount for the contract period. (TA Company Agreement – FY2008.doc) The Company must submit an application to the IT Program Manager that specifies what the assignment is to entail, (TA Company Application.doc) a. During this step, no promise can be made to the candidate that an Apprentice will definitely be available for their requested project. b. All Apprentice positions are expected to have duration of no more than 6 months. The Company contacts eBizITPA to determine if there are Apprentice positions available (financially supported) for the potential placement identified in step 1. Once the Company receive approval for the Apprentice position from eBizITPA, they begin the recruiting process. While sourcing the candidates is primarily the responsibility of the Company, eBizITPA may provide access to a ―resume book‖ or resources which contains resumes received from local colleges and universities through their centers for career development and placement. a. At no time are these candidates or their resumes to be considered ―vetted‖ by the Center for eBusiness & Advanced IT. Qualification of the candidates is totally the responsibility of the Company. The Company schedules interviews with the candidates. Once a candidate is selected, the TA Candidate Submittal form (TA Candidate Submittal.doc) must be submitted to eBizITPA along with a copy of the candidate’s resume for review and approval. No start date is to be established prior to eBizITPA granting approval for the hiring of this candidate. All other information on the form is to be completed before submitting for consideration by eBizITPA. a. While eBizITPA is not involved in the recruiting or interviewing process nor does it determine the requirements for the open position, at its discretion it may require a screening interview with the prospective Apprentice to ensure that all the parameters and goals of the program have been explained to him/her.





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Technology Apprentice Program Process & Procedures
8. Approval / rejection will be completed by eBizITPA within 3 business days after receiving the candidate submittal form(s) and appropriate notification will be made to the Company. If approved, the Company will establish the candidate’s start date. This date must be communicated to eBizITPA at least 3 business days before the established start date. a. If rejected, the Company must inform the candidate, and the process starts again at step 3. Once the Apprentice begins working, the Company is responsible for their orientation and ongoing project coordination. Forms used include: a. TA – ORIENTATION CHECKLIST.doc b. TA – SUPERVISING AND EVALUATING THE APPRENTICE.doc c. Participant EVALUATION OF TA Pgm.doc d. TA EMPLOYER EVALUATION OF APPRENTICE.doc e. TA — COMPANY AGREEMENT.doc The Company must submit invoices monthly to eBizITPA for the Apprentice’s compensation and benefits ((rate * hours worked) times the subsidy percent (25%)). The program does not subsidize more than 40 hours per week; however, the Company may allow overtime hours for an Apprentice and must compensate for the hours accordingly. eBizITPA will only pay for hours actually worked, so each invoice must have copies of Apprentice’s timesheet signed by them. Time off (hours not worked) for holiday, vacation, illness, and personal reasons is excluded from payment. The Company is required to report to eBizITPA within 2 days the separation of any Apprentice from the program before the 6 month period has elapsed. (TA Participant Separation.doc) This separation can be for any reason, including but not limited to: a. Hired by the Company / Partner b. Hired by the client company c. Hired by another company, either locally or not d. Poor performance As each Apprentice ―graduates‖ (successfully terminates) from the program, the Company is required to report (TA Participant Separation.doc) within 2 weeks their status which must include the following: a. Obtained permanent technology position i. Company name ii. Company location iii. Position title iv. Starting salary b. Obtained permanent non-technology position or Unemployed i. Company name or ―Not employed‖







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Technology Apprentice Program Process & Procedures
ii. Company location iii. Position title iv. Starting salary c. If the Apprentice is unemployed, the Company must provide the rationale for not hiring them into their company. 14. Replacements for ―graduated‖ or separated Apprentice positions are not guaranteed and must go through the same process as a new position, starting at step 1. The Company is responsible for having the Apprentice complete and submit a program evaluation form to eBizITPA upon them leaving the program within 1 week of their last day worked. (TA – Participant EVALUATION OF TA Pgm.doc) Following program completion, the Company and Apprentice respond to and return surveys regarding the Program.




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