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Pierce College Dental Hygiene Syllabus Campuses – Lakewood and Port Angeles, WA

Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene VII DHYG 258
Spring 2009 – 3 CREDITS
COURSE DESCRIPTION Seventh in a series of seven courses, Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene I – VII, to further develop knowledge and comprehension of dental hygiene theory and practice for application to patients in a clinical setting. Introductory leadership skills to further develop competence as an integral dental team member. This class includes the Dental Hygiene National Board Review Course as well as Clinical Support and Case Studies. COURSE INFORMATION Location: Day and Hours: Lead Instructor: Office: Office hours: Office phone: E-mail: COURSE MATERIALS
1. 2. 3. Instructor lectures/group activities Guest lecturers on related topics Current journals, hand-outs, internet references

Fort Steilacoom Room C125 Mondays 1:00-3:50 Melinda Davis RDH, BS Lakewood Campus: C122 Thursday 1:00–5:00 253.964.6646 abmgdavis@msn.com

STUDENT OUTCOMES Continued growth to a competent level of all outcomes from DHYG 108, 118, 128, 168, 238 and 248. 1. Apply organizational skills and identify and manage resources on the dental team. 2. Demonstrate and discuss knowledge of job rights and responsibilities of the dental hygienist. 3. Generate a resume and cover letter designed for employment as a dental hygienist. 4. Use educational theory and methodology to develop health promotion strategies. 5. Describe and identify personal characteristics and needs related to making career choices. 6. Create career goals and identify strategies to define and reach career goals. 7. Identify resources for gaining information related to alternate career paths.


CORE ABILITY OUTCOMES Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking  Apply patient assessment information when determining the dental hygiene diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. Effective Communication  Communicate clearly both verbally and in written format with classmates, instructors and in preparation for treatment of patients. Information Competency  Integration of patient assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment planning, and dental hygiene treatment to patient care. Responsibility  Follows all procedures and protocols for safe and effective patient care. Maintains legal parameters and applies this to patient care POTENTIAL METHODS and TOOLS for ASSESSMENT                 Case History Class discussion Computer presentations Group oral presentations Group written project Instructor observation with feedback Lab activity/project Notebook/portfolio Oral presentation Patient interview Peer evaluation Role playing/simulations Self evaluation Written exam Instructor evaluation Pierce College Global Rubrics

Please refer directly to the Pierce College Student Code of Conduct and the Pierce College Dental Hygiene Program Student Handbook for the general guidelines of conduct within and related to this class. Please remember that you signed and agreed to all of the rules, policies, criteria, etc. set forth in the Dental Hygiene Student Handbook. Professional behavior is expected. ATTENDANCE Attendance is mandatory. Any absence (or disruptive/excessive tardiness) will result in a lowering of the final course grade by 0.1 GPA. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor in the event of an absence or tardiness prior to the scheduled class time.


Further, the student must initiate obtaining any missed information presented during the class(es) missed. The instructor will not accept this responsibility. STUDENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Accountability and high ethical standards associated with all oral health care professionals are mandatory. Unacceptable behaviors are cheating, plagiarism (plagiarism or cheating could result in an automatic failing grade), gross misconduct, or any unprofessional action as defined by the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Department of Dental Hygiene Student Handbook.

COURSE EVALUATION/GRADING 15% Participation, preparation, and professional conduct and appearance during course activities. 5 points Spring meeting (PSDS May 19th) reaction paper 5 points WSDHA Symposium CE Certificates for AM and PM classes 5 points 20% Cover Letter and Resume Cover Letter Resume 10% WREB Candidate Guide Exam 20% Dentist/Dental Hygienist Interviews Dentist Interview/Paper Dental Hygienist Interview/Paper 35% Portfolio Final Phase to include a practice management section

10 points 10 points

10 points

10 points 10 points

40 points

COURSE SCHEDULE MARCH 30th Clinic and Fundamentals Overview APRIL 6th Portfolio Components for Spring Resume/Cover Letter What is an Impact Employee?


APRIL 13th Kathy Forbes “Managing the Common Code” APRIL 20th Dental Connections- Cyndi Burki Building the Dental Dream Team What does being a team mean and what is the dental hygienists role? First Draft of Resume and Cover Letter Due APRIL 27th Insurance – Heidi Peters Dentist/Hygienist Interview Ultimate Dentist – RDH –Patient Exam Establishing Priorities for Practice Settings MAY 4th Class meets at office of Dr. Tom and Kelcey Rhodes 5:30 pm No Class in the afternoon Final Copy of Cover Letter and Resume Due Eaglesoft A Day in the Life of a New Dental Patient Employee Salary and Benefits What does it cost the employer to employ you? The Interview Review of the Ultimate Dentist- RDH-Patient Exam MAY 11th WREB CANDIDATE GUIDE EXAM 1-2pm No class from 2-4(time compensation for WSDHA meeting April 24th) This would be a good time to schedule your interviews. MAY 18th No class (time compensation for PCDS meeting May 19th) This would be a good time to schedule your interviews MAY 25th Holiday – No Class JUNE 1st Portfolios Due Program Exit Survey



Attendance, participation and professionalism is expected at 100%. .1 will be deducted off of the final course grade for any session missed. Students who do not participate in class discussion and activities may also be deducted points. The student must complete ALL course requirements or automatically receive an Incomplete grade. If the student fails to maintain academic standards stated in the Student Program Policy, the student will be placed on academic probation or dismissed from the Dental Hygiene Program. Incomplete course requirements (given an I course grade) must be completed within the first 2 weeks of the next quarter or a course grade of 1.9 may be entered on the students academic record. If the requirements are not complete by the agreed upon date, the student will receive no higher than a 1.9 for the course grade. IF AT ANY TIME DURING THE QUARTER, YOU HAVE CONCERNS WITH REGARD TO MEETING COURSE REQUIREMENTS, MEET WITH THE LEAD INSTRUCTOR AS SOON AS A POTENTIAL PROBLEM IS IDENTIFIED.

ACCESS AND DISABILITY SERVICES Pierce College: Students with disabilities who believe they may need academic adjustments, auxiliary aids or services to fully participate in course activities or meet course requirements are encouraged to register with the Access and Disability Services (ADS) Office, Room 300K in the Cascade Building. You may also call the ADS Office to make an appointment to meet with the ADS Coordinator at 253-964-6526 or 253-9646527. Students requesting accommodations must obtain the “Approved Quarterly Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids or Services” (green) form provided by ADS. Peninsula College: “The ADA is designed to ensure that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to access academic programs and successfully complete their studies.” Peninsula College is committed to providing accessibility to all students. For more information, please contact the Student Development Center. Your information will remain strictly confidential. If you require accommodations based on a documented disability, emergency medical information to share, or special arrangements in case of an emergency evacuation, please make an appointment with the Student Development Center at 360-417-6340. DISCLAIMER This syllabus may be altered, as deemed necessary by the instructor, anytime during the course. Changes, requiring a time alteration, will be given with sufficient notice for students to accommodate
Emergency Procedures for Classrooms Call 911 and then Campus Safety in response to an imminent threat to persons or property. In the event of an evacuation (intermittent horns & strobes), gather all personal belongings and leave the building using the nearest available safe exit. Be prepared to be outside for one hour and stay a minimum of 200 feet from any building or structure. So long as it is safe to do so students are


expected to stay on campus and return to class after evacuations that last less then 15 minutes. Do not attempt to re-enter the building until instructed by an Evacuation Director (identified by orange vests) or by three horn blasts or bell rings. Please notify the nearest Campus Safety Officer or Evacuation Director of any one left in the building or in need of assistance. Fort Steilacoom Campus Safety (253) 964-6751 Puyallup Campus Safety (253) 840-8481

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