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					                                                                                                   Summer/Early Fall

Fatherhood Initiative
                                                                                                 August – November 2008

A Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Program
Madonna Place (860) 886-6600
Upcoming Events
                                In this issue:
                                       Importance of Fathers
Monday Evening 24/7 Dad
                                       Being Involved
Group: 5:30-7:15                       Snacks to make
                                       Quiz
Dr. Dad at Backus Hospital
B1 Conference Room
                                                                                                  What do Fathers
August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th,
from 5-7 PM.
                                    Fathers Build Confidence!                                      Bring To Their
Teen Dad Group:
                                                                 unhealthy. One can tend          Children’s Lives?
                                    Balancing The Scale          toward encouraging risk
Mondays After School 2:30-                                                                        1. Kids benefit from
                                                                 without consideration of
4 PM. Call Scott to sign up       Go to any playground and                                          having a positive
                                                                 consequences. The other
                                  listen to the parents                                             relationship with their
                                                                 tends to avoid risk, which
Relationship Group: call          there. Who is often                                               father.
                                                                 can fail to build
Carla to sign up                  encouraging kids to swing
                                                                 independence, confidence,        2. When fathers are a
                                  or climb just a little
                                                                 and progress. Joined               consistent part of the
                                  higher, ride their bike                                           child care tasks they can
Services We Offer                                                together, they keep each
                                  faster, or throw just a                                           positively influence their
                                                                 other in balanced and help
                                  little harder? Who is                                             child’s development.
                                                                 children remain safe while
Establishment Program             encouraging kids to be
                                                                 expanding their                  3. A father’s parenting
  Establishing Paternity          careful?
                                                                 differences and                    style has implications for
through DNA testing               Mothers tend toward                                               child well-being.
                                  caution while fathers often
Arrearage Adjustment              encourage kids to push                                          4. A child’s social and
Program                           the limits. Either of these                                       cognitive development,
   mployment Skill                                                                                  along with academic
                                  parenting styles by
Assessments/Job Search                                                                              achievement, can all be
                                  themselves can be                                                 affected by a father’s
                     -                                                                              involvement.
Management focused on
Goal Setting and
                                   When To Say
                                                                      Being Involved Isn‟t Hard!
Parenting Time
                                                                                                  - Higher-level number
                                        Setting Limits           School Activities                activities between
and support                                                                                       parents and their children
                                  Research supports that         Helping your child with          strengthens the
Groups                            the idea that limit-setting    their literacy skills doesn’t    children’s performance
                                  constitutes a critical         necessarily mean sitting         on early mathematical
Group                             element in shaping             down and reading a book          tests.
                                  children’s judgment,           with them, it could be as
resources such as                 developing a conscience,       simple as helping them           - A particularly important
                                  and learning how to            recognize letters. While         part of creating a strong
employment, legal
                                  understand one’s               driving or walking around        parent-child relationship
assistance, mental health
                                  surroundings. Limit-setting    with your child, have them       is a father’s participation
and basic needs                   not only enhances              point out letters, and           in play activities with
                                  children’s development but     numbers too.                     their children.
and kids                          also reduces children’s risk
                                  of injury or harm and          Studies Show...
Assistance                        increases the likelihood of
                                  compliance with parental       - Parent-child literacy
  Basic needs such as             expectations.                  activities improve
food, clothing and                                               children’s language skills
personal care items               Taken From ‘Child Trends       and increase their interest
                                  Research Brief’ June 2001      in books.

                                        Snacks of the Month
                                         Popcorn Balls                       Instructions:                     Other snacking ideas:
                                                                                                               Grasshopper Guts — In a
                                         What you need:                      Adult supervision required.       saucepan, melt 1-6 ounces of
                                             2 qt Popped Popcorn            Preheat oven to 250. Put          butterscotch chips over low heat,
                                                                             popcorn in a large, 4 inch        stirring constantly. Remove chips
                                                                             deep buttered baking pan.         from the heat and stir in 1 cup
A dad is a person                            1 cup Sugar
                                                                             Keep warm in the oven.            peanuts and 3 cups chow mien
Who's loving and kind,                                                                                         noodles. Drop by teaspoons onto
And often he knows                           1/3 cup Corn Syrup             Combine sugar, corn syrup,        waxed paper and cool. Makes 30-
                                                                             water, butter and salt in a       40.
What you have on your mind.                                                  large saucepan. Stir over
                                             1/3 cup Water
                                                                             medium heat until sugar is        Monkey Bread — Cut or tear
He's someone who listens,                                                    dissolved. Cook until mixture     canned biscuits into 2-4 pieces.
Suggests and defends...                      1/4 cup Butter                 reaches 250 on a candy            Layer all ingredients, in order, in a
A dad can be one                                                             thermometer, stirring             meatloaf pan (for more than 2 cans
Of your very best friends!                   1/4 teaspoon Salt              frequently.                       use a shallow baking pan so that the
                                              (unless popcorn is                                               middle will get cooked). Press into
                                              already salted)                Remove from heat. Quickly         pan slightly (you don't want to mash
He's proud of your triumphs,                                                 stir in vanilla. Remove
But when things go wrong,                                                                                      all the pieces together but you don't
                                             1 teaspoon Vanilla             popcorn from oven. Pour           want it too loose). Bake for 10-20
A dad can be patient                                                         syrup mixture over popcorn,       minutes at 400-425 degrees (time
And helpful and strong.                                                      stirring to mix well. Form into   and temperature are approximate,
                                                                             balls. Makes approximately 8      check periodically and be sure the
In all that you do                                                           balls.                            center gets done). Pull apart and
A dad's love plays a part -                                                                                    eat.
There's always a place for him
Deep in your heart –

And each year that passes,
You're even more glad,
                                        Take the Quiz:
More grateful and proud
Just to call him your dad!
                                        How well do you know your children?
- Author Unknown
                                        Take the following quiz alone.
                                      Answer all the questions you can                                            11. What TV shows,
                                      about each of your children.                                                movies, actors/characters
 Funding for this „Promoting
                                      When finished, check your                                                   and athletes are popular
 Responsible Fatherhood‟
 program was provided by the          answers by talking directly with                                            with your child and his/her
 U.S. Department of Health &          your child. Make sure to fill in any                                        friends?
 Human Service, Administration        questions you got wrong or left
 for Children &Families, GRANT #:     blank.                                                                      12. What causes your
 90FR0031, as administered by                                                                                     child the greatest stress?
 the CT Department of Social          Taken from “The Modern Dad‟s
                                      Handbook” by John Badalament                                                13. Who are you child’s
 The Department of Social
 Services‟ programs are available                                                                                 close friends and why
 to all applicants and recipients                                                                                 does he/she like them?
 without regard to race, color,       1. What recent accomplishment
 creed, sex, sexual orientation,      is your child most proud of?                                                14. Who are your child’s
 age disabilities, learning                                                                                       heroes and role models?
 disabilities, and national origin,
                                                                             6. Name 2 things your child
                                      2. Name one of your child’s big        did at school in the past 2
 ancestry or language barriers.
                                      disappointments this year.             weeks.                               15. What would your child
 The Department has a TDD/TTY
 line for persons who are deaf or                                                                                 like to be when he/she
 hearing impaired and have a          3. What are you child’s current        7. What is most challenging          grows up?
 TDD/TTY: 1-800-842-4524. Auxiliary   prized possessions?                    about school for your child?
 aids are also available for blind                                                                                16. What is something that
 or visually impaired persons. The    4. What is your child’s favorite                                            really upsets your child?
 Department of Social Services is
                                                                             8. What does your child like
                                      book?                                  about school?
 an equal opportunity,
 affirmative action employer                                                                                      17. What does your child
                                      5. Can you name your child’s           9. What does your child like         like to do with you?
                                      teachers?                              to do in their spare time?
                                                                                                                  18. What does your child
                                                                             10. What types of music              love about you?
                                                                             does your child listen to?