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									World Water Council
EUROPEAN PREPARATORY PROCESS Status Report - August, 18th 2005 Prepared by Elisabeth Catton

The European preparatory process for the 4th WWF launched during the Paris meeting (February, 2nd 2005) has identified 5 main themes as representative of important challenges faced by the European Region at large. As agreed during the meeting some of you have expressed the interest to lead or at least to be actively involved in the preparatory process for the following themes: OIEAU, Danish Water Forum, Global Water Partnership, Swedish Waterhouse, Netherlands Water Partnership, Freshwater Action Network, European Commission (DGENV-D2): - Implementing IWRM at the local level, links with the European Framework Directive; - participation of the public and water users in water resources and services management PsEau- Solidarity Water Europe (SEE-SWE)- the European Commission (EUROPAID) - Hydro/Water solidarity within Europe and between Europe and transition and developing countries Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate: - Risk management linked with climate change European Commission (DG Research), IWA, pSEau: - Innovative technologies and implementation at the local level Since this meeting some of you reacted to ask the addition of access to sanitation as an other theme and to stress the importance of governance issues. At the end of the preparatory process, we should be able to have a regional position paper addressing the main challenges mentioned above and to contribute to the thematic documents issued by the beacons to address crosscutting issues. The thematic sessions to be organised should be defined too It is now necessary to reinforce the organisation of the European preparatory process and therefore: - to define clearly the content of each theme, the outcomes to reach, the participants to involve, the meetings to use or to organise and the sessions to propose in Mexico - to establish the regional Committee (see below a project list); - to discuss the preparation of the regional position paper. A meeting should be organised during the World Water Week to discuss all these issues and the preparation of various initiatives.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2cc1a81a-9b45-47ed-98a2-d9cb11d9b5b2.doc 17/08/2005 15:31:00– Elisabeth Catton

European Regional Committee: first proposal Stakeholder group International organisations (intergovernmental institutions) organisation EC (Environment, Research, Development), Council of Europe, UNESCO, Cooperative Programme on Water and Climate, EBRD or EIB UCLG, ICLEI To be defined To be defined Freshwater Action Network, ISW/Water Europe Solidarity, WECF, Green Cross International? GWP, EURO INBO, WWC, GWP Netherland Water Partnership, Danish Water Forum, ASTEE, IWA, Stockholm International Water Institute

Government authorities National Preparatory Forum Committees Enterprises and facilities Civil Society organisation and water user associations

Professional association and academic institution

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\2cc1a81a-9b45-47ed-98a2-d9cb11d9b5b2.doc 17/08/2005 15:31:00– Elisabeth Catton

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