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Ecosystem Processes


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									Ecosystem Processes
COGCI Ph.D. course 2009
The COGCI course on Ecosystem Processes will be offered again in 2009 24-30 May in Kristiansminde field station provided a sufficient number of participants sign up. Kristiansminde is situated 1 km from Sorø train station 75 km southwest of Copenhagen.

A number of researchers in Biology, Geography and Chemistry in Denmark and from abroad will give lectures, provide demonstrations of methods and equipment and establish small scale measurement programmes in the field.

The course will be conducted in English.

Sten Struwe, Department of Biology - Microbiology, University of Copenhagen, Sølvgade 83 H, 1307 Copenhagen K e-mail:

The course is aiming at giving a general overview of ecosystem processes for non-specialists and will focus on sensitive processes of interest in a Global change context covering climate change and land-use change. The course is planned especially to concentrate on production and emission of greenhouse gases and provide opportunity for conducting small experiments in different ecosystems and compare measurements with different types of instruments.

The course is free for all COGCI students and for graduate students in the course exchange programme. Other students should expect to pay for food and lodging: 1500 DKK or 200€.

Please send a message for preliminary registration to Sten Struwe, Section of Microbiology, University of Copenhagen at When the final programme is circulated you will be encouraged to send a confirmation of participation and a short summary of your project

This comprehensive course consists of presentations and discussions, joint field work and project presentations by the participants and is estimated to give 7.5 ECTS credit units.

Programme for the COGCI course in Ecosystem processes
Kristiansminde field station, Sorø, 24 - 30 May 2009 Sun 24 May Welcome The Global cycles Mon 25 May Greenhouse gases and microbiology Gas measurements, instruments and manipulations

Presentation of PhD projects Tue 26 May Ecosystem processes Stable isotopes Processes in the savannah Processes in forests Visit to the Sorø site

Presentation of PhD projects Wed 27 May Soil organic matter Processes in the arctic Biodiversity Presentation of PhD projects Thur 28 May The CLIMAITE project Climate effects on biological processes Discussions/Writing of report Fri 29 May Adaptation or mitigation - IPCC Natural and agricultural ecosystems Presentation of participants´ report Opinions, Conclusion

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