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									the most influential personalities of 20th Century

their work place, borrowed some money and constructed a camera and started working. They created some animated series and used them to get work. They received their first contract for ‘Alice Comedy’ from a company in New York, which paved the base for their production company.


which are considered as the greatest work ever done in the history of animation. Disney’s thinking was not confined only to cartoons, movies and entertainment world; he was a great social workertoo. He had designed (and directed) an ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’ (which was developed to address and mitigate the problems in that time city-structure). Disney who is considered one of the Most Influential People of 20th Century, biggest entertainer and a public hero died on December 15, 1966. In his lifetime he won more than 30 Academy Awards, About 7 Emmy Awards, honorary degrees from various Universities such as Harvard University, University of Southern California, Yale and UCLA etc., he was also honored with France’s Legion of Honor and Officer D’Adademie, Presidential Medal

Walter came up with a cartoon character ‘Mickey Mouse’ in 1928. He created cartoons with Mickey Mouse and his first ever cartoon movie with Mickey was ‘Plane Crazy’ but was never released as it

“His innovations shaped our world and the way , we experience it.”
had no sound used in it (and sound was just introduced in the motion pictures), therefore he created another cartoon movie ‘Steamboat Willie’ (which became Mickey’s debut cartoon movie). On 18 November 1928, ‘Steamboat Willie’ (with sound) was premiered at the Colony Theater in New York. Walter further brought many revolutionary changes in his cartoons; he introduced Technicolor in animation, added various effects and used multiple camera techniques etc. He produced ‘Silly Symphonies’ as his first Technicolor cartoon movie. Walter won an award from Academy Awards (which was first of 32 Academy Awards he won in his life) for the movie ‘Flowers and Trees’ which he produced in 1932. Walter further produced big budget animated movies such as ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Fantasia’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Dumbo’ etc.

of Freedom, Best Showman of National Academy of Theater Association and many more. Written by Nilesh Parekh, edited by Tianyue Yang, acess date: 10/21/2007. Walt Disney <>

Biography of one of
By Nilesh Poarekh Edited by Tianyue Yang


alt Disney, father and a creator of children’s one of the most favorite cartoon character “Mickey Mouse” and foun­ der of the most fascinating amusement park (world) for children “Disney Land”, was truly the greatest entertainer ever born. Walter Elias Disney well­known as “Walt Disney” was born

was gifted with and when he was in a high school in Chicago, he joined an art academy to learn some more skills in drawing and fine­tune his art. He even participated in drawing sketches and started photography for school paper. As drawing and sketching became Walter’s most favorite activities for lifetime, he was interested in adventures and in social work too. He applied for military services when he was just sixteen year old but as he was under-age, his application was rejected. He still did not leave his dream to serve those who needed him and joined Red Cross Society. Through Red Cross, Walter was sent to places where voluntary help was needed. While working from Red Cross, he drove ambulance, which he had decorated in a very different style; he drew drawings, sketches and cartoons all over the ambulance. Wherever Walter went, he never gave up drawing, in fact he kept practicing drawing and sketching and had developed various ways to represent his ideas.

Talent and dream

on 5 December 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, USA to Elias Disney who had Irish roots and Flora Call Disney who had German roots.

The beginnings

At 5, Walter got attracted towards drawing and sketching. He possessed vivid imagination and his drawings were very beautiful, he even sold some of them to his neighbors when he was about seven years old. He decided to go ahead with the art he

At the age of 18, Walter moved to Kansas and started working as an advertising cartoonist. While working, Walter developed his own style and method in 1920 to represent the cartoons in such a way that they seemed to be alive (which is also called animation). With his new method, he developed few animated series. His dream was to use his talent to get some business and make animated series/movies, so he worked hard for three years and made a complete animated movie. In August 1923, Walter made a move to his dream destination Hollywood with the animated movie that he had created and about forty dollars in his pocket. Walter met his brother Roy Disney in California, who was also very interested in working with Walter. Together Walter and his brother used their uncle’s garage as

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