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Major #4580
The dental hygienist provides dental health education, promotes and encourages the preventive aspects of dental care, removes deposits and stains from teeth, exposes and processes dental x-rays, and generally assumes responsibilities in the dental office. Completion of the program leads to an associate in science degree. After completion of the program and National Board examination, graduates will be eligible to apply for and take the California State Board examination for licensing dental hygienists. Dental hygiene students will be required, as part of the total dental hygiene program, to participate in extracurricular activities. These activities could include visitation to a dental school for observation, clinical practice at a rural health facility, community dental health projects, hospital clinical practice, and other field excursions of educational value.

Application Requirements
Enrollment is limited in the dental hygiene program. Minimum qualifications for selection must be met. There are no restrictions as to age, race, sex, or marital status. Minimum prerequisite requirements for application to the program are the following: 1. Have graduated from high school or have an average score of 45 on the General Educational Development (GED) test. 2. Have a minimum cumulative college grade point average (GPA) of 2.70. 3. Have completed Biology 24, Human Anatomy and Physiology (or equivalent), with a grade of “C” or better. Biology 24 may be replaced by Biology 20, Human Anatomy, and Biology 22, Human Physiology, (or equivalents) each with a grade of “C” or better. 4. Have completed English 125, Writing Skills for College (or equivalent); Chemistry 2A or 3A, Introduction to General Chemistry; Biology 31, Microbiology; Math 101, Elementary Algebra, or another more advanced math course; Chemistry 3B, Organic and Biological Chemistry; Food and Nutrition 40, Nutrition, (or equivalents to these courses) with grades of “C” or better. 5. Have completed an Academic Summary Form for the Dental Hygiene Program. 6. Have no physical impairment that would preclude the performance of all dental hygiene duties. 7. Be in good physical and mental health.
Note: SPEECH 1 or 2 is a prerequisite for DH 3A, a first semester course. Successful applicants must complete one of these courses prior to beginning the program. In addition, PSY 2 is a course prerequisite to DH 7A and SOC 1A is a course prerequisite to DH 7B (second year courses).

Academic Requirements
All program entry requirement courses listed above must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. In order to be eligible to take the California State Dental Hygiene Board examination, all other courses leading to the associate degree must also be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Students in the dental hygiene program must earn a “C” grade or better (or a „Credit” grade when applicable) in all dental hygiene courses. Less than a “C” or a “Credit” grade in any dental hygiene course requires that the course be repeated before continuing with the major. Courses must be repeated in their entirety. Courses may be repeated once only. Safe professional practice is necessary for retention of students in the program. If a student demonstrates that he/she is unsuited to the profession or is not progressing satisfactorily, based on the professional judgment of the faculty, he/she may be asked to withdraw from the program.

Change of Name, Address, and/or Telephone Number
Applicants and dental hygiene students must keep the Dental Hygiene Office informed of any change in name, address, and/or telephone number. Failure of applicants to inform the Dental Hygiene Office of this vital information may result in loss of entry into the program. ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE Dental Hygiene Course Sequence (must be completed with grade of “C” or better.) FIRST YEAR First Semester DH 3A DH 4 DH 1A DH 10

Pre-Clinical Dental Hygiene Tech Oral Radiography Oral Biology Head & Neck Anatomy Total

Units 4 4 2 2 12 Units 3 1 2 4 1 1 12

Second Semester DH 5A DH 6A DH 2 DH 1B DH 8A DH 11

Clinical Dental Hygiene Dental Emergencies Dental Materials and Assisting General and Oral Pathology Patient Management Local Anesthesia Total

SECOND YEAR First Semester DH 1C Periodontology DH 7A Community Dental Health I DH 6B Pharmacology DH 5B Clinical Dental Hygiene DH 3B Advanced Seminar topics Total Second Semester DH 8B DH 1D DH 7B DH 5C DH 9

Units 2 2 2 5 2 13 Units 2 1 1 5 1 10

Practice and Financial Management Applied Periodontics Community Dental Health II Clinical Dental Hygiene Nutrition in Dentistry Total

All application requirements, program requirements and selection criteria are subject to change. Students will enter the selection pool based on the current catalog or catalog supplement. Contact a Fresno City College health career counselor every semester for current information.

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