The Biography of the by biomaster


									                       The Biography of the
           Venerable Sunlun Gu-Kyaung Sayadaw U Kawi
                            His Dhamma Discourses

                       The Sunlun Way of Meditation

1.    Homage to the Three Gems.
2.    Homage to the Teacher, the Founding Venerable Sayadaw of Sunlun Way of
3.    Preface.
4.    The Life Story of the Venerable Sunlun Gu-Kyaung Sayadaw.
5.    Abbreviated notes on the Questions by Ye Lei Sayadaw of Meik-tilar and
       Answers by Shin Kawi as a novice.
6.    Answers to Questions by Ye Lei Sayadaw on the Prophetic Riddles current in
       those days.
7.    Brief Account on Questions by Nyaung Lunt Sayadaw (U May Dawi) of Pitaka
      fame and Answers by Shin Kawi as a novice.
8.    The Ordination into the Samgha Order and the Sayadaw’s first Sermon
       expressing joy.
9.    The arrival of Daw Shwe Yi, the ex-wife, and her request for four favors.
      U San Tin’s request to Sayadaw U Kawi to expound Pat™ipatti Sa‚sana‚
      (the Practical aspect of Buddha’s Teachings)
10.   Daw Shwe Yi’s offering of a monastic abode for Sayadaw U Kawi’s residence
      at Maung Yin Paw Ravine.
11.   Questions by Phet-Pin Ein Sayadaw of Pitaka fame and Answers by Sayadaw
       U Kawi on 10th May, 1925 at A-bya village, Bago township
12.   Demarcation of a Sima (Ordination Hall) at Nemin-dara Mountaintop of Thaton.
13.   Answering the questions asked by Joke-Pin Sayadaw U Tikkha on Seven Stages
       of Purity (Seven Stages of Visuddhi).
14.   Answering for the second time to questions by the Venerable Phet-pin Ein
       Sayadaw and to Sayadaw U Pun…n…a and U Ja‚gara at Mo-daung village in 1925.
15.   Answering the questions posted by the four Sayadaws.
16.   Answering the questions by the Venerable Taung-thar Sayadaw U Aggavam–sa,
      (the title holder of ‘Aggamaha‚ Pan™d™ita’ and the Head of the Samgha Council) in July,
       1930 at Taung-thar. And Sayadaw U Kawi wrote a short manual on his method
       of Vipassana‚ Practice.
17.    Beginning of Sayadaw U Kawi’s residence at Sunlun Chauk Kyaung Monastery
      (now known as Sunlun Gu-Kyaung).
18.    Discourse on Dhammacakka Sutta (The Wheel of Dhamma).
19.    Discourse on Pat™t™ha‚na
20.    Eradication of Anusaya (latent defilements) by Magga (Path Knowledge)
      The Three Worlds (The three Lokas)
      The Three Insight Knowledge (The three N‡a‚n™a)
      The Three kinds of Full Understanding (The three Parin…n…a‚)
      The Three Vat™t™a (The three Rounds of Rebirths)
      The Five Dhammas that ought to be known (the Five N‡eyya-dhamma–s).
21.    Answering to questions by U Nu, the ex-Prime Minister of Myanmar, during
       Sayadaw U Kawi’s first visit to Yangon (Rangoon) in 1948, September.
22. Discourse on the Seven Attributes of the Virtuous.
23. Discourse on Karma (Kamma), Mind (Citta), Temperature (Utu,)
    Nutriment (A‚ha‚ra) - the four conditioning factors of Matter.
24. Four Extinctions and Four Livings.
    Rings of varying Conviction (Saddha).
25. A meeting between Sayadaw U Kawi and Daw Ngwe Bon, an Ana‚ga‚mi.
26. Supreme Attributes of the Dhamma.
27. Sermon on Set-kyar Daung Pagoda
28. Sermon on Dhamma Viha‚ra.
29. Five things that females understand.
30. Discourse on Pat™a‚ca‚ri‚.
31. Agonized by sons, tormented by daughters-in-laws,
      Such is the poor unhappy mother!
32.   The Story of Ko Toke Kyee.
33.   Discourse on Poke-ma Cetana‚‚ ( Basket of Volition ).
34.   Discourse on the Path of Merits (Kuala) and Demerits (Akusala).
35.   Method of Vipassana‚ Meditation as taught by the Venerable Sunlun Gu‚-kyaung
36.   The Story of Bilone Bird, the Oriental Skylark.
37.   A Discourse on the ‘Five Enemies.’
38.   Discourse on the Cycle of Sam–sa‚ra and its Annihilation.
39.   The Venerable U Loka-na‚tha’s Visit and His Obeisance to Sunlun Sayadaw.
40.   The Officiating at Sima Demarcation Ceremony on 22nd March 1952 at
      Yangon Bout-htaw Sunlun Monastery established by U Tin Pe and Daw Thein
41.   The Parinibba‚na of the Venerable Sunlun Sayadaw.
42.   Than Tha-yar Aye Cetiya - The Pagoda of Sam–sa‚ra Peace.
43.   Extract from a sermon by U Loka-na‚tha.
44.   A tale of two friends.
44.   Announcement.

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