The Six-word Memoir by byrnetown68


									Originating from SMITH magazine (Online)
       Greater New Orleans Writing Project
                    2008 Summer Institute
In Six words . . .

Ernest Hemingway’s story:

“For Sale: baby shoes,
 never worn.”
In Six words . . .

Divine wisdom

“Savior complex makes
 for many
In Six words . . .


“A sake’ mom, not
 soccer mom.”
In Six words . . .


“I’m my mother and I’m
In Six words . . .


“Followed white rabbit.
 Became black sheep”
In Six words . . .


“I grew and grew and
In Six words . . .

Carpe diem:

“Took scenic route, got
 in late”
In Six words . . .


“Blogging is easy.
 Writing is hard”
In Six words . . .


“I wrote it all down
In Six words . . .

For teachers:

“Timid teacher takes
 ‘tude from tykes”
In Six words . . .

The different drummer:

“I color outside of the
In Six words . . .


“Struggling Southern
 eccentric finding my
GNOWP memoirs
 Loudmouthed introvert seeks peace and quiet.
 Neither a fence-sitter nor a bystander.
 Cleverness and wit, where art thou?
 Am I really alone now?
 The child smiles: the blade retracts.
 Read between lines. Colored outside them.
 Met Jack. Jumped out the box.
 The trick it’s done by—intriguing.
 Apologies like flying monkeys destroy thoughts.
Six Word Memoirs Continued…
 There is a PEZ for everyone.
 Chocolate: a food group, not dessert.
 Prefers icing over cherry on cake.
 Nothing beats breaking in new shoes.
 Smile, nod. Do it my way.
 Sadness, anxiety: just take a pill.
 Mirrors see sad reflections almost daily.
 I dream of her every night.
 I wear ten year old boots.
Six Word Memoirs Continued…
 I write fiction to live honestly.
 Small victories made big: forty-four stairs.
 Long year made short, June 11.
 Katrina– she really blew me away.
 Speed limits– only a strong suggestion.
 Not afraid of change? Prove it.
 Leaving, leaving, leaving – where to return?
 I left last slice of pizza.
More GNOWP memoirs
   That’s what sorority sisters are for.
   Now that I’m thin, you call.
   Don’t feel like talking; text me.
   Lost and Found. Love. God. Self.
   Better sex than with my boyfriend.
   Truth shall free us. Still waiting.
   To sow, to reap, my bliss.
   Bad juju can be overcome! Unless…
   Whisk ‘til frothy. Garnish. Serve cold.
   Plummeting into Hell, I discovered myself.
In Six words . . .

New memoirs added every day on the web site:
More GNOWP memoirs
 “Wish you were here!” Not really!
 Fleetingly outside, he thought of me.
 Miraculously, I blossomed into life, forever.
 Skirt from Goodwill, shoes from Saks.
 Know the rules, screw the rules.
 First concert: David Bowie! Forgot tickets
 Technicolor dreams evolve to faded joys
 The boy was good; he bad
 Let’s go, it’s free, why not?
Advanced Institute Memoirs
   Compulsive list maker, subject to change.
    Opposites attract in search for balance.
   NOLA girl reads books, loves cats.
   Mom of three minus sanity cubed.
   Carpe Diem-Carpe Noche-Carpe Vida
   Found husband in world wide web
   Pierced, pink-haired, tattooed normal girl
   I’m packed in under five minutes!
   Frustrated grammar teacher: who or whom?
   Frustrated grammar student: what’s the difference?
   Caffeine-craving creative teacher cuts crap
   Read, do, laugh; never grow up
In Six words . . .

Now –
Write your own six word memoir.
 You don’t have to be clever – just honest.
 What quality describes you?
 An important event in your life?
 Your dreams, your disappointments?
 Favorite activities?

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