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									Custom Settings
 To change the custom settings
 select                     .    Quick Reference
 1. Change the settings name.
                                 Getting Started
 2. Change the icon order.
                                  1. From the application Print
 3. View the summery of              dialog box, select the
    features selected.               Lanier device.
 4. Save or Load custom           2. Set the number of copies.
                                  3. Uncheck Collate.
                                  4. For Printing Advanced
                                     Features, select Preferences.
Advanced Settings              Advanced Settings                 Advanced Settings - Quality
1. Click the icon that         4. Check that the Original        7. Select the Document type
   represents the settings        size setting is identical to   according to the desired
   you want to print with.        those set in the               output.
2. Select a Paper source,         application.                   8. Check the Print priority
   type, and output tray.      5. Check the Printout             settings.
3. Check that the Original        paper size list.               9. When printing with special
   orientation setting is      6. Check that the Job type        settings, select the User
   identical to those set in      setting; Normal, Sample,       settings.
   the application.               Locked, Document
                                  Server, Overlay Data.

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