Corporate Sponsorship Procedures and Guidelines

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					Corporate Sponsorship Procedures and Guidelines
 1. Please complete the Expression of Interest Form in full. Provide as much
    relevant information as possible so we can assess your proposal effectively.

 2. The Starship Foundation looks favourably on proposals which:
        align with the Starship Foundation’s brand values
        positively increase the brand awareness of the Starship Foundation and
          Starship Children’s Health
        generate funds for use by the Starship Foundation for the betterment of
          children’s health.

 3. Once your proposal has been evaluated and approved a Letter of Agreement
    will be sent to you for your signature. This letter serves to clarify the
    relationship between our organisations and the terms and conditions on which
    it is based. The Letter of Agreement will outline the fundraising target and the
    method in which the funds will be transferred to the Starship Foundation.

 4. A letter of approval signed by the appropriate signatories must be in place
    before the Starship Foundation will enter into a corporate sponsorship
    arrangement. No public advertising should be undertaken until such a time.

 5. All advertising or promotional material which includes the Starship
    Foundation’s name or logo must be approved before going to print.

 6. While the Starship Foundation will assist in any way it can, the organisation
    must take responsibility for launching and marketing its product/initiative. The
    Starship Foundation is unable to distribute or sell product on your behalf.

 7. The Starship Foundation is not in a position to provide product endorsements.
    It may choose to accept proceeds from discount promotions by reputable firms
    which sell products. In each case, the product promotion will be reviewed by
    the Starship Foundation for approval.

 8. The Starship Foundation is very fortunate to have a number of sponsors who
    make a substantial contribution to its work. Our sponsors are offered a degree
    of exclusivity depending on their level of support. A full list of our valuable
    supporters can be found under Corporate Partners on our website.