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									An adjective is a word that describes a noun. In Spanish,                  Pay attention to the parenthesis at the end of
adjectives must also agree with nouns in number and gender.                 the adjective. This tells you if the word will
In Spanish, adjectives usually follow the noun.                             change!
Where do they go in English?                                                       Aburrido(a)
             They go in front of the noun in English.                             Divertido(a)
             Ex: The black dog El perro negro                                     Fuerte       (no change)
                                                                                   Interesante (no change)
General rules:                                                                     Malo(a)
           Masculine adjectives often end in –o.
                     El chico guapo                                        To make an adjective plural, add –s if it ends with
                     The good-looking boy                                   a vowel, -es if it ends with a consonant.
                                                                                   los chicos:
             Feminine adjectives often end in –a.                                         guapos, divertidos, y fenomenales
                     La chica guapa                                                las chicas:
                     The good-looking girl                                                 guapas, divertidas, y fenomenales

             Most adjectives that end in –e match both                    When an adjective describes a group with both
              genders.                                                      genders, the masculine form of the adjective is
     el chico paciente same word la chica paciente                        used.
      the patient boy                                                               El chico y la chica son guapos.
                            the patient girl
           Many adjectives that end with a consonant match   Práctica: Make the following adjectives agree with the nouns.
              both genders.                                             1. el perro negro(a)                         negro
                El chico fenomenal same word la chica
                                fenomenal                               2. los chicos divertido(a)              divertidos

             Some add –a to become feminine. These                     3. la camiseta rojo(a)                         roja
              adjectives must be learned.
                el chico trabajador  becomes la chica                 4. las bolsas nuevo(a)                         nuevas
                                                                        5. el vestido interesante               interesante

                                                                        6. los estudiantes trabajador(a)        trabajadores

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