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					                                                     Technology Word Search
Who?         Pairs or Individuals (Homework)
What?        This Word Search uses Technology words from the glossary (pages 291 to 302).
How?         How about doing this at home, on the bus, on the subway, or in the coffee shop?
             If you do it in class, here is some sample language you can use:

Diagonal. Horizontal. Vertical. Backwards. Left to right. Right to left. Bottom to top. Top to
bottom. Top right corner. Where’s … ? Can you find this word? I’ve found …. It goes this way.
Here it is! How many words have you found?

audio card       CPU             folder           LAN card        MSWord           scanner
broadband        cyberspace      hard disk        memory          notebook         software
browser          delete          hardware         modem           online           speakers
cable            download        homepage         monitor         PhotoShop        upload
CD burner        Excel           html             motherboard     PowerPoint       videocard
CD Rom           file            Internet         mouse           save             zipfile
chat room        floppy          javascript       MP3