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									                                                          Classroom Management Plan 1

Running Head: Classroom Management Plan

                            Classroom Management Plan

                          Chad M. Kafka, IRN# 9003477881

                  MAT 521: Maintaining an Effective Learning Climate

                                Ken Tapola, Instructor

                                    July 11, 2005
                                                              Classroom Management Plan 2


       The following information explains my classroom management plan. The information is

broken down into the following sections:

    A. Philosophy of classroom management written in a 350-word, bulleted format

    B. Letter to parents, introducing myself and explaining my classroom management plan

    C. List of rules and positive/negative consequences

    D. Task analysis of one procedure

    E. Plan for implementation of classroom management plan

    F. Substitute teacher plan
                                                                  Classroom Management Plan 3


         My personal philosophy for classroom management focuses on four main tenets that I

plan to explain to the students. The following is how I would explain those four tenets to my


    I automatically respect you all as individuals
    My respect level for you will decrease or increase based on your actions
    Mutual respect between us is key
    My hope is that I earn your respect while you earn mine

   Communication is key to passing this course
   Sick, taking a trip, field trip, plan to miss school – you need to communicate that to me
   Circumstances beyond your control: come talk to me as soon as you are back at school
   When I am talking or lecturing, I ask that you don’t
        o I would do the same for you
   Nonverbals – do not put your head down; this tells me you are bored

    You are 100% responsible for your work for this course
    If there is a problem, you need to let me know
          o Don’t understand assignment/work – ask for help
          o Absent: come see me. I will not track you down
    You have deadlines for this course
    I meet you half way and make sure you have everything you need to pass this course
    100% responsible for your own actions
          o Every action has a reaction
                   Example: rude, talk out of turn, talk inappropriately or do anything that is
                      not within the school code of conduct will have a reaction, consequences
                   I don’t like to punish, so if you get punished it was fully warranted
    When I talk, please listen and don’t interrupt
          o Raise hand if you have a question

    Lessons will be organized ahead of time
    I need you to be organized
          o Please keep papers in binder or folder; not in your textbook
    Classroom will have an “in” and “out” box for work
          o Collected work goes “in;” graded work goes “out” back to you
    Grades will be posted weekly
          o Your responsibility to let me know if there is a problem with your grade
                                                                 Classroom Management Plan 4

      Class Calendar on the wall
          o Shows work so you can plan ahead for tests, projects

       I hope to share my classroom management philosophy with my students on the first day

or two of class. By doing this, they can understand how I plan to conduct the course. This will

give them a better idea of my expectations and how they can best meet those expectations.
                                                                            Classroom Management Plan 5

B ) LETTER TO PARENTS                             INTRO TO BUSINESS
MEMO                                                                 Contact Info
                                                                     Phone/Voicemail: 555-1212
To: Class Associates, Team Members, and Parents                      E-mail:
From: Mr. Kafka, Team Leader                                         Website:
Re: Welcome to Class

WELCOME to Introduction to Business. I am very excited to work with you through this coming school year.
Your contract with this class is enclosed and as we discussed, you will be paid $55,000 this year for working
with the “company.” However, after taking into account your taxes, textbook fees, teacher appreciation costs,
materials expenses, and classroom ordinance fees…you will walk away with an overabundance wealth of
knowledge and no physical money. 

Today’s world revolves around business. In this class students will learn what it takes to start a business, how
government plays a part in our economy, and basic life skills such as: understanding credit, balancing a
checkbook, and creating a stock portfolio. This course satisfies the state consumer education requirement.
This course is strongly recommended for business career oriented students, or as preview to the business

   No food or drink allowed in class.
   No CD players, Walkmans, Discmans, portable gaming systems, or cell phones allowed in class – if I
     see it, it’s mine or it will be turned over to the school.
   No use of the teacher computer or phone at any time.
   Classes will start on time. Associates are expected to be prepared, organized and in his/her seat when
     the bell rings. We will work hard, work calmly, work organized and work smart.
   If you bring a backpack to class, leave it at the door…this is not camping 101!
   Leave the room the way you found it
          o Please pick up any scraps of paper, put desk back in the right spot
          o Please do not leave a mess for the janitors – they have enough to do
          o Please respect the room and do not damage any property
   If you are absent from class, you are responsible for coming to get your make up work the next day
     you are in school. (Examples…)
   Associates are encouraged to participate in class discussions and offer opinions. Respectful debate
     and negotiation are healthy exercises and great platforms for learning.
   Plagiarism and other forms of cheating are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Any
     assignment found violating this rule will receive an automatic zero
   Associates are encouraged to have fun with the course! Respectful and professional humor is
   Associates are encouraged to schedule time with me to discuss concerns or questions. I have an open
     door policy and will take any necessary time to assist you.
   Respect each other!


Text: Introduction to Business, 5th Edition – Glencoe. Authors: Brown, Betty J., Clow, John E.
                                                                            Classroom Management Plan 6

       Binder/Notebook: All Associates are requested to have a binder or subject notebook (with pockets)
        for the class where you can keep your notes, handouts, homework, quizzes, exams, notes, etc.
        Organization is key.
       Class Website: Mr. Kafka will be updating his class website daily with current assignments, project
        outlines and other class materials. Students and parents are encouraged to use this website whenever a
        they have a question or don’t know what is going on in class.

The grading for this course will work as follows:                                 GRADING SCALE
     15% Daily Work/Participation                                                97-99 A+         87-89 B+
     25% Homework/Class work                                                     93-97 A          83-87 B
     25% Projects                                                                90-93 A -        80-83 B-
     35% Quizzes/Tests
                                                                                  77-79 C+         67-69 D +
** opportunities for “extra credit” will exist at various times throughout the    73-77 C          63-67 D
                                                                                  70-73 C –        60-63 D-
                                                                                          59 and  F

       My golden rule with handing work in is: “you are 100% responsible for yourself.” You need to
        communicate with me when you are or plan to be absent.
       I will only accept work that is one day (not period) late for half credit. If you come to class
        unprepared or you did not finish an assignment, you must bring me the completed work the NEXT
        day by the beginning of first hour (7:45) for half credit only.
       Absences:
             o I follow the guidelines established in the student handbook in relation to excused and
                 unexcused absences. If you have an unexcused absence, you will receive a “zero” for any
                 work that was to be handed in or completed in class that day. If you have an excused absence
                 (called in sick, personal reason, field trip), it is your responsibility to find me and find out
                 what you missed and complete within the allotted time expressed.
                       Field Trips – see me ahead of time, or you will receive a “zero” for the work
                       DO NOT come to class the next day and expect to pick up the work then.
                       DO NOT come to class and say, “I tried to find you but you weren’t here.”
                       Leave me a note under my door if my door is closed and it appears I am gone. Email
                          me while you are at home sick. Call my classroom phone.
                       In extreme cases, I will work with you to develop make up work schedules.
             o BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF or it could affect your grade.

I am very excited for the year and hope to offer you an exciting, entertaining and stimulating year in INTRO
TO BUSINESS. My door is always open to you, so please see me with any concerns or questions you might
By signing below, we certify that we have read over the course description memo and full understand all that
will be going into this course. Should we have any questions, we know that we can contact you at the
information you have left with us.
_________________________                     _____________________________
(Parent Name – Print)                          (Parent Signature)
_________________________                     _____________________________
(Student Name – Print)                         (Student Signature)
                                                                Classroom Management Plan 7


               RULE                                        CONSEQUENCE

No food or drink allowed in class         First Offense: Warning
                                          Second Offense: Time spent after class with teacher
                                          Third Offense: After school detention

No CD players, Walkmans, Discmans,        1st: Warning and told to put it away
portable gaming systems, or               2nd: Teacher will confiscate; return at end of day
cell phones allowed in class              3rd: Turn into office, parents have to pick up

No use of the teacher computer or phone   1st: Warning
                                          2nd: Detention

Leave Backpack at the door                1st: Reminder/Warning
                                          2nd: Student will be last to leave class

Missing Work                              1st: Reminder/ Warning about missing work
                                          2nd: Spend time after school to makeup work
                                          3rd: Phone call home

Plagiarism                                1st: Automatic F, no make-ups, phone call home
                                          2nd: Referral to dean of students

Cheating                                  1st: Automatic F, spend time after class
                                          2nd: Referral to dean of students, phone call home

Talking out of turn                       1st: Reminder/Warning
                                          2nd: Spend time after class for wasting time in class
                                          3rd: Detention, phone call home
                                                                    Classroom Management Plan 8


The following procedure outline explains how I plan to handle all student hall passes.

Bathroom/Locker/Hall Passes

      Students will be granted 3 passes per quarter for my class. These passes will be kept

       track of in the “pass binder” on Mr. Kafka’s desk. Students should remember to take care

       of all necessary responsibilities before class. (Restroom, drinks from the fountain, locker)

       The following points will be explained to the students and should be followed as the hall

       pass procedure:

           o If a pass is needed, the student will be required to fill out and submit the school

               PASSPORT book to use a pass.

           o Mr. Kafka will pull out the student pass log to see how many passes the student

               has left for the quarter.

           o If passes are allowed, Mr. Kafka will sign the pass to authorize the exit from


           o Following this, the student must sign out on the student log that keeps track of

               how many passes a student has used for the quarter.

           o The passport book must be taken with to the destination incase he/she is stopped

               in the hallway by another teacher or hall monitor.

           o Passes should only be given at times when Mr. Kafka is not lecturing or

               addressing the class.

           o Upon returning to class, the student should quietly return to his/her seat and

               continue working on the lesson or listen to the classroom instruction.
                                                                     Classroom Management Plan 9


       The first day of school is crucial for implementing an effective classroom management

plan. I plan to have a copy of the “welcome letter” that will go out to students and parents. As

part of the welcome letter, there will also be a student/parent/teacher contract attached for both

the student and parent to sign. Since this is a business course, the contract will tie into the

“business world” theme I hope to bring across. On the first day of school, we will do some “get

to know you games” and then go over teacher and student expectations for the class. It is during

this time that I will relay what I expect to the students and hopefully find out what it is they

expect from me. Students will get a chance to voice any concerns they might have ahead of

time. This discussion will hopefully help everyone to get their ideas out on the table and

together, we can create a set of class guidelines to follow.

       Following the first day of school, I will post a listed copy of the class expectations, rules,

and guidelines on the wall as a remembrance to what we decided as a team. This should help to

keep all parties in check with what was agreed on from day one. I will work to enforce the

guidelines and policies so the students can see that I am consistent. If a student has a problem

with the policies, I will talk to that student one-on-one outside of class time to exchange views

on the issue. Taking the time to show the students why we have the classroom guidelines will

hopefully bring across an order for the way the class will run.

       Room setup is a very important part of my classroom management plan. I hope to utilize

technology such as an LCD projector, PowerPoint presentations, videos and the like. That being

the case, I hope to have an LCD projector mounted in my ceiling that faces a blank wall or a

movie screen. My class will probably have typical rows of five to six desks. I plan to keep the

depth of the rows low so that students in the back do not feel very far away from me. I also will
                                                                    Classroom Management Plan 10

space the desks so I can walk up and down the aisles during lectures and discussions. A corner

or the back of the room will house a computer and be the “resource area” where I plan to store

supplies, resources and any other materials. These are some of the ways in which I would set up

my class, though I would be open to altering the setup if I find the current accommodations are

not working.

       I plan to do many different things to keep parents informed of how class is going. The

first action I will undertake is having the parents read over the course letter and sign the

“contract” with the student so both parent and student understand the policies I have for the

class. The most important thing I can do is to update my website daily. I have already explained

to the parents that I plan to post assignments and other class information there so I need to keep

it up to date. Grades will also be posted online through a school grade book program so I have to

make sure to stay on top of grades. By doing all of this, I can open up the lines of

communication with the parents and present to the parents an organized course that allows them

to know more about what their son or daughter is doing in school.

       All of the items mentioned have been thought out ahead of time so I can set up my

classroom to be efficient before the first day of class. The one thing that no one can really

account for is an emergency. I plan to have my room setup for any emergencies that might arise.

The school will hopefully provide emergency maps for fire or tornado events. I will post these

near my door so anyone in the room knows where to head in case of an emergency. I will also

keep an extra copy of my class rosters and emergency forms in a folder under my desk. This will

be explained briefly in my sub letter so any substitute teachers know where to find all this

information. My classroom will hopefully be a place that is organized so that the students can

see the consistency that should be taking place in my course.
                                                                        Classroom Management Plan 11

F) SUB PLAN (part of my actual sub plan from previous teaching)

To: Substitute Teacher
From: Mr. Kafka, Business Teacher
Regarding: Subbing for my class

Thank you for subbing for me today. A copy of today’s lesson plans should be attached or if this was a
last minute absence on my part, I will email or fax lesson plans to one of the main office secretaries. If no
lesson plans can be found, please follow the activity I have provided in this folder.


1st Hour (7-7:55) Intro To Business
2nd Hour (8-8:55) Intro To Business
3rd Hour (9-9:55) Intro To Business
4th Hour (10-10:55) Prep Hour - Free time
5th Hour (11-11:55) Intro To Business
6th Hour (12-12:30) Lunch
7th Hour (12:35-1:30) Intro To Business
8th Hour (1:35-2:10) Homeroom/Study Hall

    No Food/Drink
    No Walkman, Discman, Gameboys, etc. Students must be doing something productive
    No use of the teacher computer or phone – on days I’m not here if they need to use the phone, ask
      them to see another teacher about it
    Please leave me any detailed notes you feel are appropriate. Don’t be afraid to leave me any
      names of students that caused trouble
    Students are to be in their seats working on “bellwork” when the bell rings. They know this and
      do this day to day so please feel free to remind them they are to be in their seats when the bell
      rings as they come in to class.

    Jim Rolando (Business Teacher) Room 129 (next door)
    Pat Faworski – Secretary, Main office x6603
    Diane Krause – Secretary, Main office x6630
    Attendance Hotline – please take attendance and call in attendance within the first five minutes of
     each class x6633


Located under my desk is a folder with a copy of all my class rosters and other emergency information.
In the event an emergency should occur, please grab this folder on your way out the door so you can help
to keep track of the students

Please leave me any notes of any problem students and I will deal accordingly with them when I get back.
Thank you again for subbing for me.

Chad Kafka

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