In 1 Corinthians 1031, God's Word, the Bible, commands by byrnetown67


									In 1 Corinthians 10:31, God’s Word,          Ludicris, Jay-Z, Scarface, will cause       that the Lord Jesus Christ is separate
the Bible, commands you to “…do all          you to burn forever in the Lake of Fire?    from those who refuse to stop sinning,
to the glory of God.” Everything that                                                    but choose to keep sinning. Did you
you do is supposed to praise, worship,       In 1 John 3:8-10, God’s Word says that      know that listening to rap music has
and give honor to, the Lord Jesus            whoever sins is a child of the devil. Did   separated you from God, the Lord Jesus
Christ.                                      you know that listening to rap songs        Christ, and Heaven, and joined you
Anything that you do that does not           has made you a child of satan, the          with satan and Hell?
praise, worship, and give honor to the       devil?
Lord Jesus Christ is a sin. In Exodus                                                    Stop listening to rap music and doing
                                             In James 4:4, God’s Word says that          anything else that the Lord Jesus Christ
32:33, God’s Word says that anyone           whoever is a friend of the world,
that sins will be taken out of God’s                                                     would not do (cursing, fighting, hating,
                                             (including rap music which speaks           drinking, smoking, making fun of
Book. God’s Word says, in Revelation         about sinful things in the world) is the
20:15, that anyone that has been taken                                                   others, feeling on people)! Ask the
                                             enemy of God. Did you know that             Lord Jesus to save you from your sins!
out of God’s Book will be cast into the      liking rap music has made you an
Lake of Fire. Doing anything that does                                                   Live for and love Christ by reading and
                                             enemy of God and the Lord Jesus             obeying the Bible and by loving others
not praise, worship, and give honor to       Christ?
the Lord Jesus Christ will cause you to                                                  by treating them as you want to be
be thrown into Hell and burn forever.        In 1 John 2:15-17, God’s Word               treated!
                                             commands you not to love the world          Stop listening to rap music before you
It is okay if you listen to rap music that   and the things in the world, because
speaks only about the Lord Jesus                                                         are thrown into Hell!
                                             whoever loves the world and the things
Christ. It is sin if you listen to rap       in the world does not have the love of      Throw away all of your rap tapes,
music that does not speak only about         God the Father and the Lord Jesus           CD’s, videos, right now, before you are
the Lord Jesus Christ. The cursing,          Christ in them. Did you know that           thrown into the Lake of Fire!
fighting, killing, sex outside of            listening to rap music has caused the
marriage, drug smoking, drug selling,        love and salvation of God to leave your     If you have questions or need help,
that many rap songs speak of, does not       life?                                       please contact Soulwinners Ministries:
praise, worship, and give honor to the                                                   website:
Lord Jesus Christ; it is sinful, and it      In Isaiah 59:2, God’s Word says that        email:
will send you to Hell. Did you know          sin separates sinners from God. In
that listening to Tupac, Snoop Dog,          Hebrews 7:22, 26, God’s Word says           Click here to return to Tracts menu



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