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Pro Hydraulique Goes Proactive with Aeroquip Express by byrnetown69


									Pro Hydraulique Goes Proactive
with Aeroquip Express

When its neighbor moved         “Customers are pleasantly                                                           Pro Hydraulique’s
out last fall, Eaton Canadian   surprised when they walk                                                            Aeroquip Express
                                                                                                                    grand opening
products distributor Pro        into our store. They like our                                                       June 2, 2005, in
Hydraulique decided to          bright and bold atmosphere                                                          Quebec City,
become proactive in its mis-    and our organized product                                                           Quebec.
sion to better serve cus-       displays. The store atmos-
tomers. The empty adjacent      phere grabs their attention
space enabled the Groupe        and gets them interested in
GLM Inc. company in             what we have to offer. And
Quebec City, Quebec, to         grabbing customer attention
expand its operations and       from the get-go is particular-
take on the Aeroquip            ly important in our highly
Express Hose Center image       competitive area.”
at the same time.               The new Aeroquip Express
                                store is drawing industrial
Mission accomplished?
                                and mobile account cus-
Indeed, says Bruce Crawford,    tomers within a 50-mile
who handles the company’s       radius. Popular Aeroquip
inside sales functions.         products include FC300
“We are now better equipped     AQP® hose, MatchMate
to accommodate walk-in          Plus® hose and fitting prod-
business with our expanded      ucts, and Flexmaster® pipe
receiving area and product      and tube joints.
inventory, Crawford says.
                                Perfect Out-of-the-Blue          The company sent out print-     Sports CASCAR. Guests
“Although customers have           Weather Day                   ed invitations and made fol-    were invited to enter a tire-
been accustomed to stop-                                         low-up phone calls to recipi-   changing contest, in which
                                Despite nonstop cold and
ping at this address for the                                     ents, and over 100 cus-         they got a feel of pit action
                                rainy days leading up to it,
past 10 years, they are not                                      tomers and potential cus-       by competing to change the
                                June 2 was a perfect
accustomed to what they are                                      tomers turned out for the       car’s tires in the fastest time.
                                out-of-the-blue weather
seeing inside.                                                   evening event that included
                                day for Pro Hydraulique’s                                        Headquartered in Baie-
                                grand-opening festivities for    store tours, food, refresh-     Comeau, Quebec, Groupe
                                its newly ordained Aeroquip      ments, and activities.          GLM also operates locations
                                Express store.                   A popular attraction was a      in Cap-de-la-Madeleine,
                                                                 mockup of the rear of the       Mont-Joli, and Sept-iles,
                                                                 Don Brooks Whitlock Motor       Quebec.

                                                                                                 EATON Aeroquip Express October 2005

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