Air France Cargo KLM Cargo to apply increased liability limits December 21 2009 Dear Customer The Montreal Convention of 1999 MC99 which entered into force on November 4 2003 requires that by byrnetown69


									Air-France Cargo-KLM Cargo to apply increased
liability limits
                                                                                                December 21, 2009

Dear Customer,

The Montreal Convention of 1999 (MC99) which entered into force on November 4, 2003 requires that a
review, of the liability limits be conducted every five years, based on an inflation factor.
This review is the responsibility of the ICAO Secretariat as depositary of the instrument.

As from December 30, 2009 the liability limits previously of 17 SDR per kilogramme in case of
carriage of cargo lost, damaged or delayed will be revised to 19 SDR per kilogramme, for all
carriage of cargo governed by MC99.

Additionally the U.S. Department of Transportation requires application of a uniform liability limit at Montreal
Convention level for carriage of all cargo to and from the United States of America, including to and from
states which are not presently signatories of MC99. This liability limit is consequently also revised to 19
SDR per kilogramme.

It is important to note that this change will affect neither the 250 French gold francs liability of the Warsaw
Convention nor the 17 SDR limitations in Montreal Protocol 4 of the Warsaw Convention.

Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo has reflected these revised requirements in respective General Conditions of

Pending final amendments to the text of IATA Resolution 600b featuring on the reverse side of the Air
Waybills, the Air Waybills currently used for carriage today mentioning 17 SDR liability limits per
kilogramme will continue to be accepted, though 19 SDR liability limit will supersede in case of application
of MC99 or carriage to/from USA.
It is reminded that nothing additional to printed text of Air Waybill may be printed and/or overprinted on
the airline Air Waybill.

Customers are advised not to overstock Air Waybills mentioning present 17 SDR liability limit in
anticipation of modification of IATA Resolution 600b and implementation of revised Air Waybill at a date
to be announced.

Kind regards,

Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo Management

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