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									                           B red a l co nveyo r be l t
                                FOR BREDAL TYPE K            /K     /K

                                                                   Bredal K   sand conveyor

The conveyor belt is easy to mount on the Bredal trailer spreaders of the K-line with PTO driven spreading, or
by mounting a hydraulic motor if the trailer has ground speed related spreading. The conveyor belts are easily
mounted/dismounted and a spreading device can be mounted instead, for spreading lime, fertilizer, compost
etc. or the winter kit for sand/salt spreading can be mounted as well.
• For back filling of ditches for district heating pipes, gas, electricity, drainage etc.
• Distribution of sand gravel, asphalt etc.
• For filling of big bags
• For conveying materials into existing buildings
• Conveying capacity up to 1000 litres pr. minute
• Length of conveyor belt 4,2 meters
• Width of conveyor belt 400 mm
• Working area 70° to each side from mounting point
• Simple and robust construction
• For mounting on the K-line and the older B48-B100

B red a l s i d e co nveyo r
The side conveyor are to be mounted on all Bredal K- spreaders. The system can be used on either on K-sprea-
ders with PTO driven spreading, or by a hydraulic motor on trailers with ground speed related spreading.
• Can be mounted with an extension for 2,5 m.
• The horizontal mounted belt, movable 700 mm.
• Width of conveyor belt 400 mm
• Easily mounted/dismounted for other job, with spreading device or winter kit
• Conveying capacity up to 1000 litres.
                                Breda l hoppe r u nit s

                                                                       Bredal K     isolated hopper unit
                                                                       (for asphalt transportation)

Bredal hopper units are made with capacity from 2,5 m3 and up to 17m3, and can be build as shifting units, for
flexibility of the truck.

Can be mounted on different vehicles for spreading of lime, fertilizer, compost, top dressing etc.

For transport of warm materials, the hopper can be delivered in an insulated version, for minimizing the tem-
perature drop during transport.

Optional equipment
• Hopper extension

• Cover

• Hopper in stainless

• Insulated hopper

• Conveyor belt
• Winter kit for sand/salt spreading

                                                  Bredal A/S
                                Overgårdsvej 19    |   7120 Vejle Ø    |   Danmark
Tlf.: (+45) 75 89 51 77     |   Fax: (+45) 75 89 59 72    |   e-mail:        |
     S i m p l e , P re c i s e a n d Re l i a b l e

For t he per fec t solution for many jobs

                w w w. b red a l .co m
                                               Breda l

Bredal A/S has more than 50 years experience in production of machinery for the agricultural industry. We
have used this huge expertise and experience in spreading different materials, when developing this product

Bredals products have always been known by three keywords;
                                  S i m p l e, P re c i s e & Re l i a b l e

For the customer these three words have the practical importance;
• The machine is constructed for simplicity and in a logical and robust way.
• The machine has a very accurate and precise spread pattern for the material.
• Because of the simple and robust construction, you will minimize the risk of down-time.

Bredal A/S has an great expertise in mounting Bredal hopper units on trucks or other vehicles, as seen below
Bredal has mounted hoppers on both Ag Chems Rogator and Hydremas 912 dump truck.
Both the Bredal trailer spreaders and the hopper units, have several uses, with different mountings:

• Conveyor belt, (sand, gravel etc)
• Spreading device (spreading of mould, sand, lime, fertilizer etc)
• Sand/salt kit (spreading of sand/salt mixture on the winter roads)

Shifting between these different systems is easily done, in a few hours
                                B r e d a l Tu r f D r e s s e r
                                               K      ,K    ,K      ,K

                                                                           Bredal K     Turf Dresser

• Turf dressing of lawns at parks, sport areas golf courses etc.

• Spreading of sand, compost, lime, compost etc.

• When adjustment of the rear door is done, all other settings are done from the cab of the tractor.

• Adjustable work width up to 36 m

• Possibility of extra large dosing

• Spreading discs and wings are rubber coated for longevity.

                                      K                    K                   K                       K
Volume                                2,7 m3               3,6 m3              5,0 m3                  6,6 m3
- with hopper extension               3,7 m3               4,8 m3              6,5 m3                  8,5 m3

Wheel mountings                       425/65 x 12.5        23.1 x 26           23.1 x 26               750/60 x 30.5
                                      500/65 x 12.5        650/65 x 30.5       650/65 x 30.5

Brakes                                Extra equipment      Extra equipment     Standard                Standard
                                Winter equipment

You don’t have to store away your Bredal turf dresser, or agricultural spreader during the winter. With the
Bredal sand/salt winter kit for the spreader, you are able to alter the spreading device with a winter kit quite
easily. Thereby you will add another option of use to your Bredal spreader, and you will utilize the machine
better. And that is why, your Bredal spreader should not be in the back of the shed.

This special spreading kit, ensures the spread material is led down on the surface and spread along this. By
this you minimize the risk of damaging cars and other material.

When spreading, you regulate the working width by increasing or decreasing the rotations on the disc. As the
spreading disc is driven hydraulic, the regulation of the rotations is done by an electronic valve.

The winter kit can be mounted on the Turf dressers, the mounting units as well as the the K-line from Bredals
agricultural equipment. By mounting this sand/salt (winter) kit you can make your turf dresser into a multi-

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