Conveyor belt fabrics

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    Conveyor belt fabrics

Conveyor belt fabrics
   Conveyor belts play a crucial role wherever raw           Today, we rank as the world´s leading manufacturer
   materials, parts and products have to be transported      thanks to decades of experience and continuous
   in mining, industry and commerce.                         development.

   Our conveyor belt fabrics provide conveyor belts with     The conveyor belt manufacturers supplied by us
   the performance required by companies on all conti-       expect precisely defined properties of our special
   nents. These range from the mining to the automotive      fabrics. These include
   industry and even includes logistics centers.             • A high degree of uniformity approving the
                                                               processing in multiple layers
   Conveyor belts frequently convey loads weighing ton-      • Defined elongation tolerances
   nes, especially in the mining sector, and are exposed     • Extreme load capacities and fatigue resistance
   to enormous stress on a daily basis. Therefore, the       • Durability and long-life cycle
   manufacturers of conveyor and transport belts specify
   differing requirements, depending on the application.     We manufacture our conveyor belt fabrics both as
   Our experts maintain close contact with the users in      standard quality and as individually developed types
   order to ensure the required product quality.             according to customer’s requests.

   Proved and tested worldwide
   The MEP-OLBO group has made their mark worldwide as an expert in the development and production of
   treated yarns and fabrics for technical rubber products. Our products are in great demand in the most
   diverse segments. They are the result of intensive-in-house research as well as developments together with
   our customers and suppliers. Innovative technology, a commitment to quality and continuous improvements
   guarantee the comprehensive performance of constantly increasing market requirements. Wherever rubber
   is processed into technical rubber products, MEP-OLBO textiles add the required strength to the final appli-
   cation. The product presented here is just one successful example of many others.

                                                                                                    A company of KAP Beteiligungs-AG
    Conveyor belt fabrics

   Technical Specifications
    A) Raw Materials:                          Solid Woven:                 Technical Fabrics:
       Polyester     (E)                       2500 – 11000 g/m2            Liner fabrics for the conveyor belt
       Polyamide     (P)                       74 oz/y2 to 325 oz/y2        and tire industry (multifil/monofil –
       Viscose       (Z)                       Straight Warp:               multifil/multifil), leno weave for trans-
       Cotton        (B)                       1000 – 4700 g/m2             verse armment, breaker fabrics with
       Kuralon       (K)                       30 to 139 oz/y2              plain and leno weave, special fabric
       Aramid        (D)                                                    constructions for bearing, sieve plates
       Polypropylene (S)                    D) Belt Strength Classes:       and mats, etc.
                                               EP 63 – EP 800
        Fabric Compositions:                   P 80 – P 700                 Cable Cord for Traverse
        EP, EE, EpP, E(P)P                     Solid woven up to 2500       Armement:
        PP, PE, PZ                             Straight Warp up to 2500     Cable Cord out of Polyester, Polyamide
        EBPB, EPBPB, EBPZ                                                   • 1880 x 3 x 4
        Z                                   E) Fabric Tensile Strength:     • 1880 x 3 x 5
        B                                      up to approx. 3000 N/mm      • 1880 x 4 x 6
        KP                                     EP: approx. 62 N/mm –
        D, DEP, DEE, DPP                       1500 N/mm                    RFL-Dipping:
        S                                      P: approx. 100 N/mm –        Fabrics
        multifil/multifil                      1000 N/mm
        multifil/monofil (0.25 – 0.80 mm)      Straight Warp:               Treating: Standard Impregnation
        antistatic                             approx. 700 N/mm –           VP-Dip (15 – 25%) and CR-Dip
                                               3000 N/mm                    (Chloroprene-Rubber-Latex) for SBR-
    B) Weaves:                                 Monoply:                     and CR- Rubber, other RFL impregna-
       from one to five layers                 approx. 700 N/mm –           tions are available upon request.
       Weaves:                                 3000 N/mm
       Plain                                                                Packaging:
       Oxford                               F) Fabric Designs:              • dipped width of fabrics from
       Twill                                   • EP-Fabrics:                  80 cm – 280 cm / 31.5 – 110 “
       Broken Twill                              Plain, Oxford, Twill,      • weight up to 2.5 to per fabric roll
       Duoply                                    Broken Twill
       Monoply                                   e.g. EP, P, E,PE           Wooden Shells:
       Straight Warp                           • Broken Twill:              Wooden shells with different square
       Leno Weave                                e.g. E(P)P, DEP, DPP       holes or paperboard shells
                                               • Straight Warp:
    C) Weights:                                  e.g. EPP for substrate
       150 – 11000 g/m2                        • Monoply:
       4.4 oz/yd2 to 325 oz/y2                   e.g. EBPB, EPBPB, PBPB
       EP: 150 – 2500 g/m2                     • Duoply: z. B. EBPZ, PBPZ
       4.4 oz/yd2 to 74 oz/y2                  • Leno Weaves:
       P: 150 – 1500 g/m2                        Breaker Fabrics
       4.4 oz/y2 to 44 oz/y2                   • Selvedge:
                                                 Fringe with leno

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