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User’s Guide
Welcome to Backstage
 Backstage makes it easy to backup the music library on your iPod to any Mac or
 Windows PC (requires Mac OS X 10.3, or 10.4, or Windows XP). In the event your
 computer is ever lost or stolen, you can rest assured that Backstage will allow you
 to recover your valuable music library from your iPod to another computer, quickly
 and easily. This guide will walk you through installing and using Backstage.
Installing and Registering Backstage
Download and Go

Download for Mac and Windows
Like your iPod, Backstage works with both Mac and Windows computers. You can
download both versions so that you can easily backup your music library to either plat-
form. When you purchase a Backstage license key, you can use that key to unlock both
the Mac and Windows versions of Backstage. Your license entitles you to install Back-
stage on up to 5 computers, for use by yourself and members of your household.

Installing Backstage for Mac

1. Download the Mac version of Backstage from to your

2. If necessary unzip the file by
   double-clicking its icon on your desktop (if your
   Browser is configured to automatically open “safe”
   files after downloading, Backstage will be un-
   zipped for you.)

3. Drag and drop Backstage into your Applications

4. For quick access, drag and drop Backstage into
   your Dock.

Installing Backstage for Windows

1. Download the Windows version of Backstage ( from to your desktop.

2. Unzip and double-click the re-
   sulting BackstageSetup.exe installer and follow
   the prompts to install Backstage on your system.

3. Backstage for Windows requires Java 1.4.2
   or later. If you do not have Java installed on
   your PC, you will get a message dialog when
   you run Backstage asking if you want to download Java. If you get the dialog, click
   OK to proceed to the Java download page ( Download and run
   the Java installer. You are now ready to manage your music library with Backstage.

Registering Backstage

To register Backstage and remove the Free Trial restrictions, you must purchase a li-
cense at The license entitles you to install and use Back-
stage on up to five (5) computers within your own household. Once you have purchased
a license, you will receive a confirmation email that will provide you with your License
Key. To enter your License Key and unlock Backstage do the following:

1. Open the Backstage Preferences panel (use the “Edit > Preferences...” menu for
   Windows; use the “Backstage > Preferences...” menu for Mac).

2. Locate the Email Address and License Key provided in your purchase confirmation
   email. Copy and paste those values exactly as provided into the corresponding fields
   on the Preferences panel. Note: you must use the Email Address that was sent with
   the License Key in your confirmation email. It is the email address that you provided
   when you purchased Backstage.

3. Click the OK button at the bottom of the Preferences panel. If you entered your
   Email Address and License Key correctly, you will receive a confirmation message
   that your registration was accepted.
             Using Backstage
             Fast and Easy Backups From Your iPod

             Backstage makes it easy to restore the music from your iPod to your WIndows PC or
             Mac. Just plug your iPod into your computer, and it will appear in the Source list, fol-
             lowed by its playlists.

             Next, click the     button and select the backup folder where you want your music files
             to be copied.

             You can browse through your iPod music library and select any iPod, Playlist, Artist, Al-
             bum, or Song that is displayed. The selected item will be highlighted in blue. Then sim-
             ply click the        button to copy the songs in that selection to the backup folder you
             defined previously.

             While Backstage is copying the songs in your selection, you can continue to browse
             your library and add more selections to the queue to be copied to your backup folder.

Connected iPods and
their playlists appear

                               Select the folder where songs                            Copy the selected song, album,
                                       will be copied.                                   artist, playlist, or iPod to the
                                                                                            folder selected at left.

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