City of West Chicago A Quick Reference Guide Property Maintenance by techmaster


  All garbage must be placed in approved
                                                               City of West Chicago
  containers.                                          Community Development Phone Numbers
  Garbage cannot be set out earlier than 7 p.m. on              West Chicago City Hall
  the night prior to collection.                                   475 Main Street
  Garbage containers in the residential zoning                     (630) 293-2200
  districts may be in the rear and side yards only.
  All exterior areas shall be maintained free of the      Community Development Department
  accumulation of rubbish, refuse, garbage or yard             (630) 293-2200 ext. 131
                                                                  Joanne Gugliotta                        City of West Chicago
VEGETATION                                                  Community Development Director              A Quick Reference Guide
  Grasses and weeds may not exceed eight inches
  in height.
                                                               (630) 293-2200 ext. 141                 Property Maintenance Codes
  Vegetation or trees that are dead may cause                         John Fincham
  property or utility damage and must be removed.       Assistant Community Development Director
  Also, if the dead vegetation is visible from the                (630) 293-2200 ext. 155
  public way, it must be removed.
                                                                     Karl Wielecki
ACCESSORY STRUCTURES                                                   City Planner
  Accessory structures include decks, detached                   (630) 293-2200 ext. 158
  garages, fences, patios, pools and sheds.
  All accessory structures must be in good repair                    Brett Howard
  and structurally sound.                                           Building Inspector
  They must be constructed as per the                            (630) 293-2200 ext. 133
  specifications of Community Development.
  Accessory structures must be in the proper                           Mike Vogt
  location for that property’s zoning district.                     Building Inspector
                                                                 (630) 293-2200 ext. 175
  House numbers shall be in Arabic numerals and                         El Zonta
  a minimum of 3 inches in height.                                  Building Inspector
  House numbers shall be displayed on the house                  (630) 293-2200 ext. 132
  structure itself and be easily readable from the
  public way.                                               West Chicago Police Department
  Each garage off an alley or side street of the                   Non-Emergency
  house must have the numbers attached as well.                     (630) 293-2222

                                                          West Chicago Fire Protection District          CITY OF WEST CHICAGO
                                                                    Non-Emergency                  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT
                                                                    (630) 231-2123                          475 MAIN STREET
                                                                                                         WEST CHICAGO, IL 60185
                                                                      Emergency                               (630) 293-2200
GRADING AND DRAINAGE                                 ANIMALS                                                   Sales between the proprietor of the home
  The filling of drainage swales or                    Except for licensed kennels, not more than three        occupation and members of the general public shall
  detention/retention ponds is prohibited.             domestic animals may be kept on any one lot.            not be permitted on the premises.
  Sump pumps are to discharge to the owners            The owner of the pet is responsible for cleaning        Pick-up and delivery of items may be conducted
  property only.                                       any waste.                                              only by employees of the home occupation.
                                                       Agriculture, non-domestic or exotic animals are         Traffic or parking may not cause a disturbance to
MOTOR VEHICLES                                         prohibited. (For a complete list of prohibited          the normal traffic flow for the neighborhood.
  Cars may not be parked off of the approved           animals, please contact the Building                    No home occupation may cause a nuisance to the
  driveway surface.                                    Department).                                            surrounding neighborhood
  Commercial vehicles classified as weight Class       Agriculture, non-domestic or exotic animals are         The exterior of the home may not be altered to
  D or greater are not permitted in residential        prohibited. For a complete list of prohibited           represent a business. Signs for the home
  zoning districts.                                    animals, please contact Community                       occupation may not exceed two square feet in area
  All vehicle repair work is to be performed           Development.                                            and must be attached onto the exterior of the
  within an enclosed structure.                        No cats, dogs or any other type of animal are           residence or in the yard of the residence.
  No vehicle outside an enclosed structure may         allowed to run at large in the City.
  be in a state of disrepair or major disassembly.     It is unlawful for any person to keep any animal     OTHER
  All vehicles must be properly licensed and           on any property located within the City when the       Garage or yard sales are limited to three times
  plated.                                              keeping of such animal constitutes a public nui-       during the calendar year.
  Not more than one travel trailer or other            sance or menace to public health or safety.            Brush pick-up is the first Monday of each month
  recreational vehicle may be parked on any one                                                               May through November.
  lot.                                               EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE                                     No signs may be placed in the parkway or on any
  Travel trailers, recreational vehicles, campers      All structures should be maintained in good            utility poled in the City.
  and water crafts must be parked in the rear or       repair with no holes, missing boards or siding, or     It is unlawful for any person to cause or allow open
  side yards on approved pavement.                     loose and rotting materials.                           or uncontrolled burning in the City.
                                                       All peeling paint must be removed and the              There is no parking on City streets between 2:00
SIDEWALKS AND PARKWAYS                                 surface coated.                                        a.m. and 5:00 a.m. or after two inches of snowfall.
   Vegetation or trees must be trimmed back from       There shall be no missing bricks or mortar.            Solicitors must have a permit issued by the West
   the sidewalk.                                       Roofs should be free of leaks.                         Chicago Police Department and exhibit the permit
   Vehicles may not block the sidewalk or public       Roof shingles should be in good repair with no         upon request.
   way.                                                worn or missing shingles.                              Water restrictions apply between the date of May
   Rubbish, garbage and yard waste may not be          Gutters and downspouts should be in good repair        15 and September 15 with odd houses on odd days
   placed on the parkway except prior to designat-     and clear of obstructions.                             and even number houses on even days.
   ed pick-up schedule.                                Stairs more than four steps in height must have
WINDOWS AND SCREENS                                    Exterior outlets must be GFI receptacles with all-   This brochure contains a brief description of the most
  All broken windows must be repaired or               weather covers.                                      commonly asked property maintenance questions.
  replaced.                                            Hose spigots are required to have backflow           Please contact Community Development for
  Boarded up windows must be repaired or               preventors.                                          additional information regarding these and other
  replaced within 30 days.                                                                                  property maintenance issues. Remember, many home
  Windows must be in good condition, weather         HOME OCCUPATIONS                                       property repairs may require a building permit. For
  tight and properly glazed without cracks or          May not use more than 20 percent of the total        additional information regarding repair, remodeling
  holes.                                               dwelling unit floor area.                            or construction permits, call Community
  Screens are required from May 1 to October 1         Shall be conducted by family members residing        Development, (630) 293-2200 ext. 131.
  for all doors and ventilation.                       on the premises.

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