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					Superstar Marketing


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Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

“Marketing is everything you do to promote your business, from the moment you conceive of it to the point at which your customers buy your product or service and begin to patronize your business on a regular basis. The key words to remember are everything and on a regular basis.”
Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, Guerrilla Marketing

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Understand the 5 key principles of superstar marketing Design a simple and effective marketing plan Discover the key secrets to positioning yourself as an expert in the minds of your target market Appreciate the importance of delivering magnetic customer service Learn the 6 principles for building a thriving open network Discover what it takes to create a virus in the market place and how to monitor the process

Superstar Marketing
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Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

$1.00 Marketing
Online Article Distribution Blogging Using or Press Releases Developing a Relationship with 5 Key Contacts PDF Electronic Flyers Word of Mouth Marketing Public Speaking Radio Interviews

The 5 Principles of Superstar Marketing
Marketing Plan

Marketing Virus

Expert Positioning

Thriving Open Network

Magnetic Customer Service

Superstar Marketing
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Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

Superstar Marketing
Stirs the emotions Bold and Provocative Creative Often obnoxious Simple yet powerful Consistent and repetitive Stands out Cutting edge Differentiated

The Big Questions
Do you really believe in your products and services? Are you willing to do what it takes to keep your pipeline full with paying customers?
If so, what is it going to take for you to keep your pipeline full with paying customers?

The Truth About Marketing
1) It takes 7-10 touches with a prospect before she will remember your name and company name.

2) Price is not always the deciding factor in making a purchase. 3) Marketing is a numbers game. For each 100 people who see your message, approximately 2-3 people will actually make a purchase.
4) People do business with people they know, like and trust.

5) Once you make a sale, the big work now begins~ the work of keeping the customer and making her a raving fan!

Principle 1: Develop a Marketing Plan
“…in guerrilla marketing, if you don't have a marketing plan, that's like entering a battle under a commander who says, „Ready, Fire, Aim!' You're not going to win any battles if you do that ” Jay Conrad Levinson

Step 1: What is your goal?
When your business is full and overflowing, what do you really want?
Example: “I want 10 customers buying $5,000.00 per month of products and services from my company for a total gross revenue of $600,000.00 annually.”

Step 2: What are the
benefits of your products and/or services?
Benefits are those qualities of your product which meet the emotional needs of your buyers. Examples: To make more money To feel less stress To look more attractive To feel healthy and be physically fit To have the time to do what I love

Step 2: What are the
benefits of your products and/or services?
Benefits are those qualities of your product which meet the emotional needs of your buyers.

Examples: To have more peace of mind To protect my family To monitor my home security while traveling To protect the things I most value To be able to sleep at night without worry To get quick response for help when I need it

Step 3:

Who is your target audience?
Get specific. Look closely at the following demographics: Age Gender Hobbies Interests Geographical Location Educational Background Profession Magazines and Journals Read by this Audience

Step 4: What is your marketing niche?
A niche is an area in which a company is specialized, creating a very specific form of target marketing. Example:
Deloitte is a company which specializes in audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services. They are well known for their ability to address the strategic and operational challenges of organizations going through massive change.

Step 5: What is Your Unique
Selling Proposition (USP)?
Your USP is the one reason that a consumer will buy a product over another…because your company is different

Your price is lower Your product is better Your product has a special feature Your product comes with a one-of-a-kind service Your product comes with a lifetime warranty Your product comes with 24 hour/7days a week customer service You offer training at no additional charge Your customer service is the best and the fastest You are a cutting edge company

Step 6: What is your budget?
Your budget will include:
Advertising Business Cards and Stationery Company Press Release Direct Mail Campaign Logo Development Press Kit Presentation folder Public Presentations and Seminars Tradeshows Website

Step 7: What are the strategies you will employ?
Article Writing Business Cards and Stationery Collaborative Efforts Company Press Release Direct Mail Campaign E-mail Signature Elevator Speech Executive Biography Logo Development Public Presentations Press Kit Presentation Folder Web Marketing

Step 8: What are the features of your product or service?
Features are different than benefits. They are the extras which your product or service comes with which allows the customer to perceive a higher value for the price she is paying

Feature examples include…
Physical size

Benefit examples include…
It‟s small enough to fit in your pocket

Quilt-top mattress and 85% more coils in the box spring Natural white light lamp with glare protection
Internal wireless card

You will sleep better and feel more rested You will see better while reading
You can connect to the internet quickly from any location which has wireless access without cables and wires

Step 9: What are your skills, talents and strengths?
A list of your skills, talents and strengths will become the foundation of your marketing pitch.
Consider these questions:

What are your skills? What is your education? What are your life experiences? What are your unique talents? What are your strengths? What is unique about you?

Step 10: What are the steps you will take to get into action?
Marketing calendar Network of support Daily accountability Coaching Mastermind group Grassroots marketing Exercise and great self care Wardrobe Business cards Web presence

Sample Marketing Calendar
Marketing Strategy Write one article each month Cost 00.00 Who is Responsible? Bea Date By the 5th of each month Results 2000 hits to website each month

Networking Events- 1 per week Public Speaking Lead teleclasses

$375.00 annually for Chamber of Commerce 00.00 $139.00 per month for bridge

Blip Studios

July 30, 2005
Attend each Monday and/or Thursday Two comp demos per month Two per week 3 clients for the quarter; 2 workshops 4 workshops for 2005 35 paying clients in two years

Bea Bea

Principle 2: Position Yourself as An Expert
E X Establish your niche in an area which is strong for you eXpand your capabilities for customer intelligence by conducting research, surveys and interviews Position yourself in the media as an expert by getting your name in hard copy magazines/journals Enhance your image through writing a book or compiling a CD of you speaking about your topic Read cutting edge newspapers and magazines which positions you as a resource hub Teach online teleclasses and live seminars to demonstrate your knowledge



Superstar Marketing
Customer Service Activity


Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

Article Writing Online
Benefit-Driven Headline

The Top 10 Ways to Market Any Business to Thousands by Leading Teleclasses
by Bea Fields

Website is hot-linked

As business owners, we all know that the key to fantastic sales is to let your customers have a personal experience of you. The difficulty, of course is that to give every customer that experience personally requires a tremendous time commitment of ourselves and our staff. So what do we do? One solution is to leverage our time by doing the "wooing" once and then let that effort live on forever in a virtual format. It is about creating multiple products, programs, or streams of income from the core of our business that can sell and propagate without our direct intervention! But how do we do that? By using the up and coming medium of teleclasses!
By leading teleclasses (classes by telephone) you can leverage your classes in a way which will increase your productivity and the profitability of your business while becoming highly visible in your field or profession. You can become the expert in your field -- the "go to" person! This article will provide you with ten ways to leverage your teleclasses for maximum visibility and for driving thousands of customers to your door. If you would like to know more about what a telelcass is and how it can support your business, download this audio What is a Teleclass? Audio Download included in the article

Body of Article begins here

Principle 3: Deliver Magnetic Customer Service
Help Value Speed Compassion The WOW! Factor Customer Intelligence Listen to the Grapevine Leadership Development

Customer Relationship Management Cycle

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

o Marketing Plan o Leads o Expertise o Lists o Strategies o Network

o Accounts o Contacts o Opportunities o Activities o Forecasts o Follow-up

o Solutions o Complaints o Retention o Value o Speed o Relationships

Customer Relationship Management
new customers are expensive to capture unhappy customers tell others about their negative experiences and rarely come back retained customers are a better value for your marketing dollars spent your major efforts should be spent on champion customers or groups of customers- i.e. those that are likely to yield good returns

Principle 4: Build a Thriving Open Network
“When you have an idea or a thought or need, you have a huge network of people to pull from. Members are very goal directed toward making your business successful.”
Margaret Beleckis Vice President, Oppenheimer & Co.
Commenting on Her Experience in Two Women‟s Networking Groups

Superstar Marketing
Networking Activity


Five Star Leader Coaching and Training

Open Network Principles

Principle 5: Create a virus in the market place and monitor the process
Unique name Irresistible message Passed along easily without dilution Strong benefits Memorable Attract a “carrier” (someone who people listen to) Market saturation

Create a Marketing Virus

Marketing on the Web
Background- white or very light

Simple color scheme (two colors only)
Body copy- black and one other color in your headlines and subheads

Font- use something traditional such as Veranda or Tahoma
Double-check your site for typos

One slippery step (one place for visitors to leave their e-mail address with you.)

Marketing on the Web
Avoid pop-up ads
Avoid music and flash

Make your message simple and easy to understand
Use simple layouts and intuitive links (hot links) Add valuable content (resources and quick links to great sites)

Post testimonials

The Psychology of Color

Red- boldness, passion, excitement, energy Blue- trust, belonging, coolness, calmness Yellow- warmth, sunshine, cheer happiness Orange- playfulness, warmth, vibrancy

Purple- royal, spirituality, dignity

Pink- soft, feminine, nurture, security

White- pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild
Black- sophistication, elegant, seductive mystery Gold- prestige, expensive

Green- nature, fresh, cool, growth abundance

Make Your Product Stand Out


Diet Suppliments Revealed
By Will Brink

Graphics Provided by Blip Studios

Make Your Product Stand Out

Graphics Provided by Blip Studios



Graphics Provided by Blip Studios


Graphics Provided by Blip Studios

Color Can Be Appealing

Graphics Provided by Blip Studios

Or…Color Can Be Unappealing

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Likable, Warm, Personable, Feminine
Informal Roman Environ

Pepita MT

Interesting, emotional, exciting and innovative
Edda Chiller Paintbrush

Disliked, cold, unattractive, uninteresting, unemotional
Playbill Logan Onyx

Strong, masculine, carries weight

New York Deco Stencil

Interesting, emotional, exciting, informal

blala Ransom Amazon

Commonly used, traditional, stalwart of the community
Georgia Verdana Century Gothic Century Schoolbook

Feminine Style
Traditional Style

Masculine Style Playful Style

 The Superstar Marketing guide is a carefully planned system which includes 5 key strategies which put the customer first while building out the capabilities and network of the business owner so that he/she becomes a recognized expert in the marketplace.  If you don't have a marketing plan, it‟s like entering a battle under a commander who says, „Ready, Fire, Aim!” which does not make for success. A simple but effective marketing plan can guide your business into the future from a place of strength.

Unleash the Greatness in YOU!

 By mastering your niche and positioning yourself as an expert in the marketplace, you will gain valuable exposure for your business in the public eye and exponentially increase your chances of selling your products and services.

 Research shows that customers of today are much more interested in the relationship that you build with them than the price they pay for your products or services. A strong Customer Relationship Management process can support you in attracting and keeping more loyal customers at prices which support you in building a thriving business.

Unleash the Greatness in YOU!

 Successful people understand that they cannot achieve success on their own; instead, they surround themselves with a well-developed, sophisticated and open support network, which pulls them forward in the direction of success.

 Marketing by interrupting people is no longer cost effective. The future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can ignite consumer networks through powerful word-of-mouth advertising.

Unleash the Greatness in YOU!

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