MESSAGE STORAGE Suggested Scripts for Voice Mail New messages will be stored for 90 days STANDARD GREETING Messages you have by techmaster


                                          Suggested Scripts for Voice Mail
New messages will be stored for
90 days.                              STANDARD GREETING
Messages you have listened to         “Hello, you have reached the office of
will be stored for 21 days and then   .................. I am not available to take your
deleted.                              call right now, but if you leave your name,
By using the Archive Message          number and a convenient time for me to
feature when prompted, you can        reach you, I will return your call shortly”.
continue to store your messages
in 21 day blocks.                     ALTERNATE GREETING
                                      “Hi, this is ................., today is Tuesday
CHANGING YOUR GREETINGS               May 30 and I will be out of the office until
Your greeting can be recorded or      2 this afternoon. If you leave your name,
changed dialling into Personal        number and a convenient time for me to
Options as follows:                   reach you, I’ll get back to you on my
Dial 88000 OR
                                      Quick Code to switch between your Standard
Press MSG PICKUP button
                                      and Alternate greeting messages.
Enter your Security Code or PIN
Dial 7 for Personal Options
                                                                                                VOICE MAIL
                                          •    Dial into your voice mail box
Dial 4 for Greetings
Dial 5 to switch your greeting            •    After entering your PIN                          User Guide
Follow the prompts to re-record or        •    Dial 745
swap to your greeting.
                                      Follow the prompts

You may also choose to record an      To retrieve messages from outside, dial
Alternate Greeting, which can be      the Voice Mail direct on:
activated at any time in the          (02) 6268 8000
Personal Options of your mailbox      When the system answers, you will be
An alternate greeting would be re-    prompted to enter your Personal ID,
recorded each time it is required,    which is 9 plus your extn number. You will
giving specific information about     then hear your name confirming that you
the reason for your absence from      are in your own mailbox and then be
the office and advising your caller   invited to enter your Security Code. You
of your return.                       then retrieve your mail as normal.                   ___________________________

                                      FROM ANOTHER EXTENSION                               280D HANDSET
                                      If you want to access your voice mail from
                                      another extension:
                                      Dial 88000
                                      Press #
                                      Enter 9 plus your extension number and
                                      follow the prompts
   To Set Up Your Voice                       Other Diversion Codes                 Retrieving Your Messages &          To hear a list of options before
          Mailbox                                                                   Accessing your Voice Mail Box       the message ends, dial
                                              Call Forward Immediately                                                  3 and select the option as
Press the Message PickUp button            (DIVERT all calls to Voice Mail)         (The Message Lamp on your           indicated below.
OR                                                                                  telephone will shine red when you
Lift the receiver and dial 88000      Lift receiver and dial:                       have new messages)
Enter the first time entry            *139999 or if you have a digital phone,       At your extension, dial: 88000 or   REPEAT THE                3#
passcode: 0000                        you can press the FWD VM button - and         press the MSG Pick Up button.       MESSAGE
                                      hang up.                                      When the system answers, follow
You will be welcomed as a first                                                     the prompts to hear your            SAVE MESSAGE AS           30
time user and will be invited to      This code will take your calls to your        messages.                           NEW
record a new Security Code, your      Voice Mail immediately, without ringing       Once all new messages have
name and a Standard Personal          your phone.                                   been fully heard, your message      DELETE A MESSAGE          36
Greeting.                                                                           light will turn off.
                                      To CANCEL lift the receiver and dial:                                             ARCHIVE A MESSAGE         37
When you have recorded this           *1#10 or press the FWD VM button              Menu Options
information, the system will ask      Note: This does not change your FWD                                                PLAY TIME & DATE          38
you to PRESS 1 if you are happy       Busy No Answer setting.                       CHECK NEW                 4
with your recordings. You will then                                                 MESSAGES                            REDIRECT THE               39
hear "Welcome to the Voice Mail       Other Answering Options by Voice Mail:                                            MESSAGE
System", your Mail Box is now                                                       LEAVE MESSAGES            5
personalised – hang up.               Forward when Busy:                                                                Playback Controls
                                      Lift the receiver and dial                    CHANGE SET UP             7
HOWEVER, you must now:…….             *239999 (no confirmation tone)                OPTIONS                             While listening to your messages
                                      callers will go to Voice Mail if your phone                                       you have access to features of the
Activate (Forward) Your Extension     is busy                                       Leave Messages means that you       system as follows:
for Voice Mail                                                                      can send a message to another
Lift the receiver and dial            OR                                            extension user onsite (you will     Press 7 to rewind message 5 secs
*439999                                                                             need to know their extension        Press 8 to pause and restart
                                      Forward when No Answer                        number)                             Press 9 to forward message 5 secs
Please Note: there is NO              *339999 (no confirmation tone)                                                    Press 4 to slow the message
confirmation tone.                    callers will go to your Voice Mail when       Change set up options means that    Press 6 to speed the message up
                                      you DO NOT answer – after 5 rings.            you can change your greetings or
The *4 code is a combined feature                                                   password.                           Voice Mail Questions
which will take your calls to your    To Cancel either of these codes lift the
Mail box when you are busy on         receiver and                                  At the end of each message          The voice mail at some parts of
the phone or away from your           Dial *2#10 to cancel busy diversion OR        you have these options:             the menu may ask you a question.
desk/don’t answer within 5 rings      Dial *3#10 to cancel no answer diversion.     REPEAT MESSAGE (#)                  For example: “Would you like to
                                                                                    SAVE AS NEW (0)                     change your greeting message?”
Once you have used the diversion      If you ever wish to d-activate your Voice     DELETE (6)                          Always press
code *439999 your Mailbox is now      Mail at any time *4#10 will cancel. Your      ARCHIVE (7)                         1 for YES or 2 for NO.
ready to answer your calls and        Mail Box will retain all information          TIME & DATE (8)
receive messages.                     including your greetings. To re-activate      REDIRECT (9)
                                      simply use :                                  (Redirect means that you can
                                      *439999                                       forward the message to another

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