Superior Energy Services Well Performance Testing Evaluation by morgossi7a6


									                                                                                               Superior Energy
                                                                                                Services: Well

                               Superior Energy Services:
                         Well Performance Testing & Evaluation

                                             by the customer. This group possesses     At Superior:
                                             an extensive collection of mechanical,      • We are dedicated to continuous
                                             electronic and quartz pressure gauges         quality improvement.
                                             to meet our customer’s specific BHP         • We have one of the most aggressive
                                             objectives and are supported by a             tool maintenance programs in the
                                             group of highly skilled and experienced       industry .
                                             technicians and engineers.                  • We incorporate pre-job design and
                                                                                           post-job interpretation, with our data
                                                                                           acquisition services, to ensure that we
                                                                                           meet all of the customer’s objectives.
                                                                                         • We demonstrate our commitment
                                                                                           to quality by providing employees and
                                                                                           customers with one of the most
                                                                                           extensive training programs available.
Superior’s Well Performance Testing                                                      • We eliminate operation problems by
and Evaluation division provides a                                                         offering a complete package of
complete service and solutions package                                                     services.
of downhole acquired well data. With a                                                   • Our engineering group can aid in the
complete line of electronic memory and                                                     design, implementation and
mechanical instrumentation that includes                                                   evaluation of all test data.
pressure/temperature gauges, production                                                  • We are dedicated to providing our
logging tools and calipers, these services                                                 customers with custom designed, cost
are combined with our engineering                                                          effective solutions.
services to adhere to the objectives
requested by the customer. Superior
continually examines the latest trends in
downhole technology for application in
meeting the well test objectives outlined

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