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									CTG's Performance Testing Services
Companies nowadays find t hemselves under a lot of pressure t o develop high-
qualit y, reliable IT Solut ions t hat support t heir business in a cost -effective

As St ruct ured Test ing provides insight int o t he risks involved in every st age of
t he proj ect , it is a key element in developing and deploying t he high qualit y
and reliable IT solutions the business requires.

Your application is tested for                       CTG’ s performance t est ing specialist s have
functionality, but does it achieve an                t he necessary knowledge and experience t o
acceptable level of performance?                     select and implement t he most suit able
                                                     performance t est t ools, t o organize and
Do you know how your applicat ion                    execut e your performance t est s, t o advise
performs? How much t ime does your                   on your t est process and t o organize
applicat ion t ake t o run a t ransact ion?          training.
When does your applicat ion slow down?
Under what circumstances does it crash?              Next t o it s highly qualified t est ing
                                                     professionals, CTG also can also provide t he
Nowadays applicat ions consist of several            ot her profiles t hat are involved in t he
complex t echnologies. Because of t he               performance t est ing effort : net work and
high risk of unaccept able performance,              dat abase administ rat ors, syst em archit ect s,
it is essent ial t o know how your syst em           programmers. CTG has ext ensive knowledge
will     perform        under    different           in a number of environment s (Mainframe,
circumstances.                                       C/S, Web, EAI,…)

An effect ive performance t est consists             The CTG approach
of a cont rolled, measurable experiment
t o det ermine t he abilit y of t he syst em         Based on best pract ices and on its
and/ or net work t o funct ion properly              experience in t est ing and IT services in
under maximum volumes of dat a and                   general, CTG has developed a unique
peak loads. This t est is execut ed in               Performance Testing Approach. This
production-like condit ions. It t ells you           Test ing Approach is an ext ension of t he
whet her your syst em meet s t he                    general CTG Test Met hodology that
requirement s for       t hroughput      and         describes t he general life cycle model CTG
response times.                                      uses in its software testing projects.

CTG as your performance testing
                                                                   PROJECT PREPARATION
                                                               P    TEST ASSESSMENT       Q
In t his field of t est ing, t he effect ive use               R                          U
of t est t ools is crucial. Test ers must                      O                          A
                                                               J                          L
have a t horough underst anding of t hese                      E
                                                                       TEST DESIGN        I
complex        and        expensive        t ools.             C                          T
                                                               T                          Y
Furt hermore, t hey need t o have t he
                                                                     TEST EXECUTION
int erpersonal       skills     required       to              M                          M
                                                               G                          G
collaborat e closely wit h t he ot her                         M                          M
profiles in a t ypical performance t est                       T   ANALYSIS / REPORTING   T

t eam (archit ect s, net work engineers,
DBA’s, etc.).                                                       PROJECT CLOSURE
Performance Testing Types and           Your Benefits:
their objectives
                                        Working wit h CTG’ s performance
CTG has ident ified 5 import ant        testing specialists will:
                                                                              Backed by 38 years experience,
variations of performance testing:          Deliver you the necessary
    Load Testing                            insight into the behaviour of           CTG provides IT staffing,
    Stress Testing                          your system                             application management
    Integrity Testing                       Provide you with the necessary
                                                                                outsourcing, consulting, and
    Concurrency Testing                     skills to organize and execute
    Endurance Testing                       performance tests                     software development and
                                            Give you access to expertise in
                                                                                integration solutions to help
By execut ing t hese variat ions of         performance testing tools of
performance t est ing you will gain a       Mercury Interactive,                 Global 2000 clients focus on

number of insights:                         Compuware, IBM Rational and         their core businesses and use
    Can the hardware and network            Segue.
                                                                               IT as a competitive advantage
    infrastructure meet the                 Provide you also with the
    performance and capacity                necessary skills to analyze the   to excel in their markets. CTG

    requirements?                           results, to recommend on                      combines in-depth
    What response times can your            improvement and to tune the
                                            system accordingly                  understanding of our clients’
    user expect? Can you respect
    your SLA’s?                             Give you access to leading test   businesses with a full range of
    What number of concurrent               practices and expertise (incl.
                                                                                     integrated services and
    users can your application              the CTG Performance Testing
    support?                                approach)                          proprietary ISO 9001-certified

    Is the system configured or             Save costs through increased         service methodologies. Our
    tuned properly to get the               efficiency
                                                                              2.500 IT professionals based in
    maximum performance?                    Result in increased efficiency
    What is the impact of HW or             of your web testing activities       an international network of

    SW changes on performance?                                                  offices in North America and
    Are there any bottlenecks left
                                        CTG’s Commitment to Quality:             Europe have a proven track
    in your application?
                                                                               record of delivering solutions
                                        CTG ensures the consistent delivery
                                                                                                  that work.
                                        of the highest-quality services
                                        through proprietary best practices
                                        formally defined in our global          More information about CTG
                                        quality system. CTG is among the
                                        first in our field to have designed        is available on the Web at

                                        and implemented a comprehensive                         www.ctg.be.
                                        Total Quality Management
                                        program. This program guides our
                                        employees worldwide in qualifying
                                        opportunities, delivering projects
                                        on time, hiring the right
                                        professionals, and ensuring that
                                        client requirements are fully

                                        Contact us:

                                        CTG Belgium N.V./S.A.
                                        Woluwelaan 140A bus 3
                                        1831 Diegem, Belgium
                                        Phone: + 32 (0)2 720 51 70
                                        Fax: + 32 (0)2 725 09 20

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