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									Perhaps the Most Serious Disease Known October 24, 2008 Posted by ormaninstitute in Uncategorized. add a comment It is more prevalent than cancer or AIDS. It affects more people and has more impact an the individual than diabetes, leukemia and MS combined. There are no ribbons or bows to bring attention to it. No one does 5K races or Century Rides to raise money. The media has yet to pick up on it. 60 Minutes has never done a show about it yet I would bet you a quarter you know someone who is terribly affected by this disease. It affects. . .well, we can narrow it down to affecting everything. The individual. The family. Even society itself is drastically impacted. On the plus side, there is a cure. Now, when I say CURE, I mean 100% disease-free for the rest of your life not just 5 years so we can get another grant cure. The real deal. Here today, gone tomorrow CURE. That should light you up! Before I get to the cure, let’s discuss the pathology. The disease affects nearly every system in the body, as well as the mind and Spirit. Hence the moniker - the most serious disease known. It congests the liver, thus reducing vision (both physical and psychological vision (ex/ “I SEE no future.”). It affects digestion, causing one to consume enormous amounts of food but no nutrition. Needless to say, morbid obesity is the end result. Please note the use of the word “morbid” in front of obesity. It affects the lungs and cardiovascular system. Muscles atrophy, cardio system weakens to a dangerous degree, resistance to disease goes down to nearly zero and the possibility of a heart attack spikes up like Pike’s Peak. The kidneys, the organs responsible for courage, are negatively affected. Low back pain, join disease, osteoporosis and generalized structural issues are easily seen. This is predictable as the kidneys also govern the bones and skeletal system. There are about 50 other known physical symptoms but the aforementioned are just a sampling. The mind is also impacted, predictably so. Depression, frustration and negativity are the usual end results. Suicide or suicidal tendencies are unfortunately, not rare. They also “spread” such negativity to those around them, if the others leave themselves open. The Spirit too is impacted by this disease. The Spirit is, by Its very nature, lively, bright, joyful and brimming with energy. You can easily see it in the faces of those who allow their Spirit to shine forth. Hang out at the finish line in any marathon and you will see thousands of such people! I would describe this disease as “burying” or “stuffing” the Spirit to such a depth, not even a ray of hope is allow to shine forth.

There is a vaccine. Our friend Gary who has palsy yet runs the NYC marathon is example of someone who has been immunized. Last year, a blind runner did the Goofy Challenge. She too was immunized and does not allow this disease, nor her physical challenge to hamper her to any degree. What is this terrible disease that affects so many, destroys lives, families and weakens the whole country? The disease is Resignation. I witnessed it in action (or lack of action I should say) the other day. It attached itself to someone I used to know and took them from a extremely intelligent, vibrant, active individual to something I can only describe as a blob. A melted candle with dust accumulating on the wax, slicking to a paper plate. It was disturbing, like watching the sun go out. Not down. Out. Completely. All hopes and dreams were gone and the “wounded victim” mentality was all that was left. It almost brought me to tears. This disease has that kind of impact. The cure is simple and it is always successful — pure, positive, motivated, passionate thoughts and actions. Do this and you will never suffer from the Most Serious Disease Known.

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