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									                THE PIEDMONT NEWS
Volume VII, Issue IV                                                                                                 March 31, 2006

               The Good Samaritan
                         By Daniel Craft, PhD                             CALENDAR OF EVENTS
  A man is walking down a busy street when he sees an elderly
  gentleman struggling with eight or nine very full bags of
  groceries. As the elderly man trudges along his way, one of        HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
  the bags rips and spills numerous canned goods about the                       APR 1 MEGAN COVERT DEAF SVCS.
  sidewalk. The first man, a trained therapist, smiles to the                     APR 2 SHERRY BLISS        FUTURES
  elderly gentleman and cheerfully says, "Looks like you've got a        APR 5 FRIEDERIKE WILDAY STRATEGIC INITIATIVES
  real mess on your hands.”
                                                                                  APR 7 DON CARPENTER             WRAPS
  The elderly man says nothing and continues picking up his                 APR 10 ALICE BROWN EXEC. DIR ADMIN ASST.
  groceries. Undaunted, the therapist gives a wry and philosophic            APR 12 STACEY SCOTT DUKE ENDOWMENT
  smile and shakes his head just so in an ever so therapeutic and            APR 15 ELESHA LOCKHART          SUNRISE/ARBOR
  empathic manner, his body language the very picture of                     APR 17 RICHARD WIDENER          SUNRISE/ARBOR
  unconditional support and caring. The elderly man continues             APR 18 JULIE KIRACOFE        ENTITLEMENT SPECIALIST
  picking up his groceries and says nothing.
                                                                          APR 19 STEPHANIE MILNER SCHOOL-BASED SVCS
  "Guess you had too many canned goods and heavy jugs of                    APR 25 TRUDY BOXALL         NURSE PRACTITIONER
  bleach packed in to one bag. I doubt there's paper or plastic              APR 27 BRENDA LIPE SCHOOL-BASED SVCS
  anywhere could stand up to that load, huh?"                                   APR 28 DEE ANDERSON ADMIN ASST
  The elderly man mutters what sounds like a curse under his                      APR 28 KAITLIN CLARK WRAPS
  breath.                                                                   APR 29 SHARON WOODRUFF SUNRISE/ARBOR

  “One of your cans of tomatoes, the big ones, rolled down the
  storm grate and there's the diced pineapple over there in the
  gutter. You don't really eat that stuff do you… I mean, it's       PAY DATES
  packed full of sugar, but hey, I guess it is cheap."               FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2006
  The therapist looks at his watch and realizes that he's about to
  be late for a very important meeting. He cheerfully says,
  "Well, gotta go, hope it gets better. Have a great day." He
  leaves feeling very proud that he could offer support to a
  brother struggling.

  Identifying a problem is easy; finding a solution and
  implementing    it...    Now,     there's the    trick.
                                                                               PCMHS PERSONNEL
                                                                                              By Dianne Powell

           Quality Assurance                                                  Vickie Butler
                                                                              Beatrice Hernandez
                                                                                                                 S‟ville Adult OutPt
                                                                                                                 Deaf Svcs.
                         By Margaret Drake                                    Lisa Mullinax                      Deaf Svcs – Cola.
  Please add the following abbreviations to your "official"
  abbreviations          list          for          2006:                Departures
                                                                            Valerie Brant                        Ridgeview
  d/c            discharge
                                                                            Gerald Smith                         Indigent Meds
  A/A            African American
  HPH            Harris Psychiatric Hospital
  WRAPid Care WRAPS short term/emergency                                                                                               e
                                                    The Piedmont News 1                                                                r
                                                              which they work. Before becoming a surveyor they
         CARF Countdown                                       receive an intense week long training that includes role
                                                              playing with immediate feedback, and that feedback is
                     By David Blondeau                        not always kind. After they complete their initial
                                                              training they become interns doing surveys under the
15. The medical record used contains documentation            tutelage of experienced surveyors. There is no set
    that the Rights of Persons Served is reviewed with        number of surveys required to complete the internship.
    all persons served at orientation and annually            You graduate when your fellow surveyors think you are
    thereafter.                                               ready to graduate. Even after becoming a full fledged
                                                              surveyor your skills are rated by your peers following
14. All facilities controlled by the organization provide     each survey and continuing education hours are required
    a health and safe environment.                            annually. Surveyors have a lot of time and effort
                                                              involved in becoming and remaining surveyors and they
13. The organization determines competency and                take the business of surveying very seriously. That‟s
    provides and/or arranges for competency based             why you should too.
    training to personnel providing direct services.
                                                              Here are a few tips for communicating with surveyors
12. Admission and re-admission criteria are established       during the survey process.
    and are used. Screening tools are uniformly
    administered and personnel are trained on use of          o When dealing with a surveyor remember surveyors
    tools prior to admission.                                   are never wrong, just misunderstood. Never argue
                                                                with a surveyor, ask for clarification instead. When
11. The primary assessment results in the preparation of        you ask for clarification the surveyor is forced to
    an Interpretive Summary that is based on the                restate his or her position and this will give you the
    assessment data, is used in the development of the          time and information you need to formulate an
    individual plan, and identifies any co-occurring            appropriate response.
    disabilities and/or disorders.

10.     When clinically indicated, transition planning is     o If you don‟t know the answer to a surveyor‟s
      initiated with the person served at the earliest          question, don‟t answer it. It‟s O.K. to say, “I don‟t
      possible point in the       individual planning and       know.” as long as you follow-up with, “But, I‟ll be
      service delivery process. The written transition plan     happy to find out for you.”
      is prepared to ensure continuity of services.

9. The organization ensures that the use of medications       o Remember the lessons of Watergate, Iran Contra and
   by the person served is regularly reviewed by a              Monica Lewinski; it‟s not the crime but the cover-up
   physician or qualified professional licensed to              that will get you in trouble. Take the surveyor
   prescribe     medications  and     addresses:    the         seriously, be transparent and above all, forget the
   appropriateness of each medication; the presence of          B.S.
   side effects unusual effects and contraindications;
   when applicable, documented assessment of
   abnormal involuntary movements at initiation of             o Never confuse a surveyor for a friend. There‟s
   treatment and every three months thereafter; the use          nothing wrong with some good old Southern
   of multiple simultaneous medications and drug                 hospitality but remember he or she is not your friend.
   interactions.                                                 They are here today and gone tomorrow, you are not
                                                                 likely to ever meet them again. Surveyors are trained
8. The organization takes whatever actions are necessary         to ignore in-house politics as well as your complaints
   to protect the confidentiality/privacy of the person          about your supervisor of the establishment. You‟re
    served.                                                      wasting your time (and theirs) if you go down this
7. SNAP at the beginning, SNAP in the middle, and
  SNAP once more at the end.
                                                              o A CARF Survey is one time when it‟s O.K. to brag,
6. The importance of being earnest.                             so brag on yourself, your colleagues, and PCMHS.
                                                                The surveyors will love you for it, it makes their job
This month‟s CARF discussion is not so much about a
standard or set of standards as it is about survey
strategy. CARF surveyors tend to take their role as
surveyors very seriously. They are professionals who
hold positions of responsibility in the organizations in

                                                  The Piedmont News 2
 Growing the Wraps Services                                        Children, Adolescents, and Families
                        By Lu Rogers                                                      By Pete Camelo

                                                                  CAF Services with PCMHS has successfully (without any
The Wraparound Service program has just recently                  appreciable downturns) navigated through its first quarter
piloted a new subset of services called "Wrapid Care."            under new leadership. Along the way, a new and revitalized
 The basic premise for this type of service is to provide         form has been taking shape.
after hours "emergency" types Behavioral Intervention
and Caregiver Services. This service is immediate and             Leigh Bostic, a solid performer within Brenda Lipe‟s School-
short term. C&A therapists are still required to complete         Based Services, has taken over Strategic Initiatives and is
the referral and obtain a medical necessity from the doctor       moving that program in some new directions. SI (without
to justify services. If after the Wrapid care, a therapist        the Swimsuit edition) will not only focus on its core target of
assesses the client needs ongoing services, then standard         Juvenile Justice clientele but will now allocate resources to
wraparound services should be initiated. Our Wrapid               the growing concerns of two residential facilities, Generations
Care providers are: In Simpsonville, Jenika Mehta,                and Boys Home of the South.
Sarwang Parikh, Ron Reames and Suzy Siman. In Greer,
Kaitlin Clark, Trent Ropp, and Michelle Wardy. If you             Lu Rogers, Chief of the WRAPS, FUTURES, Clear Springs
want further information about the Wrapid Care service,           and Bethany Residential Treatment Homes (all of which are
you may contact Lu Rogers, x4262.                                 not small feat to manage), has accepted the challenge of
                                                                  making these programs more streamlined. With new teaching
                                                                  parents now in place at the Clear Springs Girls‟ Home, we are
                                                                  fully staffed to accept referrals. Amy Conner of the
Piedmont Treatment Homes                                          FUTURES Program has earned the promotion to MHC III
Bethany Boys Home and Clear Springs Girls Home are                and is now the lead CAF clinician of the Greer office. Amy
currently full. The alternate teaching parent at Clear            will be under the supervision of MHC Chief Jane McLean.
Springs has resigned. Suzy Siman and Frieda Woods are
                                                                  The Duke Endowment program is in transition as its staff
assisting until a permanent alternate can be found.
                                                                  Lori Kallio and Stephanie Milner have both moved on to new
                                                                  endeavors. Stephanie has developed a viable School-Based
Rike Wilday is being assigned to assist as the therapist for      Program at Robert E. Cashion Elementary School. Lori
the Clear Springs Girls. Sherry Bliss will be assigned as         Kallio has decided to focus more time with her family and has
the therapist for the boys home. Lu Rogers continues to           terminated her employment with PCMHS. Stacy Scott is our
administratively supervise both homes and all staff.              lone Endowment staff bravely navigating the Riley Center
                                                                  waters (Good job, Stacy!!).

                                                                  Brenda Lipe, Chief of all School-Based Services, has some
Futures Program                                                   openings at several schools. Brenda knows this terrain very
Sherry Bliss has been promoted. Her new position will             well and will, no doubt, miss few beats.
increase her responsibilities as adjunct supervisor to Lu
Rogers, as well as, therapist for Futures and Bethany             With the seasonally strong budgetary headwind and the daily
Boys.                                                             bombardment of clinical whitecaps, it matters that all CAF
                 Congratulations, Sherry!                         staff continue to follow our prescribed flight plan. I feel
                                                                  confident in our staff, our focus, and our opportunities to do
                                                                  good work, and though the weather ahead may be rough, with
                                                                  a firm hand on the wheel and strong commitment, we will
                                                                  successfully navigate these waters.

Employee of the 4th Quarter 2005
Congratulations to Debi Ayers for winning Employee of the Quarter! Debi has been with PCMHS for over 15 years in a
variety of Administrative positions. Debi will tell you that she “just deal(s) mainly with billing,” but her official title is
“Information Resource Coordinator. ” And what a coordinator she is! Debi seems to know the answer to most questions
that PCMHS staff present to her… and if she doesn‟t, she won‟t rest until she finds the answer. Her coworkers say of her,
“She‟s excellent and dependable. She‟s always willing to help no matter what it is.” And, “Debi is always pleasant and
makes everyone feel comfortable. While she is extremely knowledgeable, she is never intimidating. Her personality is
upbeat and easy to work with. She is always busy, yet always has time for a smile.
Debi is married and has a son, Christopher, who was recently accepted into MUSC‟s School of Dentistry and is currently
working for AOP. Debi has a 13 year old beagle named Toby and enjoys spending as much of her free time as possible in
her yard gardening. Debi also rivals Margaret Drake as far as being an expert treasure hunter… Want tips on getting a
Dooney for $2 or Waterford Crystal for $3? See Debi!!

                                                  The Piedmont News 3
          STRATEGIC INITIATIVES                                        Fun Facts
     (the group formerly known as Family Preservation)                 1. Florence Nightingale became famous as a nurse but actually served as
                       By Leigh Bostic                                 one for only two years. She contracted a fever while working with
                                                                       patients in the Crimean War and retired, a semi-invalid for the rest of her
Rike Wilday is moving into a permanent SI position from the            life. While bedridden, she published hundreds of books and reports
Truancy Diversion Grant. Rike's office is located in Greer and         advocating         improvements         in        health         standards.
she will serve clients in that area, primarily taking referrals from   2. David Rice Atcheson was president of the United States for one day
Greer Mental Health and DJJ. Likewise, Jacquie Gambrell is             on March 4, 1849. James Polk's term ended that day, but Zachary
located in Simpsonville and will serve clients in that area            Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday so the job automatically went
referred in-house or by DJJ. Any in-house referral for SI can be       to      Atcheson,       the     Senate       president       pro      tem.
                                                                       3. Call them all "neon" lights if you want to, but it's only the red ones
given to Rike, Jacquie, or Leigh and the referral will be staffed
                                                                       that contain neon. The yellow ones contain a sodium gas and the blue
on a following Tuesday.                                                ones                           contain                            mercury.
                                                                       4. Most writers know that "e.g." means "for example" and "i.e." means
Spotlight on our "newest" member:                                      "that is" and do not confuse the two in writing. Few know that the
Rike is originally from Germany. She has lived in the United           abbreviations stand for "exempli gratia" and "id est".
States since 6 years of age. Rike grew up in Pennsylvania and          5. By the 1920s, Henry Ford was already recycling leftover metal from
lived there until 7 years ago when she married and moved to            his production line but he was disturbed by how much wood was thrown
South Carolina. Rike attended college at Liberty University and        out. Ford convinced Edward Kingsford, his cousin's husband, to recycle
received her Master's in Counseling from Webster University.           the wood scraps into charcoal briquettes. The Kingsford Company still
                                                                       makes charcoal.
 Rike was a stay-at-home mom until her son reached 4 years of
age. She brings work experience from Crossroads Group
Home, WRAPS services, and the Truancy Diversion program.
 Rike's husband is a native Greenvillian and Rike says she
LOVES the Greenville area - the size, the culture, downtown, "it                          Deaf Services
feels European." Rike also enjoys horseback riding.                                               By Roger Williams
                                                                       Like everyone else, we are getting ready for CARF in the Fall.
                                                                       A focus of that preparation has been to enhance the quality of
         Health & Safety News                                          our service delivery. I want to thank Catherine Wilson for
                                                                       coming up and spending time with our MHA and BA staff to
                         By Roger Williams                             help improve documentation and our understanding of how to
                                                                       best deliver services.
New MSDS Books Available
Thanks to the hard work of Nicole Saunders, revised manuals            We welcome Vanghi Harden, a new MA intern in the Upstate.
with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are now available.             She is a student at Gardner-Webb University. She will be
The MSDS sheets list every chemical (cleanser, office supply,          helping Tressy provide services at the SC School for the Deaf
or whatever). Please make sure you know where to find the              and at the McKinney House. Please say hello to Vanghi if you
book at your location and ask your supervisor or a member of           see her around the office.
the Health & Safety Committee if you have questions.

Amy Conner has joined the committee to represent the Greer
office and CAF. The committee meets on the 2 nd Thursday of
                                                                       Employee of the 1st Quarter 2006
every month at 10:00 in Simpsonville and by DMH                        Congratulations to Jane McLean for winning Employee of the 1st
Teleconference. This is a change from the past but was needed          Quarter! Jane is the Chief of CAF Outpatient for Simpsonville and
to accommodate the video equipment.          As always, the            Greer. She‟s been with PCMHS for over 8 years. Her coworkers
committee meetings are open to everyone.                               say of her: “She is an inspiration to be around. She goes about her
                                                                       business in a quiet way and is totally focused on getting the job
                                                                       done right. Jane always looks out for the good of the client and is
                                                                       never shy in advocating. Jane leads by example and never asks
kudos                                                                  those whom she supervises to do tasks that she isn‟t willing to do
                                                                       herself. Jane is cool in a crisis and makes sound clinical judgments.
By Daniel Craft, PhD                                                   She can always be counted on to stay until the work is done.” Also,
                                                                       “Jane exhibits a high degree of calmness in emergency situations.
Thanks to all the staff for their hard work and commitment to our      She is flexible, helpful to others, and shows a genuine care for her
patients. As you are no doubt aware, we have been struggling this      clients that is evident in her work. Jane works overtime quite often
fiscal year with a rather imposing deficit. December's holidays and    and rarely gets recognition for her excellent supervisory skills.”
bad weather only served to make things worse. I am happy to            Jane is married and has a stepcat, George. She enjoys rollerblading
report that January showed a marked improvement in our deficit,        and reading, not in that order nor simultaneously. Point in fact, it is
and I think this can only be attributed to everyone's concerted        common knowledge in roller-blade circles, that „Crash‟ McLean
efforts to provide quality care in programs that are carefully         can take out a pack of pedestrians and several parked cars on any
planned and efficiently implemented.                                   given Sunday.

                                                         The Piedmont News 4

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