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                                   EDITION 7        -      JANUARY 2006

Fore word

 Happy New Year! Welcome to the first issue of Linguaphone Group Directions for 2006.
 In this issue, we are delighted to announce that M. Levis Etna, our long-established Linguaphone partners in
 Greece, have recently acquired exclusive rights to Direct English for Greece, the Republic of Macedonia,
 Albania and Romania. We also report on the first English class in Malaysia as a result of the strategic alliance
 between the Linguaphone Group and the Informatics Group reported in the October issue of Directions.
 Our Focus on… section brings you news on some innovative marketing initiatives our partners in France and
 Greece have recently implemented, as well as details of a joint marketing partnership between Linguaphone
 UK and don Quijote, one of the UK's most prominent suppliers of language holidays.
 In Top Tips… we highlight the importance of rewarding your loyal customers to boost your re-enrolment
 rates and increase your new enrolment rate through referral. And, as always, we bring you news on what the
 Marketing & Design Department at Head Office in the UK have been up to these past few months.
 Finally, I'm sure you will all join me in welcoming Damian Kingsford to the International ELT team at Head
 We hope you enjoy this first issue of Directions for 2006 and look forward to receiving your contributions
 for the April 2006 issue.

 Yassar Altaf
 Marketing Executive
 International ELT
 Linguaphone Group

          NEWS from around the world...

New Addition to the Linguaphone Group Head Office Team in London
We are delighted to welcome and introduce to you the latest member of the Linguaphone Group Head Office team.

             Damian Kingsford joins the International ELT team as Business Development Manager. Damian has a
             wealth of senior account management experience with some major UK companies, most recently with
             mobile phone giants T-Mobile. He will be working closely with our licensed partners in South East Asia,
             the Gulf, Germany and Italy to help increase enrolments and grow our network of centres in these areas.

Greece Acquires Rights to Direct English
We are delighted to announce that M. Levis Etna have acquired the exclusive rights to
Direct English for Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Romania. M.Levis
Etna has been Linguaphone's partner in Greece since 1958 with the business primarily
focused on providing distance learning language training solutions to both the corporate
and retail markets. By taking the Direct English rights for Greece and the Balkans,
Brigitta Papastavrou and her team are well positioned to exploit the assisted learning
English language training market in this region and we wish them the very best of success.

Linguaphone’s L21 Level 5 - American English
We are pleased to announce that work on Linguaphone’s L21 Level 5 American English has been completed and is now
available for translation.
                  Level 5 provides a bridge between Level 4 and Linguaphone’s Business English course, it consists of 1
                  book, which requires minimal translation, and 2 audio CDs (English only, no translation required). It
                  features 4 case studies and prepares the learner for the style and content of Business English. On
                  completion of Level 5, the learner will have reached the Council of Europe's Threshold level.
                  Level 5 is also available in British English and there is a Tutor's Manual to accompany both versions.
                  If you are interested in adding Level 5 to your course offering, please contact your Linguaphone
                  Business Development Manager.

Linguaphone Malaysia - Informatics First English Class
                        On the 16th November 2005, the result of Linguaphone Malaysia's strategic alliance with
                        Informatics Malaysia became tangibly evident. Held at the Informatics training centre in Kuala
                        Lumpur, 13 students from China, Japan and the Middle East began their first English class
                        under the theme “English leads you to career success”.
                        All 13 students are pursuing their degree/diploma courses at the
                        Informatics Malaysia Institute whilst making very good progress learning
                        English using the proven, highly effective Linguaphone learning
                        methodology. A further 14 students from Egypt are expected to enrol at
                        the end of this month.

Daily English - New Dictionary Now Live
Further to our announcement of the improvements to Daily English in our last issue of Directions,
the new English dictionary has now gone live. The dictionary includes 28,000 terms used in
international English with clear distinctions between English and American usage and a greatly
improved layout.

                               DIRECTIONS         -   EDITION 7     -   JANUARY 2006

            NEWS from around the world...

Pune Police Learn English the Linguaphone Way
                   Lotus Learning, our Linguaphone partner in India, is pleased to announce a collaboration with IL&FS Education
                   and Technology Services Limited.
                   This collaboration has resulted in a contract to train the traffic police in Pune in both IT and spoken English skills
                   using Linguaphone's L21 material.
When asked what they have gained so far the policemen responded, “I now have more confidence to use the English I know” as well as
“I can now understand the public when they ask me questions or talk to me in English”. The teachers helping to conduct the training
sessions also gave their views on using the Linguaphone material and learning method. “With Linguaphone, the listening is very easy
and it is possible to go through the course very smoothly.” “Linguaphone has so many exercises so the learners are always involved.”
Once they complete their training, the first of many policemen to take part in this collaboration will attend a Certification Ceremony
with the Commissioner of Police to mark their achievements.

Linguaphone Malaysia - Dinner 2005
                         Linguaphone Malaysia held their annual dinner and dance in the Grand
                         Ballroom at the Equatorial Hotel on the 30th December 2005. Staff and guests
                         were treated to a sumptuous spread of international and local cuisine. It was an
                         evening of fun, games and gala entertainment for everybody. General Manager,
                         Mr Chew Hon Choy spoke about changes in the business for Linguaphone and
                         how handling this change was vital for the progression of the company. Awards
                         were given out for top sales people and for the longest serving employee. The
                         event was a great ending to a great year for Linguaphone Malaysia.

            FOCUS on...

This issue's Focus on… section brings you details of some great marketing initiatives that our partners in France and Greece have
recently implemented, as well as a joint marketing partnership with Linguaphone UK and don Quijote.
Creative marketing initiatives such as these serve to both promote our products, services and centres as well as clearly help
differentiate us from the competition. They're proving highly successful and we hope give you food for thought for similar
activities in our other markets around the world.

France Expolangues 2006
Expolangues, the revered languages and cultures exhibition, was recently held in Paris from the 18th to the
21st January.
At the event, Sana Ronda, Head of Linguaphone France Network, acted as the moderator of a session on
how to select a language training company. Other speakers included the Head of Human Resources for Bain
& Co, Head of Training Europe for Ernst & Young, and the Head of Communications for OPQF, the
national body responsible for the management of vocational training in France.
During her presentation, Sana commented on the fact that while corporate investment in language training was important, it was
also vital for the providers of such training to operate professionally and maintain the highest of standards. In short, to offer clients
true results-based solutions. She also stressed that corporate purchasers of training needed to realise that training was not a
commodity and that quality solutions would command higher fees.
The event was a big success with 200 exhibitors attending, including language schools, translation and multimedia companies. It was
attended by 21,735 visitors with 11,354 of those coming from within the languages profession and 10,381 from the general public.

                                    DIRECTIONS           -   EDITION 7       -   JANUARY 2006

           FOCUS on...

“Fast Language” with PDQ
In December 2005, Brigitta Papastavrou and her team at
M. Levis Etna, the Linguaphone Group's Master Licensee in
Greece, commenced an exciting and long-term promotion
with the Lambrakis Press Group using Linguaphone's
acclaimed PDQ courses.
Under the campaign headline “Fast Language”, part-works of
the English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Turkish
PDQs will appear as inserts in the weekend edition of one of
the leading newspapers in Greece, TO VIMA. In 2004, TO
VIMA ranked second among the daily political newspapers in
terms of copies sold, holding a 30% market share with a
circulation of some 20,000 copies.
This co-operative “Fast Language” campaign has benefits for both parties. For Linguaphone Greece, it aims to raise brand
awareness and the company's profile in an ever-increasing competitive market. For Lambrakis, it aims to retain circulation
figures and loyalty amongst its TO VIMA readers by providing a unique and exclusive added-value offering at a time when
a competitive paper launches.
The campaign has required a considerable investment from both M. Levis Etna and Lambrakis, but the results from the
first 8-week programme have delighted all involved and forged a foundation for similar co-operation in the future.
                                           Lambrakis Press is the largest media company in Greece, heading a Group
                                           whose activities range from the core and well-established sectors of newspaper,
                                           magazine and book publishing and printing to operating tourist agencies,
                                           participating in free-to-air television stations, production studios and press
                                           distribution agencies. Lambrakis Press recently expanded into call-centre and
                                           CRM services while developing and operating the largest and most eminent
                                           Greek language internet portal and e-commerce operations.

Linguaphone UK Joins Forces with don Quijote
                                      Linguaphone UK is delighted to announce that it has joined forces with don
                                      Quijote, one of the UK's most prominent suppliers of language holidays.
                                      Under this new, joint marketing partnership, both parties will gain increased
                                      online exposure to raise brand and product awareness and, of course, sales.
                                      Now, any visitor to the don Quijote website who decides not to book a language
                                      holiday has the opportunity to learn a language at home by clicking on a new
                                      Linguaphone link. In turn, the Linguaphone UK website will have a link to don
                                      Quijote's own 'learning abroad' web pages for those visitors who decide not to
                                      purchase one of our distance learning courses and would prefer to book a language
With this joint partnership, Linguaphone and don Quijote customers will never be lost for a language learning solution.
Having already seen the first customers stream through, both sides have high hopes for a very successful partnership and
look forward to further collaboration in the future.

                                DIRECTIONS         -   EDITION 7     -   JANUARY 2006

            TOP tip...

Rewarding Loyal Customers
Give customers an incentive and they'll come back and buy more.
Whilst very simplistic, this statement is also true. There is a reason customer reward programmes are
often called “loyalty” programmes. They not only offer customers an incentive to buy additional
products and services, effective loyalty programmes also reinforce and cement customer relations.
By forming partnerships with relevant local businesses and putting in place your own customer reward
programme, you'll be reinforcing the value you place on customer care - one key part of our service
offering that differentiates Direct English and Linguaphone from the competition.
This kind of positive reinforcement will prevent your customers from switching to your competitors -
even when they make lower price offers. It also means your number of new customers through referrals will likely increase, thereby
lowering your marketing and customer acquisition costs.
Here are 5 tips to get you started on your own customer reward programme:
1. Build your database. Start with your existing customer database and add to it by acquiring important information from customers
   when they enrol.
2. Provide customers an incentive to sign up. Customers need to understand exactly how your reward programme works in order
   to feel compelled to participate. They're more likely to participate in a programme that tells them exactly what they are going to
   receive if they enrol rather than from a programme that makes promises of future rewards but doesn’t clearly spell them out.
3. Boost high-priced sales. A programme that offers graduated rewards can actually stimulate customers to try higher-priced products
   and services that they may otherwise believe are not for them. Rewards need to be easy to obtain to ensure maximum participation
   in the scheme.
4. Offer in-kind rewards. Choosing the right rewards to offer is a key to achieving a successful customer loyalty programme. To
   enhance the customer experience and forge a strong relationship with your customers, you can either reward them by offering special
   value on the products and services you regularly provide, or you can offer them gift vouchers for movie tickets, for example, to
   reinforce the element of fun and social experience of learning English at Direct English and Linguaphone. Remember though,
   whatever rewards you offer, it is vital your customers are brought back to your training centre or website to receive them.
5. Make effective use of data. An added bonus to a successful customer reward programme is the data you gain. This data will allow
   you to tailor your future offers and even marketing messages according to your best customers’ purchase history and preferences.
   You will be able to track exactly which offers give the best results and determine which segments of your customer base respond to
   them. The data could also be used to help define your customer acquisition marketing strategy by matching your target audience
   profile and their purchase habits and preferences with those of your best repeat customers.
An effective customer reward programme will help stimulate your best customers to return again and again and provide the insight for
you to target and win new customers.

            DID you know...

Marketing & Design Update
The Value For Money Campaign was distributed to all Linguaphone Group partners in December as was the
Unit Licence Recruitment Campaign to help you grow your existing network of centres. For our Direct
English partners, artwork for both campaigns is available to view and download from the Marketing Resources
section of the Direct English Extranet at
The Online Resources Campaign is due to be distributed to all partners next month and will be followed
in the Spring by a new “Expressions” campaign to promote our L21 assisted learning course to the 16 to 24-
year-old consumer.
The new Linguaphone Group website ( is in its final stage ready for launch
in February. Once launched, the team at Head Office will start work on the creation of a new look Online Resources
website (currently The copy will be focused on promoting Daily English and our Online Modules
with the design reflective of the new Group website to encompass both the Direct English and Linguaphone brands.

                                   DIRECTIONS           -   EDITION 7       -   JANUARY 2006


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