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                                                   Newsletter of the Crime Prevention Division of the NSW Attorney General’s Department

                                     Many safe returns
                                     for Boomerang Bus

                                                                      Image courtesy of Encapture Photography,
                                     Local children joined Peter Garrett MP Federal Member for Kingsford Smith, at the Boomerang Bus launch.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                    The latest initiative of the Aboriginal Community     Night Patrols are also funded by the Division at
                                     Patrols is the launch of the La Perouse Street        Brewarrina, Bourke, Armidale, Casino, Dubbo,
    Community Patrol buses           Beat bus, known as the Boomerang Bus.                 Taree and Ballina.
                                The Boomerang Bus, like other patrols, is a                The aim of the community patrols is to reduce
    StAMP out re-offending
                                community-based service. It provides a safe                the risk of young people becoming involved in
                                transport and outreach service for people aged             crime either as a victim or as an offender, with
    Youth shopping protocol
                                12 to 20 years who are on the street late at night,        community members playing an important role.
    Young Offender Conferencing often when other support services are unavailable.         La Perouse's Boomerang Bus has two Street
                                Street Beat youth workers and volunteers also              Beat workers, and a caseworker to work with
    Bizsafe factsheets          provide those in need with access to resources             the PCYC Activities Coordinator to ensure there
                                such as counselling, advice and advocacy.                  are ongoing recreational programs and skills
    Aboriginal Programs Unit
                                                                                           development for local young people.
                                     The new 12-seater Boomerang Bus was
    Stop sexual assault card         officially launched at Maroubra Police Citizens       The Boomerang Bus operates from 4pm-12am
                                     Youth Club (PCYC), on 23 September.                   Thursday nights, 4pm-1am Friday nights and
    New funding applications                                                               6pm-1am Saturday nights. Phone: 1800 707 992
                                 Milton Orkopoulos, NSW Minister for Aboriginal
    Wirringa Baiya Info Sheets   Affairs presented the bus keys on behalf of NSW
                                 Attorney General, Bob Debus, to Maroubra
    MERIT expands: 54th location PCYC's Club Manager Nick Lake and members
                                 of the Project Steering Committee, Barbara
    Forum: Muslim misconceptions Keely and Yvonne Simms.

    Legal rights at Croc Festivals   He was joined by Peter Garrett MP Federal
                                     Member for Kingsford Smith, and Kristina
    Circle Sentencing                Keneally, State Member for Heffron.

    Welcome to new staff             The La Perouse Street Beat project began in
                                     late 2004 with the formation of the Project
                                     Steering Committee, made up of members from
    Nov/Dec 2005                     the La Perouse Koori Interagency and the La
                                     Perouse Community Working Party.
   ISSN 1444-1055                    Community patrols such as Street Beat and                 Young people performed at the launch event.
StAMP out re-offending
with community mentors
Twelve of the 15 mentees have not re-             skills, knowledge and ability to take more          longest period substance free,
offended since participating in                   control and responsibility of their lives.
                                                                                                      longest time staying in TAFE,
Marrickville's new Start Again Mentoring            supporting participants to improve their
Pilot Program, called StAMP.                                                                          increased awareness of choices in the
                                                  quality of life in a non-judgemental,             community, and
StAMP links people released from prison            ...StAMP will feature at the                       coping better with day to day life.
with local residents (volunteers) who
have been trained as mentors.
                                                   delivering crime prevention                      Potential mentees are people exiting
                                                           conference...                            prison and relocating to the Marrickville
The mentors spend between two and                                                                   LGA or those that have a clear
four hours per week with their mentee             inclusive, positive, respectful, practical        connection to the area. Participation in
and provide practical assistance by:              and consistent supportive relationship.           the program is voluntary, however, it
  improving the mentee's access to                Since the first mentor was appointed at           excludes people who have sex offences,
goods, services and community members.            the end of last year, positive outcomes           major mental illness and those who do
                                                  reported by participants include:                 not meet other essential criteria.
  being a role model for social
behaviours to assist the participant's              longest period out of prison in 14 years,       The pilot program was developed by
                                                                                                    Marrickville Council in partnership with
                                                                                                    the Community Restorative Centre, with
                                                                                                    a CPD Safer Community Compact Grant.
                                                                                                    Delivering crime prevention conference
                                                                                                    The Start Again Mentoring Pilot Program
                                                                                                    will feature at the Australian Institute of
                                                                                                    Criminology and NSW Crime Prevention
                                                                                                    Division jointly presented conference in
                                                                                                    Sydney, 21-22 November 2005.
                                                                                                    The Delivering Crime Prevention: Making
                                                                                                    the Evidence Work conference will
                                                                                                    examine the role of evidence-based
                                                                                                    policy (EBP) approaches in the delivery
                                                                                                    and development of crime prevention
                                                                                                    policies and programs in Australia.
                                                                                                    Different models for EBP programs will
                                                                                                    be critically assessed in terms of their
                                                                                                    appropriateness and effectiveness in
                                                                                                    terms of informing and improving
Marrickville Council staff, volunteers and supporters for the successful StAMP mentoring program.   practical crime prevention policy.

Junction for safe shopping
Waverley Council's new Bondi Junction             The Strategy's objectives include:
Youth Protocol and Community                        increased safety for young people and
Education Strategy aims to reduce                 all other users of the Bondi Junction
conflict in the shopping precinct between         Shopping Centre.
young people and the community, partic-
ularly shop owners and security staff.              community acknowledgement of young
                                                  peoples' rights to use public spaces.
                                                    higher level of communication between
                                                  different community stakeholders.
                                                    agreement about acceptable behaviour
                                                  and reasonable consequences by young
                                                  people and other stakeholders.
                                                    strong sense of community ownership
                                                  by all groups of the youth protocol.
                                                                                                    a Local Youth Shopping Centre Protocol
                                                  While a number of shopping centre                 which was produced by multiple agencies
                                                  protocols have been established in NSW,           including the Crime Prevention Division
                                                  the Bondi Junction protocol includes the          (which funds the Bondi Junction initiative).
                                                  mall, the transport interchange, the local
                                                                                                    The Guide was initiated due to the
                                                  Westfield Centre and other shops.
  L-R; Patrick Shepherdson and Elvis Guzic,
                                                                                                    increasing number of young people
     NSW Crime Prevention Division, and           The project is based on the Creating the          banned and subsequently charged with
     Samantha Weir of Waverley Council.           space for dialogue: A Guide to Developing         trespass from shopping centres in NSW.
Division update
New funding applications, guidelines
and reporting forms for the Crime
Prevention Division are going online at:
Councils whose compact projects have
demonstrated crime prevention outcomes
can apply for a sustainability grant.
ABC’s 4 Corners television program
featured a story about the success and
processes of the Circle Sentencing
program, on 10 October.
Sexual Assault is not your fault:
information for young people
concertina style                               L-R from back: John McDonald (TJA Conferencing trainer); Aleksandra Alavanja, Alexis
wallet-card was                                Mulhearn, Dean Hart, Amira Merhi (TJA Conferencing), Tracey Cremming, Julie Wilson
launched in August
by Canterbury City
Council and
                                              Facing up to crime
                                              A new program is enabling some young           violence and offences involving a
Multicultural Youth
Health Service                                adult offenders (18 to 24 years) to            firearm. Offenders who have previously
(phone: 02 9787                               participate in a conference with victims of    committed serious offences will also not
                                              crime, support people and other relevant       be eligible.
0600), with funding
                                              people as part of sentencing.
from the Crime                                                                               The conferences bring
Prevention Division.                          The new Community Conferencing for             together the offender
Bizsafe factsheets: Eight Bizsafe             Young Adults NSW Government trial              and the victim with a
factsheets and two signs aimed at             program began in September at two trial        facilitator, police
increasing the safety and security of         locations, Tweed Heads Local Court             officer, support
local businesses, as part of the Inner        Circuit and Liverpool Local Court.             people and others
West Theft Reduction strategy, have                                                          effected by the
                                              The trial program is not available for
been translated into Arabic, Chinese,                                                        offence to discuss
                                              offenders currently facing serious
Korean, and Vietnamese languages .                                                           what happened,
                                              charges such as malicious wounding or
                                                                                             the harm caused
These four languages represent the            infliction of grievous bodily harm, child
                                                                                             by the offence and
most commonly spoken non-English              prostitution and child pornography,
                                                                                             to prepare an
languages in Sydney’s Inner West area.        stalking or intimidation, domestic
                                                                                             'Intervention Plan' for
An Aboriginal Programs Unit has                                                              the offender.
been established by the NSW Attorney                                                         The Intervention Plan may include an
General's Department, to be housed                                                           apology, reparation to the victim, other
within the Crime Prevention Division.                                                        ways to address the harm caused,
The Unit will assist the Department's                                                        participation in a relevant program such
many Aboriginal programs to develop                                                          as drug or alcohol rehabilitation, and
new and improved initiatives to ensure                                                       other measures to assist offenders
better services for Aboriginal clients. It                                                   address their offending behaviour and
will also lead the Justice Cluster Process.                                                  reintegrate into the community.
Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s                                                            For example, if an offender broke into a
Legal Centre: Eleven Wirringa Baiya                                                          victim's home and stole items to enable
Info Sheets are being reprinted with                                                         them to buy drugs, then the Plan might
                   CPD funding. Info                                                         require the offender to apologise to the
                   Sheet topics include                                                      victim, repair damage to the victim's
                   Sexual Assault, Going                                                     home and complete a treatment program.
                   to Court, Lawyers,
                   Discrimination,                                                          MERIT’s 54th expansion
                   Homelessness,                                                            The Magistrates Early Referral Into
                   Family Violence, Me                                                      Treatment (MERIT) program has
                   & Security, Victims                                                      expanded into its 54th location. MERIT
                   Compensation and                                                         was launched into Cooma Local Court on
                   other issues relating                                                    8 September 2005.
                   to violence against
                                                                                     At the launch, L-R: Steve Whan MP,
                   Aboriginal women,
                                                                                     Member for Monaro; Paula Russell,
                   children and youth.                                               Magistrate; Mary Wynne, MERIT
Ph:1800 686 587 or                                              Manager; Dr Murray Wright, Director
Aboriginal Community Justice                                                         Mental Health for the Greater Southern
Groups are officially operational in 11                                              Area Health Service; Inspector John
areas across New South Wales.                 Image courtesy of Cooma-Monaro Express Pierce, Cooma LAC.
Taking a Step Up to stop
religious misconceptions
The United Muslim Women's Association           service provision to Muslim women and
attracted more than 300 young people to         young people. One of the speakers,
its forum Jihad: Terrorism or a Muslim's        Zacharia Mathews, highlighted how the
Highest Aspiration?                             negative media portrayal of Muslims is
                                                further marginalising young people, and
The forum was held in response to the
findings of the Step Up project, funded by response to increasing
the Crime Prevention Division and                                                                Circle Sentencing is currently
managed by the Association.                      levels of race and religious                    operating at eight locations across New
The Step Up project found that young
                                                        based violence...                        South Wales. To date, over 80 Circle
Muslim people are regularly confronted          identified means for service providers to        Sentencing conferences have been
with harassment based on misconceived           prevent radicalisation in young people.          held across the State.
associations between jihad and terrorism.                                                        Circle staff, from back row left to right:
                                                Other speakers gave insight into the true
A further forum was held for service            meaning of jihad, the experiences of             Roslyn Barker, Dixie Skuthorpe, Malcolm
providers, aimed at enhancing their             harassment and exclusion of Muslim               Webb, Mary Ann Hausia, Gail Wallace,
                                                women in Australian society, and the             Elizabeth Layland, Bruce Flaherty.
                                                impact of terrorism on Muslim people.
                                                Step Up was funded in response to                Welcome to staff
                                                increasing levels of race and religious
                                                based violence experienced by Muslim
                                                women and young people since the
                                                increase in the incidence of terrorism.
                                                The project aims to encourage reporting
                                                of crime, provide referrals for victims
                                                support and legal advice, and develop
                                                resources and training to improve the
  Speakers told guests how misconceptions       cultural understanding of people who work
  have led to victimisation of Muslim people.   with Muslim women and young people.

                      Croc Festival image courtesy of Croc Festival®

Learning legal rights at Croc Fest
Crime prevention sessions for young             There were eight Croc Festival events held New staff members, top left to right: Paula
people, based on the CPD funded Know            across six States and Territories between   Cheng, Policy & Analysis; Simon Turner,
Your Legal Rights game kit, produced by         July and October, with about 18,500 young
the Women's Legal Resources Centre,             people attending. The first Croc Festival   Policy & Analysis; Brian Dennison, Circle
featured at two Croc Festivals last month.      in Weipa in 1998 attracted 350 students.        Sentencing; Sharon Dykes, Circle
                                                                                                     Sentencing; Aleksandra Alavanja,
The games kits were delivered at the            The Croc Festival aims to foster improved
Moree event, attended by 2,300 young            health, education and well-being of              Community Conferencing for Young Adults
people, and the inaugural Kempsey event         Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in            (CCYA); Alexis Mulhearn, CCYA; Tracey
which attracted 4,325 young people.             rural or remote areas:     Cremming, CCYA; Julie Wilson, CCYA.

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