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									Housing Market 'Boom' In 'For Sale By Owner' Property
Date: 21.12.2009 - 10:16
Category: Industry, Real Estate & Construction
Press release from: NetMovers

While the property market continues to looks gloomy for estate agents, 'for sale by owner' property is booming according to
NetMovers, the UK's leading commission free property portal.

 More people are searching for property through 'for sale by owner' search terms, rather than searching for 'estate agents' or
'property', according to the Google Trend's latest figures. From 2004 to 2009, searches for 'property' and 'estate agents' show a
steady decline while 'for sale by owner' searches soared at the beginning of 2009, and continue to remain high.

 Rick Jones, Operations and Development Executive of NetMovers said: "This trend clearly shows a massive increase in this
way of selling a property as opposed to traditional estate agents. We have seen a larger growth this year than in any of our
eight years of trading, in the 'for sale by owner' market."

 "We believe this is down to the fact that vendors are looking to increase their exposure through 'another option' and people
seem more receptive to the concept of controlling the sale by themselves and reducing cost. In every recession there are
winners and losers and it seems that the FSBO market is one industry that will win."

 In anticipation of a busy new year and the extra demand of the 'for sale by owner' service, NetMovers are employing another
five permanent staff.

For interviews or more information please contact Laura Nuttall on 01254 304050 or contact Rick Jones on 07872922667.

 NetMovers is the UK's leading commission free property portal. They provide a service allowing vendors to take as much or
as little control of the sale of property, as they wish.
 NetMovers have been operating for over 7 years and list residential, commercial and overseas property.
 Alongside 'for sale by owner' property, NetMovers also list thousands of estate agent property.
 NetMovers operate under the umbrella company- Reach Globa Group and are primarily based in the Reach Global
headquarters in Church, Accrington, Lancashire. They also have offices in London and Dubai.

Technology Centre,
Bridge Street,
Lancashire, BB5 4HU

Press contact: Laura Nuttall on 01254304050 or email laura.nuttall@rgg.co.uk, alternatively use the above postal address.

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