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                    Stork Club Guidelines and Contact Information
ThE WEsTChasE sTORk CluB is happy and hOnOREd TO                                   Stork Club Contact Numbers
be a part of the celebration of your new arrival. It is a pleasure to have Mr.        Please use the phone number listed above your neighborhood to contact
Stork greet Mom and the new baby when they arrive home from the hospi-             a member of the Stork Club to welcome your new arrival. Please see the Stork
tal.                                                                               Club Guidelines to the left for further information about announcing your
     Here are just a few tips to get full appreciation from our stork club:        baby’s birth! Congratulations!
l. As soon as your baby arrives, please call a Stork Club Represen-
   tative. This allows us the time to have the stork waiting when                                  Nancy Gerovac .....................................................814-2266
   the new baby arrives home. If you get an answering machine,                                          Bennington, Glencliff, Glenfield, The Estates, Harbor
   please leave the address and sex of the baby in your message.                                                     Links, Saville Row, Woodbay and Wycliff
   (See the names to the right for phone numbers.)
2. Get out that camera and snap loads of pictures for your baby’s                                  Karen Falconer.................................................... 855-8495
   scrapbook. Send a high resolution photo via e-mail to Editor@                                      Berkeley Square, The Enclave, Keswick Forest, Radcliffe to accompany your birth announce-                                                                                                         and The Shires
                                                                                                   Beverly Staton ..................................................... 926-1568
3. Just a reminder: Depending on supply and demand, the stork
   could visit for one day or several.                                                                         The Vineyards and non-gated West Park Village
4. To announce the arrival of your new baby in the World of West-                                  Eileen Ciluffo ..................................................... 920-4938
   chase, please fill out the birth announcement form you receive
   when your stork is delivered. You may mail it to WOW, place it in one of             Abbotsford, Castleford, Chelmsford, The Greens and gated West Park
   the WOW drop boxes or fax it to WOW at 920-9809.                                                                                                Village
5. If you need to remove the Stork before a Stork Club member can pick it
   up, please place it outside on the side of your home rather than inside the     Sandy Anderson ......................................................................368-9779
   garage.                                                                                                   Brentford, The Bridges, Kingsford and Stamford

                                                                                                                         D         elivering compassionate and
                                                                                                                                comprehensive care to women
                                                                                                                                   throughout their lives.
  for Children and Adults
                                                                                              Carrollwood Obstetrics
                                                                                                  & Gynecology

      F R E E CO N S U LTAT I O N S


       6538 Gunn Hwy., Tampa
              In Citrus Park Professional Center.
           One mile east of Citrus Park Town Center.
                                                                                                 Welcome to Jill Botelho, M.D. in August 2008
                                                                                                (813) 920-1808                                (813) 961-7440
                                                                                           10909 W. Linebaugh #104, Westchase                 4321 N. MacDill Ave., #205
                                                                                                                                           at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital

  40 |   OCTOBER 2008          |   World of Westchase   |
                                                   Westchase Colts News

                   WOW! WhaT an                        Oct. 4             Games at Skyway
                    incredible season we have          Oct. 11            Games at Skyway
                     had so far! All of our            Oct. 17            Homecoming Party
                     squads are really playing                            at Ruth Eckerd Hall
                     well and keeping the com-         Oct. 18            Games at Skyway
                    petition on their toes. We         Oct. 25            Games at Oldsmar
                 are halfway through the sea-          Oct. 26            Cheer Competition
son, so keep up the good work, boys!
    Our cheerleaders are pretty incredible, too!       Make sure to check out pictures of your
They have put on some great halftime perfor-       kids in action at James
mances and are doing a great job keeping the       has been very busy on the sidelines – rain or
fans in the stands pumped up. They are busy        shine – taking incredible photos of the football
working on their routines and getting ready for    players and cheerleaders. If you are interested in
their competitions in October and November.        having him put together something special, just
We know that they will be impressive.              send him an e-mail or talk to him at the field.
    The month of October is a busy one for the         Go, Colts!
Colts. We have our final regular season games                                        By Gail Jeffcoat,
and a few special events. Colts parents, please                    Colts Director of Communications;
mark your calendars with the following dates:                    photos courtesy of James Broome

                                                                                   Dentistry for Children, Adolescents and Special Needs

                                                                   • Birth to 18 years and Special Needs
                                                                   • Preventative and Restorative Dentistry
                                                                   • Nitrous Oxide & Conscious Sedation
                          Initial Exam, X-Rays,                    • Hospital Dentistry
                          Cleaning & Fluoride
                         Treatment [Reg. $235]                     • IV Sedation
                                                                   • Fun-filled Environment with Games, Music and Movies

                                                                                   813.969.0999                                               813.876.4370
                                                                                   6532 Gunn Hwy., Tampa                               3223 S. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa
                                                                            Half mile east of Veteran’s Expressway, Gunn Hwy./Exit 9         6 Blocks past Bay to Bay, South on Dale Mabry,
                                                                                     1 mile east of Citrus Park Town Center                located on the corner of S. Dale Mabry & San Luis
Westchase Law Group, P.A.
                A P L F

 Business Formation                      Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
 Contract Law                            Real Estate Law & Leasing
 Corporate Law                           Title Services & Closings
 Debt Collections                        Wills, Trusts & Estates
 Family Law
 Employment Law                          Litigation

               C. Todd Marks, Esq.                                                  **

                 12027 Whitmarsh Lane, Tampa
                 ** Licensed in Florida, Virginia and in the District of Columbia
                                                                                              New Little Westchasers
                                                                              Lisa and Bill Bigelow of The Bridges wel-          ricza, on August 25. Jack James weighed 7 pounds,
                                                                         comed Abigail June on July 10 at 10:45 a.m.             7 ounces and measured 20.5 inches. Proud par-
                                                                         Abigail June weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and            ents are Jay and Julie Gyuricza of Atlanta, Georgia.
                                                                         measured 20 inches. She was greeted home by big
                                                                         sister Libby, 2.                                        Jack James has already left his handprint on his
                                                                              Ying Meng and Xueai Bai of Radcliffe wel-          grandparents’ hearts.
 Jack James Gyuricza                                                     comed Alice F. on August 20 at 12:26 p.m. Alice             Andrea and Dave Digdo of Castleford wel-
EDITOR’S NOTE: Residents who have not received or who
                                                                         F. weighed 8 pounds, 11.5 ounces and measured           comed Grace Kathrine on August 26 at 11:10
have misplaced a Stork Club form to fill out to ensure publica-          20.25 inches. She was greeted home by big brother
tion of a birth announcement in World of Westchase should                Aidan, 3.                                               p.m. Grace Kathrine weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces
e-mail their announcements to
                                                                              Gail and Mick Gundersen of Woodbay wel-            and measured 20.25 inches. She was greeted home
High resolution photos may be e-mailed to that same address
for possible publication here.                                           comed their second grandbaby, Jack James Gyu-           by big brother Luke, 20 months.

                    Baybridge and Glencliff Pavilion Reservations
                                                                         REsERvaTiOns FOR ThE paviliOns aT                       encouraged to inform guests that plentiful parking
                                                                         both Baybridge Park and Glencliff Park are taken        exists in the Village Swim and Tennis parking lot
                                                                         by the Community Development Districts’                 on Parley Drive in West Park Village. The pedes-
                                                                         (CDDs) field office. The field office can be reached
                                                                                                                                 trian tunnel will lead them to the park.
                                                                         at 920-4268.
                                                                                                                                      All residents are reminded to take their over-
                                                                             Residents are asked to inform all guests to park
                                                                         in ways that do not obstruct traffic, driveway egress   flow garbage home with them as animals in the
                                                                         or access to mailboxes. Residents making reserva-       park will rip open and distribute any trash left
                                                                         tions for Baybridge Park on the weekends are            behind.

                                                                   Westchase resident for
                                                                          over 14 years

             Come in and see the new great frame styles
                we’ve added: Juicy Couture, Revlon,
                    Tommy Bahama, and more.
                      Comprehensive Eye Examinations
                Large Selection of Eyewear (Basic to Designer)
                    State-of-the-Art Eye Health Screenings
                        Contact Lenses | Urgent Care

   Conveniently located in Westchase at the corner of Linebaugh and Countryway

              12037 Whitmarsh Lane Suite 101, Tampa, FL 33626
                              (813) 814-2020
   Office hours: M,W: 10am-7pm — T: 9am-1pm — Th, F: 9am-5pm — Sat: 9am-12pm
          Please call to set up an appointment — Accepts most vision plans
                             *Not applicable with some insurance plans

 44 |    OCTOBER 2008    |   World of Westchase   |
                         Commercial & Residential
• 24/7 -- Day or Night                   • Leak Detection & Locating 24/7
• We Do It Right – Call Anytime          • No Overtime
• Complete Sewer & Water Re-Pipes        • Free Estimates Before Starting Work
• Video Inspect Slow or Problem Drains   • Jetting

                  Hillsborough 792-2264
                        727-822-1742 | CFC 1425923
         MOMS Club Gears up for Halloween and Doctor Q&A
 ThE WEsTChasE-nORTh ChapTER OF                                                                                                  lage at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 23, and stroll over
 the International MOMS Club is hosting Dr.                                                                                      to Baybridge Park to allow the kids let off some
 Joanna Allison and Dr. Christine Armstrong of                                                                                   steam of their own.
 the North Pinellas Children’s Medical Center for                                                                                     The chapter would like to thank its business
                                                               real trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Refresh-               of the month, Outback Steakhouse on Sheldon
 a speaking engagement on Wednesday, Oct. 17, at
                                                               ments and treats will be provided.                                Road, for graciously offering free kids meals to all
 9:30 a.m. at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Cen-                    Also mark your calendars for our other upcom-
 ter. Both board certified pediatricians will address                                                                            members who present a membership card during
                                                               ing events. Our Lunch Bunch and Business Meet-                    the month of October.
 hot topics such as vaccines and potty training.               ing will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 11:30 a.m.                    As always, newcomers are welcome at all
 There will also be a question and answer period.              at Marina’s Pizza. Family Night will take place at                events. The chapter includes all residents living
 Members of the Westchase-South Chapter of the                 the new Courtside Grille on Tuesday, Oct. 7, begin-               west of Sheldon Road, east of Rack Track Road,
 MOMS Club are also invited to attend.                         ning at 5:30 p.m.                                                 south of South Mobley Road and north of Line-
      The Westchase-North Chapter of the MOMS                       Mom’s Night Out meets at the Aveda salon on                  baugh Avenue. For more information about the
 Club has several other events scheduled this month,           Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 7:30 p.m. – get ready for some               MOMS Club and any of these events, please con-
 including its annual Halloween party. This year it            pampering!                                                        tact the group at
 will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 3:30 p.m.                   In October, Coffee Walk moves outdoors.                      or call Cathy at 789-7845.
 at Baybridge Park. It’s a great dress rehearsal for the       Moms will meet at the Starbucks in West Park Vil-                                                                            By Jolean Mcpherson

                                                                 I’ll Take One Birthday Present with a
                                                                            Side of Screams
                                                               WhaT’s BETTER Than TuRninG 9? hOW aBOuT TuRninG 9 WiTh ThE JOnas
                                                               Brothers? In September Castleford’s Bailey Jones celebrated her birthday with friends Kristin Sarnese and
                                                               Caila Weisman at the Jonas Brothers Concert in September.
                                                                   Life is good...                                                  By sheva Jones, Resident of Castleford

say “ahhh”
                                                                                             to the opening of the newest
                                                                                                Bright Now! Dental location in Tampa.

                                                                                                               100                                                OFF                   NON-COVERED
                                                                                                             $                                                                          COSMETIC
                                                                                                              Mention this ad to receive discount. Limit one per person. Not valid on diagnostic or preventive services. Offer coordinated with
                                                                                                              applicable state laws. Not redeemable for cash or credit. Can’t be combined, subject to change and expires on 12/31/08.

Benefits include:                                                                                               Bayport Commons Shopping Center

                                                                                                               Valley Forge Dental of Florida, P.A.

                                                       Free Halloween Night Ski Shows Slated
                                                       ThE TaMpa Bay WaTER ski shOW TEaM RECEnTly RETuRnEd FROM MOnTGOMERy,
                                                       Alabama, where they took first place in the Southern Regional Show Team Competition – making it six
                                                       years in a row!
                                                           As the ski season nears an end, the team is preparing for two free Halloween night shows, just minutes
                                                       away from residents, on Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m. Concessions and Halloween favorites will be
                                                       available for purchase. Seating is available but many folks simply bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy
                                                       the shows from the banks of the lake. All shows are family friendly and great fun!
                                                           To get to the site, take Linebaugh Avenue to Race Track Road. Turn left onto Race Track Road. Turn
                                                       right onto Douglas road at the light. Watch for the signs on the left indicating the ski site and free water ski
                                                       shows. To learn about the team and show schedules, visit their Web site at
                                                                                                                        By lisa stephens, Resident of West Park Village

                        Alonso Holds High School Musical Camp!
MaRk yOuR CalEndaRs, kids,                             Weesner), Taylor (Kiara Santana), and the rest of         advance) or you may pay in advance by using your
because on Saturday, Nov. 22, from 10 a.m. to 1        Alonso’s High School Musical cast. Proceeds from the      credit card on our online payment system.
p.m. the Alonso High School Theatre Department         camp will benefit the Alonso High School Theater              The deadline for registering for the camp is
will be hosting a High School Musical Camp for         Department.                                               Friday, Nov. 7. Space is limited. For more informa-
children ages 7-12! The price is $40 and includes a         Interested parents should please fill out an         tion, please e-mail Ms. Vorrieter at alonsotheatre@
T-shirt, song and dance instruction, lunch, a ticket   application and submit it online at www.alonsothe-
                                                                                                                     This will be the opportunity of a lifetime for
to Alonso’s 2 p.m. matinee showing of High School             anyone who loves theater or just wants to become
Musical and an opportunity to perform a special        caltickets.html.                                          an East High Wildcat.
finale with Troy (Tanner Enoch), Gabriella (Cris-           A confirmation e-mail will be sent with details          It’s time for the start of something new, so come
tina Andersen), Chad (Luis Colon), Zeke (Daniel        of the camp. You may pay by cash or money order           join us!
Davis), Sharpay (Atlanta Foskey), Ryan (Andrew         at the door (as long as you submit an application in                     By daniel davis, Resident of Brentford
                                  Westchase Homeschoolers Are Growing!
ThE         WEsTChasE             hOME-                                                                                                    Homeschooling is a fun and chal-
schoolers are now 11 families strong and                                                                                               lenging education choice for families.
still growing. We are an informal social                                                                                               Sharing ideas, information and expe-
group of homeschoolers offering support                                                                                                rience is beneficial to everyone and
and encouragement to one another as we                                                                                                 we are fortunate to have active moms
pursue the adventure of educating our chil-                                                                                            participating in our group.
dren at home (and at the aquarium and at                                                                                                   If you are interested in join-
MOSI and at karate and at BMX and at                                                                                                   ing the Westchase Homeschool-
waterskiing…)                                                                                                                          ers or learning more about
     We offer several get-togethers every          Four Westchase homeschool families at Baybridge Park                                homeschooling, join us for a park
week, ranging from a Mom’s Coffee Break                                                                                                date or check out our group at
on Monday nights to McDonald’s on                                                                                            
Wednesdays for lunch. We also carpool to Homeschool PE class in Safety Har-                                                            westchasehomeschool/.
bor on Fridays and meet at the Westchase parks on Fridays as well.                                                                     By Tiffany Grant, Resident of Castleford

                                                             Cub Scout Pumpkin Patch Opens Oct. 12
                                                          ThE annual puMpkin paTCh aT WEllspRinG uniTEd METhOdisT ChuRCh is a
                                                          sure sign that Halloween is just around the corner. Come join the fun and help support Westchase’s Pack 46 Cub
                                                          Scouts by stopping by between Oct. 12 and Oct. 31. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and
                                                          1-8 p.m. on Sunday. Bring the kids and the camera for some great fall photos! The church grounds are located on the
                                                          east side of Sheldon Road just north of Linebaugh Avenue.
                                                                                                                                                             By Chris Barrett,
                                                                                                                                                     Publisher/Managing Editor

  48 |   OCTOBER 2008   |   World of Westchase   |
                       • NO JOB TOO SMALL OR LARGE!
                       • NO SERVICE CHARGE
                                                                   Accounting & Tax Services
                       • FREE Same Day Estimates
                       • Rescreening (1 Panel to Full Rescreens)     • Full service accounting and tax
                       • Pet Door Installation                         preparation for individuals and businesses.

                       • Pool Cage and Lanai Repairs                 • Consulting for your personal and business
                       • Window Rescreening or Replacement             finances, including tax and retirement
                       Call Justin Ward at (813) 240-2109
                                                                     • All Federal, State, City and Foreign tax

                                                                      Catherine R. Binder, CPA(IL), CA
                                                                          Kenneth L. Nelsen, EA
                                                                               Located in the TriCounty Business Park
                                                                           T: (813) 855-2457 | F: (813) 749-9900

| Auditing & Accounting                                                                    | Fraud Detection and Prevention
| Asset Protection                                                                        | Internal Controls Implementation
| Cost Segregation                               A Professional Association                      | Litigation Support Services
| Federal Income Tax Preparation                                                           | Medical Practice Management
| Financial and Estate Planning                                                       | Managed Care Statutory Compliance
| Customized Pension and Welfare Benefit Plans                                                 | State Income and Sales Tax

Financial & Consulting Services
                                 12195 WEST LINEBAUGH AVENUE, TAMPA , FLORIDA 33626
TELEPHONE: 1-813-855-4461 | FAX: 1-813-855-7536 | WWW.WATERSCPAGROUP.COM
        Tampa’s Junior Boys Take Second in RBI World Series
WEsTChasE REsidEnTs                                                                                                             over 90 RBI teams through-
Michael Perkins (Brent-                                                                                                         out the country that played
ford), Alex Misarti (Radc-                                                                                                      throughout the year. Ulti-
liffe), Michael Fahrman (The                                                                                                    mately eight teams earned
Bridges), and Chris Louth                                                                                                       the right to play in the World
(Harbor Links) took part in the                                                                                                 Series. They were Tampa,
RBI World Series on Aug. 6-11                                                                                                   Detroit, Cleveland, Jersey
in California. The boys played                                                                                                  City, Anaheim, Los Ange-
terrific baseball and won four                                                                                                  les, Minneapolis and Santo
of their six games and earned a                                                                                                 Domingo in the Dominican
spot in the championship game                                                                                                   Republic.
against the two-time defending                                                                                                       The team was comprised
champions from Detroit.                                                                                                         of the following players:
     The championship game                                                                                                      Michael Perkins, Alex Mis-
was played in Angel Stadium,                                                                                                    arti, Michael Fahrman, Chris
where the boys were able to                                                                                                     Louth, Dylan Gross, Chris
experience playing a game on                                                                                                    Chism, Chris Warren, Josciel
a major league field with plays                                                                                                 Veras, Robert Jackson, Alberto
projected on the JumboTron                                                                                                      Benejan, Jimmy Herget, Java-
big screen. The final score was                                                                                                 ris Reynolds and John Safe.
7-3, but it was a hard-fought                                                                                                        The coaches were Chris
game and a great experience.                                                                                                    Chism, Tom Fahrman and
The fantastic opportunity                                                                                                       Mike Gross.
included an all-expenses paid                                The team won the Southeast Regional tour-                               The team was sponsored
six-day trip to Los Angeles to play a lot of baseball,   nament in Jupiter, Florida to earn the right to     by Pepsi, Jabil and Busch Gardens. The team
participate in a showcase day where they showed          represent the Southeast in the World Series. They   thanks their sponsors for their generous dona-
their skills to scouts, a day at Universal Studios,      defeated teams from Miami, Atlanta and Alabama      tions.
and a Yankees/Angels game in Angel Stadium.              to win the tournament in July. Overall there were               By Jeffrey perkins, Resident of Brentford
     Cub Scouts Explore UTB Ecosystem

CuB sCOuT paCk 46 (dEns 5 and 12)
had a great day learning about the ecosystem in
our own backyard at the Upper Tampa Bay Park
on Hillsborough Avenue. Ranger Brian taught us
about snakes, turtles, the mangroves, fiddler crabs,
the birds and flying mullet!
    We even got to go in a tidepool and catch
crabs and little fish! The scouts thank Den leaders
Greg Chesney and Doug Wood. It was a really fun
day and we all learned something new about our
beautiful surroundings here in Tampa Bay.
             By nancy Wood, Resident of The Shires

      WOW Letterbox Hunt for October
           Takes a Spooky Turn
WOW RECEi-                                                                                            with the stamp
ved several entries                                                                                   found inside and
from residents who                                                                                    write a note about
were able to deci-                                                                                    your experience.
pher the clues to                                                                                     Then using your
find the September                                                                                    personal stamp,
letterbox.                                                                                            stamp the note-
     One family had                                                                                   pad found in the
a truly adventurous                                                                                   letterbox, write a
experience.      On                                                                                   note and include
Sept. 7, Luiza and                                                                                    your identifica-
Daniel Loges went           Luiza and Daniel Loges hold                 Naomi and Maya Hector         tion. After you are
hunting for the first       the September letterbox.                    find the letterbox.           finished, please re-
WOW letterbox.                                                                                        hide the letterbox
They were decked out in their camping gear, fish-                    in the exact same place you found it. It is impor-
ing vests, fanny packs, compass, water bottles and                   tant to keep these boxes hidden so many families
all the tools necessary for letterboxing. They fol-                  can experience the fun.
lowed the clues until they located the most sought-                        If you believe the letterbox is miss-
after prize in Westchase: the September letterbox.                   ing, please contact the WOW Editor.
Luiza and Daniel were indeed true sleuths.                                                    By Tom Brennan,
     This family, plus the others who submitted                                           Resident of The Bridges
their letterbox entries by the deadline, were eli-
gible for the prize drawing. For September, WOW
awarded $25 gift certificates to Cold Stone Cream-
ery to three randomly selected winners: Max and
Mason Hartle; Maya and Naomi Hector; and
Megan Gross. Congratulations to these detectives!
     Do you want to join the fun? The letterbox

Needed Letterbox Tools
•	 A stamp                                                                  Westchase Office
•	 An inkpad                                                                St. Joseph’s Outpatient Center
•	 A small notebook to collect an im-                                       10909 W. Linebaugh Ave. #108
   age of the stamp in the letter box
•	 Clues                                                                    (813) 855-3606
•	 A compass (may be needed)                                                We accept Medicare
                                                                            assignment and most insurances.

contest continues in October with a slightly more
challenging hunt. Find the letterbox by Oct. 15
and e-mail a description of its unique stamp for                                                                                        · Heel Pain
the month to to be
eligible for the $25 gift certificate to Cold Stone                                                                          · Diabetic Foot Care
Creamery. We also welcome you to submit a photo
of your hunt!                                                                                                                  · Ingrown Toenails
      Letterboxing is a fun family event that includes                                                                                  · Pediatrics
a mix of hiking, treasure hunting and solving puz-
zles.                                                                   J. Russell Lowrey, D.P.M.                                        · Fractures
      First start with the clues found in the WOW
each month. Before setting out on your hunt, bring                      Fellow,                                                     · Wound Care
                                                                        American College of
a stamp and a notepad. Follow the clues until you                       Foot and Ankle Surgeons                                            · Bunions
find the letterbox. Inside the letterbox, you will
find a unique stamp, a notepad, inkpad and a pen.                                                          · Hammertoes
When you find the letterbox, stamp your notepad

  52 |   OCTOBER 2008   |   World of Westchase   |
                              “ Give some TLC to your home ..”

                    TLC PAINTING
                   Quality exterior painting at an affordable price

                                                                                                                                       Call Jaime Central AC and Heating Specialists
                 Pricing:       60 cents per square foot                                                                                 for Cool Solutions to Poor Cooling, Uneven
Pricing based on the gross area ( gross area must be 1500 Sf or greater for this pricing ).                                            Cooling and Tired, Broken Systems. Emanuel
                                   Paint is included.                                                                                          Parad, Westchase resident and retired
                                                                                                                                             Florida Energy Rater, will evaluate your
Included Services:                                                                                                                          home and find the right system for you.
Exterior Pressure wash
                                                                                                                                            There’s an effective, affordable solution
Patch cracks
Caulk windows & doors
                                         813-857-3986                                                                                               for rooms that don’t cool evenly.
Primer / Sealer                            Licensed & Insured
Quality acrylic Latex paint                                                                         Service Calls
                                                                                                     always $29

                                                                                              SPECIAL: TRANE REBATES ARE BACK. Trane XL16i 2-5 ton systems 16-seer,
                                                                                                         2-stage heat and 2-stage cooling; complete with a new Trane variable
                                                                                                        speed gas furnace and matching cased coil. Price includes most vertical
                                                                                                         installation; reusing the existing refrigeration lines (cleaned by us), tax
                                                                                                          and permits; equivalent savings on all
                                                                                                                size systems, 10-year all parts
                                                                                                               warranty. Get a free built-in
                                                                                                                 Trane Clean Effects Filter
                                                                                                                   with XLI16 systems.
                                                                                                PLEASE CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE.
                                                               Happy Halloween!
   Janelle Vann        Nena Cox        Kim Matthes
    Broker/Owner         Realtor ®         Realtor ®

  Kitty Kaplan         Kirk David      Sherri Holmes
      Realtor ®          Realtor ®         Realtor ®

                                                                    Showcase Home
                                                                                 12017 Brewster Drive
                                                         4 Bed/3.5Bath/2 Car Garage 4,007 SF, Pool & Spa, Lake, Golf Course Views!
 Jared Rutherford
      Realtor ®
                      Patti Simpson
                         Realtor ®
                                       Dianne Jones
                                           Realtor ®        Beautiful Home In The Gated Community of Harbor Links!
                                                                Gorgeous Hannah Bartoletta Pool & Spa home boasting 4,007 square feet, 4 bedrooms,
                                                         plus an office and large study that can be used as a guest suite! 3.5 bathrooms, oversized 2 car garage,
                                                        enormous pool and spa patio area situated on a premier lot just under 1/3 acre overlooking spectacular
                                                          panoramic views of the conservation, lake, and golf course! The home featres a sunken formal living
                                                          room with tray ceilings, crown molding and custom built-ins, a huge sunken master bedroom, large
                                                        open kitchen that boasts maple cabinets with crown molding and corian countertops and overlooks the
                                                         spacious family room. The Bristol IV floorplan wraps around the large pool and spa patio area and is an
                                                                          enterainers dream. Welcome home to the Florida Executive Lifestyle!
Michelle Martinez     Kim Riccardi     Tracie Domino
      Realtor ®          Realtor ®         Realtor ®                                        Offered at $649,900
                                                                              Call Nena Cox today for a private showing or
                                                                             view the virtual tour at!

  Linda Ruffini         Shane Clary       Joe Paratore
      Realtor ®          Realtor ®         Realtor ®

   Mary Leflar        Karol Alexander    Sandi Zuffa
      Realtor ®          Realtor ®         Realtor ®

                                                                                                    Town Chase Properties
                                                                                                 12005 Whitmarsh Lane Tampa, FL 33626
Donna J. Prillaman
      Realtor ®
                       Dan Nease
                         Realtor ®
                                        John Vann
                                         Broker/Owner                                                 (813) 818-0044
        12046 Royce Waterford Circle                                    10341 Green Links Drive                             12004 Marblehead Drive
Waterchase, 4/4/3+Den, 2 Bonus Rms, Pool & Spa, Lakefront    The Greens, 5/4/3+Bonus, Consrv. Lot, Screened Patio   Harbor Links, 4/3/3 Pool/Spa & Conservation
                    Janelle Vann                                               Janelle Vann                                         Kitty Kaplan
                     $849,900                                                   $559,500                                            $529,900


          12925 Tar Flower Drive                                     14116 Lincolnshire Court                               12806 Stanwyck Circle
     Westwood Lakes, 5/3/3 +Bonus, Pool/Spa                 WestHampton, 4/3/3+Bonus., Pool/Spa & Lakefront          West Hampton, 4/3/3 Pool & Conservation
      Dianne Jones and Janelle Vann                                         Kim Matthes                                         Kim Matthes
                 $499,900                                                    $495,000                                            $431,900

          10206 Newington Place                                          10141 Belgrave Road                                9603 Gretna Green Drive
  The Fords, 4/3/3 Screened Lanai & Lakefront                 West Park Village, 3/2/2 + Den, Screened Lanai        The Greens, 3/2/2, Screened Lanai, Lankefront
                  Kirk David                                                   Kitty Kaplan                                        Janelle Vann
                 $412,000                                                       $399,900                                            $339,500

       14610 Mirasol Manor Court                                       10508 Marlington Place                           9510 Georgian Park Lane #101
Waterchase, 4/2/2 Upgrades! Maintenance Free!               The Enclave, 3/2.5/2, Screened Lanai, Hardwood Flrs.     West Park Village, 3/2/1, Brand New Carpet!
                Shane Clary                                                    Janelle Vann                                         Janelle Vann
                $355,000                                                        $267,500                                             $194,900

           12005 Whitmarsh Lane Tampa, FL 33626
                                                 (813) 818-0044

Meet Chase!
ChasE is a 3-yEaR-Old
“Schnoodle” who is terribly
spoiled by Joyce, Ronn, Syd-
ney and Grant Kelly of Green-
springs. Chase was named
when the Kellys were driving
down Linebaugh Avenue con-
sidering names and they spot-
ted the Westchase sign!

  aTTEnTiOn pET OWnERs: Do you have an adorable picture of your animal that you would like to share with us? Each month we will have a “Pet of the Month.” Please submit your photos by
  the fifteenth of each month by e-mailing them to, dropping them in the WOW drop boxes, or mailing them to the Editor at 12157 W. Linebaugh Ave., PMB #224,
  Tampa, FL 33626.

                                                                                                                                 ERNEST LOPEZ, P.A.
                                                                                                             Providing Individual and Small Business Services:
                                                                                                       Accounting/Bookkeeping | Tax Return Preparation
                                                                                                            Payroll Services | New Business Consulting
                                                                                                       QuickBooks Specialists | Financial & Tax Planning
                                                                                                        IRS Representation | Corporation and LLC Filings

                                                                                                           Chase Professional Park | 10906 Sheldon Rd. (Next to Applebee’s and Burger King)

                                                                                                          (813) 888-8811 |
                                                                                                     Thank you for trusting our extensive knowledge and experience for over 15 years!

  56 |   OCTOBER 2008   |   World of Westchase   |
    Sales         ~    Service         ~    Installation
                  (813) 413 - 5550
          Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured                                                                         We Carry
          Service available 24-hours / 7 day a week

                                                                            Acupuncture available by Appointment
                                                                            10712 Countryway Blvd. Tampa
                                                                            (813) 814-4543
Shining Cleaning Services                                                   Grooming appointments
                                                                            now available!
Maria Torres
· Residential & Commercial
· Licensed, Bonded and Insured
                                                                            We Carry Health Supplements:
Are you too tired to                                   We                          (Veterinarian Recommended Only)
clean your home?                                   will always
Let us do the                                                                  BARF | Dr. Harvey’s Innova
work for you!                                    do quality work!               Evo | Northwest Natural’s
                                                                            Wysong | Oma’s Pride | Solid Gold
 Call for a FREE estimate · You can count on us to be reliable and honest
      (813) 882-8998 or (813) 956-7369                                           Quality items for the safety
                                                                                 and enjoyment of your pets
 pET paGE

                  Pets and Senior Citizens: A Great Combination
sEniOR CiTizEns Can GREaTly BEn-                                     will likely have already outgrown this exploration            Remember, too, these other important points.
efit from pet adoption. Studies have concluded                       phase. Consider, too, who will take in the pet if        Consider the senior’s lifestyle. Does he or she like
that pets can provide excellent mental and physi-                    the pet outlives its owner. A situation like this can    to travel often or be away from home most of the
cal benefits for seniors. Some of the documented                     be devastating to an animal that has bonded with         day? A person needs to consider how much of a
benefits include reduced blood pressure and stress,                  its owner and suddenly doesn’t understand where          commitment he or she can realistically make to
increased mental alertness, more physical activity                   he or she has gone. It can also be heartbreaking for     a pet. Finally, can the senior afford to care for a
and increased fun. All of this lends to a better qual-               those mourning the loss of a loved one when they         pet? Costs can include food as well as vet bills and
ity of life. Pet adoption, however, brings along with                can’t take in a pet and can’t find another owner.        possibly medication. Pet carrying crates, toys, and
it responsibilities as well as happiness, so be sure to                   Another point to keep in mind is the size and
                                                                                                                              training can run a great deal more. The pet owner
consider some other issues while selecting a pet.                    breed of dog that will work best for a senior’s liv-
     Seniors should first consider                                                    ing situation. Do they still have a     might possibly need to give a cat a pill or inject
whether to adopt a pet that is                                                        house with a large yard in which a      shots at some point, so be sure he or she is able and
already an adult, or adopt a puppy                                                    dog can run around, or do they live     willing to perform these tasks.
or kitten that could live 15 or more                                                  in an apartment or condominium               If you know a senior citizen living alone, con-
years. Young animals are especially                                                   with no yard? Clearly some breeds       sider speaking to them and helping them make
cute; however, babies can create a                                                    work better in dwellings with lim-      the right pet adoption decision. Never, however,
lot of havoc while they are growing                                                   ited space. Having a larger dog will    surprise a person with a pet. No matter how won-
up. Anyone considering a pet for a                                                    also require more physical strength     derful the animal is, pet ownership is a big respon-
senior needs to consider who will                                                     and determination than a smaller        sibility and a very personal decision to make. Pets
get a puppy housebroken or teach a                                                    pet. A pet’s grooming needs should      that are surprises likely end up being returned or
kitten how to use the litter box. Older people also                  also be considered. If the senior has arthritis, daily   surrendered to a shelter.
may have valuables that they don’t want broken,                      brushings may be difficult, so a pet with shorter                                       By Mark Mirabella,
chipped, torn, chewed or scratched. Adult animals                    hair may be a better idea.                                                        Resident of Berkeley Square

                                         G & H Services
                             A ordable Quality Quick Response
         Kitchens Baths Doors Windows Floors Tile Molding Painting
                             Mastercard and Visa Accepted Licensed and Insured
                                 Harry Adams (813) 417-1003

                                                                                                                                    The quality cleaning
    (813) 968-0472
                                                                                                 (813) 598-4894 cell
                                                                                                                                   service for your home.
                                           “B            t r ’s       lac      k hm”                                                          Free Estimates
                                         PROFESSIONAL IN-HOME PET CARE                                                                 Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
                DAILY VISITS                                 PROUDLY                          SPECIAL NEEDS
         Feeding, exercise & playtime            serving Westchase for over 10 years   Meeting pet’s special needs with
                                                                                                 loving care
         IN-HOME OVERNIGHT STAY                        MID-DAY DOG WALKS
            available upon request                         PUPPY CARE                            LICENSED
                                                         with basic training                 bonded and insured

  58 |   OCTOBER 2008   |   World of Westchase   |
                                Landscaping Bed Cleanup
                                         & Maintenance
                                           Remove Weeds Trim Bushes
                                     Re-edge Borders Lay New Mulch                                       • State-of-the-Art Westchase Facility
                                                              Trim Palm Trees
                                                                                                        • Full-Service Medical, Surgical & Dental
                                                                                                            — acupuncture now being offered —
                                                               (727) 420-5050                             Grooming appointments now available!

                                         Who Ya Gonna Call?

                                        Larry Mott
                                                                   Phil 4:13
• Service and Repair of:
  Pool/Spa Heaters, Ranges, Tankless Water Heaters, Grills,         P.O. Box 2416
  Automated Systems, Fireplaces, Tiki Torches & Firebowls                              Drs. Jane Boston, Nicole Trakas
• Factory Warranty Service of:                                Riverview FL 33568
                                                              Phone: 813-625-5387      and Dr. Kerri Slomcenski
  Pentair Heaters, Automated Systems. Peterson Fyre-logs,
  Fyremagic Grills, Lochinvar and Rinnai Water Heaters          Fax: 813-435-2446      3/10-mile West of Countryway Blvd. on Linebaugh
• Installation of Gas Piping                        
   LP (Propane) & Natural Gas                                     License #: MG0523

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