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Connie Ferrell - VCU WIPA National Training Center
Jennifer Baier - Goodwill of Central Arizona – Phoenix AZ Dennis Born – Supported Center For Mental Health – Anderson IN

Discussion Question #1
• To what extent do ENs and WIPAs share a common mission? •Are there factors that sometimes make it difficult to pursue this shared mission?

EN’s are all about Partnerships
• Job seekers are much more likely to achieve and sustain a work goal when fully informed about work incentives • Work incentives information isn’t enough…beneficiaries need benefits-related case management • EN’s are job specialists…they need a partner who is a work incentives specialist

WIPA is all about Partnerships!
• To support the work efforts of beneficiaries, the WIPA initiative must be fully integrated with employment and support services in the community • CWIC's must be familiar with the employment services and resources in the community, and should partner and maintain strong working relationships with these agencies

What Can WIPA Do To Facilitate EN Functions for Shared Customer Base?
• Provide work incentives fact sheets, brochures, business cards • Invite staff to any in-service opportunities to enhance “conversational knowledge” of work incentives • Act as “consultant” to staff to enhance effective work incentives support

What Can EN’s do to Facilitate WIPA Functions for Shared Customer Base?
• Provide short in-service about services, etc to CWIC’s • Equip CWIC’s with brochures, business cards, application forms, etc • Provide contact info of a “go to” person to expedite problem-solving, etc • Encourage participants to use WIPA services • Integrate benefits-related support strategies into IWP

Building Collaboration
Understanding each other’s agency’s goals, operations and services
– Complimentary goals/values p.404-405– Support from management – Scarce resources=interdependency

• Mutual planning • Frequent opportunity for information exchange • Capacity for data management and sharing of outcomes

Collaborative Relationships Depend on Communication No Communication…..No Relationship!

Discussion Question #2
• What barriers to effective communication exist between ENs and WIPAs? • Are there misconceptions that exist in our understanding of each others roles and intentions?

Discussion Question #3
• What strategies have you developed in your local community to improve communication between ENs and WIPAs?
• How well are these strategies working?

Discussion Question #4
• Do you conduct coordinated outreach or information sessions for Ticket holders? • How are those developed and conducted?

Discussion Question #5
• What actions, if any, could SSA take to improve communication and coordination between ENs and WIPAs?

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