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					November 2008

                                                                                  Dear Friends of Stride:
                                                                                     Last spring, Camp Keewaydin got a call from a teacher
                                                                                  looking for a way to send a sixth-grade girl to camp. The
                                                                                  teacher believed that Keewaydin’s legendary canoe camp
                                                                                  would have a positive impact at a crucial point in the girl’s
                                                                                  life. Camp Keewaydin called Stride.
                                                                                     Asked if we could help, the answer was, “Of course.”
                                                                                  The next question was, “How would we pull this off?” We
                                                                                  didn’t have funds earmarked for outfitting a camper for
                                                                                  six-weeks of wilderness canoeing in northern Canada.
                                                                                  Stride put the word out and private donations came in. Isis
                                                                                  women’s clothing donated head-to-toe gear. Outdoor Gear
                                                                                  Exchange in Burlington opened their store to us.
                                                                                     Rachel was going to camp. She was the only
                                                                                  inexperienced camper in her group. She had very little
                                                                                  paddling experience. She’d never been away from home
                                                                                  for so long.
                                                                                     How did she do? Here’s what camp counselor Caroline
                                                                                  Tesar wrote in her staff report:
                                                                                     “Not only was Rachel a competent camper, rather she
                                                                                  made the summer enjoyable and memorable beyond
                                                                                  belief. … I was simply blown away by Rachel’s desire to
                                                                                  continually learn and improve. She really gave in to the
                                                                                  Keewaydin experience and took it for all that it is worth.”
                                                                                     I’m delighted that Stride was given the opportunity to
                                                                                  facilitate such a positive experience for a young girl. This
                                                                                  is what we are here to do and will keep doing thanks to
                                                                                  your generous support of our mission.
                                                                                     Thank you for your continued support.

                                                                                  Warm wishes,

  Rachel atop her wannigan, the wooden boxes used to carry gear on                Leslie Wright
  wilderness canoe trips at Camp Keewaydin in Temagami, Ontario.                  Founder

                                              Thank you to our sponsors

                            ■ Carroll and Jane Rikert Ski Touring ■ Middlebury College Ski and Snowboard School

       P.O. Box 144, Ferrisburg, VT 05456 ■ Ph: 802-734-7117 ■ Email:
      Board Members: Leslie Wright - President & Founder; Rowan Hardy - Vice President; Christina Cartwright - Secretary/Treasurer;
                Sari Galanes, M.D.; Jillian Kingsford Smith; Leroy Nesbitt, Esq.; Wendy Reeves Spencer; John Tucker
                                                                             “Once again Stride may have helped us engage a
                                                                           student and family in our school community…. Thank
                                                                           you so much for helping us to provide this wonderful,
                                                                              positive experience to a disenfranchised family,”
                                                                                  Jane B. Phinney, Ripton Elementary School Principal

New study by Womenʼs
Sports Foundation
finds disadvantaged girls lag                Snow Stars Alpine - Amey      Snow Stars Nordic - Emma

in sports opportunities.                     and Alissa

                                                     “This program has developed the skill of the players involved
The Women’s Sports Foundation                       as well as formulating lasting friendships that are ‘priceless,’”
released a nationwide study in October
                                                            Dizzy Desautels, Winooski Middle School girls' basketball coach,
that examined the role sports play in the
                                                     referring to the Sisters in Sport program in the Winooski School District News.
lives of girls and boys. Here are some of
the findings:

•   Girls are generally not as involved
    with sports and physical activity as
    boys. The gap is narrow in suburban
    areas and wider in rural and urban
    areas. Variations in the gender gap
    appear to be driven by economic
    disparity, race and ethnicity and
    family characteristics.
•   Girls enter sports at a later age than
    boys (7.4 years old compared to 6.8
    years old) and they drop out sooner
    and in greater numbers than boys.
    Girls’ late start may set them up for
    failure in sports during middle-school
•   Many parents say their daughters are     Winooski Middle School players with their Sisters in Sport, the St. Michael’s College womens’ team.
    being shortchanged. A majority of
    parents say they want similar levels
    of athletic opportunity for their
    daughters and sons, but many say         Party for a good cause
    that girls are getting fewer
                                             Special thanks to Tom Peterson, of Peterson        $1,000 for Stride! Sponsors of the event includ-
    opportunities in sports and physical
                                             Consulting for sponsoring and organizing the       ed: Benefits Design & Strategy, Splash at the
    activity than boys.
                                             second annual High and Dry Regatta at the          Boathouse!, West Marine, Lost Cove
                                             Burlington Community Boathouse in May.             Yachting, NPM Properties, Top Hat
See the entire study at                      What started out as a small gathering at Tom’s     Entertainment and Union Street Media.               home has evolved into an event that raised over    Thank you!