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									                                               - Reading Response Journal Entries -

For the novel, you will complete a reading response journal.
     You need to have at least two entries per daily section. For example you will have ten school days to read the novel so you
      should have minimum of twenty entries. They are worth 4 points apiece. (total = 80 points)
     Your responses need to vary in type (see below); for example, all entries may not be illustrations.
     All entries must include the page number and quotation, which may be abbreviated, to which you are responding and be at
      least one sentence long.
                                                                                                                      nd
      You are responsible for keeping up these entries; they are all due by the end of the book or November 2 /3rd. Make sure all
      your page numbers and sections are labeled.

Types of responses:                                                                        7. Criticisms with explanation (NOT -
   1. Predictions about events or characters                                                   “This sucks!” INSTEAD - “I don’t like
   2. Questions about characters or events you don’t yet                                       ____ because …”)
       understand                                                                          8. Comparisons (“This character/event
   3. Personal reactions to characters or events (laughter,                                    reminds me of …”)
       sadness, anger, etc.)                                                               9. Author’s use of literary elements
   4. Analysis (What do you think the author may be trying                                     (setting, characters, point of view,
       to do or prove?)                                                                        suspense, foreshadowing, etc.)
   5. Personal connections to characters or events (i.e. “I                                10. Illustrations of a character or event
       can totally relate to that …”)                                                          (maximum of 3 for the entire book;
   6. Responses to author’s writing style (descriptions,                                       they must be school appropriate).
       dialogue, flashbacks, tone, etc.)
Sentence Openers:
 Make A Prediction                                                                I don’t get this part here…..
       I predict that……                                                      Make a Comment
       I bet that……..                                                            This is good because….
       I think that………                                                           This is hard because……
       Since this happened (fill in detail), I bet that the                      This is confusing because….
          next thing that will happen is…                                         I like the part where…..
       I wonder if…..                                                            I don’t like the part where….
 Clarify Something                                                                I don’t like this part because…
       Oh, I get it……                                                            My favorite part so far is…
       Now I understand…..                                                       I think that……
       This makes sense now…..                                               Make a Connection
       No, I think it means…..                                                   This reminds me of…
       This means…                                                               This part is like….
       At first I thought (fill in the detail), but now I think…                 This character (fill in) is like (fill in) because…
       This part is really saying….                                              This is similar to …
 Ask A Question                                                                   The differences are …
       Why did…….                                                                I also (name something in the text that has
       What’s this part about….                                                      happened to you)….
       How is this… this…..                                                I never (name something in the text that has never
       What would happen if……                                                        happened to you)…..
       Why…..                                                                    This character makes me think of….
       Who is……                                                                  This setting makes me think of ….
       What does this section____ mean…..

    Journal Entry Examples (two entries)

     Pages   THOUGHT-PROVOKING LINE(S)                                              MY RESPONSE
                                                                                    Who is telling the story? How did this Jem break his arm?
             "When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly
       7                                                                            Sounds like this will be a story about some kid's
             broken at the elbow."

             "When enough years had gone by to enable us to look back at them,      Sounds like this story will be told in flashback. I wonder
             we sometimes discussed the events leading to his accident."            how long it will take to find out how Jem broke his arm….

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