Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives by morgossi7a4


									                                                                                COUNTY OF NEVADA

                       Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives
                                  FY 2002/03

Each year, the Board of Supervisors, County Executive Officer and all County department heads review
the County's vision, mission, values, goals and objectives. This process was further refined this year in
our evolution of excellence. We are now on an annual schedule to monitor the County's performance
and report results. Once results are reported, a set of objectives and performance measures--a more
detailed implementation of how the objective will be accomplished, by whom, and when--are
established for the following year. Below are the County's vision, mission, values, goals and objectives.
A detailed list of performance measures can be viewed on the County's website:

Nevada County Vision: We are a model of governmental excellence.

Nevada County Mission: We work with the community to develop progressive policy, provide strong
leadership and assure the delivery of excellent services.

Nevada County Values: Collaboration, diversity, honest communication, innovation, integrity, our
employees, personal responsibility, pride in what we do, respect & civility, trust, accountability to our
vision, mission and values.

Nevada County Goals:
1) Foster sound fiscal management.
   a. Develop an easily understandable version of the County budget
   b. Continue to improve the budget process
   c. Explore multi-year budget process
   d. Ensure efficient use of County funds
   e. Increase budget planning contingencies
   f. Develop means to have the budget process be more inclusive
   g. Seek grant funding to support the County's vision (the Board granted authority to the CEO to
      apply for grants that are consistent with the County's goals)
   h. Successfully implement of GASB 34
   i. Refinance solid waste funds

2) Support a diverse, prosperous and sustainable economy; facilitate affordable housing.
   a. Assist with the development of the County's identity through 'branding'
   b. Report on Donner Summit study
   c. Continue to explore ways to develop and support affordable housing
   d. Complete four affordable housing projects
   e. Discuss with cities the need for higher density housing
   f. Develop senior affordable assisted living project
   g. Explore the development of a redevelopment agency
   h. Monitor and respond to federal, state and regional efforts to establish policy and regulations over
       Nevada County’s businesses and resources

 Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives

   i. Increase support and partnering for economic development
   j. Build community services facility in Brunswick Basin
   k. Monitor PG&E re-structuring

3) Facilitate effective community based public and private partnerships for effective and efficient
   service delivery.
   a. Clarify County's role in development of a conference center
   b. Provide immediate and comprehensive intervention services for victims and witnesses of crime
      throughout Nevada County
   c. Strengthen the Board's relationships with its advisory committees and boards
   d. Develop and extend community partnerships
   e. Continue joint planning with the city of Grass Valley
   f. Assist with the implementation of the Community Assessment Project (CAP)
   g. Explore community foundation startup
   h. Explore providing access to the County's benefit program to non profit community partners (at
      no cost to the County)
   i. Lobby well (at state and federal level)
   j. Determine community satisfaction with County government in concert with the CAP

4) Use technological, entrepreneurial and innovative means to streamline and improve services
   a. Develop a grading ordinance that works
   b. Complete the cable franchise renewal (improve digital connectivity)
   c. Complete the CDA re-engineering and implement
   d. Implement and train staff on the records storage and retention program
   e. Evaluate means to re-deploy existing resources for higher priority programs and improve
        efficiency where possible
   f.   Further clarify and define the County's role in the leadership of the community
   g.   Develop a more responsive code compliance program
   h.   Develop a centralized phone answering center
   i.   Complete the telephone system upgrade
   j.   Complete the County code revision and updates
   k.   Develop technology refresh program
   l.   Develop the County's entrepreneurial model
   m.   Implement citizen relationship management (CRM) software program
   n.   Purchase and implement an electronic time card system
   o.   Re-engineering study of housing and community services (following CDA's study)
   p.   Exchange of juvenile booking information between the probation department, juvenile hall and
        the sheriff’s department
   q.   Replace and implement a new financial system (OLGA replacement, electronic timesheets,
        human resources element & cost accounting)
   r.   Implement HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)
   s.   Expand and improve interdepartmental collaboration and communication

5) Hire, train and fairly compensate qualified employees to provide vision, leadership and
   excellent customer service.
   a. Continue healing from January 10, 2001 incident
 Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives

   b. Employee development
   c. Ensure departments and agencies are properly staffed to provide effective and efficient delivery
      of services to the public
   d. Explore financial reward system
   e. Explore telecommuting for employees
   f. Improve labor negotiations (more information to BOS, desire to approach this issue differently
      than in the past, etc.)
   g. Professional growth opportunities (public interest filter) - develop a culture or process where
      contentious issues and ideas are raised in a timely fashion to a policy level
   h. Continue the training and development of a customer focused workforce that facilitates the
      delivery of efficient and effective services
   i. Pursue the development of diversity in the workforce
   j. Encourage departments to submit CSAC Challenge Awards
   k. Maintain and develop a safe workplace (ergonomically too)

6) Create an ongoing dialogue and education effort with public, staff and media regarding
   County government. Improve customer relations to promote a better understanding of
   County government.
   a. Develop an annual report of County’s performance
   b. Further clarify and define the County’s role in the leadership of the community
   c. Encourage community and staff to follow civility rules and laws
   d. Expand communications program
   e. Publicize successes through improved BOS and CEO coordination

7) Protect and promote a healthy natural environment; create recreational opportunities for our
   a. Report on general plan update
   b. Provide education, guidance and inspection services to the community to promote understanding
       of the various ways to protect the health of the environment
   c. Prevent the entry, establishment and spread of invasive plant pests that could be detrimental to
       the County agricultural industry, the public or natural resources
   d. Encourage and enhance recycling
   e. Explore the use, purchase and recreation opportunities at Loma Rica Ranch
   f. Explore and assist with a skate park in South County
   g. Facilitate the study of improved grading practices and watershed protection
   h. Finish NH 2020
   i. Complete the non-motorized trails study
   j. Place the park and recreation district formation on the ballot ASAP
   k. Continue to convert County vehicles to clean vehicles (and use of hybrids)

8) Plan for and support infrastructure and capital facility improvements to protect, maintain and
   enhance our community.
   a. Appoint two board members to an ad hoc capital facilities plan team (Supervisors Van Zant &
      Conklin appointed)
   b. Finish juvenile hall
   c. Develop and implement the capital facilities improvement plan
 Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives

   d.   Increase number of hangars at the airport
   e.   Find a location for improving human services agency services
   f.   Find quality and sufficient facilities for service delivery
   g.   Assure wastewater facility compliance
   h.   Improve services by improving facilities in Truckee
   i.   Explore alternative uses of property at the McCourtney Road transfer station

9) Provide services to ensure the safety of our citizens.
   a. Ensure adequate animal control services to the public
   b. Use the community gun violence prosecution program grant awarded to the district attorney's
      office on 2/27/02 to leverage a part-time, temporary DDA II position in Truckee to a regular,
      full-time DDA II position for the life of the grant (three years)
   c. Develop a community crisis response plan for victims and witnesses of a mass criminal
   d. Maintain the low level of crime in our community
   e. Improve the closure rate of cases opened for investigation by the sheriff's department
   f. Provide a revised Probation Department policy and procedures manual to each Probation staff
   g. Provide a written arming policy and officer-involved shooting protocol to each armed probation

10) Provide effective human services to support the health and well being of our community.
   a. Continue the improvements to the behavioral health services and programs
   b. Facilitate the study of the bacteria problems in the South Yuba River (and other surface waters)
   c. Develop the in-home supportive services authority
   d. Support efforts to represent the County's interest in the development of state regulations
      regarding on-site sewage disposal
   e. Implement long term care integration program
   f. Provide education, guidance and inspection services to the community to promote understanding
      of various ways to protect the health of the public
   g. Develop a multidisciplinary child forensic interview team and center

11) Utilize cross departmental task Forces, teams and collaborations to creatively and effectively
   improve multi-departmental business processes/services.
   a. Define County’s model of world class county government service
   b. Enhance BOS and CEO interaction
   c. Housing director to establish at least four (or more) cross-departmental teams to develop four
      affordable housing projects or programs by 9/31/02
   d. Develop advisory group protocols and procedures
   e. Expand and improve interdepartmental collaboration and communication


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