3PL Third Party Logistics for WMS by morgossi7a4


									                                                                        Collect. Track. Manage.

                                                                                System Requirements
                              3PL: Third Party                              Component           Requirement

                                Logistics for                               Computer &
                                                                                           2.0 gigahertz (GHz) pro-
                                                                                           cessor or higher

                                    WMS                                                    512 megabyte (MB) RAM,
                                                                                           1 gigabyte (GB) RAM if
                                                                              Memory       running SQL and Intelli-
                                                                                           Track software on same
Overview                                                                                   computer, or higher
The IntelliTrack WMS software provides advanced supply chain man-                          512 megabyte (MB), 2
agement for 3PL service providers. With all the benefits of IntelliTrack®                  gigabyte (GB) if running
WMS software for reliable warehouse management, 3PL offers important         Hard disk     SQL and IntelliTrack soft-
features involved with managing multiple customers and their inventory.                    ware on same computer,
                                                                                           or higher
IntelliTrack 3PL allows service providers to manage multiple clients’          Drive       CD-ROM or DVD drive
inventory from a single warehouse location. Your clients are able to
monitor their entire inventory at various warehouse sites or a specific                    1024x768 or higher reso-
location through a secure website. In addition, 3PL provides multi                         lution monitor
customer support and customer profiling features, including the ability                    Microsoft Windows XP
to create customer and sub-customer relationships.                                         with Service Pack (SP) 2
                                                                                           or higher, Windows Serv-
IntelliTrack 3PL software includes sophisticated billing features includ-                  er 2003 with Service Pack
ing special handling charges, custom ancillary charges, and billing for                    (SP) 1 or higher, Windows
specific environments and tasks in the warehouse.                            Operating     Vista Home Premium,
                                                                              system       Vista Business, Vista
By using IntelliTrack 3PL software you will not only develop warehouse
efficiency, you will improve communications between your clients, staff,                   Version 7 is compatible
                                                                                           with 32 bit operating sys-
and daily tasks involved in running a successful warehouse.
                                                                                           tems only. 64 Bit users
                                                                                           must call IntelliTrack.
                                                                                           • Internet Information
                                                                                           Services (IIS)
                                                                                           • Microsoft Active Sync
                                                                                           4.5 on Windows XP, Win-
                                                                            Batch mode     dows 2003 Server or
                                                                                           • Mobile Device Center
                                                                                           6.1 on Vista
                                                                                           • Active network card
                                                                                           SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL
                                                                                           2005 Express
                                                                             Visit the hardware support matrix at
                                                                               www.intellitrack.net for a list of
                                                                                  certified mobile computers.
3PL is designed to let clients view, track, and create sales and
purchase orders on their inventory at any time through a
secure online environment.

                                                               For more information please contact your
                                                                  local reseller or visit our website at
                                                                      Collect. Track. Manage.

    3PL: Third Party Logistics for WMS                                         IntelliTrack
                                                                               3PL: Third
The IntelliTrack WMS software serves as a base for the warehouse               Party Logistics

management functionality within the IntelliTrack 3PL system.                   Software

                                                                                                                    WMS RF

                                                                                                                               WMS RF
IntelliTrack WMS software comes in three cost effective versions ranging       Feature/Product
in price and features. Developed with scalability in mind, the IntelliTrack    TASK MANAGEMENT
WMS product line includes Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, and Picking          Collect billable activities
(ISRP), WMS RF, and WMS RF Professional.                                       against specific on floor


                                                                               activities such as: Receiv-
                                                                               ing, Put-Away, Move,
                                                                               Inventory, and Picking.

               Available in 3 Versions:                                        SINGLE WAREHOUSE
                                                                               Supports a single ware-
                                                                               house environment, man-


            ISRP                             WMS RF Standard                   age multiple customers
• Paperless Receiving                                                          from one warehouse.
                                         (includes Standard Batch
• Serial Numbers                         features)                             CUSTOMER PROFILE
• Multiple UOM & Let                                                           Create customer profiles
                                         • Terminal Messaging
  Downs                                                                        by customer profiles by


                                         • RF Portable Application             customer and customer’s
• Inquiries                                                                    customer.
• Move/Transfers
• Physical Inventory                       WMS RF Professional                 BILLING
                                         (includes Standard Batch &            Layered billing criteria
• Cycle Counting                                                               that include: Flat charg-
                                         RF features)


• Kitting                                                                      es, Item level charges,
                                         • Sequenced Pick & Put Away           Handling charges, and
                                                                               Invoice generation.
                                         • Pallet Tracking
                                         • Basic Cubing                        WEB SERVICES
                                         • Replenishment                       Web enabled modules to
                                                                               allow customer interac-
                                         • Zone Picking                        tion include: Inventory


                                                                               view, Shipping, Receiving,
                                                                               Order management, and
Barcode Printing:                                                              Reports.
Integrated barcode printing allows you to label your inventory and loca-
                                                                               ANCILLARY CHARGES
tions quickly and easily based on the data contained in your IntelliTrack      Custom charges created
application. Portable data terminal support and barcode labels maximize        through the 3PL module


data accuracy and efficiency when collecting inventory information.            that is available through
                                                                               the RF terminal.

Easy to Use:                                                                   SPECIAL HANDLING
IntelliTrack is a user-friendly Windows application. Easy menu navigation      Special handling functions
                                                                               available through the RF
allows you to quickly perform common inventory tasks. Because it is a          terminal include: Receive


Windows® application, IntelliTrack’s user interface will be familiar to any-   to Pallet and Pallet
                                                                               Tracking, Pallets visible
one who is accustomed to working in this environment.                          to customer, and time of
                                                                               billing by activity.

                                                                 For more information please contact your
                                                                    local reseller or visit our website at

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