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					    A community participatory action research for the development of healthy
    communities : a case study at Tambon Pak Chong,JomBoeng District,
                            Jirat Korbkietikoon, Mantana Buawatana


         This is a participatory action research to elucidate and analyze the process and results of
participatory workshops on the development of healthy communities. Six workshops were held
among community leaders from 5 villages, researchers and members of Ratchaburi Civil Society
who were area coordinator and facilitators. The knowledge, attitude and skills of Community
leaders on the participatory process and self- reliant ability were collected by questionnaires,
observation and recording.

         The study found that the participatory learning process in every workshop could create
knowledge and experience exchange among the participants. They learned their community better
than what they had ever known. The learning process included sharing the community past
experience, SWOT analysis, future search and shared vision, problem and social capital
identification, establishment of a community council, synthesis of a master plan and strategic
solutions for healthy communities. They also set up an action plan with ten project. Six of them
were self- reliant and the other four were co-project with the local administrative authority.
After one year, the post-test found that the participants gained in Knowledge, Attitude and Skill
in participation process. The supporting factors found such as the selection of participants who
were active change agents in development, the time and places of workshops set by the
community, various techniques used in the participatory learning process and the motivations
force from the government policy and one million bath village fund.
          Thus, any organization deals with the development of healthy community and quality
of life should start with a participatory learning process for people empowerment and then
supporting them strongly to ensure confidence self-reliance and sustainability in community