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					             Accounting, Business, and Leadership Skills
Accounting                 E-Marketing         Team Leading

Purchasing                 Market Research     Event Planning

Vendor Relations           Pitching            Marketing

Vendor Negotiations        Managing            Investing

Customer Service           Sales               Investing Research

E-Commerce                 Tax Preparation     Tax Planning

            Professional Writing and Communication Skills
Emails                     Case Briefs         Public Speaking

Memos                      Presentations       Promo Letters

Business Plans             Legal Essays        Proposal Letters

Marketing                  Legal Memos         Gantt Charts

            Computer Hardware and Software Proficiencies
PC                         Word                Photo Shop

Apple                      Excel               Dream Weaver

Routers                    Access              Lotus 1-2-3

PDA                        Outlook             Lotus Approach

Publisher                  Power Point         LexisNexis


Skill Level Key
Developing                 Advanced            Expert