Fine Tuning Tips by morgossi7a3


									                                                                                       Fine Tuning Tips
A                                                                                                                                                                                                   M

                                                                                             (H) Pinewood Derby® Speed Secrets.                 (O) Pinewood Derby Alignment Tool. This
                                                                                             This book has 128 pages of extremely useful        is just like a precision tune-up for your derby
                                                                                             information. Just follow the steps described to    car! Designed to perform seven critical
                                                                                             get tried-and-true techniques for building a       measurements, including clearance
                                                                                             winning car! This is not only a speed tips book,   between the car and wheels, wheel camber,
                                                                                             but will provide you with step-by-step instruc-    toe-in/toe-out, wheel parallelism, car length
                                                                                             tions, photos, and diagrams for the entire pro-    and width, and track clearance. Made of
(A) Pinewood Derby® Cockpit Accessories. Your race car
                                                                                             cess so you and your child can have fun, build     molded plastic with easy-to-read markings;
needs a driver, right? Well, you can achieve the realistic look you
                                                                                             a stronger relationship, and go home a winner.     instructions included. 7613 4.79
want with these fun accessories. The set includes steering wheel;
                                                                                             30538 12.99
driver’s upper body with arms, hands, and helmet; back seat;                                                                                    (P) Pinewood Derby Axle Guard. This new
and your choice of two roll bars. Plus, they’re made of lightweight                          (I–J) Pinewood Derby Sound Wheels.                 patented guard will keep your pinewood derby
plastic, not metal. And you can paint them with acrylic water-based                          Everyone will know you’re ready for takeoff        car’s wheels aligned and secure race after
or oil-based paints. 17372 2.19                                                              with these new Pinewood Derby Sound Wheel          race. Designed exclusively for the BSA, this
                                                                                             accessories available only through the BSA         under-car plate has a ridge that slides right
(B–D) Pinewood Derby Medals. An exciting new way to recog-                                   Supply Group. Both look like official pinewood     into the precut axle groove to straighten and
nize derby winners and participants is with these gold-tone medals.                          derby race wheels, but when you push the           secure the axle to the car’s body, or repair
Each has color graphics screened on a 11⁄8" x 15⁄16" rectangle sus-                          center axle on the Rocket Sound Wheel, the         broken or chipped axle grooves. Made of light-
pended from a red, white, and blue pin-back lapel ribbon. 2.89 ea.                           sound of a whining jet engine is heard! On the     weight plastic so when each plate is screwed
                                                                                             Siren Sound Wheel, it’s the scream of a siren.     in place, the two plates will add only 0.2 oz. to   N
(B) Red. 17382
                                                            b                                Either can be used alone or with their match-      the weight of your car. 17107 2.49
(C) White. 17383
(D) Blue. 17381
                                                                                             ing lights (Nos. 17108 and 17109, sold sepa-                                                           o
                                                                c                            rately). Sound Wheel attach easily to your car     Replacement Wheels and Axles. (Not
                                                                       d                     with glue (not included), and each adds only       shown.) The package contains five wheels
                                                                                             0.2 oz. to the total weight of the car.            and five axles. 17007 2.49
(E–F) Pinewood Derby Race Ribbons.
The yellow ribbon recognizes the Cub Scout                                                   (I) Rocket Sound Wheel. 17116 4.99                 (Q) Derby Car Display Stand. When you’re
leaders and volunteers running an official                                                   (J) Siren Sound Wheel. 17149 4.99                  not racing, you can proudly display your derby      P
pinewood derby race event. The blue ribbon                                                                                                      racing masterpiece on this clear acrylic stand.
                                                                                             (K–L) Pinewood Derby Lights. Light the
recognizes the Cub Scout race participants.                                                                                                     There’s even a place for your name, date, and
                                                                                             way as you race down the track with one of
Each measures 61⁄4" x 2" and comes with a                                                                                                       pack number. Car not included. 17009 8.49
                                                                                             these really cool pinewood derby light kits. The
grommet and cord. 4.59/pkg.                                                                  Rocket Booster Light has a paintable cover         (R) Derby Practice Track. Well, they say
(E) Yellow Ribbon.                                                                           and flashes as you fly to the finish line. The
                                                                           I   J                                                                practice makes perfect, so get your wheels
    17375/pkg. of 10                                                                         Dome Alert Light is the perfect finishing touch    rolling on this molded plastic practice track.
                                                                                   b         to any emergency car. Each is crafted of dura-
(F) Participant Blue Ribbon.               e                                                                                                    Designed to meet the official 31⁄2" standard for
                                                                                             ble yet lightweight plastic, adding only 0.2 oz.   lane width and 1⁄4" center guide rails, so you’ll
    17377/pkg. of 10                                       f                                 to the weight of your car, attaches easily with    know how your car fits on the track. The five
                                                                                             the included wood screws, and comes ready          sections are easily joined together with the
                                                                                             for up to 12 hours of continuous flashing.         included connectors for a total of 10' of track.
                                                                                             (K) Rocket Booster Light. 17108 4.99               This is just a practice track and not intended
                                                                                             (L) Dome Alert Light. 17109 4.99                   for use as an official racing                       q
                                                                                                                                                surface. 17101 9.99
                                                                                             (M) Pinewood Derby Super Tune-Up
                                                                                             Book Secrets. This educational Master              (S) Derby Flat Weights. This 2.3-oz. triangu-
                                                                                             Mechanic Kit book teaches the science behind       lar flat zinc weight is scored so sections may
                                                                                             what makes a pinewood derby racer go faster.       be broken off to gradually adjust the weight
                                                                                             The 16-page book is full of information, includ-   downward. Includes screws and comes with
                                                                                             ing the rules of the race, building tips, even     predrilled holes to make installation easy.
                                                                                             how to build your own balance scale, plus the      7602 3.59
                                                                                             value of good sportsmanship. 34482 8.99
                                                                           K   L                                                                (T) Pinewood Derby Axle Lube. You can
                                                                                             (N) Pinewood Derby Coin Pockets. You               actually improve the performance of your car
                                                                                             can help your derby car reach 5 oz. on or          by simply applying this lubricant to the center
                                                                                                                                                of the hub between the wheel and axle.
                                                                                             before race day by adding these clear vinyl
                                                                                             pockets to fill with coins. Carefully cut the      This non-staining, dry white lubricant
                                                                                             pockets, or stick the whole set on your car        includes an additive that clings to
                                       g                                                                                                        smooth surfaces for improved
                                                                                             then micro-adjust its weight by slip-
                                                                                             ping coins into one or all four                    lubrication. .125 oz.
(G) Pinewood Derby Plaque. Blue faux marble 8" x 6" plaque
                                                                                             pockets. Sorry, coins not                          17106 3.49
comes with an engraveable plate (about 41⁄4" x 11⁄2") and is a great
way to recognize your derby winners, as well as reward the volun-                            included. 17104 89¢
teers who helped in the race. The plaque can be used for first-,                                                                                                         q
second-, and third-place finishes. 7590 18.99
                                                                                                                                t                            S

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