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Social Media Competitive Tracking Tool by demandmetric

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Use this tool to monitor and to compare the key metrics of your competitors Social Media efforts.

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1. Select the Social Media channels (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that your competitors are using & c
2. Populate each "Tab" with your competitors names and input the corresponding metrics.

3. Review the results of your tracking efforts to generate new ideas for your company and to determine

4. If you choose to track your competitors "Overall Sentiment", be sure to define "sentiment" and create
                            Social Media Competitor Tracking Tool

etitors are using & create "Tabs" for each of the channels that you would like to track (see


y and to determine which of your competitors poses the biggest threat.

ntiment" and create a structured approach for scoring.

Competitor Name   Monthly Blog Posts   Overall Sentiment   Average Comments/Post   Overall Word Count   Dominant Categories
Competitor A             35                 Negative                2.4                  175.3          Technology, News
Competitor B             56                 Neutral                 2.1                  560.6          Business, Technology
Competitor C             10                 Positive                1.2                  493.2          Technology, Business

Competitor Name   # of Fans   Overall Sentiment   # Comments/Posting   # of Likes/Posting   Dominant Categories
Competitor A         100           Negative               5                    1            New Product
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