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					Wordpress Goldmine

By Mark Thompson

Wordpress Goldmine
This Guide is dedicated to three people. Without the support, belief and understanding of my wonderful wife and daughter I would probably still be office bound working for some large corporation. I must also mention my superb editor Lily who took my jumble of thoughts and turned them into what you see here. Without her excellent skills I doubt that I would ever have completed this..


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Table of Contents

Wordpress.......................................................1 Goldmine........................................................ 1 ..................................................................... 1 By Mark Thompson........................................... 1 Wordpress ......................................................2 Goldmine........................................................ 2 Part 1............................................................. 6 The Basics.......................................................6

Disclaimer........................................................................... 2 Table of Contents................................................................. 4

Introduction......................................................................... 7 Installing WordPress............................................................. 9 Changing The Default Settings.............................................. 15 Logging In...................................................................... 15 Delete The Default Post And Page....................................... 16 Rename Uncategorized Category........................................ 16 Delete The Blogroll........................................................... 17 Change The Permalink Structure........................................ 17 Add Your Ping List............................................................ 19 Changing The Theme........................................................... 20 Installing A New Theme.................................................... 20 Essential Plugins................................................................. 22 Basic Blog Promotion........................................................... 24 Things To Do After Each Post............................................. 26 Part 1 Summary................................................................. 27

Part 2........................................................... 28 Content.........................................................28
Introduction....................................................................... PLR Articles........................................................................ Hiring Writers..................................................................... Creating Content................................................................ Importing Unique Content.................................................... Part 2 Summary.................................................................

29 29 30 30 31 32

Part 3........................................................... 33 Monetization.................................................. 33

Introduction....................................................................... 34 Blogs For Promoting Physical Products................................... 34 Getting Started................................................................... 35 The Products...................................................................... 39 The Platform...................................................................... 41

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The Aftermath.................................................................... 46 Blogs For Digital Affiliate Marketing....................................... 49 Affiliate Income Blueprint..................................................... 51 Product Selection............................................................. 52 Keyword Selection........................................................... 52 Finding A Domain Name.................................................... 53 Building The Site............................................................. 53 Site Promotion................................................................ 54 Blogs For Adsense............................................................... 54 Promotional Blogs............................................................... 56 Part 3 Summary................................................................. 56

Part 4........................................................... 58 Blog Promotion.............................................. 58

Introduction....................................................................... 59 Blog Posts.......................................................................... 59 Articles.............................................................................. 60 The Title......................................................................... 60 The Content.................................................................... 61 The Resource Box............................................................ 62 Promotion.......................................................................... 63 Part 4 Summary................................................................. 70

Part 5........................................................... 71 Mastering WEB 2.0......................................... 71

Introduction....................................................................... 72 Blog Benefits and 253 “Free” ............................................... 72 Blog Platforms and Communities........................................... 72 Free Blogging Community Locations...................................... 75 Wonderful World of Wikis..................................................... 80 Wiki Resources................................................................ 84 Social Bookmarking and Tagging........................................... 86 Social Networking Communities and Platforms........................ 96 Part 5 Summary............................................................... 108 Conclusion....................................................................... 108 Resources........................................................................ 109

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Part 1 The Basics

Page | 6 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Firstly, thank you for buying this report. My name is Mark Thompson and I’ve been working online for just over 2 ½ years. I didn’t have the luxury of being able to work a day job and learn all about creating an online income in the evening and weekends. For me, it was a case of having no income and needing to make an income quickly. I initially turned to Adsense and once I had made a good income from that I then turned my attention to other areas of online marketing. Every time I target a new income stream I try to introduce factors that have worked for me in the past. I have found that this usually reduces the time it takes for me to start making a profit. I use very few software tools as I believe that your own brain is the best tool you can get, and those I do use have proven their value time and time again. In the past I have found that far too many WordPress guides focus on how to set up blogs and then almost forget to tell you how to monetize them and promote them. With this guide I aim to be different. The focus will be mostly on monetization and promotion. You’ll find that this guide contains one or two affiliate links to tools that I use on a daily basis. These are the tools that I truly believe have been key to my success and I’ve included them here for your information. I don’t want this to be one of those so-called “how-to” guides that are loaded with hundreds of affiliate links, but these few tools are the secret to my having achieved a comfortable income in a short period of time. This report is divided into five parts, as follows: • • • Part 1 will show you the basics about WordPress and show you how to install and set up WordPress. Part 2 deals with Content including various sources for obtaining content and how to upload to your blog. Part 3 shows you how to monetize your blogs and earn income.

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In Part 4, I go into much more details about the type of articles I write, how I use Web2.0 to promote the blog post and articles. Finally Part 5 lists hundreds of Web2.0 sites and resources and looks at the history and future of Web2.0, which is becoming more important to internet marketers every day.


I’ve laid out this e-book in a much different way to others that you might have read before. Sections on keywords and article marketing are introduced naturally so that they remain in context and make more sense. I have seen far too many e-books and guides where it starts off with sections that make no sense contextually. Hopefully, this layout will all make more sense and be of much more use to you. You’ll also find that I’ve spent a lot of time on the subject of promoting your sites and getting visitors to your sites. Unlike other guides, I don’t want to just show you how to create a site and then neglect to show you the most important part: how to promote it. Blogging is becoming hugely popular throughout the world today. It is a tremendously easy way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, pictures and many other things with people from all over the world. Some people do it to earn money, but for most, blogging is something they enjoy doing and will happily post dozens of posts about everyday things including what they are doing each day. Surprisingly, some of the most popular blogs online are people doing just that. Just making small posts about personal events but doing it in such a way that it makes visitors want to share the blog with other people. This viral effect can happen almost instantly and will bring in hundreds, possibly thousands of people to your blog to see what all the fuss is about. Many people use as their choice of blogging platform. This is done mainly because it is free and a blog can be done up in a short time. This is OK to a certain extent, but the problem is that you are putting all your hard work into someone else’s hands. Blogger can shut your blog down in an instant, without even giving a reason.

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This means all your hard work is gone for good and we don’t want that now, do we! So the choice for a more permanent solution, which puts everything into your own control, is to use a self-hosted WordPress blog. This is free as well and can be set up in just a few minutes. The only thing that is required is a hosting account. There are a number of good hosting packages that can be purchased for less than $10 per month and you can have unlimited domains/blogs on them. So they are well worth the money. As further explained below, do make sure that Fantastico is included in whichever hosting service you select. Most providers do have this, but there are still a few companies that don’t. By using WordPress, you also have instant access to plugins and tools that aren’t available in These tools can make your blog more favourable to the search engines, as well as more unique to your visitors. We’ll go through these plugins later in this guide. One thing to bear in mind is always keeping everything within your own control and WordPress is the number one way to do this. With that said, let’s begin with installing WordPress on your hosting account.

Installing WordPress
WordPress can be installed on most hosting accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you haven’t already got a hosting account, then one that is highly favoured and has all the requirements needed is The thing to look for when choosing a hosting account is that it must come with cPanel and has Fantastico built into it. Most hosting accounts will have this already but you should always check before making a decision. Fantastico allows you to add many scripts/programs to your website, just by clicking a few buttons. WordPress, Forums, Message Boards, Picture Galleries, all can be installed without you needing any knowledge of them whatsoever.

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OK, so now let’s assume you have your hosting account and are ready to install WordPress. First you need to login to the cPanel for your domain. This is normally but your host will give you this information. Once logged in, you’ll be presented with the following or similar screen:

Normally at the bottom of the page, you’ll see an icon which says “Fantastico De Luxe” or just “Fantastico”. Click on this link and you’ll be taken to the page of scripts that are available to install on your website. It looks like this:

Page | 10 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

As you can see, on the left of the page are all the scripts you can install. Under the “Blogs” section, you’ll see a link for WordPress. Click on this link and you’ll see the following screen:

This will list any current installations of WordPress that you already have. As this is probably your first installation, it should look like the page above with “none” listed. So to continue, click the “New Installation” link and you’ll be presented with the following page:

Page | 11 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

The boxes have been numbered so we can go through them stepby-step. Here we go: 1. This drop down box will contain a list of domain names or sub-domains that you have on the account. If this is a brand new site, then you’ll just have the one domain name in the list and will not need to change it. 2. This is where you choose where you want your WordPress blog installed. If you’d like it in the root of your domain ( then leave it blank. If, on the other hand, you want it installed in a separate folder ( then type in the name of the folder into this box. You do not need to manually create this folder the installation will do it for you. What does this all mean for you the user? By installing WordPress in the root of the domain, the first thing your visitor will see is your blog. On the other hand, installing WordPress in a separate folder or directory would require linking from your home page so that it is accessible to the world. For some people, it’s a matter of preference and how you want to structure your site. However, for our purposes, we will be installing WordPress in the root of the domain, i.e., where your “public_html” files are contained. 3. This will be the username you will use to access the WordPress Admin section. Choose one you will remember. 4. This is the password for your WordPress Admin section. Again, use something that you will easily remember, but not easily hacked. 5. The Admin nickname is what is used when you are posting to your blog. For instance, when you post and view the blog, you’ll see that it says “posted by …” this is what will be displayed. You could use “Admin”, “Owner”, or simply your “Name”. 6. This is the email address that will receive emails when new comments are posted on your blog. This will probably be already filled in for you. You can alternatively use another address. Don’t forget to set up your email accounts in your hosting account to include this address. Page | 12 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

7. This is the name of the site and on most WordPress themes, will be displayed in the top and bottom sections of your blog. Just choose something appropriate here, you can always change this in the Admin section at a later date. 8. This is simply a brief description of your blog. This is sometimes displayed on the sidebar of certain themes. 9. – 10. – 11. – 12. These settings control the “Blog by email” section. Boxes 9. 11. and 12. will probably be already filled in. You should just have to fill in the password of your chosen email address. In most cases, these details aren’t important, as you will be manually posting to your blogs. Once you have filled in these details, click on “Install WordPress” and you’ll see the screen below:

This will just give you a quick rundown of your details. Check that they are correct and then click on “Finish Installation”.

Page | 13 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

You’ll then see the following screen:

This will again give you the details of where you have installed WordPress. Make a note of these details for your records. Congratulations! You’ve just installed WordPress! Although these steps may seem complicated at first, once you do it once or twice, it will literally take you about 30 seconds to setup your next one.

Page | 14 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Changing The Default Settings
Now that you’ve successfully installed WordPress, it’s time to make some important changes. These will really make the difference in your search engine positions and will also assist in getting as many return visitors as possible. If you stick with the default settings and themes, you’ll be missing out on a lot of traffic and potentially a lot of money too. So let’s begin: Logging In To log into your WordPress Admin section, just type in the URL of your blog into your browser and enter the following to the end of the URL: /wp-admin. Thus if you’ve installed WordPress in the root of your domain, then enter You’ll see the following screen:

Page | 15 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Enter your username and password, which you chose during setup and it should log you in to your Admin section. Once logged in, you’ll see the following screen, which gives you the main options at the top:

Delete The Default Post And Page The first step is to remove the default posts which have been made during the installation. So click on the “Manage” tab at the top of the screen. You’ll see there is a post called “Hello World!” and it has options next to it. Choose “Delete” then click “OK” to the popup box. This deletes this post completely. Next step is to remove the default page which has been created. Click on “Pages” at the top of the screen and delete in the same way. Rename Uncategorized Category You should change the name of the default category. To do this, click on the “Manage” tab and then click on the “Categories” tab. You’ll probably have two categories, the “Blogroll” and “Uncategorized”. Click on “Edit” next to “Uncategorized” and change the name of it. The name depends on what your blog is going to be about. It can be “Car Tips”, “My Thoughts”, “Latest News”, basically whatever you choose.

Page | 16 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Delete The Blogroll The Blogroll contains links to the very talented people who add and edit changes to WordPress. The default installation of WordPress will automatically link to their sites from your blog. This is a big problem when it comes to SEO. You don’t want to have too many links leaving your blog to unrelated sites as it could affect your search engine positions. So we must remove them. To do this, click on “Blogroll” at the top of the screen. Now check all the boxes and click on “Delete Checked Links”. This will remove all these links from your blog. Change The Permalink Structure The permalink structure controls how the URL is formatted on your blog. There are various options to choose from but having the blog title in the URL will always improve your results in the search engines. So which one do you choose? First, click on “Options” then click on “Permalinks” to see your options. The most important thing is NEVER leave the default option checked. This will do you no favours at all. The best option is one which is not presented in your choices. Here it is, just type the following into the “Custom Structure” box at the bottom of the main options: /%postname%/ This will add the blog title to the end of your URL, without including any unnecessary numbers or other useless characters. If you are unsure about this, then the next best option is to choose the “Date and name based” option. This will add the blog title but also the date posted. Once you have chosen the option you prefer, click on “Update Permalink Structure”. When you do this, one of two things will happen. You will get a message, which says “Permalink Structure Has Been Updated”. If this happens, you don’t need to do anything else.

Page | 17 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

You get a message, which says “You Should Update Your .htaccess now”. If you get this message, it means you will have to make changes to a file on your host. This is usually very easy to do but depends on your particular webhost. When you get this message, there will be a box at the bottom of the page which has some code in it. It looks like this:

Copy all this code onto your clipboard. To do this, just right click your mouse inside the box where the code is and choose “Select All” then right click again and choose “Copy”. You should then create a text file on your desktop. This can be a standard notepad file. Create it and call it “.htaccess” then paste the code into it and save it. Next thing is to login to your webhost using an FTP program. WSFTP is recommended for this or any other FTP program will do the job. Login to your WordPress installation where you see the WordPress files. You can then upload the .htaccess file which will be shown as htaccess.txt in your FTP program. Upload it into the installation folder of WordPress. If you installed WordPress in the root of your domain, then it will be in your “public_html” folder. So upload the “htaccess.txt” file and then rename it to “.htaccess” (leaving off the .txt extension) this will then setup your permalink structure.

Page | 18 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

An even easier way to do this is to change the permissions for your .htaccess file to “666” right after you install your WordPress blog. This will allow WordPress to make the Permalink change automatically. Just go to your cPanel and in the public_html files, click on the .htaccess file to bring it up on the right side of the admin panel. Select “Change Permissions” and in the boxes that appear, change the numbers there (usually 644) to 666. Remember to change it back to the original configuration after you’ve finished setting up your blog. If this is still confusing, then check out the WordPress Permalink Section Here. Add Your Ping List Your ping list is a list of services that will be sent a ping each time you update your blog. You can update this list by clicking on “Options” then “Writing”. The list is at the bottom of that page, called “Update Services”. Obviously the more services you add the better. But, a word of caution, the longer your list, the more server resources your blog will use. If you are using shared hosting, your hosting company may remove your blog. So just a small list of the main services is recommended. Here’s one you can use:

Page | 19 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

A word of caution about pinging: take care not to ping the services too frequently or you’ll risk being marked as a “spammer” and possibly banned from using these services. Pinging once after each new post is sufficient and will bring traffic soon enough.

Changing The Theme
Your theme is one of the most important parts of your WordPress blog. It controls how your blog looks to your visitors. There are many free WordPress themes available, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find one to match your needs. One thing to bear in mind here is that the free themes have almost certainly been used by hundreds if not thousands of other people. So to make your theme completely unique, you should consider having your own theme created for you. This can be done very cheaply and for probably less than $100. This can really make the difference between people remembering your blog and coming back to it, or simply to visit and never return again. Places where you can find people to create your themes for you can be found at or and of course, just try doing a search in Google for unique WordPress themes. Installing A New Theme This is very easy to do. Just login to your site via an FTP program and then navigate to your WordPress installation and you’ll see the following files:

Page | 20 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Double click on the “wp-content” folder and you’ll see the following files:

Then double click on the “themes” folder and you’ll see the following files:

This is where you will upload your new theme. Your theme should be in a folder, just upload the complete folder to this directory. You’ll note that there are already two themes that come preinstalled in WordPress. Next, login to your WordPress Admin section and choose the “Presentation” option from the top section. You should then see a screen shot of your new theme. Just click on it and it will become your default theme. Click on the “View Site” link to have a look at it. Changing the look and feel of your site with a single click is one of the most powerful functions of WordPress.

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Essential Plugins
Plugins are useful tools that can be added to your WordPress installation. Like most of WordPress functions, they can be added with just a few clicks. They all have their own uses, some are very useful for getting more traffic, whereas others can add a “stickyness” to your blog to keep visitors on it for longer. There are literally hundreds of plugins available, so we’ll just discuss the essential ones below. These all help in SEO, gaining return visitors and tracking your statistics. Every blog you make should have all the plugins listed below: Google Sitemaps Optimal Title Simple Tags Chicklet Creator Ultimate Tag Warrior Sociable Tan Tan Noodles So let’s see what each one does: Google Sitemaps The Google Sitemaps plugin creates an xml sitemap for Google to read and it also pings Google whenever you make changes to your blog. This plugin usually sees any new posts you make indexed in Google within just a few hours. Sceptical? Give it a try! Optimal Title Optimal Title is used for SEO purposes. It adds your blog title to the beginning of your Meta Title tag. This gives you a boost in search engine rankings. Simple Tags Simple Tags plugin allows you to add Technorati tags to your blog posts. This can bring in extra free traffic from people searching in Technorati.

Page | 22 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Chicklet Creator Chicklet Creator adds RSS buttons to your blog so that people can subscribe to your RSS feed quickly and easily. It gives you the options of which services you want to show and which to turn off. Ultimate Tag Warrior (Current Versions of Wordpress allow you to add tags to your post so this is now redundant.) Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin allows you to add tags to your blog posts. These tags can then be shown on your blog and sorted by popularity; this can be a good indication of which pages on your blog are most popular. They can be added to the top or bottom of each post or alternatively to a “Tag Cloud” on the sidebar of your blog theme. (Unfortunately, the site that holds the plugin is quite often not working, so you may have to search for another location). Sociable Sociable plugin automatically adds social bookmarking services icons to the bottom of each post. This gives visitors an easy way to bookmark your blog to return to later. This also gives you extra links, which will improve your search engine rankings. Tan Tan Noodles Tan Tan Noodles is a plugin which allows you to view your Google Analytics and Feedburner stats from within your WordPress Admin section. This can be a great timesaver as you don’t have to visit other sites to get your stats. To install these plugins, just upload them into the plugins folder of your WordPress installation. Double click on the “wp-content” folder and you’ll see the following files:

Page | 23 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Next, login to your WordPress Admin section and choose the “Plugins” tab at the top of the screen. Scroll down and “Activate” the plugins you require.

Basic Blog Promotion
This section will give you a basic insight into blog promotion. Later on in this ebook we will cover blog promotion in much more detail. WordPress blogs promote themselves very easily. Once you have added your list of services into the “Ping List” and setup the Google Sitemaps plugin, each time you post, WordPress will automatically inform these services to come and visit your blog to index your new content. But what else can you do? Well, quite a lot actually! Web 2.0 is a phrase which you may have heard of. It is basically a collective term for the newest forms of Web Services sites, such as social networking, social bookmarking, etc. Informing these sites of your latest posts to your blog is a great way to get almost instant traffic. A quick way to do this is to create a free account at Onlywire has a list of the most popular social bookmarking sites. You simply sign up to all these services and save your login information into your Onlywire account. Then each time you want to submit a new bookmark, just use the one form at Onlywire and it will automatically bookmark ALL the other services for you. This is a huge timesaver and a great way to get spiders quickly to your blog. There is a free plugin available for Onlywire that will automatically submit your post to up to 16 social bookmarking sites. I’ve not Page | 24 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

used it, as I utilise a paid plugin, but it sounds like an even greater timesaver. You can read about and download the plugin here:

Page | 25 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Things To Do After Each Post As discussed above, the first thing to do after you have posted to your blog is submit the page to Onlywire. Next you should use the following services: Digg allows you to submit what they term a “news” story. This is ideal to use for each blog post you make, just create a short summary of your new post and submit it to them. Reddit is similar to Digg, in that you sign up for a free account and then submit useful links to your account. If you are lucky enough, your post can make the front page of Reddit and should see a few hundred visitors in a day or so. Stumble Upon Stumble Upon is another very popular bookmarking service. To use it you will have to install their toolbar. This is done very easily and is free from any spyware or popups. After each new post to your blog, just click the button on the toolbar and submit the page. This can bring in a steady trickle of traffic. Pingoat will submit your new posts to all the popular RSS feed services. This, in addition with your own ping list, should see a lot of spider activity on your blog in a very short space of time. Just doing these 5 things after each blog post, will see your blog spidered very quickly by all of the major search engines and will almost certainly see instant traffic also. There are of course an unlimited amount of different ways to get free traffic but they go far beyond the scope of this guide. If you find something that works, stick to it and don’t get distracted by other methods which may not be as effective.

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Part 1 Summary
So there you have it. You now have all the knowledge to become an instant WordPress guru. You know exactly what settings must be changed, how to install a new theme to make your blog unique and how to promote it to gain instant traffic and to get into the search engines usually within just a couple of days. Recent statistics show that more than 20% of the worldwide population have turned into blog readers in just the last two years. This figure is rising all the time and there is certainly no sign of it stopping soon. Creating WordPress blogs right now is the perfect way to capitalize on this amazing technological advancement Giving people what they want in the form of content, news, videos, etc., will keep them coming back and becoming loyal visitors to your blogs. The time to do this is now, sooner rather than later! So follow the information in this guide and your blogs will gain higher rankings, get more traffic and, if used correctly, can make you more money than someone who doesn’t have access to this information, The only thing stopping you is YOU! NOTES

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Part 2 Content

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Adding the right content to your blog is critical if you want to make each blog a veritable goldmine. Your basic content should always be unique articles and blog posts. I have some blogs that have only two pieces of content - an article and a product review - and others that have ten to fifteen unique articles. Generally it doesn’t matter how much content you have on your site as long as it’s good quality. You’ll need more content if you are creating blogs to make money from Adsense than if you are creating sites for affiliate income. Generally, there are three ways to get content for your site: • • • Buy prewritten PLR content; Commission unique content; and Write your own content.

There is one other way to get unique content for free that I’ll cover later.

PLR Articles
There are a great number of places where you can buy Private Label Rights or PLR articles for almost any niche. Some PLR providers will sell hundreds of copies while others sell only 10 or 20 copies of the same article. No matter which you purchase it is important that you rewrite each article by at least 30% before you use them. This will help to reduce the chances of any duplicate content penalty that the search engines may impose. You’ll find many people like to use a synonymising tool or content spinner to change the PLR content into unique content. I would suggest avoiding these as the results are generally poor and the time taken could be more profitably spent rewriting the articles by hand.

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Hiring Writers
By using sites like you can hire a writer to write your content for you. Ensure that you ask for samples before hand and ensure that the writer knows which keywords you are focusing on. Rates can be from $3 per article to $10 or more. The quality can vary immensely and you should ensure that your writer has a good command of English.

Creating Content
Writing your own content or using a family member or friend to write for you is by far the best way to ensure that you get good content for your site. Often people are daunted by the thought of having to write 500 words but once you have done 4 or 5 articles it becomes much easier. Firstly, you should do research on your subject. This is easier than you think. Visit article directories like and, and search for articles that have already been written. The authors will already have done the research for you. It is worth mentioning at this point that you can just add the articles from these sites to your blog so long as you keep any links live and don’t alter them in anyway. However, your blog won’t perform as well as it would with unique content. Once you have found three or four articles on the subject you want to write about, read them and take notes. Once finished, you can then write your article based on the notes you made. Four or five articles should be more than enough and with practice you’ll be able to write three or four articles an hour. Under no circumstances should you ever copy verbatim the articles, or any part thereof. This is plagiarism and copyright infringement and could land you in serious hot water. You are using this method to research and get ideas for your topics only. Any articles you write must be in your own words.

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Importing Unique Content
In the process of researching different ways to produce better content, I came across something that could revolutionise the way people get unique content for their WordPress sites. As you know by now, you should regularly update your blog with unique content. There is now a method that will allow you to add unique content to your blog that is of a high quality and has been written by humans and is not the product of a synonymising tool. As I mentioned above there are many of these types of synonymising and content spinning tools available and they all work the same way, by suggesting alternative phrases or words or requiring you to input your own strings of alternate phrases. Quite a laborious process, but I’ve never really seen one that produces really satisfactory results. As we have seen, the best kind of content to add to your WordPress site is unique content. There is a tool called “Unique Article Wizard” (UAW) that I use to create and distribute unique content as an author (more about this later). The UAW system also allows blog and website owners to display this unique content on their own sites and provides a plugin that will automatically post to your site. To get the content it’s as simple as installing the plugin, selecting the categories you wish to receive articles from and receiving a test post. All content is checked before being sent out. You can then set up your blog with affiliate products, Adsense or any other type of monetization you can think of and leave it to earn on auto pilot. (Obviously the more promotion you do the better.) The potential for your site is immense. I am sure I really don’t need to highlight what this could mean to your blog. To get your FREE plugin go to:

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Part 2 Summary
So far, we’ve only taken an overall look at various ways of obtaining content for your blog. As you will learn, this is far from the end of looking at content and articles and how your blog benefits from the right content. In Part 3 (Monetization) we’ll take a closer look at the type of content you should write for particular sites and in part 4 (promotion) we’ll show you how you can use articles to attract a flood of traffic to your sites. Stay tuned and stay on track! NOTES

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Part 3 Monetization

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For me, monetization is the really exciting bit. Once you have your blog built and you have added some content then the real fun starts! Monetization can take many forms and we’ll cover the main ones in this section. We’ll look at selling physical products, digital products, and adding Adsense to sites as means of earning income. Finally, we’ll look at how you can use your newfound skills to earn an income from local offline businesses. You’ll probably have read or heard many people saying that you need a mailing list to make money and that you should place a signup box on each site so that you can build you list. I don’t agree with this and I feel that trying to sign people up for your list detracts from your sales. So you won’t find me recommending that you build one. I make 80% of my income through monetized WordPress blogs and I intend to maintain or increase this income over the year. My target for 2008 is to increase my income by $1000 a week, using WordPress-based sites. What follows is how I’ll do it.

Blogs For Promoting Physical Products
Just before Christmas, 2007, I wrote a report describing how just one single blog post and a couple of unique articles netted me $6,000 at the time of that writing. The response to that report was quite overwhelming and with all the excitement and questions generated by my success, I felt obligated to expand on my methods and that is the driving force behind this e-book. That same one blog post with the UAW article marketing, has earned me even more money as of this writing. On November 21st 2007, I made a post to one of my WordPress blogs. As of January 29th 2008, that post has made me over $17,000. I’ve done that without a list and without spending money on PPC. The blog I wrote the post for averaged 80 visitors per day in October. Today, it’s averaging 818 unique visitors per day. I didn’t buy traffic and I didn’t spend hours working on it. In fact, up Page | 34 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

to this moment I haven’t spent more than 90 minutes generating this income. You may read this and think that it was just sheer luck that helped me make this money. I might be tempted to agree with you but I find that the more I work at my business, the luckier I get. The fact is that anyone could have made the income. It’s all a matter of targeting the right markets and knowing exactly what the purchasers want. Below you’ll find a screenshot from my Commission Junction account taken on December 19th. I live in Spain so the currency used is the Euro (€). Today €1 is worth about $1.47 so if you add about an extra 50% to the figures below you’ll get a good idea of what the US dollar values are. The total numbers of sales are approximately $125,000 giving me around $12,000 in commission at the time the screen shot was taken. The interesting thing to note from the graph is that the vendor ran out of stock on December 1st, but you’ll see from the graph that my sales actually rose slightly after that as I successfully diverted the customers to other sources of income.

*Footnote: It is now January 20th while I am editing this e-book and sales are still running at over $100 a day on average

Getting Started
Rather than join the hordes of other people trying to sell only Clickbank products, I made a conscious decision to focus some of my blogs on the physical goods market. There have been a number of reports released in recent months estimating the size of the market for global affiliate sales.

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Have a look at these figures from Commission Junction and notice how the figure is going to almost double every year until 2010. 2005 2006 2007 2010 $6 Billion $10 Billion $20 Billion $80 Billion

Commission Junction has stated that of its almost 50,000 registered affiliates, 4%-5% account for 95% of sales. Now, no matter how you look at it, that is a huge pie and there are very few big players. Think about this the next time you are tempted to compete with several hundred Clickbank affiliates for the same sales. Another respected source shows this trend at even higher numbers, indicating that by 2010, Americans, alone, will purchase $144 Billion worth of products and services. See: Getting back to my decision to monetize with physical products, on the evening of 21st of November, 2007, I received a press release via email from a vendor that I had signed up with. In the press release, they revealed that they had a product that was going to be featured on Oprah’s “Favourite Things” program. In the same email it was revealed that they were also releasing a product that was originally scheduled for release in March, 2008 early, just in time for Christmas. It was obvious that it would be difficult to rank well for the product that was being featured on Oprah upon such short notice. However, a quick check of Google revealed that there were no listings for the new product. I immediately wrote a blog post with the product as the keyword and included a picture of it from the vendor’s site along with my affiliate link. I did this just before I headed off to bed and made a note to create an article and do some marketing the next day. Imagine my complete shock the next morning when I logged in and found that I had already made around $200 worth of sales! Let me say that again, within 12 hours of making the blog post, the post had been indexed and had resulted in sales. At this point I was the only site indexed in Google relating to this product.

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The point here is that press releases go out to newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations. People obviously heard about the product or read about it and decided to search online. If you look at the commissions earned in the graph below you will see a spike on November 27th. Guess which day the Oprah’s Favourite Things segment relating to the product aired? Yes, November 27th. My income on that day was approximately €590 which is not very far short of $900.

However the morning after I made the blog post, I already knew I was onto a winner. I immediate wrote an article and distributed unique copies to a large number of article directories and blogs. (Actually to be totally honest, my wife wrote the article, something she does very well). To distribute unique copies I use the tool I referred to earlier, called Unique Article Wizard (UAW). This also provided me with unique articles which I could post to social media sites such as Hubpages and Gather. I also posted a unique copy of the article to A note about Unique Article Wizard If I was asked to name one tool that has changed my fortunes it would have to be UAW. When I first started using it last year it was quite new and only distributed to 400-500 article directories which used the Article Dashboard system. Since then the developer, Dr. Noel Swanson, has worked tirelessly to keep improving the system. Recent updates have resulted in articles being sent to over 1000 blogs and CMS based sites as well as various types of article directories. However, by far the most important change in recent weeks is the ability to dripfeed your articles. This means that rather than send out your articles to all the sites at once you can now specify how

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many articles you want sent out every day. This ensures that you get the natural link building that Google encourages. UAW is probably not for everyone you need to be happy to do a bit of work or pay for outsourcing but the rewards are well worth it. Since I have started using it, it has paid for itself hundreds of times over and continues to pay for itself on a daily basis. There are not many tools you can say that about. I very rarely find any tools that I am happy to promote but Unique Article Wizard is one that I am more than happy to recommend. In the screenshot below have a look at the article stats shown at the bottom with the 5 red stars. We’ll have a look at the top set of stats a little later. Apologies for blanking out the details but it is necessary to protect the product I am selling. From the stats you’ll see that the article was approved on the 26th of November, 2007 (I’d hate to think how much the 4-day delay in approving the article cost me!!) Since then it has had 3,719 views and 698 people have clicked on the links. This is just under 19% CTR. I usually like to get a CTR of around 20-30% so maybe I should have done a bit better. However in my defence, it was running at 25% for a long time.

A different version of the same article was turned into a hub at Hubpages and to date, that has had 1,915 views. So you can see

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that with the right article written in the right way (more about that later) it is possible to generate a lot of traffic. The added advantage of having multiple articles distributed was that for the first week I pretty much had the first page of Google to myself as it took the major sites a while to get their sites updated. Sometimes it’s good to be a one-man business! The key thing about this first article was that it told everyone who read it that this product was going to be the big hit of the Christmas season. It was a hot product and everyone was going to want it. Even now, months later, I have around six of the top 10 rankings in Google, although now Google is now showing 19,500 results for the product. Many of the top 100 sites are article directories that are hosting my article. Once again this is not something the major sites seem to do, so article marketing gives you a huge advantage over them. There were two aspects of my marketing which were crucial to my success, article marketing and making use of social bookmarking sites. In a later chapter, we’ll look at how that came together in a bit more depth. One key point that often gets overlooked by people used to marketing digital products is that you have to do the selling! Click on a link to a Clickbank product and you go to the sales page, click on a link for a physical product and you go to the vendors shopping cart. You had better have sold the product before then!!! Things To Note:
• • •

Sign up for Press Releases from Vendors. Target new products. It is easier to dominate Google. Physical products have a bigger and less saturated market. Sell the product in the Article and Blog post!


The Products
Hopefully by now you’ll be thinking that you would like to try selling physical products. There are many types of products that you could focus on but rather than target a wide range, it is much easier to Page | 39 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

target a market that you know or that you could become familiar with. A lot of products tend to be seasonal, but this is not really a problem as you need to look at this as a long term venture. You could create a site now that you are positioning for next Christmas or next summer. By choosing the right products you’ll make steady sales throughout the year with peaks at various times. An example of this would be solar garden fountains, you would probably sell lots of these in spring and summer and very few in September and October, but you would probably see a spike around Christmas. Of course for the fall and winter you would be focusing on indoor fountains and table fountains. Many products will sell all the year around and have the potential of repeat buyers over many years. You should choose your niches wisely and not aim for a market that is too saturated to start with. Of course, a year or two down the line if you promote your site correctly you will be positioned to take on any niche in a market. For an example you could focus on golf clubs, now obviously it would be pointless trying to compete for the keyword “golf clubs” but you could find that by selecting a smaller niche within the “golf club” niche, you could grab a good slice of the market. Normally, I would spend an hour or two selecting a niche but for the purposes of this guide I’ve had a quick look at the “golf club” niche. I’ve noticed that the keyword phrase “golf putters” has 16,000 searches per month and 32,000 competing pages. But to take it to an even tighter niche, “ping g2i putter” has 450 searches per month and 3,200 competing pages and “wilson 8802 putter” has 210 searches a month and 1,190 competing pages. If I was going to set up a site selling golf clubs as an affiliate I may well focus on putters. I would soon get to learn all about the different types of putters and could set up my site with different sections for each type of putter. I would also ensure that I was signed up for all the press releases and emails the company sends out so that when they decide to announce to the world that Tiger Woods has been signed to use their brand new “Tigers Eye Putter” I would have a post on my blog within 10 minutes and be on my way to dominating that market for a few weeks.

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One other great thing that physical products have over e-books and digital products is that people buy in quantity. I had one guy follow my link for a $140 product who then went on to spend over $2,000 in the store, resulting in a $200 commission for me. I bet that hasn’t happened to many Clickbank affiliates. You can find products on lots of affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Shareasale or Kolimbo, to name just three. However, I would advise restraint and try to stick to just one or two as it will make tracking sales, and more importantly payments, easier and you may be able to negotiate a better commission rate once you start to earn a good amount of money. If you live outside the United States it’s worthwhile to make sure that the affiliate company will make direct deposits to your bank account. This will save a lot of time in receiving payment for your commissions. It takes a month for a cheque from Clickbank to clear for me and 3 days for a Commission Junction payment. Things To Note:
• •

Look for “micro” niches. Don’t worry if a product is seasonal, many have peaks throughout the year. Stick with one affiliate marketing network if possible.


The Platform
Obviously given the name of this guide I am focusing on WordPress based sites but it is worth mentioning that I will often have a second static HTML site set up selling the same products. On the blog I will make posts about individual items and link directly to the vendor’s sales page. On the static HTML site I will have a complete store which sells the vendor’s full range of products. I’ll also add several articles based on the product range I am selling. Whereas the blog will usually link directly to the vendor’s sales page, the static site will always link to its own store. As well as linking to the vendors page I’ll also link to the static site from the blog. I’ll often provide a link to the static site from the blog posts by ending a post with something like “If you would like to browse the Page | 41 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

full range of XXXXX Products please visit our Main XXXXX Store” The Main XXXXX Store would then be linked to the static site. The reason I use both is that it not only doubles my exposure in Google but as we know WordPress blogs are excellent for getting ranked quickly and when using this method, speed is of the essence. The blog also plays a large part in what I call “The Aftermath” which I’ll cover in the next chapter. The static store will continue to make steady sales throughout the year while the blog will make lots of sales in short periods of time. At the moment I would recommend focusing on building the WordPress blogs. Then at a later date if you want to expand your business look at adding a static store or two. Below I’ll explain how you can do this. You can use any type of website building program to produce your static sites. NVU is a free tool which is quite user friendly but personally I use Xsite Pro as it gives me everything I need in a quick and easy to use interface. Once you have created your HTML site you just need to create some pages and then add your store. The reason I create pages and add articles rather than just a store is that by focusing on long tail keywords (keywords with lower searches per month but much less competition) I can get ranked in Google for several keywords right from the start. I will also add some major keyword phrases and work at getting ranked for them over several months rather than several weeks. It is incredibly easy to place a store on a website and there are a number of companies and sites that will provide you with everything you need. This is usually just a simple piece of code which you can add to the page. The code will then display a store with your affiliate links embedded in it. The following piece of code is from a site called GoldenCan <!-- GoldenCAN Store Integration Code Start --> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""> </script> <!-- GoldenCAN Store Integration Code End -->

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If you place that on a site it will display the following:

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It is very easy to customize the store to just show a particular type of product or even just a single brand of products. All the items in the two screen shots are from Tool King. Clicking on the title or the “more info…” link will take the customer directly to the Tool King site and any sales will be credited to you.

Some vendors will provide you with your own data feed of products and code so that you can display their complete store on your site or just selected brands or categories. One example of this is is pretty good as the company sends out a monthly newsletter with lots of information in it. Below is a section from the November newsletter. It’s interesting to see how much the top affiliates are earning but it’s even more interesting to see what the top brands are as you could focus on one or two of them. They also tell you which new brands they are stocking. With this is particularly useful if one of the new brands is something that celebrities might be pictured wearing on a trip to the supermarket or elsewhere where they aren’t working. I can guarantee you that if Sarah Jessica Parker is photographed in a pair of Frye Harness boots today or carrying a new type of handbag or Page | 44 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

wearing a weird hat, no matter how strange it looks, the item will sell out in the next 10 days. The same applies if someone is spotted with a power tool, bicycle or a blue spotted widget. While we are on the subject of press coverage, products that are featured on infomercials can also be excellent sellers. Unfortunately not all vendors are as good as at keeping their affiliates informed, however try to develop a relationship with your affiliate service managers at the affiliate companies as they can give you lots of help and advice and they often have information that may help you. This is an excerpt from a recent newsletter. As you can see you get a lot of useful information which can be very useful to you. Of particular note are the top sellers and the new brands. Top 5 Affiliate Commissions Oct. $20,000 $14,600 $11,200 $9,100 $8,800 Top 5 Affiliate Commissions YTD $130,000 $78,000 $70,000 $64,000 $57,000 The Top 5 Brands Adidas Merrell Etnies Naturalizer Ugg New Brands Flow Joseph Abboud NoMass PF FLYERS 7 For All Mankind

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Things To Note:
• •

Use the tools available to you as an affiliate. Try to develop a relationship with your affiliate manager. You can use two separate sites for the same product, blogs for promoting and html sites for selling. In this case, I had a blog promoting the product which had links directly to the merchant, but I also had a store selling all the merchants products on a separate domain.


The Aftermath
My campaign nearly turned into disaster when I noticed that the company had sold out of the product after about 10 days. Normally you would probably consider this to be the end of the campaign but with a bit of lateral thinking it was possible to turn this around into more profits. The first thing I did was to create an article about how to find the product. This linked back to my blog where I gave a list of alternative products that were similar. Another quick look at the EzineArticles stats shows that this article was posted on December 6th, after 4 days when the shot below was taken it already had 1,089 views and 351 click-throughs, a CTR rate of over 30%.

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Part of the secret of the success of this campaign is that the two articles I wrote were responsible for creating a buzz about the product. The first article informed people that this article was hot and was this Christmas’s must-have item. They may not have believed one article but remember by this time I was dominating Google with unique versions of the same article all of which said that the product was hot. The second article informed people that the product was sold out but not to despair there were things that they could do to secure the product. One of the things I recommended was to look at eBay for the product as there would be quite a few products for sale at a premium. In a few hours alone I made $100 from 4 people registering at eBay. Due to the premium on these products I actually earned more from a sale on eBay than I did for a straight sale via the vendor! When the dust died down a bit I checked my income from eBay and in a few weeks I had made $1,500 in eBay sales almost split 50/50 between registrations and commissions from sales. I used the BayRSS plugin on my blog to display the product under the post so the visitors could see what they were looking for. Another thing I did was to place Adsense on the original posting so that when people went there and found it wasn’t available they would try some of the ads to try to find the product. The three Adsense stats below show earnings from my Hubpages page, the static html site and the blog, for a total of $411 in 10 Page | 47 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

days (screenshot taken at the end of December 10th) The number of impressions alone will demonstrate just how desperate people were to find the product with people on the blog visiting multiple pages.

At the end of December those figures were up to around $1,000 dollars. By writing the second article and adding the options of Adsense, eBay and alternative products to the site, I ensured that what could have been a disaster turned into a minor triumph. After all, what else can $250-$350 per day selling a product that’s out of stock be but a triumph? Things To Note:

Prepare a strategy for when the product is out of stock. Create a “buzz” for the product with your articles and be prepared to offer alternatives sources. Use your blog to its maximum potential: affiliate program, eBay, Adsense, etc. Make it easy for people to buy.




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Blogs For Digital Affiliate Marketing
I set out by stating earlier that my main focus in 2008 is going to be increasing my affiliate income by $1,000 per week. I intend to do this by simply creating simple blogs and adding one article and one product review and then by distributing 10 articles based on longtail keywords. Unfortunately, not all keywords are equal, so we need to find keywords that have a good balance between the number of searches that are made every day and the number of competing pages in the search engines.

Longtail keywords have fewer monthly searches but also fewer competing pages in Google and the other search engines. These are the keywords that we want to focus on. Longtail keywords are ones that appear in the yellow section of the graph above. For the number of indexed pages we will use Google. We use Google because the majority of people using search engines use Google for their searches. We therefore want to get our sites appearing in the first few results on Google. If you look in the example on the following page you will see that I’ve highlighted part of the picture. This is the Google results page for the term “weight loss” and it shows that there are over 47,000,000 pages indexed in Google for that keyword phrase based on an exact match. Page | 49 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t relish the competition from 47 million other pages.

We’ve decided that we don’t want to target the keyword “weight loss” as it’s far too popular, so what we now do is find related keywords that we can target. There are lots of keyword tools you can purchase that will do this for you but when you just are starting out, I suggest that you use the free keyword tool over at Digital Point. The url is: An alternative for finding the number of searches is the free version of wordtracker: Another useful free desktop tool is Good Keywords V2, available from: I need to point out here that the Digital Point tool uses Overture figures which haven’t been updated for more than a year. This is not necessarily a problem as in many cases the figures may be even higher now. If you are looking to buy a keyword tool then you should check to see where the stats come from. In the resources section you’ll find two tools, Micro Niche Finder and NicheBot, neither of which rely on Overture data. If we type in the keywords “weight loss” in one of the keyword tools, it will return a list of keywords along with the daily number of searches. Remember, a lower but still respectable number of daily searches along with a lower number of competing pages is better for our site. Page | 50 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

By looking down the list of returned searches we can see that the keyword “clenbuterol for weight loss” has over 50 searches per day and only 26,700 competing pages. Now that is much better than the 47 million results for “weight loss”. What you should do is find between 8 or 10 of these good value keywords on the same subject. This will form the basis of our site. You will have noticed in the examples that I always search for terms by surrounding the search term with “quotation marks”. This returns pages using those exact terms, which is a much more accurate indication of the number of pages indexed. If you used the term weight loss without the quotes we would see results where the site maybe contained sentences with the words “weight” and “loss” in it, but not necessarily “weight loss”. Far too many people get a case of “analysis paralysis” and think they’ll never succeed because they can’t find the exact results people tell them to find. When I first started I was looking for keywords with less than 6,000,000 competing pages and I made money from them. It’s just that the lower the number the easier it is to make money. As I said earlier, there are some great tools that will do all your keyword research for you but I don’t believe in using them until you’ve got a grasp of how keyword selection works. It is also worth considering that the more money you spend at the beginning, the more money you will need to make before you are in profit.

Affiliate Income Blueprint
This is the exact method I use to sell affiliate products. It is designed to be simple and effective. For 2008, I am taking a long term view. I intend to create one of these sites every week for 52 weeks. This, I believe, will lead to an extra $1,000 per week by the end of the year. This is based on one sale a week for every product. In reality, my own results to date indicate that it will be much more than this. I create sites like the following demo site: This method works quite well for me. For example, I have an acne related site in exactly the same format as the demo site above. It Page | 51 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

has made two sales this week. That’s $44 this week alone. If I was doing Adsense that would probably take a month or more to get. Other sites will only make three or four sales a month. I’ve had some sites make 10 sales in three weeks. The worst product I’ve promoted so far has “only” made me $180 in nine months. I’ve had sites go for months without earning anything then suddenly spring into life and make eight sales in a month. This is pretty much a numbers game so if you get 100 people to view the sales page you may make one sale; get 200 views and you’ll make two sales. Personally I want to set up one site per week but there is nothing stopping you from setting up five sites over the period of a month and then concentrating on those, writing one article a week for each site. Find what suits you best and stick with it.

Product Selection For digital products, I use CBEngine on a weekly basis to find products to promote. There are two types of product I look for. Either established products with gravity over 50 or 60 or new products. If it’s an established product, I run it through Cbtrends which provides free analysis so that I can make sure there are not many returns and that it looks like an honest, well-written product. For new products, I review the sales page and check whether it looks good and reads well and that it’s not asking for signups. I’ll then read it more closely and determine if it actually feels like a sales letter that will sell. If it does then it goes on a list of possible products. I try to stick to products that have desperate buyers, i.e., people who are suffering or in pain and need rapid cures or need a solution quickly. Having said that, on occasion I do choose products like language courses, courses to learn guitar or to train dogs.

Keyword Selection Next, I’ll look for longtail keywords that I can use to sell the product. I look for at least one longtail keyword for the main page of the site. This will usually be the best one available, with lots of Page | 52 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

searches and low competition. I then want at least another 5 keywords that I can use for articles. I generally write ten articles, so ideally, ten keywords, but I do double up sometimes (two articles for the same keyword). My preference is for keywords related to the desperate buyers scenario, thus, “how to cure lower back pain” or “quick cure for acne”. If it’s a well-known product, I’ll also target the product name. I tend to use a keyword tool called Micro Niche Finder for these keywords as it regularly finds some great longtail keywords. Follow the link above to watch it in action. I have also created my own video of how I use it to find some good quality keywords. You can view it at

Finding A Domain Name For the domain name I use a keyword based name. I run a list of related keywords through the bulk checking tool and then pick one with good traffic already in place. You’ll find a Video about this in the download area as it is much easier to show you the process than explain in depth. Building The Site Obviously, I use WordPress for the site. I have a template set up that I just clone using the SemioLogic Pro clone tool. SemioLogic Pro is a premium version of WordPress that comes with loads of built-in plugins that are ideal for the internet marketer. However, you can do this yourself by finding a WordPress theme that you like and just uploading the plugins and theme, many of which are free, that you prefer to use. The sites should be as simple as possible. A nice header graphic with a picture of the e-book in the sidebar under a heading called “Recommended Product”. An article and a review of the product is usually the only content I use. I will place the link to the review in the navigation sidebar. Once again you can see a typical site by looking at the demo site I created: I use the WP Affiliate Pro plugin to link various words and phrases to my affiliate link which I always cloak. The free Alinks plugin will Page | 53 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

do the same without the somewhat prohibitive cost of WP Affiliate Pro! Remember Keep It Simple!! Site Promotion I use Unique Article Wizard to distribute my articles. I’ll send an article every day for the first few days then cut that down a bit and send 2 articles a week after that. I usually limit myself to ten articles: five articles in week one, and then two articles in each of weeks two, three and four. The ones who haven’t fallen asleep reading this will say, “Hey, that’s eleven articles...” yep, it is, I also distribute a copy of the product review I wrote. I grab unique versions of the article from UAW and use social media sites as well as Hubpages, Gather, Wetpaint, Squidoo, etc. to promote the product by posting one of the unique articles in each site, as appropriate. On some of these, I’ll link back to my site, on others straight to the sales page and on others both. You’ll find a traffic generating guide later in this e-book that covers this in much more depth.

Blogs For Adsense
I used to use Adsense to earn the majority of my income but over time, I realised just how much it was costing me. If I send 1,000 visitors to a Clickbank sales page I make on average $440. If I send the same 1,000 visitors to page with Adsense I’ll make less than $40. Of course it is much easier to get 1000 people to a page with Adsense on it but with such a gap in the eCPM (earnings per thousand) I much prefer to take my chances with Clickbank or other affiliate sources. Personally, I feel that placing Adsense on a blog is a waste of time 90% of the time. I do have WordPress sites that earn me over $5 a day from Adsense but the vast majority are in the region of $0.50$1.00 per day. Having said that, there are occasions where Adsense can be a useful addition to a site. In particular, I would recommend everyone to build some Adsense-based sites to start with as you learn a lot about keyword selection and ad positioning. On the following page

Page | 54 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

is a diagram from Google, called a heat map. It shows where the best areas to place Adsense ads are.

The darker the area, the better the position. The Google Adsense heat map can also be useful when placing ads for affiliate products. You’ll see on the demo WordPress affiliate site that I have placed the recommended product link where the upper left orange heat indicator is. When you create an Adsense site, you should use 6-10 longtail keywords and base a unique article around each keyword. The more keywords you use and therefore, the more pages you have, the higher the profitability of the site.

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Promotional Blogs
Promotional blogs are something I stumbled into as the result of a conversation I had with someone in a local café. He asked me if I could recommend a web designer. I told this guy that he should use WordPress and set up a blog. He didn’t know what a blog was and when I explained in simple terms he didn’t think it would be of any use to him. I told him I would set him up with a blog and then if he liked it we could come to an arrangement. So I spent 20 minutes and made up a small blog with a nice theme. He loved it and we settled at $100 a year for hosting the site and $10 a month for posting any articles or content he writes. I’ve since been approached by several other local businesses to create a WordPress site for them. Here is an example of the latest which is still awaiting some content at the time of writing: It really doesn’t take much time to do and the customers are usually very happy as they expected to pay $$$$ for a website. You’ll find that many are quite happy to take over the posting once you show them how. There are also many side benefits to this approach. You get your hosting paid for by others. You become well known in the local community as an “internet expert”. I’ve recently been asked to consider giving weekly classes in internet marketing. The figure of €100 per person for a 10 week course has been discussed. If I set a limit of 10 people per class that’s around $1500 for each course plus any commission of any affiliate sales I make.

Part 3 Summary
WordPress blogs are versatile and they can be used for a number of different types of sites. Personally, I’ve found that where they excel is in the promotion of affiliate products. Physical products offer a greater potential for more sales and have a broader range of niches than digital information products. Page | 56 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Longtail keywords, those with decent search numbers but with low competition are the best way to achieve good rankings and gain free traffic. Find eight to ten of these keywords to write articles on and post one or two to your blog and distribute unique versions of each. I find that ten articles distributed in the fashion described earlier bring significant traffic. With experience you can create an affiliate site in less than 20 minutes, put in a few hours’ worth of work writing articles to promote it and if you have done everything correctly you are looking at a site that can realistically earn you $100-$200 a week. NOTES

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Part 4 Blog Promotion

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To attract traffic to your blog, the right sort of promotion is critical. Even with good content on your site, unless you tell the world about it, who will know? There are various means to promote one’s site. In this Part 4, I’ll go over the promotion methods that I use daily to achieve good rankings and gain quality, targeted traffic.

Blog Posts
Just to re-iterate what I said earlier in this guide, whenever I set up a blog, I make sure that the permalinks are set up to display the name of the post, i.e., I do this by using a custom tag of “%postname%” under the permalink section. If I think that I’ll be using a number of posts with the same keyword I’ll use “/%post_id%/%postname%” which once again will retain the keyword in the title but add a unique post number This type of link is much more attractive than the standard WordPress type link. /?p=123. And I’ve found it to rank much better. You will find that a properly set-up blog will get indexed in Google very quickly and that will go a long way to increasing your profits. When making a blog post about a product, try to ensure the post title uses the keyword phrase that you expect people to use. For example, if you’re writing about “Callaway Big Bertha 3”, then that exact keyword phrase should appear in your title. Also ensure that you use the term throughout the post and that you include a picture. Link the picture using your affiliate link and also give it “alt” text using the same phrase. There are a number of ways to give an image “alt text”. Most software tools will automatically provide an area where you can add the details or you can manually add it.

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The demo blog that I created for this site uses the following code to display the picture in the sidebar. <a href= “”><img src=”” title=”Acne Free In 3 Days” alt=”Acne free In 3 Days” /></a> The alt text is included by adding this bit: alt=”Acne free In 3 Days”. How long do you think it will take you to get indexed in Google? I usually get my posts indexed in about 6-8 hours on an established blog. This may be because I always post unique content. If you want a link to your post to appear in Google in around 2 hours or less then use to post your opening paragraph. My record for getting an item in Google is 50 minutes using Clipmarks. You’ll find more on this later in this e-book.

How do you write your articles?? If you are like most people you will spend 20 minutes on the content and a couple of minutes writing a title and the resource box. STOP!!! This is wrong!!! The Title The title is what people will see in Google so you should spend time making it attractive and be sure to feature the keyword phrase. I did a quick search for Rocket Spanish and the result that came up is shown in the graphic below. I am not saying these are great headlines and I could have found some much better ones but they are better than “Today’s Teaching Tools for Learning Conversational Spanish” which is one title I found on EzineArticles.

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The better your title the more people you will get to read your content. The Content The content should be informative and should tell prospective customers all about the good points of the product. You have got to make people want it. Appeal to their ego. If you are writing about a putter tell them how it will improve their golf game. If it’s a new watch tell them how it’s the hottest watch available and how all their friends will envy them. Give them reasons to buy it. By the time they reach the end of the article, they should at least be keen to find out more. I’ve said this in Part 1 but it’s worth saying again as it is very important. Unlike Clickbank products, with physical products, you need to do the selling yourself. If someone clicks through on your Clickbank link they go to a sales page. If they click through on your physical products they get the vendor’s shopping cart. If you’ve done your sales pitch right, your visitor will have credit card in hand! To demonstrate how much difference a good article can make the following are the stats from two articles on the same subject. Article A – 267 views, 4 clickthroughs Article B – 290 Views, 63 clickthroughs It doesn’t look like much does it, but Article A has been posted to EzineArticles for over a year, whereas Article B for less than one week. That’s the difference a good article makes!! The other great benefit of having good quality articles that rank well and drive traffic is that you don’t need to spend money on PPC. If you have 5 or 6 of the top 10 rankings in Google you can congratulate yourself by knowing that your rivals are probably spending several hundred dollars to get the same traffic you are getting. Feels good, doesn’t it!! When it comes down to it, the bottom line is profit and if you don’t have to pay for ads and manage ad campaigns you have more time to get on with ramping up your business and earning even more profit.

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The Resource Box Finally, we get to the resource box. I will say this only once but it is vitally important - DROP THE EGO!!! Are your resources boxes like this: “John Smith has been playing golf for twenty years and is considered by some to be an expert golfer. Visit for more details.” If they are similar to that then you are losing visitors. Check out your clickthrough rate at EzineArticles. Is it between 20% and 30%? If it is I apologize and continue doing what you are doing. If not then you need to change your resource box. Make your new resource box compelling and make people want to find out more. “Now you have found out why the Callaway Big Blaster is the best driver on the market click the following link to find out how you can save 50% off on the recommended price”. Or alternatively, “Find out which golf club outdrives 99% of others, Visit” Use anchor text so that they can click on “Callaway Big Blaster” If we look at the article as a complete sales presentation, the title is the opening, the content is the sales pitch and the resource box is the close. Just like in real life it’s the close that separates the ordinary salesmen from the great salesmen. To make what’s referred to as “anchor text” clickable, wrap your keyword with html tags thusly: <a href= “http.//”>Callaway Big Blaster</a>. What will show up in your resource box as the link will be the keyword like this: Callaway Big Blaster. I would recommend adding the full url in the resource box as well so that if your article is picked up by other sites, your information will be visible even if not clickable.

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Things to Note: • • • • Lose the ego in your resource box Use anchor text Your article is a sales pitch. Count the extra profit from not using PPC

The most important part of any campaign is the promotion of your blog posts and website. The more promotion you do, the more traffic you receive and the more income you make. Having said that, it need not be a long and laborious chore. I can generally attract around 80-100 visitors a day to a new site in under a month and as you have seen in this e-book it is possible to attract many more than that with the right post at the right time. The amount of time it takes me to do this is less than two hours per site. It’s not unknown for some of the keywords I’ve targeted to have ten of my pages in the first 15 ranked sites in Google. Strength in depth like that guarantees a healthy income. The following part of this guide is taken from a guide to generating traffic that I wrote for the members of the Income Academy in October, 2007. Rather than rewriting it all again as the system I use is the same today as it was then, I’ve decided to include it within this guide. Here it is in full.


Traffic Generation
Article Marketing and Web 2.0: A perfect Match Mark Thompson 10/13/2007

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The Following Guide looks at ways in which you can combine Article Marketing with the host of new Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Sites. By combining these in a simple yet effective system you can achieve excellent results in record time.

Getting your site indexed and ranking within Google, Yahoo and MSN should be your prime concern when creating a site. You may have built the greatest site ever but if you don’t generate traffic then you have wasted your time. Traffic is the key to making money online. I have had clients who have spent hundreds of dollars on e-books and software which purport to give them a system to create thousands of dollars per month. However very few of these books and programs ever mention anything about how to generate traffic. This short guide will hopefully give you some ideas about how to generate traffic. Shameless Plug!! This Guide was created for members of The Income Academy If you found it useful or have any questions then please check out the Website (where you will find a limited number of places currently available for $19.99) and The Income Academy Blog where you can find lots of valuable information and traffic generation experiments. Part 1 Unique Content The first thing you should do when you’ve built and uploaded your website is to get some unique content. This content is going to provide you with everything you need to generate traffic to your sites and get your sites ranking well. The ideal type of content is going to be 400-500 word articles. Don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling as most writing tools will provide basic spell checkers and grammar tools. If you don’t have word then Open Office is an excellent free alternative. Before writing your articles have a look at where you can get ideas for your own articles. I am not going to go into how you should write your articles as there are a number of very good free guides available that will do a

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much better job at showing you how to write good quality articles very quickly. Once you have created your first article it’s time to get it distributed and use it to get your site quickly indexed. At the very minimum you should have at least 6 unique versions of the article. This doesn’t mean that you need to write 6 different articles but that you should make at least 6 version of each article. If you can get into the habit of writing 8 or 9 small paragraphs rather than 3 or 4 large paragraphs you will find this much easier. There are 3 methods of making your articles unique. I’ll list them here in reverse order of effectiveness. Method 1 is to change the opening paragraph of the articles along with the last paragraph. You should then make a few changes to one or 2 other paragraphs. This makes each article a little bit unique. Method 2 is to use a synonym replacement tool to change various words so that they are different but mean the same. This takes practice but can be effective. Personally I don’t like this method as the articles seldom look like they have been written by humans. Wordflood is a good tool for this method. Method 3 is my personal favourite and one that I’ve been using for a while now with excellent results. I use a tool called Unique Article Wizard which will create thousands of unique articles which it then distributes to hundreds of article sites and blogs. The number of links back then starts to build over the following weeks. It takes about 1 hour to one and a half hours to get an article set up for distribution but the articles look exactly like they were written by a human. You also have access to lots of unique articles that you can use in Part 2. When you have your unique articles then you need to distribute them. The first unique article should go to The second article should then be distributed to several other article sites. I’ve included a list of 25 in the resources section. If you are using UAW then this step is done for you automatically. You should now have at least 4 articles left and we will now move onto the next part of the system. It’s worth pointing out that article marketing as with all types of promotion should be on going. If possible try to write an article every week for your sites. The more effort you put in the better your site will rank and perform. I know that every time I submit an Page | 65 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

article for my sites traffic will increase for a week or so. If I constantly create articles I can keep my traffic constant. It’s not unknown for my new sites to get 20-30 visitors a day from the start. That’s nothing special BUT it sure beats the 1’s and 2’s I used to get for the first couple of months.

Part 2: Web 2.0 Magic
You’ll find a diagram at the end on this Guide which may make the following section clearer for you. 2 years ago the primary method of getting indexed was called Blog and Ping after a while it became less effective as the system was abused. Then just over a year ago people discovered that you could get similar results from using WEB 2.0 social bookmarking sites like and furl. Things have now moved on again and social networking sites have been added into the mix. These types of sites are constantly evolving and what works well this month won’t be as effective in a few months time but something else will be. You just need to keep your finger on the pulse. We are going to use 3 different types of sites in this part to get our site indexed and hopefully traffic. For ease of use I will call these Primary sites, Secondary sites and Ignition Sites. The primary sites are ones on which you’ll create content related to your main site and have a link back to it. Primary sites include, Hubpages, Squidoo etc. The secondary sites are social bookmarking sites like, Magnolia etc. These are sites where you will just add a bookmark to your sites. The final sites are the ones I like to call Ignition Sites. These are the ones that really launch your site with a bang. These Include Clipmarks and Twitter. Over the past month has been getting my sites links into Google in under 3 hours. By that I mean within 3 hours of using Clipmarks on a brand new site I can go to Google and do a search for my domain name and it will appear under the Clipmarks site. I will only list a few sites here although there are hundreds of them. I will include a much longer list in section 5 as it makes more sense for you to find your own so that you aren’t competing with everyone else. Page | 66 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Primary Sites Above is a selection of sites that you should use as your Primary sites. Use your remaining unique articles to create a site on some of the services and place a link back to your main site from it. I would create a minimum of 4 of these sites to start with but over times there is nothing to stop you creating 20 or 30 of them. Almost all of them have front pages with a PR6 or above page ranks. Places like Squidoo and Hubpages can also generate traffic in their own rights. One other benefit is that as with the ignition sites you may see them ranking in the top ten rankings in Google. For a product launch a few months back I had 6 of the top 10 listings on the day the product was launched. Needless to say I made lots of sales without resorting to PPC. I still make several sales a day through these sites. Secondary Sites 30daytags BlinkBits BlogHop BlogLot BlogMarks BlogMemes BlogPulse BmAccess browsr Fark

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There are an abundance of secondary sites; these are your basic social bookmarking sites. A quick search of Google will throw up hundreds of these. What you want to do is to create 4 or 5 groups of these each containing around 10 different sites. Call these Group A, B, C, D Once you create a Primary site use the secondary sites to book mark it. This should only take you a few minutes once you have signed up to the services. Using a service like for one of your groups will save time. Ignition Sites Ignition sites are the sites that will really give your main site a boost. As I mentioned above Clipmarks has got my sites into Google in 3 hours. You should link from as many of these sites to your main site as possible. They tend to change over time so whereas Clipmarks is the best one to use at the moment it may not be in 2 months time. The best way to track these is to look at the Google ranking for recent product launches as Internet marketers usually have their fingers on the pulse. Check out which “non” website sites are ranking well and use them. If you look at the diagram at the end of the document you will see how all these sites come together. The primary sites all link back to the main site as do the ignition sites. The secondary sites then provide links to the Primary sites. The following diagram may help to make this process a little clearer.

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End of Traffic Generation guide.

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Part 4 Summary
If you want to succeed with any site you need to learn how to promote it and to promote it well. My “Traffic Generation” guide above gives you a basic grounding in how to use Web 2.0 resources to promote your sites so that they get lots of traffic and therefore get you into profit in the least amount of time. I suggest that you stop here and go and create your first sites. The section following this goes into depth about Web 2.0 and contains several long lists of sites that you can use to promote the sites you’ve created. Get started today!


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Part 5 Mastering WEB 2.0

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STOP!!!! Have you created you first sites and promoted them? If not, I do not advise studying this section yet. Master the basics above and then tackle this section!! Go back and create at least two sites using the methods I outlined, then come back so we can get started promoting them using these more advanced Web 2.0 techniques! If you’ve done your basic promoting, then it’s time to stoke up the traffic engine!

Blog Benefits and 253 “Free” Blog Platforms and Communities
Over the past few years, much has been written about the potential benefits that can be gained from your choice to use a blog and blog networks in your promotion efforts. Rather than rehash the arguments here, I would like to share the observations of Lee Odden offered earlier this year when he wrote about the “SEO Benefits From Blogs”: Of course the rules can change slightly over time, but here are a set of benefits I often find myself explaining to people wondering about the search engine optimization benefits of having a blog. 1. Structured content – Blog software with category features allows the aggregation of content according to themes. This makes it easier to algorithmically categorize content. If you can make it easier for search engines to understand your content, you have a much better chance of ranking well on those topics. 2. Crawlable URLs – Most blog software offers uncomplicated URL structure, making it fairly easy for search engine spiders to find and crawl blog content. 3. Internal links – Blogs that post product or service related information can deep link anchor text to product information or purchase pages deep within the web site. This is very beneficial for ranking on long tail phrases. 4. Inbound link magnet – One of the biggest benefits, blogs Page | 72 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide





link freely to each other – much more than web sites do. Blogs are also a significant source of many posts to social news and social media web sites. Text, audio and video are all easily supported for syndication by blogs. The more media available, the more likely it will attract incoming links. Additionally, there are many widgets and plugins that make it easy to share blog content, thus encouraging links and traffic. RSS – Links to RSS feed urls that use the blog domain name will assist in building link popularity and when RSS content is syndicated or cited by other blogs, any embedded links will also assist in sending traffic. Fresh content – Both readers and search engines reward fresh content with repeat visits. From a search engine perspective, that means your site can be crawled more frequently, allowing your new content to become searchable more quickly. Fresh content is also indicative of a more authoritative web site. Active community – Comments and trackback features in blog software encourage interaction. An active blog community creates the kinds of citations or signals from other sites (annotated and contextually relevant links) that search engines tend to reward in the rankings. Loyal blog readers can boost a site’s visibility through advocacy on other blogs, in forums offline at conferences as well as on their own blogs and within the comments of your blog. Non-Search traffic – I think the greatest benefit of having an active blog has little to do with improving your search engine rankings though. The best thing about blogs is that they allow you to generate substantial amounts of traffic via RSS and links that have NOTHING to do with search engines. My recommendation to marketers in 2007 is to pursue traffic alternatives to search engines as aggressively as their budgets and marketing programs will allow. The result will be incremental increases in site traffic with search engine referred traffic an added bonus, if not correspondingly enhanced.

Bonus benefit of a blog: Blog & RSS Directories – With a blog and corresponding RSS feed(s), your site can now benefit from visibility within blog and RSS search engines. Web sites without feeds (your competition maybe?) are not included in these kinds of directories and search engines. Recalling the lessons learned from the webmasters in the “Adult” Internet Marketing Community, you want to be able to “piggyback” Page | 73 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

on the work of others and begin to establish blogs in “neighbourhoods” or “blog communities” that have already earned favour and status from the assorted search engine spiders. By adding your content to the “buffet” that the “spiders” are already dining at regularly, you give your contributions the greatest opportunity to be discovered and consumed at the earliest possible opportunity. You want to make sure that your contributions are extremely targeted to your particular keyword, affiliate product or niche market and that the comments and content being posted is directly related to the topic of focus for the blog. The posts may be made by yourself or other. The other may be a friend that you have formed a “posting” or “tagging” alliance with or it may be one the personas or characters that you have created. Five critical things to remember: 1. The entries should be contributing value and information to the conversation of the blog and it is this content that can contribute to your perceived credibility or authority on the specific topic. 2. You should not use this opportunity to “sell” anything beyond your expertise. Instead you should use it as a way to create “trackbacks” (one-way link pointers) to the location independent of the blog that you would like them to visit for continuation of the “story” or to be given the opportunity to join your own community or update list. 3. If you choose to use a pseudonym or persona to make the comment, the persona selected should be a logical match. Just like individuals in everyday life…one cannot know everything about everything every possible subject at hand. For example, when making a post on golf travel, the persona that data indicates might fit best would be male, perhaps 56 years old who might reside in an appropriate geographical location to either play golf or frequently travel to quench their thirst for challenging courses. 4. NEVER spam the blogs of others. I AM NOT saying that you should not use automated posting software, I AM saying that I would only use such software to comment on blogs of my own creation or the blogs of others that I may have formed a Page | 74 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

“posting” alliance with to distribute the comments among a variety of personalities and demographics. 5. Postings and comments should be made on a consistent basis. Consistency is viewed as an important factor by Google and others. The spiders don’t like to show up to sample your item on the buffet and find old, stale digital bits. Keep the serving bowls full and tasty. If you have any personal doubts about the validity of this advice, merely recall the last time you visited a blog or online forum and found the most recent post weeks, months or even worse in the past. You will be able to find multiple and diversified “free” blog locations to create your own blogs from the following list.

Free Blogging Community Locations

Page Rank
9 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Alexa Rank
13 6 57 68 180 476 1,339 1,339 10,343 65,418 53 70 191 231 1,066 2,379 2,704 7,662 10,104 11,926 17,509 19,921 22,117 26,461 29,116 60,031 61,595 66,473

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7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

69,895 70,166 72,275 104,948 124,032 132,368 173,251 224,860 106 126 512 1,742 1,986 3,154 4,181 4,778 5,499 5,886 6,661 8,542 9,683 14,970 15,124 16,779 18,988 19,288 21,536 33,289 40,140 57,859 58,704 68,253 70,263 74,390 87,993 91,678 92,504 92,951 101,219 127,730 132,927 133,687 145,839 152,186 194,912 204,344 228,049 228,332 283,776 408,413 412,222 799,017 825,597 863,346

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6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4

1,324,750 2,146,660 0 696 1,000 2,247 13,284 18,202 19,022 29,434 35,612 35,897 43,739 47,996 50,268 57,815 58,692 59,215 63,511 68,287 72,689 74,336 77,750 88,283 90,990 139,339 142,215 144,311 171,799 172,238 177,649 187,446 211,717 245,275 294,112 323,884 370,349 386,102 395,292 613,871 640,992 726,928 778,243 912,237 987,672 1,085,279 1,184,333 1,325,509 2,699,362 0 0 410 1,424 20,704

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4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3

44,280 70,586 86,517 99,948 137,895 146,153 147,964 153,777 157,404 170,861 172,598 199,303 201,015 208,732 211,822 239,220 267,913 270,302 275,585 280,139 287,565 362,084 362,421 368,797 403,547 486,961 540,448 540,448 572,084 594,485 621,362 636,521 859,207 982,251 1,026,670 1,036,648 1,106,767 1,220,903 1,361,537 1,535,135 1,689,618 2,040,717 2,204,889 2,305,137 2,469,000 2,497,266 2,716,773 3,199,261 3,756,802 4,171,711 4,240,797 4,932,349 11,974 164,415

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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

171,799 349,054 371,421 387,962 509,134 611,030 652,589 693,121 966,032 1,135,227 1,282,531 2,025,737 2,391,688 3,314,418 3,754,278 4,074,291 60,256 164,451 542,533 1,066,301 1,454,967 1,655,329 3,797,922 5,857,498 708,060 933,967 1,676,344 0 0 0 0 0 0 519 4,386 44,502 53,931 82,371 131,350 213,371 514,356 543,581 569,840 1,010,363 1,040,215 1,490,474 1.620,294 1,784,148 1,903,070 1,940,303 1,956,819 2,674,489 3,290,276 4,240,574

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0 0 0 0 0

5,491,564 6,354,209 6,558,681 6,562,750 8,158,335

Wonderful World of Wikis
The Wiki is evolving as an online collaborative community of shared expertise that the search engines appear to love for the user generated content that they provide. You can gain a better understanding of Wikis from the observation provided within “Wikis: Taking Content Collaboration to the Next Level” (June, 2007):

You are able to gain greater insights into the ways that Wikis and Blogs can both contribute to your Web 2.0 arsenal when you understand what professionals believe to be the “key features” of valuable Wiki Communities:

Page | 80 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

The November, 2006 Third Issue from the Emerging Media Series, presented research results into “Online Video, Social Networks and Wikis”. When discussing Wikis, the data indicated the frequency that those surveyed visited Wikis, over 50% visited Wikis on a weekly basis and nearly one in five visits a Wiki daily:

Page | 81 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

The results of the study indicate that the Wiki consumer grants a high level of credibility to the merit of the information they obtain from the Wiki:

Page | 82 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

The following graphs displays the degree to which respondents indicated that they visited Wikis to make informed decisions regarding both business and technology information; and the value that they award to the information provided by the Wiki collaboration:

Page | 83 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Wiki Resources


Page Rank
8 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Alexa Rank
11,459 37,591 70,136 792 1,083 4,179 4,669 11,227 27,732 41,874 118,267 157,964


i Platform Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host

Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host to 5 users

Page | 84 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide in/WebHome p?page=K12 wikipadviewer.aspx How_to_start_a_Wiki

7 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 2 0 0 0 0 0

190,626 5,903 1,650 27,182 37,615 206,522 216,521 18,202 91,702 208,747 236,119 335,109 726,928 4,876,978 61,401 92,248 319,492 487,417 783,108 812,051 859,207 2,998,009 3,266,337 3,756,802 8,696,292 380,555 798,572 1,199,501 0 167,812 532,702 1,331,167 3,919,969

Notebook Free Wiki Host

Web Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host Free Wiki Host

Free Wiki Host

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Social Bookmarking and Tagging
Understanding the underlying principle of Social Bookmarking and Tagging is quite simple if you consider these two concepts: • • Humans have shared tips, advice and gossip with each other since the earliest days of recorded history. Your computer browser provides you with the ability to save websites and online finds as either a “bookmark” or a “favourite” that you can easily locate and revisit whenever you desire.

As the ancient Greeks travelled from Polis to Polis or City-State, they shared stories and passed on all information by word-of-mouth as their oral traditions would indicate. As we evolved from an oral tradition to a written tradition in the 15th Century with the invention of the Gutenberg press, more and more people began to acquire books and libraries. When a reader would want to save their reading place in the book they were reading, they would place a slip or chord between the opened pages to “mark” where they had stopped reading and would know where to return to in the text to start reading again. For those of us a tad less civilized, we may have even resorted to folding over a page corner to mark our place. I’m not so sure that we have progressed much beyond the days of the ancient Greeks when you listen to the chats taking place around the water cooler or break room at work. Frequently, you will overhear those gathered sharing their opinions about the best (or worst) places to eat; current movies and concerts; where to find great bargains and virtually any other topic that a human might have an opinion they are willing to share. With the advent of the commercial, graphical browser by Netscape in the Summer of 1994 (Mosaic actually released the beta version in September, 1993), the personal computer user was able to generate a “hot list” of their “favourite” online sites and resources that they discovered while surfing the Internet. This “hot list” served to digitally bookmark the location for subsequent visits. Since 1994, the number of Internet users has grown from slightly over 1 million users to 1,244,449,601 users as of September 30, 2007 according to “Internet World Stats: Usage and Population Statistics”. Perhaps even more significantly, the user of today Page | 86 Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

frequently owns multiple personal computers and mobile devices and has access to other computers in the workplace, schools, libraries, or assorted other accommodations while travelling. The question became one of convenience and necessity. How could one access their “favourites” or “bookmarks” located on their home computer while they were elsewhere? The solution became the creation of spaces online where an individual could either upload their list of bookmarks or create a separate list of bookmark locations and then access them remotely from any device that had access to the Internet. Initially, these lists were protected by a combination of username and password. Before long, the human desire to share our discoveries with others led to the making of these formerly “private” lists of favourite online sites and resources “public” and viewable by all…including the search engine spiders crawling all over the digital web. What better indicator of the popularity or value of an online site than a group of individuals who have gathered into a community and advised their fellow members that they really should “check out” a particular web site if they wanted information on a particular subject topic? Hence, we have the growth and evolution of social bookmark communities where members could digitally “tag” online locations and share their discoveries with the other members (and indirectly, other digital visitors and indexers of data that would become part of searchable online databases).
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Social Networking Communities and Platforms
Since our earliest days of being able to use our computers to access bulletin board systems and chat, users have tended to cluster into communities of other individuals who shared similar interests. In November of 1994, David Bohnett founded GeoCities. David believed that by establishing a virtual community with neighbourhood communities named after “high-profile destinations” the new community “could play host to Web users who were looking for a comfortable place to contribute their talents, meet others with similar interests, and create the electronic community of the future. The first six communities were introduced in July 1995”. By 1998, Geo Cities boasted 1.7 million members who had staked out virtual “homesteads” in 40 separate virtual neighbourhoods. Source Since those pioneering days of digital social networking communities, we have seen an explosion of a wide assortment of social communities that target virtually every conceivable area of interest or niche.

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Data presented on the following page is from comSource World Metrix comparing the growth of selected Social Networking Communities from June of 2006 to June of 2007:

Even more revealing, is the data on the following comScore chart which displaying the average number of “Daily” visits that each of the selected Social Networking Sites experience:

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Depending upon your target audience, you will need to consider that different social networking communities seem to attract different community members from the global population pool. The following chart of “unique visitors” to the selected Social Networking Sites is displayed with a breakdown into five “Worldwide Regions”. The regions are: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East-Africa and Asia Pacific:

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The A.C. Neilsen “NetRatings” have identified these 10 Social Networking sites to be the “Top 10” Social Networking Sites for August, 2007:

eMedia conducted a survey exploring current and potential future uses of Social Networking Sites and the results provide some interesting and potentially profitable insights:

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Below, you will find a compilation of over 400 different Social Networking Sites and Social Networking Platforms that will allow you to create your own Social Networking Community. When selecting any community pay attention to its focus and “perceived” authority as indicated by Google PR and Alexa Ranking.


Google PR
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Alexa Rank
20 648 896 1 1 6 7 8 9 10 30 45 56 277 284 476 877 902 1,291 1,353 1,669 6,882 16 19 91 95 104 139 280 356 464 466 604 1,119 1,633 1,753 1,824 1,888 2,013 2,042 2,217 2,410 2,484 2,523

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2,545 2,555 2,978 2,989 4,372 5,165 5,415 5,765 8,233 11,879 15,309 17,882 30,788 31,845 36,924 45,868 51,837 65,879 68,322 73,409 135,821 141,486 459,242 10,783,343 11 106 123 140 153 246 260 353 385 517 525 530 537 602 773 774 917 1,007 1,346 1,430 1,542 1,957 2,173 2,240 2,374 2,383 2,461 2,578 2,579 2,735

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2,917 3,367 4,140 4,180 4,244 4,374 4,382 4,407 5,532 5,932 6,904 7,128 7,536 7,579 8,497 8,547 8,833 9,121 9,183 9,360 9,472 9,595 9,879 10,694 11,010 13,151 13,424 13,426 14,251 15,336 15,491 19,245 20,058 22,645 24,145 25,313 26,726 27,378 27,784 28,343 29,332 29,877 38,604 40,224 57,338 60,367 64,533 83,819 94,449 95,333 116,529 119,406 123,103 124,474

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125,077 126,788 141,628 144,977 168,330 170,021 178,856 202,723 235,188 276,431 310,675 363,228 461,970 567,952 580,555 799,017 2,724,362 2,937,598 0 0 305 403 516 893 981 997 1,398 4,652 4,658 5,320 6,147 7,411 7,521 8,856 9,230 9,565 9,580 14,602 15,597 20,088 21,855 22,440 23,105 27,790 28,430 32,383 33,347 35,627 36,311 43,854 45,121 47,008 48,700 51,552

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52,651 52,746 56,148 57,036 72,151 81,333 88,083 91,933 93,373 97,205 98,559 120,033 129,086 147,700 150,636 162,815 183,579 189,491 203,347 210,915 224,781 235,335 255,831 263,190 309,682 322,271 332,646 358,062 392,238 409,600 451,582 615,342 670,019 681,756 708,919 760,137 761,374 941,667 1,020,514 1,049,367 1,093,220 1,511,714 2,181,316 2,227,670 2,591,285 3,519,345 3,525,704 5,167,868 5,208,675 9,122,228 0 0 0 0

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0 3,742 4,293 4,511 8,692 26,361 29,227 35,328 61,440 61,938 74,398 76,332 83,317 99,055 107,483 153,935 175,270 213,184 219,753 380,359 422,790 480,914 510,248 523,668 527,619 529,702 555,692 720,876 1,011,236 1,142,176 1,169,055 1,184,626 1,185,334 1,218,683 1,263,629 1,313,948 1,343,436 1,381,708 1,433,795 1,512,284 1,773,360 2,040,717 2,335,637 2,444,738 2,481,991 2,500,136 2,571,591 2,629,754 3,103,970 3,705,983 4,182,214 4,526,754 4,678,048 4,996,418

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5,098,204 5,126,491 5,708,253 7,082,257 8,354,137 0 0 0 0 0 56 4,293 7,493 9,680 13,259 29,826 46,104 56,739 74,812 86,092 118,432 129,086 185,386 235,220 380,717 542,058 607,831 755,990 844,079 919,410 1,117,748 1,340,451 1,374,421 1,941,221 2,029,194 2,236,409 2,713,433 2,971,381 3,962,932 4,398,025 5,189,567 7,864,868 9,970,059 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4,769 217,624

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757,986 1,341,474 2,787,689 3,338,872 5,321,727 5,731,388 6,233,950 0 0 225,397 2,132,007 3,474,114 10,099,026 0 0 0 0 78 135 2,233 2,917 4,382 4,529 8,964 10,595 63,131 88,959 122,490 173,469 183,507 329,413 385,954 454,306 492,990 694,280 720,490 875,698 966,809 1,134,630 1,351,301 2,700,778 3,097,516 3,227,475 5,225,585 6,959,455 9,755,605

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Part 5 Summary
As you’ve learned, there are hundreds of social networking sites which allow anyone to share their views, websites or whatever strikes their imagination with the world. As Web 2.0 communities become more and more a part of the internet public’s collective awareness, you can benefit from the power of using Web 2.0 promotion starting right now. With this guide, you have the tools and know-how to both contribute to these communities and gain back something in the form of highly targeted visitors who can then be motivated by your site’s content to hit that “Buy” button. Used responsibly and correctly, these types sites can literally drive immense amounts of traffic to your blogs and help explode your earnings.

I sincerely hope that you’ve undertaken to take advantage of all the benefits that WordPress blogs have to offer. The tools and methods that I’ve described in this guide will allow you to take your affiliate earnings to greater levels. The key is to take ACTION! If you would like to contact me with any queries or questions you can email me via


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