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									Rebrandable eBooks

Thank you for downloading this Rebrandable eBook. To make money, you simply need to rebrand it and start giving it away! 1. Rebranding Instructions To rebrand the book, run the supplied ReBrand Application (PDF Brander). When it is running, drag and drop the PDF eBook onto the Brander application window. You will then be asked to enter your Nickname. Just enter your ClickBank Nickname when prompted. Then click the 'Brand' and the 'Save' Buttons to Save your Branded copy.

2. Obtaining a ClickBank Nickname & Earning Commission If you don't have a ClickBank Nickname, you can get one here (it's free) ... * You will earn commission when anyone purchases any of the offers inside the book * You will earn commission when someone signs-up and takes the One Time Offer * You will earn commission when someone buys any product from our Store And your referral is tracked for the life of the ClickBank cookie!

3. eBook Graphics You will find the eBook graphics in the 'images' folder. Make use of these professionally designed images on your Website, Blog Squidoo Lens etc.

4. Promoting Your Rebranded eBook There are many ways you can use your Rebranded eBook. Here are some suggestions ... a) Submit your Rebranded eBook to eBook Directories b) Use the eBook as a Free Bonus to a Product c) Use the eBook as a Sign-Up Inducement to Build Your List d) Simply Give the eBook away to your List as a Free Gift Your rebranded eBook may itself be passed on by other people starting a viral effect - and you will earn commission every time someone buys a product through your referral link.

5. Affiliate Program Finally, you might wish to sign-up for our Affiliate Program so we can send you more Rebrandable Books in the future as they become available ... Here's wishing you great success!

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