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The final project in this course requires you to run programs on multiple machines that will communicate with each other. The machines that you can use to run these programs are located in the FOSSIL Lab. You will need to create user accounts on the FOSSIL clients to be able to execute your programs. This handout will walk you through to create user accounts on FOSSIL machines.

In order to create the user accounts on FOSSIL clients, you will need to be physically at the client. You only need to do this once and these clients will be remotely accessible through the FOSSIL server. Instructions on how to access them remotely will be explained later in this handout.

Setting up User Accounts on FOSSIL Clients
Currently, there are 17 FOSSIL clients that are up and running. The following table lists the names of the working FOSSIL clients. Leto Phoebe Apollo Hades Charon Hera Atlas Themis Clotho Zeus Metis Perseus Eros Athena Uranus Chaos Helios

Sit at one of the clients listed above and log in as root using the following password: cs4513d7 Create your user account using useradd command as shown below. (accountname is the username with which you want to log into the client.) useradd –m accountname Then create your password using passwd as shown below. passwd accountname Then log out using logout command and try to log back in using your newly created account. If it works, you are all set for that client. You can go to other clients that you want to use and repeat the process to create user accounts on them.

Remote Access
You need a FOSSIL server account and this will be emailed to you from the TA. Use the account information in the email to log into the FOSSIL server by SSH’ing to Once you successfully log into the FOSSIL server, then you can SSH to the client that you want to use. Remember that you cannot directly SSH to the fossil client because they are in a private network. You must go through the FOSSIL server to access them. If you have any questions, please email the TA for help.