$UVFT Signs Two Heavy Hitters

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					$UVFT Signs Two Heavy Hitters
January 6th, 2010 The Dean’s been teaching the CollegeStock Community about his third-ever Ivy League Stock Pick and the company’s and potential to grow and market their FDA approved product in the indoor air quality market, which brought in $7.7 billion in 2008. If you’ve been doing your homework on $UVFT, you’d already know that the company’s FDA approved UV400 Viraguard and U.S. Patent # 6,939,397 connects this Ivy Leaguer to Eco-Rx, Inc. News out this morning reinforces this fact because $UVFT has appointed two heavy hitters to their Board of Directors, including Mr. Roger Nelson, who served as Senior Vice President of Eco-Rx, Inc. since 1996, and Dr. Dennis Rosen. The Dean believes this move is pivotal for $UVFT excitement because Eco-Rx, Inc. specializes in the air purification industry and Mr. Nelson brings 36 years of experience in the medical equipment and health care sector the the table. Additionally, Dr. Rosen has more than 30 years of medical experience, with a specialization in pediatrics, to share with the $UVFT team. In today’s press release, we also learn that $UVFT President and CEO John J. Lennon is excited about these appointments because the company is looking to “expand [their] reach into the marketplace.” The Dean believes that 2010 is shaping up to be HUGE and can’t wait to see what the rest of January will bring. Next, check out The Dean's penny stock picks that have made huge gains.

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