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									Let’s say you have a site about arthritis. What kind of visitor is most likely to click an AdSense Ad? One who is there for information or one who may be looking to buy a remedy? This has been well tested; those who are perhaps ready and willing to buy something are more likely to click an Adsense ad. Therefore, your site about arthritis will get more clicks if you can attract visitors who could be potential buyers. Many of the AdSense ads could be about arthritis remedies. But how can you attract more visitors who are in the buying mood? There is a new term going around the AdSense world lately. It is called "commercial intent". You want visitors with commercial intent to visit your site as much as possible. The keywords you optimize for are the deciding factors as to what intent your visitors have.


What is it about Internet marketing that makes people think there are quick bucks to be made here? It amazes me how many beginners I see throwing up templates, or otherwise worthless sites with duplicate content/code, no optimization, poor copy, tons and tons of ads, AND trying to fit that into a highly competitive niche. Talk about a monumental waste of time! I wish I could somehow harness all the wasted effort these beginners spend trying to make those fast dollars. If only I could direct all that energy toward action with a chance at least for a successful outcome. Here's the truth. 99% (it's actually higher I think) of all the people who try AdSense will only make pennies with it. So how can you be in that 1%? There are no secrets to it really. Just look at and learn from what others in that 1% group are doing. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. The vast majority of people in that 1% group are succeeding because they KNOW how to pick niches and create those sites which get ranked well in the search engines. That is it in a nutshell. If you can't pick the right niches and then build pages for those niches which rank on the first page of Google and/or Yahoo, you are out of luck my friend. Picking the right niche AND doing the correct keyword research are the most important ingredients for AdSense success. If you already own AdSense Connection, don't forget that you have complete access to my Member's Site. There, among many other resources, I have the "1500 Niche Ideas" list you can use for brainstorming new ideas. Also, I have there a step by step instruction page for doing the type of keyword research required to find those perfect keywords for your niche. It is more work than just using the keyword tools (which will often lie to you), but the results of that method are gold plated keywords!

Stay focused for the long term. Always be prepared to keep matter what. Learn from your mistakes. Those who "fail" simply give up too soon.

Now you can earn money promoting AdSense Connection! I've put my popular AdSense Connection package into a Butterfly Marketing site. What this means for you is the opportunity to earn income by promoting AdSense Connection! Plus, the powerful Butterfly Marketing script has an extremely high conversion rate with its built-in one-time offer! Right now I am enjoying about a 10% conversion rate for the one-time offer! That means that, on average, 1 in about every 10 clicks on your affiliate link will result in a commission for you! You'll receive 50% commissions on every sale you make...including when buyers upgrade to the monthly coaching! (With it, you'll get a 50% commission month after month!) Get Your Affiliate link; simply go here and join the free site: After you join that free site, you'll get your affiliate link! That link will take non-members to the signup page. When they sign up and buy the one-time offer or later upgrade, you'll earn a 50% commission! Please let me know if you have any questions about the new affiliate program!

Here is a quick tip to improve your AdSense success. Ask a friend to look at your AdSense site. Set them in front of your computer, have them type in the URL, and then let them view it for about 2 seconds before getting their attention away. Ask them what they were looking at in those 2 seconds. If they were looking at your AdSense ads right away, there is a very good chance your Ads are NOT placed correctly. You do not want your ads screaming at a new visitor! That is the quickest way to have them click away from your site. In order to be successful with AdSense, the page must give the visitor content which they find interesting. Yes, you want them looking at your content first...not the ads! If the page is designed so the ads appear "begging" for attention, the visitor will not stay long. You need to captivate the visitors' attention with your content in some way such as with text or pictures or both. Otherwise your page looks like "just another ad site" to them. The last thing you want is for the average visitor to hit the back button in the first 2 seconds. Original, optimized, and captivating content is an AdSense site's number one asset.

I've been making money from Adsense for the past 3 years and have hit both the highs and lows before. I've reach $100 per day before (using tedious greyhat methods) and have hit a low $5 per day (When Google changes algorithm). Yeah, I almost gave up Adsense at one point. Today, I'm back to just $600+ per month and after playing with black, grey and white hats, I came to some conclusions. I want to play a fair game with Google now and so I'm building my Adsense earnings properly with time-tested techniques. Trust me, I'll reach my $1000 per month by June and $2000 per month by end of this year.

Here's what I discovered and if you should follow my advice, you should have no problems reaching a good $10 per day (which I think that's a basic target that I read from most people in this forum): Content is king - Heed this advice, friends. Content IS king. Google loves content and if your website keeps giving content they gotta love you. Big website wins - When I say big website, I mean at least 100 pages of content. It should be built slowly from 10-20 pages, adding 1-2 new pages every week. I have a website that boasts a good 300+ pages of content and that is earning me $4-$5 per day. Don't be afraid of PLR - I use both original and PLR content for all my websites. There is not specific ratio between original and PLR content. I have one site with 100+ pages where 80+ pages are PLR and only 20+ pages are original and that site is still earning me a good $5-$8 per day. The key here is to make sure that all the content related to each other. It short, make it themed. Put Adsense blocks at the upper fold - This shouldn't be new to you. You ought to have a 728 x 90 block near the top, a 336 x 280 in the content and a 120 x 600 side block for EVERY page. That covers pretty much a lot. Blend your adsense to the webpage - Nothing new here. You should understand this. All your Adsense links should be blue - People are used to clicking on the blue link so don't change them unless you have personally tested to show that other color works for you. Participate in Ad Revenue sharing forums - This is mostly forgotten. Digital point is one of them. There are many other forums that allow ad revenue sharing. I had days where I

receive 'unknown' $3 or $5 click out of nowhere. My guess is that it is from the ad revenue sharing forums like Digitial point. Don't miss this. Ignore the high paying keywords - Trust me, they will NEVER work. Stop aiming for those $20 per click keywords. People selling and offering these keyword lists are worthless. Why? Just run a competition check and you will see 20,000,000 competing sites for that keyword. Are you going to try that? Volume counts - Don't worry with lower paying keywords. You can slowly build it up. Volume counts in the end. You can get paid a measly $0.10 per click but if that is a well search keyword, you can get 10-20 clicks of $0.10 each, which still represents a good $2 for that keyword. Never stop the SEO game - SEO is crucial if you want to win the Adsense game. So, always do these everyday: Find good keywords (ie. high search, low competition), write and submit articles, build backlinks legally and naturally, etc. Do it everyday, and you will see the fruits.

Lastly, remember that Adsense is just another monetization tool for all of us. For me I love to monetize via Adsense because I only care about CTR. I don't have to be concerned with salesletter conversion, landing page CTR, etc. My visitors just click and I make money, easiest money ever.

Google takes click fraud VERY seriously. They do not want their advertisers cheated! Here is a short list of things Google is watching for. Any one of these could result in your account being terminated. 1. Multiple clicks from the same IP address. Warning! A workplace with multiple computers is probably using the same public IP address for all the computers! If you work at a place with many computers/employees, do not tell people about your site! 2. If your Click Through Rate is too high, Google could flag that as possible click fraud. 3. Do you have friends and relatives all in the same town clicking on your ads? If so, Google will know! 4. Ok, so you get fancy and think you can spoof your IP (change your IP address). Google also uses cookies to check! 5. Google will think it is odd if a certain person (computer) clicks on ads on one specific site but rarely clicks on other sites' ads. 6. They also will wonder why a person is clicking ads at a higher rate than normal on a site they typed in or went to with a bookmark. 7. Yikes! People are finding and clicking on a site which is not ranked well in the search engines and has virtually no incoming links. There's a red flag for sure! Google wonders how that site got traffic in the first place. 8. Many advertisers have conversion tracking set for their accounts. Google will find it odd if the clicks on your site never result in a sale or some type of conversion like a newsletter signup, etc. . By the way, Google does not care who committed the "bad clicking". All they care about is that their advertisers can be hurt by the clicking. Perfectly honest people can have their accounts banned if they position their sites in such ways which may attract "bad clicks". For example, say you come from a large family and mention to all of them you are making money by people clicking the links your site. They love you, they simply try to help you when they get back home,

and they get you banned. Google's number one concern is for their advertisers. You should ALSO make the advertisers your number one concern! This will insure a long and profitable relationship between you and Google.

I can always tell when someone really does not understand the process of succeeding with AdSense sites. They will ask a question like this: "Which keywords do I need to optimize with that pay the highest per click?" Ok, here are 5 very well paying keywords: Home loans Home or car insurance Mesothelioma Attorney Lawyer Only a beginner would choose one of those areas to create a site for. Yes, those keywords pay well. However, how in the world will the site ever get traffic? Some of the best SEO professionals are working very hard to rank pages for those terms. The competition is simply too intense and filled with too many talented marketers. What a beginner really should ask is this: What are keywords in areas where the competition is not too great? What niche can I create a site for and reasonably expect to rank well in the search engines with? Those new to AdSense are far better off creating a site in an obscure area which may only generate a few dollars a day. It is simply not that difficult to create a 5 to 10 page site which earns fifty to sixty dollars a month...this month, next month, and every month. Likewise, it is not that difficult to find dozens of niches with which to duplicate those results with! Stop trying to hit a grand slam with a high paying site. Focus on winning your success with simple base hits. Those small successes are all your need to build a large and profitable portfolio of sites! Of course traffic is the real key. No traffic means zero success...period! Since paying for traffic is not an option for Adsense success, one must rely on natural methods which do not cost. What you need are working strategies which consistently bring that traffic to your sites.

OK, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but you all have to listen to me on this! Too many beginners have a one-track mind when it comes to placing their AdSense Ads. I see too many new sites with the ads up front and center and IN MY FACE! A visitor does not come to your site in order to see your ads. Read that sentence again. Print it out in bold letters and tape it to your monitor if you have to. Recite it 100 times. Do whatever it takes to remember it. Beginners are often so blinded by possible dollar signs that they lose all sense of what is involved in achieving success. Put yourself in your visitors' shoes. If you want information about how to replace a light switch, how do you feel if you find a site in the search engines titled "Repair a Light Switch" and the first thing you see at the site are "in your face ads"? Nothing is a bigger turn off to visitors. Nothing makes the back button more attractive at that moment. Stop slapping ads at the top of the page, on the left side, on the right side, and with link units down below. I repeat: A visitor does not come to your site in order to see your ads. A visitor coming to your site looking for help fixing a switch wants to see a diagram of a light switch along with great instructions...NOT an AdSense image ad for the latest greatest halogen light bulb on one side and 4 or 5 ads above the content! Ok, I will stop ranting now. I hope you get my point. Feed your visitors what they want: Great content! Then carefully insert the ads so they blend in well and do not scream to be clicked.

Which is better, many small sites or one large site? I get asked this question a lot! However, there is not a simple answer. It is easier to rank for and start earning at least some income from a site optimized for extremely niche keywords. The down side to very niche sites is that they won't ever get large amounts of traffic. No matter how many pages of content you create, you simply can't increase the numbers of people searching for "doggy rain boots", for example. Therefore, a small 5 to 10 page site will provide the most bang for your buck in very niche areas. What about larger niches? Is building just one large site ever worthwhile? Absolutely! Remember this fact about search engine marketing: A 100 page site optimized for keywords in a large niche will usually generate more traffic than 10 small niche sites with 10 pages each. Why is this? Google and Yahoo love large themed sites. The combined content in a large site is worth more than smaller chunks of content spread across numerous sites. Here are some points to remember on this subject: - Large sites are only successful IF there is enough potential traffic for that niche. - More potential traffic usually means far more competition. - More competition usually means good rankings will take longer...sometimes MUCH longer. - However, eventually, X amount of work will result in more income with a single large site than if that same amount of work is spread across many sites. I hope you see now that many small sites are NOT your only option. If you are a very self-motivated type of person, committing yourself to one large site in a larger niche can prove very worthwhile!

Most Internet marketing "gurus" offer great products for intermediate level marketers. However, by and large the gurus' information is basically worthless to beginners who don't yet have a solid foundation of skills. Success requires building that solid foundation first! Worse yet, the guru is all but inaccessible for simple questions and answers; this support is something beginners desperately need access to at first. That is where I come in. I have a teaching background and truly enjoy helping beginners achieve their dreams online! I remember the excitement I felt when my wife and I first began having success. Nothing beats having the dream of quitting the Rat Race come into focus! If you've taken my Crash Course already, you know your first steps are: - Choosing the correct niche - Correctly researching keywords - Learn proper SEO techniques (search engine optimization) Remember, don't spend a minute of time on your new site until you complete the above! Those must be done correctly or any work on your site could very well be wasted! My future newsletters will offer much insight to the process. However, if you are ready right now to focus and jump-start the process, there is no quicker or more effective way than with a qualified mentor. My clients have a definite advantage with my personal coaching calls, private access forum, and large resource library. Time is money and they choose to build a working and profitable business as soon as possible.

No matter how much or how little your AdSense account is earning right now, it is always possible to earn more by testing such things as ad placement, text and link colors, and ad formats. A quick checklist for proper AdSense testing: - Every single ad group or link unit should have a unique channel name. - At least 200 to 300 page views are required in order to gather relevant data. 1000 and more page views is better for a test. - Make one change at a time per page. For example, take the lowest performing ad group on a page and change the font color to either blend better or stand out better. - Be sure to record the performance data for the given channel before the test begins. - Be sure to record the format (colors, size, etc.) of the channel being tested before the test begins (it is very easy to forget what it was before). - Do not "panic" if the results appear down right aways. Always allow the test to complete the total page views you establish for testing. The worst thing one can do is constantly change ad formats without allowing proper testing lengths. If AdSense is to be your main marketing method, you absolutely must establish regular testing procedures. Testing will almost always lead to higher and higher AdSense checks! By the way, I am a firm believe in not "putting all your eggs in one basket". There are plenty of ways beginners can succeed online without totally depending on AdSense. Check out my "20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Online".

I know someone who is REALLY racking up the AdSense clicks by incorporating a CSE into his sites. CSE stands for Custom Search Engine. If you don't know how it works, keep reading. A Google CSE is a simple Google search box...on steroids. You can find the sign-up page by going to Google and searching for "Google CSE" Basically, what it allows you to do is to customize the search results of a Google search on your site. YOU have the power to make the results very relevant for your niche. Imagine you want to target a niche with one of the keywords being "eye problem". You'd first create an optimized site just like normal. But then you would also go into your CSE account and create a custom search engine and populate it with the best possible links you could find for "eye problems". Use all the WebMD type sites you could find. While in your CSE account you also specify your Adsense account number so all the clicks within it will credit your AdSense account. The point here is to make the little search engine VERY valuable for people so they may make several searches with it; thus they spend more time there and may click an ad or two. Next, on the page above the search box, you can have a heading such as this: "Search For an Eye Doctor In Your Area". Then in small text you could give an example such as: "Austin eye doctors" Then when a visitor does a search with his or her town for eye doctors, some VERY targeted AdSense ads will appear. These will have a very high CTR; many of the ads will say "Austin Eye Doctor". People will click! Like I said, I know someone who is doing this with many different areas and is very successful at it. Think about it! This puts a whole other twist on how to use AdSense. There are thousands of possible ideas which will work very well. Anytime people might search for exact locations, exact model

types, exact anything, is a good time to use a Google Custom Search Engine. I have something for you today I think can benefit your business. I like to pass along great deals like this when I find them. ...especially when the deal doesn't cost you anything! My Friend Ross Carrel has a cool, no-cost offer on his site where he gives away an image package. It's one of the best give-away image packs I've seen! It's full of all kinds of images like buy buttons, download buttons, credit card images, highlight arrows, cool bullets, fancy fonts, and a lot more. It even includes an eBook Cover Generator! If you build web pages, you can freely use these images on any and all of your sites.

Internet marketing has changed my family's life in the past few years. The work-at-home lifestyle really made us see just how stressed we constantly were while working "real" jobs. No way would I ever go back to that rat race! How could any opportunity be more exciting? You have the chance to build a thriving business without the risk required in times past. Sure, it still takes some money to make money. However, instead of requiring thousands of dollars, the risk now is no more than what you might budget for morning coffees each month! Your online opportunity is here and waiting for you; all you need is the desire and willingness to learn and take action. That is all! The 2 main steps for building a profitable website are: 1. Find the right niche and keywords! If you get this part wrong, NOTHING else will work! 2. Build a search engine friendly website. Ranking well in Google is EXACTLY why my wife and I don't go to "work" Monday mornings anymore!

You probably have heard me talk about planting seeds. Creating small niche AdSense sites is a perfect example of planting a seed and watching it grow. There are no guarantees. Some of the niche sites work great and some don't. Others take a while to take off. Here is a perfect example of a slow growing site: I have a little AdSense site about searching for lost people (as in long lost relatives and friends). I created the site (several years ago) back when I knew but a fraction of what I know now. My keyword research methods were very primitive. Back then I mainly used the free keyword tools to pick the keywords. I found some PLR content and paid a student to rewrite about 12 pages of it. I bought some pictures from istockphoto for one dollar each to spruce up the site. I submitted it to some directories at that time. Since then I have done nothing to the site. The site was indexed pretty fast. However, the site only earned about 30 dollars a month for the first 18 months. Hey, I am not complaining! That is 540 dollars and I only spent about 100 dollars for the pictures and the content writing! Then, about a year ago, things began changing. For some reason, all of a sudden, some other search engines were picking it up! Originally it was only showing well in the Dog Pile search engine. Now the site has been earning between $250 and $400 per month! THAT is what I mean about planting seeds!

In my business I deal with many Internet marketing beginners and those who have yet to make much (if any) money online yet. These people are my target audience and I have gotten to know them very well over the past few years. I've seen many beginners progress and enjoy success online. Unfortunately, for every one who succeeds there are many others who don't. Those who simply quit blame their failures on any number of things. Excuses I have heard from beginners: They weren't smart enough. They didn't have enough time. Their spouse would not support them. They couldn't afford a web editor or even hosting. They chose the wrong niche. Their computer is not fast enough. No one would hold their hand enough. They started Internet marketing too late. Their country does not support PayPal ...and even their stars were not aligned correctly! Yes, I have heard it all. But you know what? All those excuses are just excuses. There is ONE thing lacking in all those who have excuses - A BIG ENOUGH DREAM! Whether it be Internet marketing or a brick and mortar business, your dream had better be big enough to beat down every last excuse. All successful Internet marketers had that little voice spouting excuses in his or her head in the beginning; it's just normal human nature. But if the dream is big enough, every single excuse fades away. The dream needs to be so large that you TASTE IT! You must live and breathe it every day. No, I don't mean you have to work 24/7. However, for those who succeed, the dream is never far out of mind. After reading this, if you know beyond any doubt your dream is "big enough", congratulations! Success is already guaranteed for you. However, if you question the size of your dream, perhaps you simply cannot get past feeling overwhelmed with all there is to know and

learn in this business. That's where I can help. Beginners handle this in different ways. All you need right now may be a clear path shown to you. Internet marketing is not paint-by-numbers, but it does require a connect-the-dots mentality for combining a number of skills and principles into a profitable business. I remember how difficult this process was when I began Internet marketing some years back. I could have eliminated many of the dead ends I hit had I been able to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with a mentor experienced in Internet marketing. In my business, I combine my passion for Internet marketing with my love for teaching. My goal is to help you enjoy the level of success and lifestyle I have been able to achieve.

Let's do a quick checkup here. Some of us get into ruts and forget about key areas we should be doing better in. Here are a few: * You should have a different channel name for EVERY ad unit and ad group. Even if you have 3 ad groups on one page, each should have its own channel name. How else can you test if you don't do this? * Did you know you can use ANY color for the ad setup? You don't have to only pick from the pallet they offer. Simply find a color picker tool online and you can input any hexadecimal color code. * Remember, text ads USUALLY product better than image ads. You should test however. * Less is more. The more ads you stuff onto a page, the lower your CPM will be in almost all cases. * Don't give your friends in your city the URL's to your sites. You don't need Google seeing clicks on ads coming from perhaps the same subnet of IP addresses as the one you log into your account with. * For that matter, don't spread your URL around to friends and relatives at all. * Unless you have 400 to 500 (1000 is best) page views between tests, testing is very difficult. I know some beginners who change up there ads on a daily basis even though their traffic is less than 50 page views a day! This is a waste of time. * The higher priced the service or product is which the AdSense ads are for, the more they will pay. You really don't need a tool to tell you which ones will be low and which will be high. For example, if your site's content produces ads which offer pages of jokes or lyrics or ring tones, those ads will not be paying much. On the other hand, if the ads on your page are for high priced electric pottery kilns, they will pay well! Remember, the number one thing you can do to improve your AdSense sites is to produce more optimized content with more keywords you have researched. So if you get bored, write a page of content for you site! (ha ha...who ever heard of a bored Internet marketer?)

Today's tip is about motivation. I have always been one to need instant gratification in order to stay motivated. The Internet business has really forced me to work hard to overcome this. Besides eBay, there is no such thing as "instant gratification" online. And since we only want to use eBay as a stepping stone or side income to our business (the real money for most is on the Internet and not on eBay), we all must learn discipline. Here it is, short and sweet: You will HAVE to work countless hours on your Internet business before making your first $100! I had to and you will too...unless you just get lucky. Of course you may... and you may win the lottery too. But for most, there is NO FREE LUNCH! If you are serious about making a full time income from the Internet, you MUST be willing to work late nights and weekends for probably many months before you will see that first $100. I can't tell you how many hours I put in working on the computer every spare moment before I had any money coming in. (I think my wife can tell you though!!!) It was tough. I know she must have thought I was insane...but she was pretty understanding for the most part. Of course now she REALLY understands since our online business has allowed both of us to quit our jobs! Ok, I hope I made my point here. work hard, stay focused, and you WILL succeed....just don't give up before you give yourself a real chance! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------I preach this all the time. However, I still have people contacting me who are struggling with their AdSense sites' traffic. Many have skipped a few key steps. Some of these people are even customers of mine who should know better...Shame Shame! Just kidding! I realize the problem with impatience. I struggle with it myself. The biggest mistake I see people doing when creating AdSense sites is jumping the gun and begin investing time before the idea is researched well. Many simply DO NOT spend enough time in the prelims. Internet marketers are all cut from the same cloth in some

respects; when the next "greatest idea" hits our brains we cannot wait to implement it! However, the process requires time which is always in short demand. You must use it wisely. Here is a rough time line you should follow to avoid wasting valuable time with a worthless AdSense site idea: Day One: The idea pops into your head from nowhere! Go ahead; let it run wild inside your head for a day. Sleep on it well; then see how you feel about it tomorrow. Oftentimes things don't look the same the next day. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to begin work on the AdSense site that very day! You can spend a bit of time surfing and looking at some possibilities, but don't spend a lot of time there yet. Day Two: If the idea still excites you, now is the time to rope it in and be business-like about it. Start planning your research. Surf the web looking at competitors. (If there aren't many, you had better wonder why.) Start taking notes. Use free keyword tools to help you brainstorm. If at all possible, talk it over with someone. (My wife sure comes in mighty handy in these times; she does a very good job at keeping me away from the deep end.) Day Three: Plan out and begin your AdWords test campaign. If you don't do this properly (or at all), you are throwing darts in the dark. If you are not familiar with the AdWords test campaign, contact me! This is by far the most important step of all when building AdSense sites. I really can't emphasize that enough. My product, Real WebSite Pro offers a complete, step by step process for conducting the all-important keyword research! Day Four: Usually, the test campaign only needs run for a day. After that you should have a good handful of very nice keywords which you KNOW receive searches. Today you will decide on the ones you will use. The keyword selection method for the AdSense site involves comparing the number of real searchers to the keyword's competition. I like to optimize my index page with the one I feel is the best of all the possibilities. Again, if you are not familiar with this research process, contact me! Day Five: If everything is still a go, it's time to create the content and build the site. (Remember that 3 or 4 out of every 5 ideas usually are shown to be duds by the above research. Success in Internet marketing requires learning the art of "failing fast"!) One last thing however:

I know how anxious you may be to get your AdSense sites listed in Google. However, do not begin submitting to the directories before you have most of the content published. It is best to show Google your AdSense site for the first time only after you have plenty of great content! I see far too many beginners throwing up a page or two and then pointing Google to the site. Have some patience and do it right! If done properly, building small, niche Adsense sites can be a great way to earn a steady "paycheck" from Google! There is no rocket science or tricks involved. Just follow a proven process and success comes amazingly easy. ----------------------------------------------------------------Building a website is often the biggest hurdle beginners face. Many beginners take the "easy way out" and use a template or "wizard" to create their site. Neither of these are good solutions. Creating a site with a template or some kind of online "wizard" usually results in duplicated code and content issues and/or bloated HTML code. Of course the beginner doesn't know that the code a site is created with can have a severe impact on how well the site ranks. Yes, the template or wizard may result in a very pretty site. However, the code these things are made with often destroys any chance of Google or Yahoo ranking them well. What is the answer? I don't know of one single successful Internet marketer who has to rely on templates or wizards to create their sites! After all, this is INTERNET marketing. If you can't create simple sites from scratch, you simply have to learn! I use Dreamweaver to create my sites with. Yes, it is rather expensive, but once your site grows to more than a handful of pages, or you add more sites, it is time to bite the bullet and invest in your business! I had many people contact me with questions about creating sites. Therefore I created a product to help beginners learn how to build a REAL website from scratch. My Real WebSite Pro package contains

video and written tutorials for creating a site and also how to insure it gets ranked well in Google and Yahoo. After all, what good is a website if it doesn't get any traffic? Real WebSite Pro includes a web editor with complete video tutorials which teach you how to create and publish your site to the web. Anyone, regardless of experience, can have their first site online in a day or two. Best of all, the skills you learn with Real WebSite Pro are easily transferred to a more advanced web editor, like Dreamweaver, when the time comes for you to upgrade. Remember, if you are using templates or wizards right now, those methods are simply not going to work. Once you learn how to create your own simple sites and get them ranking well in Google and Yahoo, the sky is the limit for you!

For too many marketers of AdSense sites fail in one very fundamental aspect of marketing. They fail to think about or even consider "time on site". When you install Google Analytics on your site (which I hope you have done already), you can see how much time visitors spend on your pages. When Google sends someone to your site via their search results, they know this information as well. Simply put, if most visitors only spend a few seconds on your page, Google assumes the page is not worthy of ranking well. Poor time-on-page is a "double whammy". Not only does it hurt with respect to search engine rankings, it kills your AdSense earnings as well. You NEED people to spend time enough on your site to click an ad...or 2! Too many marketers are so preoccupied with optimization and link building that they forget it is HUMANS who they are counting on to click their ads. The site's pages must offer enough interest to keep visitors engaged on the site for as long as possible. The longer they are on the site, the more likely they will click an ad. Too often, the first thing clicked by a new visitor is the back button. All the great SEO done was just wasted. When the human visitor arrives, your page has 2 or 3 seconds (at most) to convince them to hang around for a while. Targeting traffic with very exact keywords is of course the obvious method to insure they stay for a while. But also remember, the page needs to look half-way OK. No, it does not have to be drop dead snazzy looking. Just a simple and clean look will be fine. Do not run off visitors by trying to be fancy with moving gifs and bright colors! Keep it simple! Having high quality and targeted photos on the site will help greatly in keeping interest. Use bullets and attention-grabbing headlines to keep their attention along with links (using keyword rich anchor text) to your other pages which beg to be clicked on. Take a long and honest look at your own sites. What can you do to improve the amount of time visitors will stay? Ask your spouse or a friend for a page critique or post your page at and let my members there critique it for you. Imagine if your time-on-site is now 20 seconds. What if you could

double that to 40 seconds? There is a very good chance your AdSense income would have a dramatic increase as well!

I just heard from a new customer who had an idea about selling dog related items...custom collars, t-shirts, etc. I told them I thought the unique twist they had on dog collars was a great idea and they would do well with the right marketing. I should have underlined that last part! Everyone knows, if you were around in the 80's anyway, that you can make a million dollars selling rocks in a box and call them pets...if the marketing is right. Getting the marketing right is the kicker for anything of course. It doesn't matter how great your product is (or even if it is just mediocre), if the marketing is dead on, you'll make a fortune. Keep this in mind! If you are struggling right now trying to get traction with Internet marketing, there is a 99.9% chance that the problem is NOT that your idea is bad. Don't be jumping from idea to idea thinking those are the problem. Think of it like this. No matter what your idea is right now, there is a marketer somewhere in this world who could make a fortune with it by using the right marketing approach. You want to sell rocks and make a million? Ok, you can do it. You have an ebook you think is great and people will enjoy? Ok, make your million with it. How about fancy dog collars? Yip, those too! Why is this part so hard? Because there are no rule books! Every single great idea which results in success got there with its own unique marketing plan. There is not a one-size fits all. There are as many methods as there are ideas. This information has not helped that person find a great method to market their dog collars. I can't do that for them. They know best their product and their potential customers. They simply have to use creativity and skill to match the two up. That is what marketing is all about. 4 years ago I tried my first "article spinner." I needed something to turn the articles I wrote into multiple versions which the search engines would see as all original. I could then use that one article in MANY blog, the

article directories, HubPages, Squiddo, etc. But it did not work! It made my articles sound like a first grader wrote them...or worse. Since then I have tried 3 or 4 programs that claimed the same thing. However, they all gave me the same poor results. I met with Josh Peak, an Internet marketing friend of mine, about a month ago and he told me about a spinning software he uses. I was skeptical to say the least...but I tried it. And it WORKS! I simply paste one of my articles into it, do the tweaking the software requires, click a button, and it produces multiple original content articles which ALL read like I personally wrote them individually! Now that is cool! If you are into article writing or have considered it, I have a new blog post about this with a link to a video showing how it works.

One HUGE mistake you can make with your AdSense website is allowing the search engines to see it before it has much content. Too often beginners will jump the gun in this area and begin submitting the site to directories before it is nearly ready. You must insure that the search engines have a great "first impression" of the site. Make sure it is complete, or nearly so, before inviting them to have a look. Broken links and pages with little content will force them to consider a site unworthy of ranking well. Your desire is for them to be impressed with what they see with their first visit. Oftentimes, if that first visit is not impressive, the search engine will almost quite literally put the site on the back shelf for a while. It may be sometime before the search engine even returns for a second look. Do not let that happen to your site! Showing a new site to the search engines which has clean code, an easy-to-follow linking structure, and LOADS of great, original content offers the best chance of having the site rank well. Of course there are no guarantees. However, there is no reason to sabotage any chance the site has by promoting it too soon.

The past 6 months seem like a blur to me! I've been super busy moving to and re-branding my business to Steve's Classroom. There's been some really good news and some bad news during this transition. I'll give you the bad news first. Even though I have been outsourcing a lot of the work involved, I unfortunately have neglected you to some extent. My newsletter emails have greatly slowed down and many of you have very nicely pointed that out to me. But now for the good news! During the past 6 months I have also invested time and money on my own marketing education. I've enlisted the coaching services of several very savvy online marketers; they taught me some really cool and advanced marketing techniques. Also, my wife and I have joined the Oklahoma City Chapter of Glazer-Kennedy's local meetings. We joined their monthly Mastermind Group too. The amount and level of marketing information we've learned there is staggering! So what's in this for you? I'm settling into a calmer routine now and will have more time for my newsletter. Best of all, I'll be sharing with you the many advanced tips and marketing methods I've learned in the past 6 months! So get ready for more emails from me with plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques which are guaranteed to knock your marketing socks off! But seriously, if you do not want these extra emails from me, please click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this mail; I don't want to mail you these marketing tips if you don't want them. Oh, in one of the emails coming next week I'll be telling you in detail about one of the new and advanced marketing techniques I've learned and now use. Be watching for it!

Think again if you believe the bad economy must result in decreased AdSense income! In fact, many niches are thriving as people search for ways to "do it themselves", or search out other money-saving type sites. This recession could last for a good while they say. Are you adjusting your "niche thinking" accordingly? I will ramp up my AdSense tips and tricks emails and send you a couple each week. Every mail will give you ideas and methods you probably hadn't thought about. If you do not want to receive these tips, please click the unsubscribe link below! I only want to send these tips to you if you are really interested in building a profitable Google Adsense business. Unsubscribe right now if you don't want to learn these tricks! Be watching for my next mail to you. I'll show you a very cool brainstorming method for finding Adsense niches in these down times.

If you want your budget to be $20, MAKE SURE you don't type 2000 instead of 20.00!! I've heard horror stories about that mistake! Creating many ad groups each with a keyword or two is better than having a few ad groups with each having many keywords. Uncheck "content network" in campaign settings. It is checked by default. You do not want to have your ads on the content network at first. I usually start my bids around .50 and then see how the ad's placement is. It is fine to be at position 4 to 6 for now. Oftentimes, getting to be number 1 or 2 simply costs too much. Create 3 or 4 ads for each ad group and set "ad servings" to rotate. This will show which are more effective at getting clicks. Run them for a week or two and delete or tweak the lower performing ones. Numbers in your ads really helps catch attention If a new ad group costs you more money than one sale will make, let it go a little longer and then pause it for several days. Try it again in a few days. If it loses money again, rethink your product/keywords/ads/etc. One more word of warning! If you are promoting an affiliate product, make sure you visit the vendor's sales page with your affiliate link. There, check the buy button. It should lead you to a checkout process where you will be credited. Many times this is not the case. If you don't understand how to check this or what to look for, don't start your campaign until you do! For example, if you promote the site with a ClickBank link and the vendor just has a pure PayPal button on that sales page now, you won't get credit!

It's pretty simple really; success with AdSense requires traffic. Someone just contacted me and wanted to know what he could do to increase AdSense income on his site. He wanted to know about colors, placement positions, ad types, etc. Guess what my first question was to him. You guessed it. I asked him first how much traffic his sight was getting. He replied that it was about 20 visitors a day. Let's see, that is about 600 visitors per month. Even with a great CPM of $20 per 1000 visitors, his income was not going to set the world on fire. You can do the math, but if he was earning $12 per month, he would be doing well. In most of these cases, the website owner has done a horrible job with Search Engine Optimization, picked the wrong niche, hasn't created enough content, and usually they are guilty of all the above! You can estimate your AdSense income your site should generate. Depending upon the niche, your site will usually produce $5 to $25 per month per 1000 visitors. You can also look at this another way too. If you create 10 small niche sites, each with 600 visitors a month, you would have about 6000 visitors per month in total. You can use the same $5 to $25 per 1000 visitors to estimate the expected monthly income. So with the 10 sites, you could expect $100+ per month at least. On surface, that may not seem like much. But keep in mind that the sites are generally very small and can be quickly, they will generate that income month after month and often year after year with little or no extra work along the way! Several of my sites have consistently generated several hundreds of dollars each month for the past 3 years with almost no extra work on my part. All three sites took me less than a day each to create. If you need more AdSense help, I have put together a package of AdSense videos for you here (they are no-cost and an instant download):

Basically, once you learn how to pick the right niche, do the proper keyword research, and create a page Google and Yahoo rank well, success with AdSense then is just a matter of wash, rinse and repeat.

Some of my customers have, or are working on creating, many dozens of sites. Others are focused on just one. Which model is best for you? There is no correct answer which fits every marketer; it depends on individual personalities. There is no wrong or right method. Those that opt for many sites can be just as successful as those who only own one. I will list here some of the pros and cons of each model. The pros of many sites: - There is safety in diversification. If one site tanks for some reason, no big have a dozen others to fall back on. - Many of the sites will gain value with time. Many of them will even achieve some page rank. There can be a market for established sites with even a low page rank. - Different Internet marketing techniques can be developed and refined on the different sites. List building, AdSense, Affiliate marketing, and perhaps even selling your own products can be used to monetize multiple sites. The cons of multiple sites: - More time is required for general upkeep with respect to domain registrations and hosting. - All things being equal (which they never are), X amount of work put into one site will yield more results than X amount of work into ten sites. However, this only applies in general. This negative can be overcome if attention is given to sites which began to get good traction. The pros of having just one site: - It is MUCH easier to stay focused! - The same "X amount of work..." rule stated above applies here. - One site of authority can attract large amounts of attention and offer broader opportunities. The cons of just one site:

- All your eggs are in one basket. It is rare, but a change in algorithm can sometimes hit even a well ranking site hard in the search engine rankings. - If the site's niche is not large enough, a glass ceiling can be reached which simply can't be broken through. One site can be limiting unless the market is large. Most of all choose a method which fits you best. Some marketers need help with "focus". Others NEED variety. If your dream is to have a thousand AdSense sites, go for it! If your dream is having the best golf site online, then get busy! With Internet marketing you can easily mix and match your own talents, dreams, and personality. I love that part about it!

One of the great things about Internet marketing, specifically AdSense marketing, is how we aren't tied to one specific business model. If a selected AdSense market slows, marketers can easily search out and find another in a short amount of time. Sites and hosting are cheap. With practice, good SEO can have a site ranking and attracting traffic in a month or less. Nothing beats online marketing for flexibility! Unlike conventional brick and mortar business owners, AdSense entrepreneurs are not forced to simply sit and "wait out" an economic slowdown. This is what I love most about Internet marketing; the old rules do not apply! Internet marketers don't cringe when the talking heads talk gloom and doom economic news. We simply look for the new opportunities which are sure to pop up. Here are just a few examples of what I am talking about. When times are hard, these and a thousand other niches like them could be ripe for exploiting: - Better gas mileage - Alternative fuels - Specific small niche business how-to's - Sources for cheap "anything" - Almost any kind of "do it yourself" how-to - And the list goes on and on If you are in the habit of worrying, along with the rest of "regular" people, when the economy goes south, stop it! You no longer need to follow those old rules and feel helpless as the economy comes and goes on its own time. There are thousands of niches which actually become more attractive and profitable even as the economy worsens. With practice, savvy marketers can quickly change gears and turn any economic turn to their advantage. What a great feeling it is when you realize you are in control of your dreams. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Many folks try their hand at Google AdSense. Unfortunately, the majority of them simply give up out of frustration before they succeed. Why do some succeed while most fail? The answer's pretty easy. Those who enjoy success with AdSense know how to: - Identify a niche that will produce results - Find correct keywords (hint: they don't use normal keyword tools)

- Build a site targeted to BOTH humans AND search engines - Rank their site on Google's Page #1 9 out of 10 beginning Internet marketers either don't understand or neglect 1 or more of these areas. Those who do enjoy success have mastered these skills...that's it...plain and simple. My wife and I followed and mastered these steps and were able to quit our teaching jobs! You can enjoy this type of success too. It's not hard, but you MUST know where and how to focus your work! Join me at Real WebSite Pro's no cost membership site. I have some videos there you should watch!

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