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									Agent Based Model of the Spread of a Virus
Matt Wade


To determine if staying home because you are sick and might spread the disease is a valid excuse

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Number of sick and healthy agents
Number of different classes Number of steps

To be added:
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Infectiousness of the sickness
Type of sickness

Length of sickness

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Number of infections and recoveries
Number of sick and healthy agents Number of steps Location of each agent and status (will be picture soon)‫‏‬

Major Changes

Switched from having two agent classes and separate arraylists to one agent class
Updated GUI



Allows addition of multiple agents or steps at once
People aren't permanently sick!


Old GUI


New GUI

Old checkinfection()‫‏‬
Separate healthy and sick arraylists Inefficient

for(int x=0;x<tempnuminfected;x++) { sickagents.add(new SickAgent(numclasses,healthyagents.get(posinfected[x]).getSchedule(),per iod)); healthyagents.remove(posinfected[x]); numhealthy--; numsick++; for(int y=x;y<tempnuminfected;y++)‫‏‬ if(posinfected[y]>posinfected[x])‫‏‬ posinfected[y]--; }

New checkinfection()‫‏‬
More efficient Less complicated

for(int y=0;y<numagents;y++)‫‏‬ if(agents.get(x).getPos()==agents.get(y).getPos() && agents.get(x).getType()==0)‫‏‬ if((Math.random()*100)<(double)agents.get(y).getInfectionPercent())‫‏‬ { posinfected.add(x); agents.get(x).setType(1); numsick++; numhealthy--; numinfections++; tempnuminfected++; } for(int x=0;x<tempnuminfected;x++)‫‏‬ agents.get(posinfected.get(x)).infect();


Agents are not permanently sick (chance of infection was 500% instead of 5%)‫‏‬
Agents become sick at a reasonable rate



Results are believable this time although not based on real medical data yet

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