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Frequently Asked Questions Tip # 70
May 2, 2000

Using The Work In Progress Feature In GroupWise 5.5
Throughout the course of work there are interruptions that cause distractions, loss of thought, and/or delay in completing a message. Use the Work In Progress Folder to save messages you have started but want to finish later.

Step 1: On the Standard Toolbar, click on the Create New Mail icon.

Step 2: Enter the information that you have for the To, Subject, and Message fields.

Step 3: If you are not ready to send this mail, click the Do not click the Send button!!!

Cancel button or the close button ( ).

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Step 4: Your message will not close right away. You will get a dialog box asking “Save changes to this item?” Click the Yes button to save changes to this message.

Step 5: By default the Work In Progress folder is highlighted as the designated folder for saving your message. Click the OK button and the message will be saved in this folder.

Step 6: At a later time, when you are ready to send this message, click on the Work In Progress folder to open and view the unfinished message. Double-click on the message that you wish to finish.

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Step 7: After completing your message, click the Send button, just as you would when you create a New Mail.

Note: When saving a message to your Work In Progress folder, at least one field (To, Subject, or Message) must contain information. If it does, then you will have the opportunity to save your message when you click CANCEL.

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