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Issue 13: September 2009

From the Principal
Prayer for Migrants and Refugees
Lord We give thanks for places of simplicity and peace. Let us find such a place within ourselves. We give thanks for places of refuge and beauty. Let us find such a place within ourselves. We give thanks for places of nature’s truth and freedom, of joy, inspiration and renewal. Let us search for these places in the world, in ourselves and in others. Let us create, strengthen and protect them. May we mend this outer world according to the truth of our life and may our souls be shaped and nourished by wisdom. Amen

As we conclude the year of St Paul we must remember that he was both a migrant and a refugee.

Lord Jesus, Today you call us to welcome the members of God's family who come to our land to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, violence, and war. Like your disciples, we too are filled with fear and doubt and even suspicion. We ask your help Lord Jesus. Amen

Our Year 12 students completed their Higher School Certificate trial examinations on Monday 24th August. Whilst they are important examinations and a key part of the assessment programme for each subject, it is important to keep these exams in perspective. As a learning tool, they can inform students and their teachers of areas where knowledge and skills are strong as well as areas where further revision is required.

I had been told that these evenings were highlights of the year. They were fitiing tributes to the gifts our students have in the creating and performing arts. The visual art, musical items, drama and language projects from across the College was stunning and reflects the dedication and hours of planning and work with students from a wonderful team of teachers.

We build barriers in our hearts and in our minds.

My thanks to our special guests Mrs Short, Mrs Maka, Mrs Misek and Mr and Mrs Dutfield for attending the evening. I would also like to thank all the staff who in so many ways supported the evening but particularly Mrs Cass, Mrs Bernard, Mrs Pappas, Miss Coleiro, Mr Holloway, Mr Mendez, Mr Addison, Mrs Torpy, Mrs Benn, Mrs Polistina, Mr Cincotta and Mrs Brown. Further, thank you to all the parents who were able to attend to give support for the evening. Finally, thank you to those young men who were so prepared to share their gifts and made a wonderful evening possible.

Sept 11 Yr 8/9 Dance with
Cerdon Excursion: Yr 9 SCI/HSIE Homebush Year Assemblies Pd 2

♦ Vasilis Sievas of Year 9 has been awarded a Certificate for Excellence in Commentary from the Whitlam Institute’s “What Matters?” competition. This year there were over 1100 essays from students across NSW and ACT. The judges stated that the standard was very high and the passion and vitality evident in the entries was most heartening. Well done, Vasilis!


Sept 17 College Sports Photos
Rd 5 RU10's & AFL (continued next page)

Nicholas Kershaw has been selected for the National Youth Science Forum which will be held in January 2010. On Friday 28th August, Nicholas attended the University of Western Sydney, Rydalmere Campus, for orientation and on Monday 31st August he attended a luncheon at Government House at the invitation of the Governor, Marie Bashir. This is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations, Nicholas!

From the Principal (cont’d)
Sept 18 Yrs 7 & 11 @ Parish Mass
MCS Golf Day (12's & 13's) CCC Athletics

On Wednesday 19th August I was pleased to share morning tea and hand Certificates to those young men from Years 7–11 in achieved academic excellence in Semester One. It was pleasing to see so many boys at the presentation and speaks volumes to their commitment to their studies. Year 7 Jeremy Deeb Talon Deluca Ralph El-Samra Nicholas Everton Zach Fortini Owen Fox John Ghossein Eric Grella Matthew Partington David Silcock Samuel Siskovic Dylan Tinker Jordan Williams Peter Barnes Ben Brown Alexander Cochrane Jeffrey Cribbin Thomas Da Jose Thomas Grainger Paolo Grella Jonathon Kelleher Brendan Micallef Year 10 Year 8 George Arraj Christopher Concepcion Jiyan Dag Andrei Espiritu Jason Ghaleb Gabriel Khaicy Ghadi Nakhoul Liam Taniane Fillip Andric Robert Bacci Johnathon Geagea Jack Guthrie George Koimanos Lachlan Menouhos Thomas Ricciardiello Dominic Su Jackson Williams Year 9

Sept 18-23

Year 10 Trial School Certificate Exams

Sept 23 Blood Bank 3 pm

Sept 23-Oct 2

Year 11 Preliminary Exams

Sept 24 Rd 6 RU10's & AFL Sept 25 College Assembly Pd 2 Sept 29 Yr 12 Graduation Rehearsal Pds 3 & 4 in OLQP Church Sept 30 Leadership Induction/ Yr 12 Farewell Assembly 11.00 am—12.30 pm Yr 12 Graduation Mass, 7 pm OLQP Church
Oct 1 Oct 2 MCS RU10s & AFL Finals End of Term 3

Russelle Esparas Mina Habashi Evan Hefer Adam Silk Luke Tadros Joshua Van Arsdale

Year 11

Andrew Bagala Thomas Cassar Jonathan Clancy Richard Collins Daniel DeVita Mitchell Grima Andrew Kelleher Jack Peacock Vernon Stanton Alexander Wood

Year 12

Oct 5–16 Year 11 VET Work placement TERM 4 Oct 19 Students return Oct 20 Yr 12 2010 Information Evening Oct 21 Yr 7 Vaccinations 2nd Hep B Oct 22-Nov 21 HSC Exams Oct 22 MCS Rd1 Cricket/Touch Football/Basketball Oct 23 College Sports Assembly Oct 26-30 Year 11 VET Work Placements Oct 28 Blood Bank 3 pm Oct 29 MCS Rd2 Cricket/Touch Football/Basketball

On Monday evening, 17th August, parents gathered in the College Library to hear from Mr McEwen (Mathematics Coordinator) and Mr Dennis (Assistant Mathematics Coordinator) as they outlined the teaching and learning of mathematics from Year 7– 12. Mr Dennis also spoke about the accelerated classes which are currently running in Years 9 and 10.

As well, I had the chance to outline the proposal and plan for the new building and environs from the grant given to the school community from the Federal Government as part of the Building the Education revolution initiative (see picture next page). I look forward to speaking with the parent body as part of a regular update at our next P&F meeting on Monday 9th November.

The College extends its sympathy to Mrs Isaac and her family following the recent death of her father, Mr Anthony Donohue. Eternal rest grant to him, Lord. Let Your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen Mr David Bourne Many of the students are experiencing Asthma and allergies with the change in weather.


If you son is an asthmatic, please make sure he has his puffers in his bag at all times. If he takes antihistamines for allergies, please administer before coming to school.

Religious Education News
The Jesus, All about Life Campaign is coming

Blessed is the man that receives the Heavenly Father as Lord of his Life. Blessed is the father that will lay down his life for his wife and children. Blessed is the father that offers to wash the dishes and tend to the baby, so mother can have a break, even after his long day at work.

It is now just under a month before this prime time media campaign begins. We are excited about the number of people who will see the TV Ads across NSW. Pray that hearts will be prepared to receive and respond to them. Ask God to prepare us all to have the courage and creativeness to be able to share Jesus with our family, friends and neighbours so that together we will see the Holy Spirit move with great power throughout our State over the campaign period. Pray for those who you would like to see respond to the campaign and plan to have some time with them during the campaign so that you can use the advertisements as a basis for a discussion about Jesus. For more information go to

Blessed is the father that can attentively and patiently listen when he gets home to crying children, and an exhausted and frustrated wife. Then be able with a smile, to offer comforting and soothing words, regardless of his feelings and frustrations. Blessed is the father that takes the time to read the Bible to his children and pray with them, teaching them to receive his Heavenly Father as their Lord. Blessed is the father that can patiently listen to his teenagers, when they are telling him that he is too old and doesn't understand the world of today.

Blessed is the father that disciplines his children with love, making sure his life is a loving example of his Heavenly Father. Blessed is the father that spends late nights and lonely hours in intercessory prayer for his wife and family, so he will be able to allow his Heavenly Father's love, patience, long-suffering, meekness, temperance, forbearance and forgiveness, to be seen and expressed in demanding and opportune moments.

Blessed is the father that is able to praise the Lord while the house has run amuck; mending his families hurts and frustrations, disciplining, and handling financial disruption, all the while knowing the right words to say in love. Blessed is the father that teaches and leads his family into becoming a Family of God.

Blessed is this humbled father, this unselfish man, who lovingly leads this home, as it has been taught to him by the Heavenly father, through His son Jesus Christ! Amen

Mrs Carmen Cassar Religious Education Coordinator

On Friday, 14th August we gathered together as a Year Group to celebrate the achievements of the boys for Term Two. On average 20 boys from each Homeroom were presented with an award for either ‘working hard’ or ‘academic achievement’. Congratulations to all award recipients, and for those who missed out - keep trying.

Over the coming weeks our Year Group will be busy working with Year 9 to organise the St Pauls/Cerdon disco. At present a committee of boys have put together some promotional posters. Thank you to Alan Thomas, Jason Ghaleb and Daniel Jiggins for your fine work. Our Promotion of the event will include a presentation by Alex Tadros to Year 8 at Cerdon College on Wednesday of Week 4. Alex will have a difficult job in enthusing our guests to attend the disco and we wish him all the best. A number of boys have offered assistance with the organisation of the disco and I greatly appreciate your help. The cost of the disco tickets is $10 and all money raised will go to charity.

Good luck over the coming weeks and I look forward to hearing good news. Mr Ben Born Year 8 Coordinator

There will be many families and students in our community whose lives are already impacted by this disease and the Memory Walk is a great chance for these families to take positive action and show their support for people living with dementia.

The Memory Walk will take place on Sunday 27 September from 8.30 am. There will be two easy and fully accessible walks of 2 km and 5 km through the beautiful and historic Parramatta Park. Both walks have an easy rating and are wheelchair accessible. It’s going to be a great day out for the whole family with lots of activities and entertainment including live music from the NSW Police Band, the Taronga Zoo Mobile, a giant jumping castle and face painting for the kids, as well as lots of delicious food and drink.

So please join in and help raise $70,000 so that Alzheimer’s Australia can increase their ability to provide face-to-face services, such as counselling, art and must therapy, education and professional training across NSW. Contact: or phone 02 8875 4626

I would like to welcome all the Year 11 boys to their final term of their Preliminary course as we count down to the exams in the final two weeks of Term 3. Needless to say that it is incumbent, as it has always been, on yourselves to ensure that you work to your full potential and achieve the best result possible. Over the next six weeks all that you achieve will be put down because of your diligence, attention to detail and the willingness to push yourselves beyond the bare requirements of any field of study. There will be no scope for good or bad luck or the idea that someone else determines what you achieve for yourself. REMEMBER ‘Good luck only comes your way when opportunity meets hard work.’ On Friday 14th August a good number of Year 11 students were recognised for their hard work and academic achievement and received certificates across the range of subjects. It was particularly heartening to see so many students recognised for their work ethic and diligence.
So you are in Year 11 and you want a job? First, carefully consider your homework load, particularly for Extension Subjects and Maths. Remember, its 20-35 hours’ homework a week. Try not to laugh. Look for work in small local business. Add in travel time.

Remember, it’s OK to say no to extra work, adults do it all the time.

Try to keep it to a couple of shifts, maximum 10 hours, a week. Don’t underestimate the value of socialising, exercise and sleep. If the job is causing more pain than gain, quit. You can always get another job after the exams.

Feeling exploited? Call the Workplace Info Line on 1300 363 264

During the week of the 24th August a number of Year 11 students went to their VET work placement. I wished them the best of success and hope that the experience is meaningful and informative. Principal’s Morning Tea

Sydney Morning Herald, Eleanor Learmonth, 19th July, 2007.

Mr Frank Graziani Year 11 Coordinator

On Wednesday, 19th August, the following students were recognised for producing the best reports for Semester One. The students were Russelle Esparas, Mina Habashi, Evan Hefer, Adam Silk, Luke Tadros, and Joshua Van Arsdale. Congratulations and well done to all of them.

A jar containing one hundred 20c pieces weighs 1400 g. If the jar weighs 230 g when empty, then what is the weight, in grams, of one 20c piece?

The volume of a cube is 216 cm3. Find its surface area, in square centimetres.

Three darts are thrown at the dartboard illustrated on the right. The three scores are added together, a miss counted as zero. What is the smallest total score which is impossible to obtain?

on A4 paper from each category will receive a Maths KLA Award.

The first correct solution, with full working,

23 12 8 3 1

Note: All solutions are to be given only to Mrs Pappas by 3 pm on Tuesday.
Mr G McEwen Mathematics Teaching & Learning

St Pauls MCS Opens AFL team started off to a flyer with Bascel Houchar scoring a behind and Stephen Mina with a spectacular goal. Halfway through St Pauls were killing Liverpool 38-0. No change in the second half with Hanna Dib and Joey Attard both scoring two goals. Farres Aoun, Joseph Tannous, Simon Ly, Adam Savetta, Dimitri Aronis and Nicholas Mantzos picking up a goal each. Fares Fares Congratulations to the boys on a convening 76-0 victory. Tougher opposition next week will tests our largely inexperienced team. Mr T Worrall Round 2 vs St Pats Blacktown Round 1 vs Liverpool

Term 3 is progressing very rapidly. We are almost half way through and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. Most boys have found their feet however there are still a few struggling.

Congratulations to the boys who received a Semester One Principal’s Award at the morning tea on Wednesday 19th August. Year 7 was represented by more students that any other Year Group with each boy truly deserving the success he has achieved. I hope in the future that we see the number of boys in this Year Group increase to an even greater number of recipients.

Our second game against a league oriented St Pats outfit was always going to be a bigger challenge than Liverpool. With a few of our boys still learning the ropes. We relied heavily on enthusiasm and natural talent. Luckily for us we have plenty of both!

The boys were outstanding and dominated most of the match overwhelming St Pats by 34-24. Joey Baysari and Joey Tannous each scored two goals leaving a tally of 15 behinds! Our accuracy in front of goals needing a little work, one would assume. Standout attacking performers included Joey ‘the destroyer’ Baysari, Simon Ly and Joey Attard. Defensively Aisa Sukarieh, Stephen Mina and Alex Mamas were superb and deserve a mention. Funny moments for the week both included co-captain Elliot El-Nachar—firstly having an open goal from 10 metres only for the half time hooter to blow, then a luckless second half at full forward only to swat flies at his chance to snatch a full reach mark over his head. Fairfield next week . . . Is this the week for our cocaptain to shine? Another resounding victory for the St Pauls machine overcoming Fairfield 56 points to 14. Eight behinds (seven of which were in the second half) ensured the scoreline remained respectable for Fairfield. Goals went to Elliott El-Nachar (2), Joey Tannous (1), Alex Mamas (2), James Hallab (2) and Adam Savetta (1). Unfortunately the goals did dry up in the second half however our shape improved and the boys are starting to show a better understanding of the game. Alex Mamas was the stand out performer this week, while Aisa Sukarieh was again solid in defence. Classic moment of the week—Kyle Battye proving two years out of the game is a long time . . . Missing a sitter from 15 metres in front of the goal . . . I’m sure he will make up for it in the coming weeks. Mr T Worrall Well done boys! MCS AFL Coach Round 3 vs Fairfield

Congratulations to all the boys who received a Term Certificate at the Thursday Assembly recently. Whilst there are far too many boys here to mention individually, I am very proud of each and every one of these boys for their outstanding achievements and their effort in their subjects. Well done boys! On Friday 14th August, Year 7 attended the Zoo Excursion, with the vast majority of the 150 boys being on their best behaviour. It is disappointing that a number of students were unable to follow simple instructions or to behave appropriately on the day. The behaviour by a few boys puts their chances of participating in future excursions at risk. I had cause to speak to the boys this week about the fact that some boys are writing comments in the Diaries of others, pretending to be teachers. I have once more informed Year 7 students of the purpose of the Diary, as well as their responsibilities in regard to their Diaries. If you, in your reading and signing of the Diaries, come across something that you do not think should be written in there, or something you are unsure of, please do not hesitate to contact me here at the College.

I would once more ask the boys to ensure that they are coming to school properly dressed and groomed each and every day. A reminder that the clothing shop is open every Wednesday and they do sell grey or black socks. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at the College. Mr David McMinn Year 7 Coordinator

The School Fee reminders have been issued. Your prompt attention to this very important matter would be greatly appreciated. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your school fees could you please contact Mrs Doyle on 9636 1800 to discuss the matter with her. School fees can be paid by cash, cheque or credit card direct to the Front Office, or by BPay at the Post Office or online. Your prompt attention to this very important matter is greatly appreciated.

School Fees

Office News

Please note that the bar code on your fees statement cannot be used to pay sports or other fees. It is for school fees only. BPAY Receipts BPAY allows you to pay your school fees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone or internet using your debit or credit card at a time convenient to you. Mrs R Doyle Principal’s Secretary

On Thursday, 6th August we were back on the courts for the under 16’s, 17’s and Opens divisions. Our team contained veterans and a range of keen competitors in the doubles all vying for best possible performance on the day. Under 16’s Singles Julian Clarkstone Opens Singles Joseph Attard

Doubles Singles Doubles

Bradley Burn Joseph Tannous Adam Burgess Justin Fyfe Bryce Adams


Zachary Essey Nikolas Pandousis

Under 17’s

Reserves/ Umpires

Nathan Farrugia Michael O’Loughlin

St Pauls needed maximum points to catch up with the other MCS schools after the Junior tournament the week before. Our star players did not disappoint with three time winner Julian Clarkstone (Year 10) taking out his fourth consecutive MCS trophy, winning seven straight matches and dropping only three games all day. A marvel of composure, tactical expertise and sportsmanship, this was true Rafael Nadal-like domination. Well done Julian!

Similarly, Joseph Attard (Year 11), playing above his age group and a three time runner-up since Year 8 (having won the Under 12’s in 2005), finally broke through for a second tournament victory with a consummate, patient and determined performance. He also dropped only three games, including two in the final. Joseph hit the ball sweetly from the word go and still has another year to go to represent St Pauls.

I now look forward to uncovering more talent in 2010 in a bid to return to our glory days of 2006-2007! I am proud of all the boys, their maturity, good humour and love of the game. Mr P Robertson MCS Tennis Coach

All our players made a contribution to the school’s tally even if they missed out on the finals. In the afternoon analysis, St Paul finished second overall in the Aggregate Shield for the second year in a row. We were also placed second in the Junior Shield, a pleasing achievement.

Chocolate Wheel

Devonshire tea, cakes White Elephant, pre-loved clothes & books

Music Tuition in the local area
We have been teaching music in the local area, including students of St Paul's College, for over 20 years. We provide tuition for Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and Theory. All levels and ages are catered for and beginners are most welcome.

Art exhibition Animal farm, Laser Tag

Fantastic Games & Prizes Mouth watering cuisine

Plants, craft & Gift baskets Show & lolly bags ALF Kick Start clinic

Huge variety of stalls Rides & games for children of all ages

All of our students learn the fundamentals of reading as well as the practical side of making music. For the more advanced student, we have experience in preparing students for their school examinations (all levels) and also prepare them for AMEB exams, if desired.

For more information call:

Deborah 0422 868 156

Please call Jeff Galea Ph: 9631 0788 Mob: 0414 851 491

On the 18th of August, Year 10 journeyed and participated in an exciting and informative event sponsored by NRMA services and Westmead Hospital. The Road Trauma Forum was an extravagant opportunity for all students to learn about car safety in regards to the importance of safety devices and behaviour, and from people who have become witnesses, victims or helpers of such events. St Pauls was lucky to enter such an experience that 4000 students (including our school) were able to share. The entire event reflected on car safety, incidents and its relation to the young community – our generation. Taking place in Acer Arena, travel was required but at the end of the day, Year 10 was to find the excursion extremely rewarding. Opening with a simulation of what appeared to be a real-life road incident, the audience made a transition from a noisy crowd into a silent state as the dramatisation was captivating. Students were confronted with graphic and shocking images and the entire process in which those involved with the incident undergo. This occurring within the stadium, everyone found themselves consumed into more interest as real emergency vehicles drove and swarmed the whole ground. As the simulation came to a close, everyone was introduced to speakers that proved vital to the understanding and development of our young characters. YEAR 10 PDHPE EXCURSION

Lapidaries are people who fossick for stones— collect them for their interest, to cut or carve them into a recognisable form, make jewellery to set off their work GEM & MINERAL SHOW Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 6th, 7th and 8th At our clubrooms: 73 Fullagar Road, Wentworthville Club members will be demonstrating: FREE ADMISSION 10 am to 4 pm each day 49th Annual Exhibition,

(non-profit organisation founded in 1960 as the Parramatta Lapidary Club)


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Multiple speakers took the platform and told stories that further reinforced an attentive experience when considering driving conduct. Four of these people were involved in car incidents and each described the atrocity that forever changed their life. When they too were adolescences like ourselves, they were unfortunately subject to an incident that resulted in either a brain or spinal cord injury. This has been followed by damages that are recovering up to this date. They stated: That they too thought they were invincible, but in reality that is not true and one moment can forever determine the rest of your life.

As well as the above there will be displays of:

Faceting Enamelling Silver Jewellery making Soft stone carving Gem tree making

♦ Australian and overseas ♦ Gemstones ♦ Fossils ♦ Copperwork

Many items will also be for sale

Hearing stories from these victims have further educated Year 10 on the need to drive safely and needless to say, the speakers are to be congratulated in talking to a stadium-sized audience about their unforgettable and life-changing experience. In addition, the excursion provided all 4000 students with the prospect to wander and enjoy the interactive displays and facilities that were offered. Examples include the Volvo Trucker rollover and wheelchair basketball which many students found rather enjoyable. Apart from the students which occupied a large majority of the building, there were also volunteers willing to sacrifice their time to engage everyone into the displays and to simply talk with us about any interest or concern in road incidents or the teams that come to the rescue.

Refreshments include: Sausage sizzle and Devonshire teas.

Summer uniform is now available for purchase in the Uniform Shop. Summer shirts - $24 Sport shorts - $25 Sport socks - $8 Sport polo shirt - $28

I would like to congratulate Jon Sakr for being one of the selected players out of 4000 students who played in the wheelchair basketball game with great sportsmanship and skill. I thank him and the rest of the boys for co-operating and representing St Pauls in such a strong and respectful manner. Finally, I would like to express thanks on behalf of the grade to Mr Tickle for organising the excursion, and the rest of the Staff who gave up their time to accompany the boys. Thomas Da Jose Year 10

The day ended with the host speaker emphasising the highlights of the excursion; furthermore, an awesome and overwhelming wheelchair basketball game. The audience was entertained, especially with a ‘Mexican Wave’ that span across the entire student audience several times with the last ending among St Pauls who took pride in breaking the wave and cheer enthusiastically. The excursion was a memorable experience that Year 10 was pleased to take part in being that it was an informative and engaging excursion.

NB: Uniform prices will be increasing at the beginning of 2010 due to the current economic climate. I will keep these prices to the minimum but you will notice that some items of uniform will have to go up. Therefore it would be advisable to buy what you might need before the end of the year to avoid these increases.

Therese Bond Uniform Shop Manager

Open—Wednesdays 8 am to 2 pm

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 11

Congratulations to the following students who receive a Coordinator’s Certificate. Well done!
John Paul Bahous Talon Deluca Jacob Baskerville Carl Koren Anthony Di Mauro Lachlan Hill Shaun Gambin Eric Grella Ahmad El-Morabi Matthew Partingto Damien Siderides Gabriel Khaicy Jonah Van Arsdale Santo Theph

Year 11 Police Visit

On the morning of Monday 10th August, the students of Year 11 who are studying the topic “Authority and the Individual” as part of the Preliminary Standard English course were visited by two police constables. Constable Andrew Papallo and Constable Andrew Brooks, who are both former students of the College, gave up their day off to further our knowledge of the police force and to explain the changes that have occurred since the 1980s and the new regulations that the Wood Royal Commission made to the way in which the police force now operates. This was in relation to our prescribed text “Scales of Justice”, which raised the issue of corruption and abuse of power experienced at all ranks of the NSW police force during the eighties. Both constables are stationed in the inner city and both had many unique, tragic and hilarious stories that they shared with the group. There was uniformity between the two when they both commented on the amount of alcohol related incidents they dealt with every day, especially Friday and Saturday nights and how being close to places like The Rocks, where there are many pubs and bars, only amplified this. Many questions were asked by the year group, some that required strong responses from both officers while other questions asked should have perhaps been kept unsaid. While both agreed the money was poor and the amount of paperwork was enormous, they both couldn’t see themselves in any other occupation. The work is hard but to know that you are helping out in society is well worth it. Thank you to both Andrew Papallo and Andrew Brooks for coming in and Mr Robertson who organized their appearance. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.
Luke Tadros Year 11

Taking time during the holidays and after school, the students created a parody of the play and last week brought it to the stage with great success. During the whole process, they were able to demonstrate that studying Shakespearean texts can be an enriching and fun experience. Through writing and rewriting scripts, developing various voiceover techniques, learning acting and staging skills, and adapting music, these young men had to extend themselves in many ways. Although it strayed somewhat from the original version, the presentation really showcased the depth of talent we have in our college. In all things of this nature there are many people who should be acknowledged for their contributions. Firstly I would like to thank the boys’ parents and various staff members for their support. My sincere thanks are extended to Mr Paul Addison for his directing expertise and his tolerance. Lastly and most importantly I thank the following young men for their commitment, talents and good humour:
Daniel Lavercombe Jonathan Kassab Adrian Geribo Josip Blazekovic Lorenzo Ruiz Sam Cassisi Evan Hefer Timothy Tanyous Joshua Van Arsdale Adam Silk Steven Beckwith Angelo Risso Nicholas Kershaw Carl Bacoulopoulos Philip Ciclovan Joel Spiteri Mrs Judith Torpy English Department

Earlier this year a group of Year 11 students approached me with the idea of reviving the college’s extra-curricular Shakespeare programme, however, timing became an issue for competing externally as we have done in the past. It was decided to prepare for a Creative Arts night item instead. The challenge lay in reducing a three hour play, The Tragedy of King Lear, into a ten minute presentation without losing all of the play’s core messages.

Creative Arts Shakespeare Presentation

Upcoming Dates
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Weeks 6-7—Years 7 to 10 Formal Assessment. Week 7—Final Year 12 HSC Task Week 9—Year 10 Trial School Certificate Weeks 9-10—Year 11 Preliminary Exams

Mr P Robertson English Teaching & Learning Coordinator

POETRY—Year 8 English 3
A soldier stands his ground and defends the most. The digger does his duty and guards his post. The heart of a general and the courage of a lion. He will protect his post there is no denying. As dusk approaches danger is nearby. Alert he must remain and keep an eagle eye. As dawn approaches and morning is near. The sergeant may rest and tuck away his fear. With honour he shall say loud and proud. Defend My Post 888 Defend My Post 888 Standing on the cricket field Playing in the sun Look!! The ball’s just gone past me I guess I better run. The ten wickets have fallen It is our turn to bat Walking out to the middle Wearing my baggy green hat. Australia the greatest team in the world Best team on the planet With players like me I guess they’ll never panic. With my heavy helmet, my sweaty gloves And with my trusty bat, that scores all the runs At the end of the day, it’s all about the tons. Green is the colour I want to wear Many memories I hope I wish to share.


The Hurricane
On a very windy day, There is an upside down dome, Which sometimes looks terrifying alone, It likes to eat up gigantic things and spit them out Most of the time it would be the local house, It will sometimes take people’s cars, And what it will spit out is the rear bumper bars, On a bird’s eye view it has an eye, Which never winks and never says bye, Bullying It looks like a vortex sucking up the clouds, Most of the time it can get pretty loud, This dome can drive people insane, Bullying is sad. Can you guess what it is? Bullying is bad. It’s the hurricane!

My Adventure at KFC
My mother and I went out in a, Yellow, sunny, Saturday and, Ate KFC for lunch. Drive through busy. Vehicles driving past. Enjoy the view, while sitting. Never stop eating until all the food has gone. Tummy finally full. Under the blue sky we, Return home. Eventually stuffed and happy. Another good time together. Time went by quickly, Kind of a nice day. Finger licking good. Come back again to KFC

Benji Marshall

My name is Benji Marshall I have a good step I shock the other players Cause they are the best

Bullying makes everything seem different. Bullying makes everything not worth it. Bullying is sad. Bullying is bad.

I score all the tries, I kick all the balls I am a top player and no one can say no I run it hard, I have good tactics No one can tackle me because I do magic flicks In 2005 I won the grand final for my team With a flick to Pat Richards I gave my team the lead After the game I went and had a beer Now every time I play the cheerleaders cheer for me

My Country


Support others with their work. Use your time wisely. Proactive is the way. Problems can be solved with peers. Other peers are just as important as you. Resolve issues quickly. Teachers can help you with your problems. Involvement is something to make everyone happy. Violence isn’t the answer Everyone has the right to teach and to learn.

In the outback Or the country When the sun comes up And the moon goes down One thing is always there And that thing is The most beautiful sight That is, Uluru If you look out the window And you see how it shines You will really see how nice it is In the outback Or the country.

On the Soccer Field

Standing in the goals Got to make this save Teams relying on me now to pull off this save A win today gets us into the final A one all draw means no survival He strikes the ball and the crowd roars I leap through the sky and punch the ball away My team goes wild Guess what? We won the final!


Congratulations to the students who had their Artworks displayed at the Creative Arts Evening. The standard was outstanding. Awards were received by the following boys:
1st Place Dylan Tinker YEAR 7 PICTURED BY PICASSO Realistic Portrait 1st Place Joshua Moll YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Still Life Drawing 1st Place Alan Thomas YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Silk Screen T-Shirt Print 1st Place James Burge YEAR 9 FIGURATIVE ART – JUNK SCULPTURE Sculptural Body of Work 1st Place Thomas Da Jose YEAR 10 ART & BELIEF Self Directed Artmaking 1st Place Joseph Attard YEAR 11 INANIMATE LIFE Sculptural Body of Work Highly Commended Justin Toladro YEAR 12 BODY OF WORK Self Directed Artmaking WED 1st Place Andrew Bagala PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Highly Commended Jonah Van Arsdale YEAR 7 PICTURED BY PICASSO Realistic Portrait Highly Commended Andrei Espiritu YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Still Life Drawing Highly Commended Danyon Torpy YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Silk Screen T-Shirt Print Highly Commended Joe Tupou YEAR 9 FIGURATIVE ART – JUNK SCULPTURE Sculptural Body of Work Highly Commended Harrison Earl YEAR 10 ART & BELIEF Self Directed Artmaking Highly Commended Steven Beckwith YEAR 11 INANIMATE LIFE Sculptural Body of Work 1st Place Hayden Smith Self Directed Artmaking WED Highly Commended Jack Peacock PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD THUR 1st Place Emad Hamad PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD THURS Highly Commended Thomas Da Jose PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD 1st Place Christopher Martelli YEAR 7 PICTURED BY PICASSO Cubist Portrait 1st Place Jacob Delailoa YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Lino Print 1st Place Filip Andric YEAR 9 THE GREAT OUTDOORS Landscape Painting 1st Place Alexander Mamas YEAR 10 OBJECT FRAGMENTED Cubist Mixed Media 1st Place Daniel Lavercombe YEAR 11 FIGURATIVE ART Figurative Drawing 1st Place Jack Peacock YEAR 12 BODY OF WORK Self Directed Artmaking Highly Commended Daniel Kahale YEAR 7 PICTURED BY PICASSO Cubist Portrait Highly Commended Joel Lendvai YEAR 8 LIFE IN PRINT Lino Print Highly Commended Jason Daaboul YEAR 9 THE GREAT OUTDOORS Landscape Painting Highly Commended Joshua Joynes YEAR 10 OBJECT FRAGMENTED Cubist Mixed Media Highly Commended Elie Nachef YEAR 11 FIGURATIVE ART Figurative Drawing 1st Place Andrew Bagala YEAR 12 BODY OF WORK Self Directed Artmaking

This year Mrs Polistina introduced a staff art entry. The staff had to base their work on the word “UNLEASHED”. Thank you to those staff who involved themselves in this fun initiative and to Mrs Polistina: Tereza BARISIC James MACKAY Carmen CASSAR Renee MAKRAM Dianne CRONAN Frances POLISTINA Frank GRAZIANI Craig PROCTOR Roslyn GILES Kirsti PROCTOR Juliana FOX Ben TIOKLE Amanda HUTCHINS Elizabeth TOMKINS Matthew JACK Sue WELCH Terese JOHNSON Trent WORRALL


Creative Arts Evening in My Words

Finally, after all these weeks the doors open. Everyone was rushing in, quickly getting their seat then taking time to look at the artworks produced by the students at St Pauls and helping themselves to tea, coffee and cakes that I was carrying around. Finally, 10 minutes to showtime. Mrs Benn, Mr Cincotta and Mrs Brown all hoping the show goes as planned. “ Andddd Showtime” says Mr Cincotta. With Mr Proctor starting off the night, the crowd was cheering as the lights went off. There were some mind blowing acts. A crowd favourite was the “King Lear” drama and the female and male staff items. Michael Jackson CDs were even given out. Unfortunately, the night was coming to an end but not before a guitar was won and prizes for best dressed given out. Parents and visitors voted for the artworks and these boys received their certificates and prizes. The last song sung by Year 7 and Year 8 was “Rock Around the Clock”. Everyone had a ball, even the teachers.

What a fantastic array of talent was revealed at our Creative Arts Evenings last week. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the event, from those who were on stage or displaying their artistic flare in the amazing Art exhibition, to those who were behind the scenes setting up or distributing food. A wonderful experience. Be very proud of your achievements. A special mention must go to the soloists: Alexander Manny (Year 7) and Andrei Espiritu (Year 8) How fortunate our boys are to have such a fine team of dedicated and committed teachers willing to give of their time to ensure such an event runs smoothly. Thank you to all the staff that helped on the nights.

Raymond Kady Year 7

Thanks to Ms Coleiro, Ms Proctor, Mrs Polistina, Mrs Zangari, Mrs Fox and Mrs Manwaring who ruled the stage; with Mr Addison’s choreography over Mr Born, Mr Worrall, Mr Tickle, Mr Cincotta, Mr Jack and Mr Calabrese. These people rehearsed for several weeks. To Mr Curtin for his work with the School Band; Mr Mendez and Mr Holloway for the back drops; Mrs Pappas, Mrs Bernard, Mrs Cass and Ms Coleiro for the LOTE displays and supper; Mrs Judith Torpy and Mr Paul Addison who worked with the Year 11 Drama group to produce an entertaining item. Special thanks to the hard work of Mrs Frances Polistina, Mr Paul Cincotta and Mrs Anne Benn. Their efforts were invaluable and greatly appreciated. Well done. A DVD of the event will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.


On Sunday evening, 16th August a smaller group of our talented musicians, accompanied by Mrs Benn, Mr Curtin and Mrs Brown played at the OLQP Youth Mass and received an appreciative applause from the congregation. These students exemplify the values of St Paul in the way they serve God through celebrating and sharing their musical gifts. I would like to acknowledge the following students who attended and I thank their parents who support their sons each month: Andrew Bacoulopoulos and Eric Grella Paolo Grella, Peter Barnes, James Russell and Jeffrey Cribbin Year 11: Carl Bacoulopoulos, Joel Spiteri, Nicholas Kershaw and Luke Tadros Year 10: Year 7:

KLA Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved a KLA Award for their diligence and consistency across all areas of Creative Art: Year 7 Alexander Ceccattini Jarryd Davis Jesse Evans Eric Grella James Salem Year 8 Mitchell Bleesing Jason Ghaleb Matthew Kassab Jeremy Carroll Daniel Jiggins Riccardo Risso Viva la Musica Antonio Cruz Jeremy Deeb Zach Fortini Matthew Partington

Mrs Carmel Brown C&E Arts Teaching & Learning Coordinator

It’s been a very busy time in the TAS KLA recently. The boys have finished their first few projects and are progressing through their course experiencing new challenges and opportunities.

We have had a couple of activities of late, with the Year 12 Hospitality class completing one of their assessment events by preparing a gourmet meal for some of the staff. Under the guidance of Mrs Giles and the “eagle eye” of visitor Mrs Pascoe from the CEO, the ‘masterchefs’ of tomorrow were able to very capably prepare and serve some amazing dishes. Thanks to everyone involved, especially the teachers who “took the challenge”.

The Year 11 and aspiring Year 10 engineering students were treated to a very informative presentation by Mr Michael Kershaw from Crossmuller Technology. As part of Engineers Week, Mr Kershaw made his services available to the school and I am sure has inspired and educated some of our ‘budding engineers’. A sincere thanks to Mr Kershaw.

The F1 in Schools program is progressing with amazing pace. After an initial meeting of over 70 students we now have 30+ students staying back every Monday preparing their car designs and folios for the upcoming regional championships. What an amazing group of young men who have already demonstrated their design skills and entrepreneurial drive in securing team support and sponsorship. Congratulations and thanks to Mr Kaye and Mr Buhagiar for their support in this venture. We also have the Year12 Industrial Technology and Design & Technology Major Works being assessed at the moment. The boys have been working on these projects since late last year and we have HSC markers from the Board of Studies coming out to the school to mark them. These projects are worth 60% of the HSC mark for these subjects and we wish the boys all the best with the results. A special thank you to Mr Mendez (Industrial Technology) and Mr Holloway (Design & Technology) for all their effort, both during and after school, in assisting the boys with their projects. We will be having a display of these works at a later date, stay tuned for times and dates!

Some of our senior VET students will be receiving awards this week at the ParraSip presentation evening. I will include photos and a report in the next bulletin with regard to this event, but a special thank you to Mrs Giles, Mr Kaye and Mr McMinn for their efforts with the boys in their VET classes. As you can see a lot has been going on, watch this space for more news next time! Mr Craig Proctor TAS Teaching & Learning Coordinator


NIDA is the Australian national theatre school. While best known for its acting course, NIDA also offers unique and effective courses with great career prospects in design, stage management, event management, lighting, sound, costume making, wardrobe management, scenery construction, properties and special effects. Graduates from these courses are in great demand, and are often employed before they even graduate. Applications To qualify for undergraduate courses at NIDA, applicants should be at least 18 years of age by 31 March and have completed their HSC or equivalent. Applicants must apply directly to NIDA, not through UAC. A non-refundable application fee of $60.00 AUD (incl GST) applies.

Finance is looking for talented people who have recently completed (within the last 24 months), or are currently completing their Year 12 certificate to participate in the Finance Career Starters’ Program.

You will need a demonstrated strong academic record in either tertiary or accredited subjects, a willingness to respond to a challenge, an ability to work as part of a team and an enthusiasm for professional growth and development. As a Career Starter you will be provided with learning and development opportunities throughout the year, which will be a mix of formal training programs and in-house information sessions. The Program aims to ensure that Career Starters can acquire a strong set of practical, work-based skills while also providing you with a challenging work environment in which to apply those skills. The program delivers training across four areas:

Every applicant is given an opportunity for audition or interview, held in October - December in most capital cities.


Late applications will only be accepted subject to audition or interview times being available. Follow the link for further information AND to apply ONLINE. NIDA: 02 9697 7600 Email: Website:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


MSA is the national Industry Skills Council which works with Australian Government and the manufacturing industry to ensure that the skills needs of enterprises are being met. The website has a great range of factsheets on jobs and careers in manufacturing including:

Applicants will need a demonstrated strong academic record, a willingness to respond to a challenge, an ability to work as part of a team and an enthusiasm for professional growth and development. Successful candidates will be engaged at the APS 1 level earning $38,600 per annum. The positions are based in Canberra, and successful interstate candidates will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and associated costs.

the role of Finance; Departmental culture; working in the APS; and generic skills development

Follow the link for further info AND to apply ONLINE.

Successful candidates commencing work in January 2010.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Follow the link for further information on each career area.

Getting started: Introducing manufacturing Marine Aerospace Electrical and electronics Chemicals, plastics and hydrocarbons Mineral products Heavy machinery and equipment Light metal manufacturing Cast metals Furnishing Fine trades and craft Textiles, clothing and footwear Technology and innovation Management and systems

Kate Kinsela: 02 6215 3783 Email: Website:


Integral Energy is one of the largest employers of apprentices in Western Sydney and the Illawarra/Southern Highlands. Becoming an apprentice at Integral Energy will provide you with one of the best opportunities for a career in the Electrical Distribution Industry. Around 60 positions will be offered in 2010, 45 to commence in early January and a further 15, mid year 2010.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Phone: 02 9955 5500 Website:

Wednesday September 23, 2009 Information night for Year 12 students and the parents. Location: PNR Theatre Contact: Trish Dimasi Phone: 93512131 Email: More info:

REGISTRATIONS FOR THE APPRENTICE SELECTION ASSESSMENTS ARE NOW OPEN . . . Follow the link for further information on the program AND to register ONLINE for the Selection Tests. Head Office: 131 081 or (02) 9853 6666 Website:

Get paid to learn a trade Work outdoors in a hands-on role Receive specialised training at our purpose built Training Centre Work in a secure workplace Have access to excellent career opportunities Enjoy fantastic working conditions, including a nine day fortnight Work in an environment where safety is the first priority

With courses from aviation to zoology available for study in 2010, researching different options is an integral part of preparing for university. TAFE applications for Semester One 2010 have opened. The applications close on 30th October. A list of courses that are application only course can be found at:


To find out more about particular courses or universities, visit the open days to be held at UAC participating institutions during August and September. Command=GetApplicationCourses

Open day visitors can explore university facilities, receive information on the range of courses available and obtain careers advice. Open days give prospective students, their families and the community the opportunity to have their questions answered and the chance to sample a slice of university life. According to Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Managing Director Andrew Stanton, prospective university students now have such an abundance of courses to choose from it is important they fully investigate all of the available options.

“Information gathered at these open days can really help a prospective applicant make an informed decision about their choice of courses before they submit their application with UAC,” Mr Stanton said. Applicants can apply through UAC for entry to undergraduate degrees, diplomas, advanced diplomas and associate diploma courses offered by participating institutions. The on-time closing date for applications to study in 2010 is 30 September 2009. Applications received after this date will incur a late fee. UAC: (02) 9752 0200 (Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm) Website:

You will need to download an application form from TAFE NSW website and complete it and send it into TAFE for processing. You will also need to check the assessment and selection criteria to see that you meet all the requirements for that. If the course that you are interested in DOES NOT require an application form, then you will need to check the course information and enrolment procedure in the course description. Most non-application courses require you to attend a compulsory information session in late January, sometimes December and then enrolment is straight after that information session. You will need to ring the TAFE College at which you want to do the course to enquire as to what their process is. Each TAFE college has different times for information and enrolment sessions for their courses.

Randwick College Open Day 8 September, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm Ultimo College Open Day 10 September, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm Design Centre Enmore Open Day 12 September, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm Sutherland College – Gymea Open Day 15 September, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm Petersham College Open Day 16 September, 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm Eora College Open Day 16 September, 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm St George College Open Day 16 September, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm Sutherland College – Loftus Open Day 16 September, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm


A Defence Technical Scholarship (DTS) is a fantastic opportunity for Year 11 and 12 students, intending to pursue an ADF general entry technical trade career after completing Year 12. The DTS rewards technically-savvy students for staying on at school and enrolling in specific subjects.

Year 11 recipients will receive $2000, paid over two semesters and successful Year 12 students will receive $3000, paid over two semesters. Although there is no obligation to join the Navy, Army or Air Force after finishing school, you will be required to tell us why you are interested in an ADF technical trade career as part of the selection process. Am I eligible? If you will be progressing to either Year 11 or 12 in 2010, you may be eligible to lodge an application if you meet the DTS criteria. You must:

Thursday 10th September 11:00 am - 3:00 pm TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute, Ultimo College, Building N Jones St Mall. Ultimo NSW 2007

♦ Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

♦ Complete an application form and demonstrate a genuine ♦ Have your application approved by your parents/guardian ♦ Be eligible to and enrol in a mathematics subject for Year ♦ You must be enrolled in at least one of the following subIf you are interested in applying, see Miss Hutchins for an application form. jects: Engineering Studies, Industrial Technology. Construction, Information Technology. 11/12. and your School Careers Adviser. interest in pursuing an ADF general entry technical trade career.

With more than 70 exhibitors from Sydney Institute and a wide range of industries to help you ‘work’ through the options, Careers Expo is a great first step to launching your career. In addition to interactive displays and tours of our facilities, industry representatives will conduct workshops, providing specific tips on how to pursue a career within their industry. Our counsellors will also be available to provide advice and assistance.


Ms Amanda Hutchins Careers Advisor

8/9, 22/10, 11/11, from 7 pm - 8 pm Australian Technical College - Western Sydney Units 11-19, 1 Bowmans Road, Kings Park NSW 2148

An estimated 4000 people attended the 2008 Penrith Valley Apprenticeship and Traineeship Expo. The recruiters on hand were blown away with the enthusiam, quality and number of applicants for the traineeships and apprenticeship on offer.

Students commented that they did not realise how many opportunities were available to them and genuinely valued the opportunity to talk to employers, group training companies etc.

(beside Marayong Railway Station and opposite Blacktown Indoor Sports Centre) Please telephone the College on 9851 8888 to reserve a place on one of the above dates.

The next Apprenticeship Expo will be held on Tuesday 15 September 2009. Details will be sent to schools and promoted in the local media. Exhibiting is FREE. Businesses are encouraged to contact Ian Palmer to secure a site or answer enquiries. This event is a joint effort of many local organisations including:

Where: UTS Building 10, Level 2, Room 460, 235 Jones St Ultimo - there will be a welcome desk in the Atrium of Building 10 to direct people to the room. RSVP: by close of business Friday 11 September 2009. Tuesday September 15, 2009


Cheryl Kitto, Regional Industry Careers Adviser with the Australian Industry Group

• Nepean Careers Forum. The Nepean Careers Forum staff an information stand to provide FREE on the spot careers advice and guidance.
Blacktown Regional Economic Employment Development Local Community Partnership

• •

Penrith City Council (our major sponsor)

Employers at this year’s expo ranged from small businesses looking for just one apprentice, right through to the defence Force, Qantas and Woolworths. You may like to join our mailing list to be notified of the next event. We won't spam you.

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

For further information

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Thursday 17 September - City - 5.30 to 7.00 pm Tuesday 29 September - Kuring-gai - 4.00 to 5.30 pm Tuesday 13 October - Kuring-gai - 4.30 to 6.00 pm Monday 7 December - Kuring-gai - 12.00 to 1.30 pm

The Parramatta office of the Roads and Traffic Authority are currently advertising for Road Designers in training.

as a Road Designer in Training— Engineering Technology, RTA Parramatta.

Career Opportunity

Canteen Roster
Monday 31 August: Mary Daaboul, Antoinette Pearce, Liane Abela Tuesday 1 September: Joanne Bacci, Kim Lendvai Wednesday 2 September: Alison Tadros, Rose Lopino, Joanne Farrell, Megan Crelley Thursday 3 September: Michelle Cook, Lyn Cuskelly, Vicki Beckwith Friday 4 September: Margaret Reidy, Melita Fairhurst, Judy Nicholls, Imelda Taniane, Marilyn Hopkins Week 7 Week 6

RTA Road Designers in Training work with an experienced team of design professionals to develop unique road design solutions for roads across New South Wales. They are paid a competitive salary $41,000 plus) to work full-time on real, challenging road projects in an officebased environment while studying part-time for a nationally recognised university qualification. ♦ Are enthusiastic about design, civil engineering and mathematics. ♦ Are committed to academic study through distance learning. ♦ Have strong analytical and conceptual abilities, good communication and team-working skills. RTA are looking for motivated individuals who:

The position would suit a Year 12 School leaver with the HSC, possessing standard English, a minimum of 2 Unit Mathematics and expecting to gain a UAI of 63 or greater.

Monday 7 September: Leanne Gale Tuesday 8 September: Vivian Culpeper, Debbie Stretton Wednesday 9 September: Leanne McKeown, Sue Brennan, Biddy O’Malley, Cheryl Khoury Thursday 10 September: Lucy O’Connor, Kathryn Newman, Ken Lewington, Agata Di Paolo Friday 11 September: Margaret Reidy, Liz Allen, Velma Anderson, Sylvia Petreski, Antoinette Khoudair, Carol Wood Monday 14 September: Renee Davis, Yvonne Dib, Maria Bakmaz Tuesday 15 September: Patricia Borriero Wednesday 16 September: Gianne Luccitti, Rima D’Alessandro, Karen Sharpe, Jackie Earl Thursday 17 September: Donna Sim, Susan Barclay, Joanne Bacci Friday 18 September: Margaret Reidy, Geraldine Risso, Chris Said, Fiona Burgess Week 8

Applications will be advertised in local newspapers from 18 August and on a number of websites including,,, and Applications close on 18 September 2009. Selection for interview will be based on a written application and HSC results, with successful applicants to commence with the RTA in February 2010

Application forms for the Road Designer in Training Program are available on the RTA website.

“A great place to work, have fun and earn some money.”

Opening Soon—Wentworthville

Outback steakhouse

Monday 21 September: Laure Kizana, Antoinette Khoudair, Malcolm Hay, Max Hollingshed Tuesday 22 September: Joanne Bacci, Michelle Willick, Lanette Achmar
Wednesday 23 September: Suzi Kassis, Roula Salman, Marianne Boros-Doszpot Thursday 24 September: Felicity Cribbin, Ken Lewington, Anne Collins, Debbie McMahon Friday 25 September: Margaret Reidy, Velma Anderson, Antoinette Khoudair, Fiona Burgess Week 10

Week 9

Outback Steakhouse are looking for dynamic, dedicated, funloving people who want to be part of a devoted, hard-working team. Outback Steakhouse stands for consistently high quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and an Aussie Outback mood. Prepare yourself for a high energy, fun and casual yet still professional atmosphere. If you are dedicated enough, we will give you the training you need. We provide a comprehensive fully paid training program including Hospitality Traineeships where you can earn your Hospitality Cert II and Cert III. Part time positions with flexible hours, meal discounts and fast tracked advancement opportunities are available for: Waiter/ess (18+)* Food runners Kitchen hands Host/ess Line cooks Dish washers NO EXPERIENCE . . . NO WORRIES!

Monday 28 September: Mary Daaboul, Antoinette Pearce, Liane Abela Tuesday 29 September: Joanne Bacci, Kim Lendvai Wednesday 30 September: Alison Tadros, Rose Lopino, Joanne Farrell, Megan Crelley, Annette Everton Thursday 1 October: Michelle Cook, Lyn Cuskelly, Vicki Beckwith Friday 2 October: Margaret Reidy, Melita Fairhurst, Judy Nicholls, Imelda Taniane, Marilyn Hopkins


323 Gt Western Highway, Wentworthville Bring latest passport size photo

Please remember to contact the Canteen Manager at the College on 9636 1800 if you are unable to come on your rostered day. Even if you can only spare a few hours here and there or one day a month or are available in the morning to help prepare the lunches or are only available to serve. Any assistance you are able to give would be appreciated. Mrs Debra Hartland

Unforeseen circumstances

Take a Walkabout at our Website . . . see what the Outback’s all about: (application available online).

Mon-Fri 11 am to 7pm, Sat-Sun 12 pm to 6 pm

Volunteers always needed

*Wait staff required to obtain RSA certificate

Canteen Manager