Chapter 12 Helpful Websites http www hudclips org At this site of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HUD’s client information and policy system you can locate official forms includ by hcj


									Chapter 12 Helpful Websites At this site of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) client information and policy system you can locate official forms, including the HUD-1 and HUD-1A in PDF and other forms. This page of the HUD site provides information on settlement costs, including sections on specific settlement costs, calculating the amount needed at settlement, adjustments to costs shared by buyer and seller, and the HUD-1 settlement statement.

The following are sites for some of the real estate software systems in use at the time of this writing: Landtech Data Corporation provides Landtech real estate settlement software: graphical HUD-1 and HUD-1A closing statements; full automatic calculations and prorations; amortization schedules; checks, disbursements and full trust accounting; digital signatures; and works with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Quicken, and Quickbooks. SoftPro Corp. provides ProForm (closing and title insurance forms), TransactionPoint (a real estate transaction management tool), ProTrust (a trust account management and reconciliation tool), Pro1099 (IRS 1099-S forms), ProIndx (an electronic title plant indexing tool), ProMort (amortization calculations and schedules), ProDesign (custom forms designer), SoftPro EC (advanced electronic escrow exchange), GreatDocs (state document pak), and SoftPro SQL (additional networking and remote computing functionality). A SoftPro demo can be downloaded from this site. RamQuest Software, Inc. provides land title closing and escrow accounting software. The site provides a guided online demonstration. Displaysoft provides closing software. The software modules available include a module that generates HUD settlement statements and other settlement statements; a module that generates seller documents; a module that generates commitments, policies and endorsements; a module that generates lender documents; a module that generates amortization schedules; a module for escrow accounting; a module for post-closing matters; a module that generates reports; a module for 1099-S reporting; and a link to Quicken and Quickbooks. Attorneys’ Title Insurance, Fund, Inc. provides DoubleTime closing software. DoubleTime modules include the closing file, title insurance, conveyance, documents, policy premium calculation, serialized forms tracking, loan details, 1099-S, master property, closing statements, reconciliation, disbursements, scheduling closings, checklists, management reports, and resources. TSS Software Corporation provides TitleExpress software, a title and settlement system. It provides HUD-1 preparation, document preparation, check writing, escrow account reconciliation, and management reporting.

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