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					Offer to Purchase Real Estate Real Estate Binder
The undersigned hereby offer to purchase from you the property described below under the following terms and conditions: 1. The property is described as the land in the City of _______________,

_____________ County, ______________, now known as and numbered
(County) (Street Address) (State)

________________________ with the buildings, figures and improvements thereon, including _________________________________________________ throughout the
(Name features and fixtures included in the purchase)

building. 2. The purchase price for the property is, of which: a. _______ is paid as a deposit to bind this offer; b. _______ is to be paid as an additional deposit upon the execution of the purchase and sale agreement provided for below; c. _______ is to be paid at the time of the delivery of the deed in cash, bank or certified checks. d. _______ is to be paid within twenty-four months from the date of closing at a rate of interest of ___, principal and interest amortized over a thirtyyear term in ___ monthly payments of _______ and a final balloon payment of _______. 3. The Seller shall deliver a good and sufficient quitclaim deed conveying a good and clear record and marketable title to the property to the Buyer. 4. The Buyer shall within ____ days of the acceptance of the offer have the building inspected as to the mechanical, structural and electrical systems. 5. Buyer and Seller shall within, ___ days of the building inspection enter into a mutually acceptable purchase and sale agreement, which, when executed, shall be the agreement between the parties hereto. 6. If the Buyers fail to fulfill their obligations hereunder, the above deposit shall become the Seller’s property without recourse to the Buyers. 7. Time is of the essence in fulfillment of the obligations under the offer. 8. This offer is good until __________, at _______, or when revoked by the
(day, date) (time)

9. undersigned; if you do not accept this offer in writing prior to its expiration or revocation, the Seller shall return to the undersigned all deposits received by the Seller. 10. The obligations of the undersigned are subject to the following: _____________________________________________________
(Add any obligations including any of the following, if appropriate)

a. The obtaining by the undersigned of a commitment for a conventional first mortgage loan in an amount of at least ________, at current rates of interest for residential property for a term of no less than 30 years, said commitment to be obtained within ____ business days from the date of the execution of a purchase and sale agreement.

b. Inspections of the property, with results satisfactory to the undersigned, as to the structure, mechanical and electrical systems, presence of insects, and other matters deemed relevant by the undersigned, such inspections to be completed prior to the execution of the purchase nad sale agreement. c. The ability of the undersigned to use the property as a ____ unit dwelling as of the date of the delivery of the deed. d. The ability of the undersigned to (insert any additional conditions of the sale)

e. The execution of a promissory note by the Buyers and Sellers upon the terms and conditions set forth at 2(d) and 2(e_ Prepayment of the balance of each note allowed, without penalty. f. (Add any other conditions of the sale) Witness the execution hereof under seal. ____________________________ ____________________________

This offer is hereby accepted upon the foregoing terms and condition and receipt of the deposit of $ _____ is hereby acknowledged this _________ day of ___________, 20___.

Witness the execution hereof under seal.